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Best Elk Hunting Boot



Messages posted to thread:
Lee 28-Apr-11
Matt 28-Apr-11
bigbuck 28-Apr-11
Outdoordan 28-Apr-11
hunting1 28-Apr-11
Lee 28-Apr-11
Keith in Colo. 28-Apr-11
elkoholic 28-Apr-11
bowgy 28-Apr-11
Elkhuntr 28-Apr-11
ben h 28-Apr-11
jcneng 28-Apr-11
Lee 28-Apr-11
pirogue 28-Apr-11
Bigdan 29-Apr-11
Bullchaser 29-Apr-11
BigWave 29-Apr-11
hunting1 29-Apr-11
Lee 29-Apr-11
trkyslr 29-Apr-11
Lee 29-Apr-11
BowMad23 29-Apr-11
bullelk 29-Apr-11
trencher2 30-Apr-11
swede 30-Apr-11
Ace of Spades 30-Apr-11
Pig Doc 30-Apr-11
Gutpile Addict 30-Apr-11
trkyslr 01-May-11
Gutpile Addict 01-May-11
Lee 01-May-11
Jwillman6 03-May-11
huntnmuleys 05-May-11
twojump 10-May-11
miller1 11-May-11
PhotoHunter 11-May-11
seamus4 11-May-11
Snag 14-May-11
extrem predator 14-May-11
rbwapiti 14-May-11
>>>---WW----> 14-May-11
WillPower 14-May-11
swampman 15-May-11
twojump 15-May-11
huntingbob 15-May-11
GameEarGabe 15-May-11
Happy Jack 17-May-11
JLS 18-May-11
valhalla 18-May-11
Mad_Angler 20-May-11
Elkbstr 24-May-11
Ace of Spades 24-May-11
B4LITE 24-May-11
Mad_Angler 25-May-11
huntingbob 05-Jun-11
Sunspot 06-Jun-11
pav 06-Jun-11
Zim1 06-Jun-11
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fishski1 09-Jun-11
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Sunspot 10-Jun-11
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From: Lee Date: 28-Apr-11

Looking for a great elk hunting boot. I've been elk hunting a couple times now and my feet have been shredded by the end (specifically my heels). The rigidness of the boot heels seems to be the culprit. Looking for a lightweight boot that is comfortable. The first time around my redwing boots that I'd worn for months to break in completely failed me and I ended up hunting in my wool socks and camp shoes! I've been looking at the Rocky Silent Stalkers but not sure how they will hold up and they are also kind of pricey.



From: Matt Date: 28-Apr-11
Rocky doesn't make a boot that qualifies for "best" anything IMO. Find an outdoor store, have them meaure your feet, and make some recommendations for a light to medium hiker.

From: bigbuck Date: 28-Apr-11
try looking into danner boots they hold up pretty good.

From: Outdoordan (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 28-Apr-11
Like Matt said, the best ones are the ones that fit your feet best. Just look at quality boots such as Lowa, Asolo, kennetrek, danner, hanwag, zamberlan. Last time I bought boots I ordered about 5 pair from an internet store, wore them inside the house and kept the 2 pair I liked the most.

From: hunting1 Date: 28-Apr-11
I will refrain from recomending a specific brand, but just make sure they fit and are well made. Your price range will make a big difference in the answers you will get.

I will tell you based on the pair you mentioned I have used and really liked these.

From: THE ELK REAPER Date: 28-Apr-11
If a Rocky Silent Stalker is pricey, then that cuts your options way down. I think you can get them for $119 in several places and most boots that I would consider good quality are going to be a lot more then that.

From: Lee Date: 28-Apr-11

I saw the Rocky Silent Stalkers at Bass Pro the other day and tried them on. They were about $145 - they are very light and comfortable but I thought that was steep for what seemed almost like a tennis shoe. I was worried about them holding up or I probably would have bought them. Thought I'd get a few opinions before I plunked down the money. I would say my top $ for a boot will be about $200. I saw the stalkers mentioned above for $89 on the web.

Keep em coming guys - and thanks to all who have responded so far.


From: Keith in Colo. Date: 28-Apr-11
Hey Elk, you have to burn up some boots with all the hiking you do, what are your top picks?

From: elkoholic (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 28-Apr-11
Lowa, kenetrek and zamberlan in no specific order. All pretty spendy but if you figure they will last 3 seasons, do the math. $120 a year on boots puts you at $360 in 3 years. It ends up being a wash pricewise but the comfort level will be priceless.

From: bowgy Date: 28-Apr-11
I bought some semi cheap wolverines a few years ago and when they wore out in two months worth of morning walks figured they cost me almost $1.00 per mile! I still have some rockys that have lasted along time but after two or three hours hiking they stretch out and are so loose they are uncomfortable. last year I bought kenetreks and they took around 50 miles to break in. Now I have maybe, 200 miles on them and they feel great and still look nearly new.

From: Elkhuntr Date: 28-Apr-11
for me, i like the meindl canada model sold by cabelas. i like a high stiff boot. i have gone 15 miles in a day with this boot.

they are about $225. if they were twice that, i would pay it and cut back elsewhere to afford them.

never had any luck whatsoever with rocky or danner for elk hunting.

boots are like binos, buy the best you can even if it means selling something or saving longer, and buy those that fit YOU best.

From: ben h Date: 28-Apr-11
I’ve been in the same situation. Several years ago I went on a 95 mile Winds backpack trip and I had a pair of all leather Vasque boots (not exactly cheap) and if I would have had a pair of running shoes I would have thrown them in the fire. Last year I finally got a pair of Asolo all leather boots and wish I would have bought them 10 years ago, they fit my feet great. The only thing I didn’t like was the price, but like others have mentioned spread over 4-5 years it’s not really that bad; plus when you’re 10 miles back and your feet feel great, you won’t care about the $100.

From: jcneng Date: 28-Apr-11
Everybody's feet are different. I have had Danners, Cabela's, timberland, ... Two years ago I tried a pair of Asolo's and wow, I have a feeling that will be my boot from now on! Not cheap!

From: Lee Date: 28-Apr-11

Didn't know you could spend $400 on a boot! Look like great boots, though. Any particular models on these brands? there are a ton to choose from. I will have a heavy pack on for the trip in and hopefully numerous trips out with meat but will just have my bow and daypack the rest of the time. Any need for the "backpackers" that these brands feature for heavy packs or are the lighter boots better?


From: pirogue Date: 28-Apr-11
You may find a good boot for a limit of $200, but you are not going to get a great boot. If you want a comfortable boot from the moment it is out of the box, look at a Russell.(W.C. Russell Moccasing Co). I've had my High Country Hunters for 4 seasons now.

From: Bigdan Date: 29-Apr-11
I have been wearing Vasque Clarions for about 15 years. I started wearing them for my elk hunts. My feet felt so good in them .I now wear them every day 365 days a year. I have filled them with icy water just poured them out put dry socks on and never felt cold in them. I have had over a dz pairs and never had a hot spot in any of them. I get about two years out of them wearing them every day. If I just used them for elk hunting I don't think I would ever wear out a pair.

From: Bullchaser Date: 29-Apr-11
kennetrek hardscrabble.............nuff said about $300-325

From: BigWave Date: 29-Apr-11
Go to your closest hiking/backpacking store and try on everything that fits your bill. You'll be able to wear the boots around and see how they really feel on your foot. Some of my faves that work well for me are lightweight hikers, either GoreTex or not from brands like Vasque, Lowa and Salomon. Most are very light weight and built for high performance. Good luck!

From: hunting1 Date: 29-Apr-11

Yes you can get great boots under $200.00. My favorite heavy hikers are the Danner Combat Hikers made in the USA. I paid $90.00 on ebay new in the box. The Talus series are built like tanks as well. I have 3-seasons on both.

I am going to try the Asolo's next and especially at the prices that Sierra has.

From: Lee Date: 29-Apr-11
I live in central IL and don't have access to a good hiking store - closest would be St. Louis or possibly Indianapolis? Have to check on a good store location. Hit Cabela's and Bass Pro Easter weekend but they don't carry the brands everyone is talking and the only one I liked was the Rocky i mentioned out of the ones they had.

Thanks for all the info - should be able to get something good with all your input.


From: trkyslr Date: 29-Apr-11
Lee, check out lathrop and sons it's 'in' your back yard. They sell Han wags which is a great boot and they size/alter them to your feet. My Cheyennes are on order and with package I got with insoles I'm looming at 3 bills.......

From: Lee Date: 29-Apr-11
Turkey slayer - where is Lathrop and sons? Speaking of slaying turkeys - killed a nice tom at 1030 today!


From: BowMad23 Date: 29-Apr-11
I was gonna say wait until Scheels opens, but it appears they carry about the same as BP & Cablelas according to the web. I was hoping for better. The big box stores we have access to just don't have a lot of options for typical nice western type gear.

From: bullelk Date: 29-Apr-11
Pretty slick sliding that turkey story in there, Lee!!! I don't supposed you just happen to have a pic or two, do you?

By the way, the Meindl Perfekt Hikers have treated me well for several elk seasons. I have gone through 2 pairs, and I put a bunch of miles on them every season.

From: trencher2 Date: 30-Apr-11
ran 10 plus years on meindl back in the day they use to be good, switched to lowa tibet this season for more durability I have about 50 miles on them give or take and all is well I will know more by fall. I think the extra 60.00 bucks is worth it..

From: swede Date: 30-Apr-11
I noticed, when I worked for the Forest Service, that some people wear out their boots very fast while others get a couple years from the same boot. These people were on the same field crew doing the same job. I would look for a quality boot that fits and feels good on your feet, and gives you good support. Over the years I have had both hand made and store bought boots. The hand made boot insures a great fit, but unless you have some unique need, it is hard to justify the cost. The Rocky boots, I have tried, are too wide for me unless I wear two pair of heavy socks. Danner fits me the best of the store bought boots. I agree with whoever said try on several different boots and keep what fits the best.

From: Ace of Spades Date: 30-Apr-11
Ones that fit your feet best! I find that many hunting boots are ok but the best I've found are a set of quality hiking boots. You can put the miles on and they still perform. Also they double as your hiking boots so they stay in use and you can get used to them way before you find yourself deep in th e wilderness depending on them.


From: Pig Doc Date: 30-Apr-11
Question for you ASOLO guys. Sierra has the Fugitive on sale right now at $150 and the Sasslong at $190. Both lookd like good rugged Gortex lined boots. Anyone have experience with either of these?

From: Gutpile Addict Date: 30-Apr-11
Just bought the Sasslong in 11w on Sierra Trading Post and I have them on as I type this message. I hiked approximately 5 miles today in East Tennessee mountains chasing Toms and I highly recomend this boot. I revmoved the insole and put superfeet orange inside and purchased medium weight smart wool sock. Very comfortable out of box. I have noticed a few hotspots with a little heal slip the boot is still in breakin period. This is my 3rd set of Asolos. Great product. Great price. Jays sporting goods has good Asolo prices to.

From: THE ELK REAPER Date: 30-Apr-11
I used the Sasslong boots for the entire season last year and have used the fugitives as well. They are great boots, but I did end up splitting the side out of 2 pairs of my Sasslong's during elk and mtn goat season. The fugitives are great boots as well, but did not hold up well to extreme abuse. If you have a low volume heel, you will probably get some heel rub when making a long ascent.

From: trkyslr Date: 01-May-11
Lee, lathrop and sons is 'in' Robinson, illinois

From: Gutpile Addict Date: 01-May-11
I really like the power matic 200 solid leather still going after 2 years of use. The 520 is very good also.

From: Lee Date: 01-May-11
Thanks for all of the info guys. I am sure I can come up with a good boot from all of the suggestions. Sounds like I might have to up my upper limit though!

Bull Elk - alas I killed him with my trusty Browning and not my bow so won't post a pic of him. Still pumped about it - love calling turkeys.



From: Jwillman6 Date: 03-May-11
The best I have owned have been the Lowa/Schnees Sheephunters. I would skip anything Rocky makes for a serious elk/mountain hunting boot. I have a new pair of Lowa Tibets GTX's for hiking and early season elk hunting. The Kenetrek line is supposed to be good too. Find something like Lowa, Hanwag, Kenetrek or something of similar quality that fit.

From: huntnmuleys Date: 05-May-11
i went with the hanwags and have been totally pleased.

From: THE ELK REAPER Date: 05-May-11
I've been using the Hanwags from Lathrop and Sons and am very impressed. I ended up getting the Alaskans, but they fit so well that I ordered the Mountain Lights Monday...Great boots and very durable. They were also able to explain (and fix) what the hell has been going on with my feet.

From: twojump Date: 10-May-11
I bought a pair of Lowa Tibets last season and couldn't be happier.... I never thought about it, but I was paying $120 - $150 every couple years and they'd wear out of leak... Then I dropped about $300 for the Tibets and they are like hunting in running shoes compared to my Rock's, Danners, and Redwings. I almost pulled the trigger on the Hanwag Alaskans, but I couldn't pass up the deal I got on the Tibets... I almost wish I had them both for the comparison, but I am going to order their insoles...

From: miller1 Date: 11-May-11
how are the Tibets and comparable boots for elk hunting if your not carrying heavy loads? it seams like they would be extremely stiff for just hiking the mountains with a light load, we will be p[acking in but our everyday hunting will be with day packs, i have never tried them but i am trying to get an idea for my next pair

From: PhotoHunter Date: 11-May-11
I've been using Danner Pronghorns for a few years and I love them. I already bought a new pair because the current ones are almost worn out.

From: seamus4 Date: 11-May-11
Sierra Trading has the boots on sale plus you get 25% off orders of $100 or more.

From: THEBUGLER Date: 14-May-11

THEBUGLER's Supporting Link

Just got my Shnee's "Beartooth" boots to day! First impression......They look good, and feel good. Heel is locked into place. Lots of support, but not like a ski-boot. Cant wait to get some mud on them!

From: Snag Date: 14-May-11
I wasn't happy with Pronghorns, Vasque soles kept separating...bought some Asolo 520's and loved them so much that when they went on sale I bought another pair as backups. Never really had to break them in, very comfortable right out of the box. They supply you with good support. They are holding up really well after 3 yrs now.

From: extrem predator Date: 14-May-11
ditto on Rocky ...pair lasted 6 days in NZ for tahr

Schnees are good, but a lttle heavy .....but they last ! Danner and Loewa are good Hell, after 55 years, they all wear out

From: rbwapiti Date: 14-May-11
Cabela's non insulated Pinnacles, Gore-Tex, and Scent-Lok. Around $100 with minimal breakin. I wear them out and buy another pair.

From: >>>---WW----> Date: 14-May-11
X-2 on the Pinnacles. I wear the 8"ers. Gee, I don't know how many years and miles I have put on those things. I'd say at least 5 years and they are going again this year. I wear them alot year round and not just for elk hunts.

From: WillPower Date: 14-May-11
Just bought a pair of Asolo Sasslng's and simply love this boot. An absolute steal from sierratradingpost with the extra coupon. Thinking the Danner's and Vasques will be 2nd string for now on.


From: swampman Date: 15-May-11
Good socks made a big difference for me on my last trip - used a liner sock underneath a light wool sock. I wish I would've done this on some past trips - would've prevent a few blisters.

From: twojump Date: 15-May-11
The Tibets did just fine carrying my 45 pound pack and mee all over the mountain... so I'm sure they'd work for day hunting too

From: huntingbob Date: 15-May-11
I have the Kennetrek mtn extreme 400 boots and the lowa tibets. I'm dissapointed with the Kennetreks for the price. The lowas fit my feet like a glove out of the box. The kennetrek boots Seem better built with the lace to toe design but I have heel slippage in them. I guess with more time and miles on both my opinion could change but no complaints with the Lowa tibets! I have replaced the insoles with some doctor prescribed ones and the sole Arch insoles and green Superfeet. Im looking at getting the Lathrop and sons Synergy insoles and see what happens. I just know you can't hunt when your feet hurt.

From: GameEarGabe Date: 15-May-11
Huntingbob I feel the exact opposite I had to send back the Lowa Tibets cause they hurt my feet. I just put on the Kenetrek Moutain Extreme 400 tonight for the first time and did 3 miles with my pack on. They felt great. I also have the Kenetrek Hardscrabble Light with the Synergy insoles and have about 50 miles on them. The insoles for the Mtn Extreme should be here this week.

From: Happy Jack Date: 17-May-11
Lee, congrats on the turkey and check out Schnee's Beartooths as mentioned above. I had almost NO breakin with mine. They are very comfortable right out of the box. I am rough on boots and mine still look new after elk, deer and turkey season.

From: JLS Date: 18-May-11

You gotta try on lots of different boots until you find what fits your feet. Huntingbob and GameEarGabe's opposite testimonials are a perfect illustration of this. Both Lowas and Kennetreks are excellent boots, but built on different lasts and therefore fit your feet differently.

For me to simply recommend MY brand/style to you is retarded, unless our feet are shaped the same. Odds are they aren't.

Asolo, Scarpa, Lowa, Vasque, Zamberlan, LL Bean, Salomon, Schnee's, Hanswags, are all great brands. But I guarantee you about 90% of these would give me blisters. Moral of the story, try on boots. You can find good boots for two bills. However, my Baffins were only $240 on sale, and they are resoleable where a lot of hikers in the 180 to $200 range are not resoleable. Something to think about.

I put some green Superfeet in my Lowa Baffins and my feet are now in heaven.

Good luck.

From: valhalla Date: 18-May-11
Danner Pronghorns. Mine are broken in but they continue to keep moisture out even when crossing streams. However, I still wrap my heal with duct tape and wear silk sock liners to ensure that I won't tear up my heels. One bloody trip is worth several measures of prevention.

From: Mad_Angler Date: 20-May-11
I loved the fit of my Danner pronghorns. But my first pair leaked immediately and my replacement leaked pretty quickly too.

Now that I'm thinking with a more open mind, the boots seem pretty sloppy. And the fit doesn't seem as good as I remember it.

I just bought a pair of Asolo Sasslongs from Sierra trading post. They were already discounted and then I googled a coupon code for another 25% off. For $142, it seemed like a great bargain. I can hardly wait for them to get here...

From: Elkbstr Date: 24-May-11
If you have an REI Outdoor store near you they have a lot of the mentioned better boots that you can go and try on to see what fits better.

From: Ace of Spades Date: 24-May-11
When I bought my boots I found a pair of Raichle hiking boots online that were rated very well. Sierra trading post sells them and I think they were a $150+ boot that i got for around $90 from them. They have hald up awesome over the few hundred miles of ascending and decending I have put them through hiking most of the 46 High Peaks of the Adirondacks.


From: B4LITE Date: 24-May-11
I got a pair of Rocky bear claw about 12 years ago and I put a new military combat sole on them after about 2 years and I'm still wearing them. Oh. I'm only deer hunting.

From: Mad_Angler Date: 25-May-11
I just recvieved my Asolo Sasslongs. The shipping from Sieera was crazy fast.

The boots seem great. They are very light, seem to fit well, and are comfortable.

I'm planning to wear them on the treadmill at the Y a few times to verify that the size and fit will work.

From: huntingbob Date: 05-Jun-11
After putting more miles on the Kenntrek boots and the Lowas i'm pretty happy with both. They are vastly different boots. I'm still contemplating the Han Wags for next year. Scott (Mathews Man) Loves them and I'm thinking the extra money on the Han Wags will be worth the money long term. I still give the Cabelas Elk hunters by Danner a 10 score. They are a great boot and have never leaked a drop yet. I have six elk seasons on them and know they will give out soon so that's what I'm doing now finding the next best boot that is more durable than the last. The best one is as someone else said on this thread is the one that fits your feet! When you find that and they last you got your best boot ever made.I'm looking to find a boot lighter than the Danners and more durable. Bob.

From: Sunspot Date: 06-Jun-11
I have been very happy with Lowa boots. They tend to run a 1/2 size on the small side and a tad narrower from the mid-point to heel, which is perfect to me. If you are going to get the Sheephunters, you are better off getting them from Schnee's due to triple stitching instead of double.

From: pav Date: 06-Jun-11
Just ordered a pair of Lowa Tibets. Went with the advice found on this site and bumped up 1/2 size. Also went with the wide...since I'm an in between width.

Been a Danner Pronghorn guy until now. Can't wait to try these out!

From: Zim1 Date: 06-Jun-11
Just bought a pair of relatively cheap Meindl's at Cabela's, but they fit me the best. I have narrow feet.

From: baetis6x Date: 06-Jun-11
DANNER, DANNER, DANNER! Seriously stay away from any Rocky boot. Dont let the price bite you. You will not regret a good pair of Danner. Pay the $200 - $250 and they will last 5-6 hard seasons. Hiking through it all, rain, snow, mud. Seriously the best out there.

From: Sunspot Date: 06-Jun-11
Hey Pav - let us know what you think. I like the Lowa for the fit and being an excellent boot. There are some other excellent ones like Hanwag, Kenetrek, and Zamberlan. Good luck!

From: JLS Date: 06-Jun-11

To each their own, I wear Danners for work and I think they suck. We're talking the upper end boots, made in Portland. Not the overseas CRAP.

I've paid less for each pair of my Lowas than Danners, and the comfort is not even comparable.


I'll be shocked if you don't love them.

From: elkmtngear Date: 06-Jun-11

elkmtngear's Supporting Link

LOL High Country, I had the same experience with Danners.....never again!

I like my Lowas!

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: baetis6x (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 06-Jun-11
5 years shows the quality of a danner. High rockies and packing in. Lowa makes a good boot. But you get what you pay for.

From: city hunter Date: 06-Jun-11
This is one area were u really cant cheap out . Yr feet are imporant in them mountains . Also socks are just imporant

From: hightine Date: 06-Jun-11
Got a call today my day hikers are in ! Lowa rengades! Can't wait to get some miles on them !

From: Lee Date: 06-Jun-11
This thread keeps popping up! HA. Going to hit an REI store next week and try a bunch on. Thanks for all of the info guys and good luck this season.! Lee

From: Longhorn Date: 07-Jun-11
I am real anxious to try on a pair of the new Under Armour Siberian Boots. Everything Under Armour makes is top notch and the description on these boots makes me think they will be also....

From: TagSandwich Date: 07-Jun-11
Been an Asolo fan for a number of years. My Asolo Sassalongs just arrived from STP. $150 plus shipping, with 20% off $100+ order. If I had waited another day or two, would have got the 25% deal. Keep your eyes open, they run some great deals at STP. Boots feel great sitting here, can't wait to put a few miles on them!

From: Elk_Thumper Date: 08-Jun-11
Danner? I used to tell everybody about they were the best. And they are better than Rockey, Irish Setter etc.....

But when you put on a lowa or Lathrop and Sons...Frankly, you will throw your Danners away. Not event he same sport. You get what you pay for.

Danners are very comfortable and soft. But you side hill ,climb steep mountains or have heavy weight on your will look gimp wearing those soft pretty boots.

you will climb like a mad man with feels like you have your ankles taped. I learned this from a guide and he was right ! No comparison..

From: JLS Date: 08-Jun-11
"Lowa makes a good boot. But you get what you pay for"

Normally I agree fully with this philosophy. However, in this case I'll agree to disagree with you. Like I said, I wear Ft. Lewis boots all the time, and don't think they hold a candle to any of the Lowas I've had.

I'm glad you love yours, wish I liked mine!

From: fishski1 Date: 09-Jun-11
Absolutely no comparison between a Danner and a Lowa.. I have, and Still use, both.. The Lowa's are a better, stiffer, more resilient, back country boot.. The Danners are my go to when I am shoveling snow! ;)


From: fishski1 Date: 09-Jun-11
And the philosophy of you get what you pay for?!?! Lowa's are much more expensive than Danners.. But people just find them on Ebay, or close outs or something, But I know that I havent seen many danners selling for $350.


From: IdahoBowHunter Date: 09-Jun-11
Interesting read.

I'm in the market for some new boots and have visited every website listed on this thread. The question I have is how do you guys bow hunt elk with these boots? Most of these boots are so big and heavy I don't know how you could be an effective bowhunter wearing them. Let's face it, any experienced bowhunter knows putting on Bearsfeet is not practical, taking off your boots and closing the gap in your stocking feet is not practical, and trying to be quiet with any kind of a heavy thick sole is not smart. Most of these boots would make great boots for rifle hunting or hunting goats or sheep in the high country, but are way to heavy with zero ability to stalk quietly because you can't feel what's under your feet. The closet thing to a good boot for bowhunting as far as I can see is the Cabelas Gore-Tex Silent Stalk Sneaker, but I've tried these at least 5 times and they won't last for more than a few hunts. I've also had at least 10 pair of Danner Pronghorns, my problem with the Pronghorn is besides the fact that the sole is to thick for stalking effectively, I haven't been able to get any of them to keep the water out for more than 2 or 3 wet days. Once they start to leak nothing will stop them. The boots themselves seem to last for a season or two, but once they leak they're worthless to me. I don't think anyone makes a durable waterproof boot for bowhunting. Maybe it can't be done?

From: Leonten Date: 09-Jun-11
Well, since nobody has mentioned the boot I wear I'll chime in. The best boots I've found are from Browning, the featherlite. They have a very quite vibram sole, tips are an indestructible rubber, green kangaroo uppers and gore-tex inside. I wear them only for hunting and they have way to many seasons on them for me to count. I did solve the problem of removing them and putting on wool socks or moccasins for the final stalk. Crooked Horn Outfitter sells a pair of Safari Sneakers. They slip over your boots, much quicker than removing them. Here's a link to their site, check them out for yourself.

From: Elkbstr Date: 09-Jun-11
I just bought a pair of the Zamberlan Civetta GT's a couple weeks ago at REI. I have worn them to work and around the house some, but haven't taken them out on a hike yet. They have been very comfrotable so far, I will come back post a review after I get a few mile under them. I've been using the Danner Pronghorn's for years and have stalked a lot of elk with them, I don't think they are noisy to me. I hope these new boots work out....

From: Tim in Wa. Date: 09-Jun-11
Has anyone tried the Vasque Bitterroot ?

From: fishski1 Date: 09-Jun-11
Id Bowhunter,

Not sure where you hunt elk, but where I hunt elk, my days are anywhere from 6 miles (light day) to 18-20 miles (ass kickers) and in VERY rugged country, Sometimes I am on a NF trail, but other times I am in alpine meadows, or coming across or down Scree Fields, These boots are exactly what is needed so you dont tear your feet apart, or take a nasty tumble down some rock slide areas.

As far as not being silent enough, Sure,, socks, bare feet, sneakers etc... would prob be more silent, but IMO elk aren't the wariest critters out there esp when it comes to noise.. They trust their NOSE much more than their EARS!

And once one is on the ground, I know I couldnt carry the pack in that terrain, without a heavy clunky good mountaineering boot.

I have Lowas,, but I think that Lowa, Kennetrek, miendl, Asolo, etc... are all great choices.


From: pav Date: 10-Jun-11
Received my Lowa Tibets yesterday. Several folks suggested going 1/2 size larger than normal for this model.....which I did.

I'm a solid size 11 in a Danner Pronghorn, but my feet could swim in the 11-1/2 Lowas. Maybe some difference due to these being EE wide?

Anyway, they are out of stock in size 11 Tibets, so I ordered a pair of Lowa Rangers instead. To be honest, the Tibets seemed pretty bulky for every day elk hunting. So I'm looking forward to trying out the Rangers.

If they get Tibets in stock soon, I may still try a pair of 11's....because I could envision that being a very good boot for hauling heavy loads.

Two pair are better than one, right? Anyone want to help me convince the wife I need both? LOL!

From: Sunspot Date: 10-Jun-11
Yeah not sure about the EE size. Just saying from my experience I go 1/2 size larger, which I have to go from a 13 to a 14. Black toe sux.

From: Sunspot Date: 10-Jun-11
Also I have the Zephyr, Ronan and Ranger.

From: twojump Date: 11-Jun-11
Yeah...the Lowas seem to run about a half size if you wear an 11.... then you'd be good to order a 11.5

From: brunse Date: 11-Jun-11
I have a pair of Lowa Tibets. The right boot is perfect, the left bothers my metatarsals at the start of the tongue. I expected them to break in better, wrong. Although I can get by with them for long steep hikes. I need to call them and see if they will replace one boot.

From: Cody Date: 11-Jun-11
How high of a boot is the lowa ranger. Looks like a 8"

From: Padfoot Date: 12-Jun-11
I have cabelas Meindels (going on 14 years and a resole) they are great except that they squeak and are not good for stalking in close. The goretex hasn't been working for years but no worries they don't leak so only get wet on the surface and dry quickly.

I am going to get a new pair this year and it is going to be either: Lowa Banff Pro Lowa Baffin Pro or La Sportiva - Pamir.

No goretex, I want a cooler boot, with a stout foot bed. I do better in the rocky country I usually hunt when the foot bed is a bit stiffer. Less rock bruises and better edge control. I don't mind the extra weight. After a lot of research these boots have the qualities I want. Plus they can be resoled and come with glove leather interior lining which I have found lasts longer than cambrell and wicks the moisture away well and no blisters.

My 2cents.

From: Sunspot Date: 12-Jun-11
Yeah, I wish there are more option for Goretex-less boots. That stuff really restricts the breathing of a boot.

From: Deacon Dave Date: 12-Jun-11
I have a pair of meindls. They wear like a tank. They have great support and very comfortable. But for elk hunting I prefer LL Bean boots. Mine wear like gloves. The gum soles are nice for stalking. The key with Beans is the correct size as with any boot. I carry an extra set of intersoles to switch out each night. I have never had an issue with blisters or sore spots with my Beans. I've been through several pairs and have had several bottoms replaced. The gum sole will not last like a vibrams but for me the gum sole is much preferred. The Beans are a long way from being $200.

From: JLS Date: 13-Jun-11

I love the Baffin Pros. I bought them specifically because of the no gore tex and glove liner.

I like them better than the Banffs (which I owned previously) because they are a little taller, and will hopefully keep a little more junk out of my boots.

Hunting dry breaks county, I found that I got a lot of dirt and crap in my boots from the lower ankle.


From: Mike the Cheesehead Date: 13-Jun-11
I also bought a 1/2 size larger in my first Tibets a few years ago based on Bowsiter recommedations. I sent them back because they were too big. I got my normal size in the wide width and they fit good.

From: Lee Date: 19-Jun-11

Thanks for all of the input - hit REI in TX this past week and drove the poor sales lady nuts trying everything on. Finally settled on a pair of Salomon Quest 4D GTX's. Fit me like a glove and seem plenty rugged.



From: Lost Man Date: 19-Jun-11
I've put my pair of Mendl Perfekt Hikers from Cabelas through the paces the last few years - super comfortable. The only problem is that the squeak a bit.

From: hightine Date: 19-Jun-11
Finally got to wear lowa renegades for a full day. I stood for 10 hours on my feet yesterday coaching and scoring the PA youth archer challenge. By the end of the day I was dripping sweat. Got home, took my boots off and my feet didn't ache like usual. Cotton socks I wore were not wet or moist at all. I'm impressed !

From: hunterofwild Date: 19-Jun-11
I tried a pair of Asolo's last year and they shredded my heals. I couldn't do anything to get rid of the loose heals so I ended up sending them back.

Before these I had a pair of Merrel Yukon hikers that were apparently made for Sportsmans Wharehouse and are no longer available. They lasted me 3 good hard seasons.

So I am at a bit of a loss on what to do this year. My feet don't seem to like the really heavy duty boots.

Is Lathrop and Sons worth the $$$$

From: Lee Date: 20-Jun-11

That is my problem - my heels get so shredded I can barely walk - the boots I reference above don't seem to be an issue - will start wearing them hard and will see.

good luck,


From: Padfoot Date: 21-Jun-11
JLS: Thanks for the info. The stores around here stopped carrying Lowa's and when I cannot see them side by side it is hard to compare. REI used to carry these boots but for some reason stopped. I found the Baffin's for sale online for $280, and both the Pamir and Banff Pros for $225.

I tried on the Pamirs at REI (they are the only ones who carry my size 47-47.5) and they felt great, except a bit of heal slide. I usually only wear one pair of top quality sock (NO cotton!!!). So I would like to try the Lowas to see how they fit and feel. The time wasted sending back stuff negates the savings IMHO. still looking for local outlet.


From: JLS Date: 21-Jun-11
I got my Baffins for about 235 or so from Shoebuy. Check them out. I hae never heard someone say their heels slipped around in Lowas. That was the reason I went back to them, I made hamburger out of my heels in a different brand last year.

Good luck finding a local outlet. Lowas don't seem to be widely carried, which is too bad.

From: SteveB Date: 21-Jun-11
Another vote for Cabelas Perfekt Hikers which are custom made by Meindl for them. Best value out there. Will take some miles to break them in, but best shoe/value out there.

From: Gutpile Addict Date: 21-Jun-11
Bottom line everyones foot is different. I were Asolos because here in Tennessee that is the best brand available in retail stores. I would like to try on on han wags or Kenetrek or Lowas but not available here.

From: Mad_Angler Date: 21-Jun-11

Mad_Angler's embedded Photo

I noted earlier that I bought Asolo Sasslongs from sportsmansguide for about $125.

I tried the on a treadmill and the seemed to fit pretty well.

Well, I finally really gave them a test. I live in Wisconsin but I traveled to Pennsylvania for business. I took my Sasslongs and my X2 pack. I loaded my pack with 25 lbs of water and hit the mountains. I hiked very hard for 3 hours. The boots did great, especially since I never broke them in.

I felt secure and fairly light footed in the boots. The treads felt good. I also did quite a bit of boulder hiking. The boots did great.

I am very impressed. I am especailly impressed since I only paid $125.

From: jims Date: 21-Jun-11
Lowa renegades for hiking lots of miles and Lowa tibets for steep, rocky stuff! I've also used and abused a pair of Scarps and they hardly look like they've been warn.

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