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Kelty Noah tarp set-up



Messages posted to thread:
Autumn_Archer 05-Jun-11
BPowell 05-Jun-11
Autumn_Archer 05-Jun-11
huntitall 06-Jun-11
ROW-BEAR 06-Jun-11
bpctcb 06-Jun-11
aspen bulls 06-Jun-11
aspen bulls 06-Jun-11
Yellowjacket 06-Jun-11
huntitall 07-Jun-11
Trad_Archer 07-Jun-11
Trad_Archer 07-Jun-11
fishmagician 07-Jun-11
huntitall 08-Jun-11
Autumn_Archer 08-Jun-11

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From: Autumn_Archer Date: 05-Jun-11
Just got my Kelty tarp in, and would like to see some pics of different ways to set it up. I know it can be used in a lot of different configurations. Any ideas?

From: BPowell Date: 05-Jun-11
Autumn Archer, I'm planning on buying one for myself. Checked Cabelas and they didn't have one in stock to look at. What size(s) and color(s) did you come up with? I'd like to see some configurations myself...

From: Autumn_Archer Date: 05-Jun-11
I got mine new for $49 I think.

From: huntitall Date: 06-Jun-11

huntitall's embedded Photo

Used my Noah's tarp last year and loved it. Set it up in several different configurations, depending on the wind and when we got some rain. This is a pic of one of them with just my cot in it but my brother and I both slept in it with room to spare for all our gear. Btw, mine is the 12 x 12 size.

From: ROW-BEAR Date: 06-Jun-11

ROW-BEAR's Supporting Link

A Archer - This link should be helpful for you , it shows many different configurations.

Good Luck !

From: bpctcb Date: 06-Jun-11
Autumn Archer- What size tarp did you get? I have a 9' and my buddy has a 12'. We used both of these in 2009 with good results. We used the 12' for both of us to sleep under with all our gear. We used the 9' for cooking and to dry clothes under. We set up the sleeping tarp like Huntitall has pictured for fair weather. When the rain poured down, we would lower the back end to the ground so that 3 corners were touching the ground. Just make sure to point it into the wind.


From: aspen bulls Date: 06-Jun-11

aspen bulls's embedded Photo

I'm sure someone will through Kifaru into this thread which is great gear but I'm not willing to pay for it at this point of my life so I also have a Noah's tarp and it works great. I set it up similar to huntitall with maybe a higher "ceiling" in the center and often times the back end closed. I also use it as an addition to my tiny one man tent which is like a large modified bivy sack basically as storage for my gear and a place to put clothes on. It worked great through three days of relentless rain as 9000'.

-The photo is how I used it once for an addition to my bivy to get dressed etc. and for a little added rain protection over my rain fly due to heavy rains. And yes the wind never switched directions, that is why it is slanted one way.

-And I believe I have the 9X12 I would have to check but I think that is what I have.

From: aspen bulls Date: 06-Jun-11
By the way the angle is tough to tell but what looks like the far right corner is not. It is bumped out and tethered to the tree for extra room, while the actual far corner is not in view and is staked to the ground. This set up was extremely roomy when on the inside although the angle does not depict such.

From: Yellowjacket Date: 06-Jun-11

Yellowjacket's embedded Photo

Here's one on a backpacking trip set up just with walking poles.

From: huntitall Date: 07-Jun-11
Nicely done YJ. Think I'll use that configuration myself.

From: Trad_Archer Date: 07-Jun-11

Trad_Archer's embedded Photo

From: Trad_Archer Date: 07-Jun-11

Trad_Archer's embedded Photo

From: fishmagician Date: 07-Jun-11
Gentlemen, those look great, Do you guys a weights on the 9' and the 12' models, Thanks.

From: huntitall Date: 08-Jun-11
The 12 x 12 is a little over 2lbs if I remember correctly.

From: Autumn_Archer Date: 08-Jun-11
I have a 12' kelty. Thanks for the pics, gives me a few ideas for sure. I also have a Kifaru paratipi, we will probably use the tarp early on, and for a sheltered area to store our gear, get dressed etc. and someplace dry with a little more room if weather socks us in for a day or so away from base camp.

I kicked it around whether to get one, but with the long trip we have planned, its good to have options.

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Subject: RE: Kelty Noah tarp set-up

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