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big Bore Blowgun



Messages posted to thread:
Willis5 13-Feb-11
wifishkiller 13-Feb-11
Willis5 13-Feb-11
wifishkiller 13-Feb-11
wifishkiller 13-Feb-11
bow assassin 13-Feb-11
Tracy 13-Feb-11
wifishkiller 13-Feb-11
Tracy 13-Feb-11
wifishkiller 13-Feb-11
fuzzy 14-Feb-11
TXHunter 14-Feb-11
Acoupstick 14-Feb-11
wifishkiller 14-Feb-11
J-ROD 14-Feb-11
TD 14-Feb-11
Leadspreader 14-Feb-11
Willis5 15-Feb-11
Matt 15-Feb-11
Houska 15-Feb-11
boothill 15-Feb-11
Zbone 15-Feb-11

Adak Adventure
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Ducks going into milo
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Coyote keep away
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Coyote playing
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From: Willis5 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 13-Feb-11
With cabin fever at an all time high, I have resorted to shooting a Cold Steel big bore blowgun indoors. I'm practicing on stuffed animals and soda cans, and hoping my training pays off with a rabbit or squirrel or bird of some sort this season.

I love this thing!!!!

From: wifishkiller Date: 13-Feb-11
Had one for a year, they are a blast! I've shot a mess of small game and varmints with mine. The biggest animal I've tried for was a skunk and it worked great (plus none of them spray, 9 hits 9 kills).

From: Willis5 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 13-Feb-11

What was your range and which darts did you prefer on squirrels?

From: wifishkiller Date: 13-Feb-11
I've always messed with blow guns since I was a kid lol. I use to make all my darts with different utility knife blades from the hardware store, 1/8 dowel, paper cone and supper glue (if you make then get thinned lead wire to wrap the shaft to get the weight up so you get good penetration). Now you can get the Razor Tip Broad Head Dart from cold steel and thats what I shoot most of the time for animals. I don't shoot any further then 10 yards on anything unless its a follow up shot.

I should have some pics around here somewhere of a few kills. I'll take a look, had my computer crash and lost a bunch but I should have a few.

From: wifishkiller Date: 13-Feb-11

wifishkiller's embedded Photo

This is the only one I could find right now.

From: bow assassin Date: 13-Feb-11
Thats pretty cool wifishkiller but i honestly think your crazy for getting 10 yards from a live skunk for a shot lol

From: Tracy Date: 13-Feb-11
Does that blowgun have a string? I thought this was Bowsite?

From: wifishkiller Date: 13-Feb-11
I was waiting for this to come up lol. Tracy are you the one that had a bighorn tag this year in WY?

From: Tracy Date: 13-Feb-11

Tracy's embedded Photo

Yes, I had the sheep tag. Now I'm hunting predators with my longbow, not a gun, or a blowgun. :)

From: wifishkiller Date: 13-Feb-11
I hear ya, been trying hard to get a bobcat with the recurve. They are making it rough on me! How did you do on the sheep hunt?

From: fuzzy Date: 14-Feb-11
Tracy, you may want to try Raid, for that bug up your butt ;-)

From: TXHunter Date: 14-Feb-11
Pat even if this catches on please please do not change the name to Blowsite......


From: Acoupstick Date: 14-Feb-11
TXHunter, that's hilarious. I can do without threads like "Who's the best blower on Blowsite"......

From: wifishkiller Date: 14-Feb-11
lol lol lol

From: J-ROD Date: 14-Feb-11
My sons Nerf darts with the little suction cup on the end of them fit perfect in our cold steel blow gun.It makes for some fun rainy day shooting inside!!

From: TD Date: 14-Feb-11

Too funny. Good one TX..... and fuzzy....

From: Leadspreader Date: 14-Feb-11
Oh lighten up Tracy! Just another post, nothing to get upset about haha, ive been thinking about buying one, the stun darts would work good on the neighbors dog that always craps on the front yard.

From: Willis5 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 15-Feb-11
Those stun darts will leave a welt as bad or worse than a paintball gun... Go blowsite! LOL!

From: Matt Date: 15-Feb-11
"Oh lighten up Tracy!"

That's like asking him to leave - either way you'd never see him post again.

From: Houska Date: 15-Feb-11
Tracy, Is that a porcupine? I didn't realize a porcupine was a predator. Your a brave man for hunting those without a gun.

From: boothill Date: 15-Feb-11
The Porkys are fun to watch actually. Seen as guy in NW Colorado one time walk up behind one on a road and stand on it's tail. The thing just kept moving his legs like it was actually going somewhere. But in reality they will kill your trees eating the bark off them.

From: Zbone (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 15-Feb-11
tracy may know the difference between a bow and blowgun, but not sure he knows a longbow from a hybrid...8^)

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