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Hoyt cam timing



Messages posted to thread:
Boo-Boo 23-Feb-11
wifishkiller 23-Feb-11
skookumjt 23-Feb-11
Boo-Boo 23-Feb-11
WapitiBob 23-Feb-11
Boo-Boo 23-Feb-11
TradTech 23-Feb-11
Boo-Boo 23-Feb-11
Trophy8 23-Feb-11
Boo-Boo 25-Feb-11
B N A guy 26-Feb-11
Boo-Boo 26-Feb-11
Bou'bound 26-Feb-11
TradTech 26-Feb-11
x-man 26-Feb-11
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From: Boo-Boo Date: 23-Feb-11
I`m going to need help with this one.Does anybody know if you have to time the cams again on a Hoyt if you drop down the poundage.I had everything in spec but when I droped the poundage down the bottom draw stop is 1/2 to 1" away from the cable at full draw on the draw board.I have a Hoyt 2010 Maxxis 35.

From: wifishkiller Date: 23-Feb-11
Thats really weird! Check the tiller first and go from there. If all you did was adjust poundage it should not mess with timing. You did back both bolts out evenly correct?

From: skookumjt Date: 23-Feb-11
Changing the tiller (adjusting one limb bolt more than another can't affect timing. Only the cables can do that. Something else is messed up.

From: Boo-Boo Date: 23-Feb-11
I checked tiller it`s ok.The only thing thats messed up is the bottom draw stop.Other than that everything checkes out.

From: WapitiBob (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 23-Feb-11
Top hits first by about .100"

From: Boo-Boo Date: 23-Feb-11
Yes sir,the top hits first.I can tune it on the lower poundage but I don`t know if thats right.

From: TradTech Date: 23-Feb-11
Adjusting the tiller will have an effect on the timing of the c.5 cams it will effect the sync. The sync can be tweaked by adjusting the tiller, but the best way is to either twist the control cable or the buss. Which ever you do to one you'll need to do the opposite to the other.

You need to sync the cams first before attempting to time the cams.

Basically put, the sync is ensuring you have equadistance between the limb pockets and string for both upper and lower limbs. Once that is achieved you can proceed to timing the cams.

From: Boo-Boo Date: 23-Feb-11
OK, I`ll put it back on the draw board tomorrow and see what I come up with.Thanks for all the help here guys I`ll keep you posted.

From: Trophy8 Date: 23-Feb-11
Ditto to TradTech...adjustment needs to be cables.

From: Boo-Boo Date: 25-Feb-11
I put the bow back on the board and cam timing was off at max again.I reset the timing and set the bow at 65lb.This time when I checked the timing at 65lb the timing was right on.I`ll do some more shooting and see what happens.I do want to thank everybody for the replies it`s been a great help.

From: B N A guy Date: 26-Feb-11
Trad tech is spot on and I would also encourage you to take a sharpie once you get the right amount of twists in the buss cable and mark your cam where the cams and limbs intersect so you have a visible reference point " the timing marks are not always a fail safe that are stamped on the cams " I work at a Archery shop and am a lead tech there . We have to do this often but it should be a very easy fix . Best of luck ! You are shooting an amazing bow . Best regards and God bless !!!

From: Boo-Boo Date: 26-Feb-11
B N A guy,Thanks I never thought to do that I`ll try that.Thanks again

From: Bou'bound Date: 26-Feb-11
I fear for Matt's well being. Normally he would be all over a thread with this title. Is he OK?

From: TradTech Date: 26-Feb-11
Matt's out chasing animals again!

From: x-man Date: 26-Feb-11
Matt's on a scrapbooking retreat with the ladies from the Bank. ;)

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Subject: RE: Hoyt cam timing

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