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How long is your Archery Deer Season?



Messages posted to thread:
MuddyBull 11-Feb-11
StickFlicker 11-Feb-11
Charlie Rehor 11-Feb-11
kota-man 11-Feb-11
Duckman 11-Feb-11
Picher 11-Feb-11
Wiley 1 11-Feb-11
Rick M 11-Feb-11
Blacktail Bob 11-Feb-11
Arrowslinger 11-Feb-11
LSSA 11-Feb-11
LKH 11-Feb-11
Buffalo1 11-Feb-11
BowSniper 11-Feb-11
Chip T. 11-Feb-11
Mark Aportria 11-Feb-11
nate214 11-Feb-11
archery1 11-Feb-11
Clutch 11-Feb-11
grizz 12-Feb-11
Pain 12-Feb-11
Woodman@work 12-Feb-11
agassiz ace 12-Feb-11
bowhunter4fr 13-Feb-11
MuddyBull 14-Feb-11
Elkhunter - Home 14-Feb-11
sir misalots 14-Feb-11
Slick Trick 2 14-Feb-11
antarcher 14-Feb-11
Bear Track 14-Feb-11
fuzzy 14-Feb-11
Panhandle Bob 14-Feb-11
Buckfvr 14-Feb-11
Jaquomo_feral 14-Feb-11
NEBucks 14-Feb-11

A Badger Tried to Climb my Ladder Stand!
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by Bishop Archery

71# Morrison ILF Max 1 limbs.
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VPA Non-Vented Broadhead Flight
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From: MuddyBull Date: 11-Feb-11
Hey Folks, I would like responses with your location and the length of your archery only deer season from as many States as possible. Here in Western Wyoming we have 14 days from Sept 1-14-- then rifle opens. Does anyone have a shorter season than this? Thanks, MB

From: StickFlicker Date: 11-Feb-11
Arizona has the entire month of January, approximately 3 weeks or so in August-September, and the last half of December (various parts of the state are open during each of these times, not all are open during all of them (but some are)).

Even with all those dates, the statewide bowhunting success rate for deer is normally not much higher than 5%.


From: Charlie Rehor Date: 11-Feb-11
Never heard of any less than 14 days. I think Wyoming wins! Many whitetail states are 3 and 4 months. C

From: kota-man Date: 11-Feb-11
ND has one of the longer seasons...End of August to first week in January.

From: Duckman Date: 11-Feb-11
Here in Oklahoma you can bowhunt everyday from Oct 1 thru Jan 15

From: Picher Date: 11-Feb-11
In SC you can hunt Aug 15 to Jan 1 but it is not archery only. Half the state has a 2 week archery only season.

From: Wiley 1 Date: 11-Feb-11
WV runs 2nd weekend of oct thru dec 31.

From: Rick M Date: 11-Feb-11
Ohio was Sept 25 to Feb 6.

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 11-Feb-11
5 Months, August - December

From: Arrowslinger Date: 11-Feb-11
Here in CA, you can hunt deer in July with a bow....course it'll be 100+ degrees too.

From: LSSA Date: 11-Feb-11
here in delaware u can hunt from sep 1 until jan 31 with gun season in there though

From: LKH Date: 11-Feb-11
We don't have an archery deer season in Alaska. Just a deer season. Not sure, but I think it's about 5 months long.

From: Buffalo1 Date: 11-Feb-11
Mississippi bow season runs from Oct. 1- Jan. 31. Basically 4 months.

From: BowSniper Date: 11-Feb-11
Maryland is Sept 15th thru Jan 31st

From: Chip T. Date: 11-Feb-11
NJ is Sept 10 till Feb 19 in certain zones.

From: Mark Aportria (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 11-Feb-11
Maine - we get September 12 to December 12 only in expanded area (along the coast). State wide is October only.

From: nate214 Date: 11-Feb-11
In Ky we can hunt all season with a bow.

From: archery1 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 11-Feb-11
Missouri archery season goes from Sept 15 to Jan 15 closing 11 days in Nov for firearms season. We also share days for muzzle loaders, antlerless, youth, and urban seasons.

From: Clutch (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 11-Feb-11
Oct 1 thru Feb 15

From: grizz Date: 12-Feb-11
End of Sept thru 1st week in feb ohio that is

From: Pain Date: 12-Feb-11
Kansas is the middle of Sept. through the end of January, but January is antlerless only and only a couple of units.

From: Woodman@work Date: 12-Feb-11
Georgia archery season starts in midSeptember. Gun season opens a month later. One can use either weapon until January 1. A few metro Atlanta counties offer archery only deer hunting until January 31.

From: agassiz ace Date: 12-Feb-11
Minnesota archery season runs from the middle of September to December 31, straight through the rifle season. good luck, ace

From: bowhunter4fr Date: 13-Feb-11
~8 weeks total in PA. From ~the first saturday in October/last saturday in late September to ~ November 10. Then comes in again after Christmas for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, majority of november is off limits, with any weapon.

From: MuddyBull Date: 14-Feb-11
Thanks everyone, how about the rest of the States: how long for your archery only deer hunt?

From: Elkhunter - Home Date: 14-Feb-11
Alabama Oct 15 - Jan 31

From: sir misalots Date: 14-Feb-11
pretty long Sept 25th-first week of Feb

From: Slick Trick 2 Date: 14-Feb-11
Arkansas is October 1st thru February 28th.

From: antarcher Date: 14-Feb-11
Ours never ends! Hunt them all year

From: Bear Track Date: 14-Feb-11
3 months in Manitoba's bow zones.

From: fuzzy Date: 14-Feb-11
Virginia no longer has an archery deer season.

From: Panhandle Bob Date: 14-Feb-11
Are we talking archery only?

Archery only in FL - 4 weeks starting Oct 23.

However you can archery hunt the whole season Oct 23 to the last weekend in Feb.

From: Buckfvr Date: 14-Feb-11
Wa. state, sept 1st thru the 24th, late season is nov 10th thru dec 15th in one unit, and around nov 21st thru dec 31st , unit specific, specie specific, mule, white, blacktail........

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 14-Feb-11
CO mountain archery deer season runs from last weekend in August through last weekend in September (5 weekends, 4 weeks) concurrent with elk.

If you don't hunt the mountains and hunt the prairie instead, that season runs from the beginning of October through Dec 31, with a week-long break in late October and also from Dec 1-15 for gunners.

Mountains vs. plains hunting is an either-or deal here, so we have to choose which season for which to apply.

From: NEBucks Date: 14-Feb-11

Archery: September 15-December 31

Regular firearm: 9 days usually in the second week in November

Muzzle Loader: December 1-31

Early Antlerless Firearm: 9 days in the second week of October

Late Antlerless: All weapons January 1-15

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