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info on a Bear polar 2 bow
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slashbasher 15-Jun-11
Bigpizzaman 15-Jun-11
Drahthaar 15-Jun-11
rocky 15-Jun-11
ahunter55 15-Jun-11
From: slashbasher
I bought a Bear Polar2 compound bow from the flea market for $15 a couple weeks ago. It seems to be in good working condition. I don't know anything about archery so I figured this would be a good place to learn. does anyone know when this bow was made and can I still get parts for it? Thanks. Bob

From: Bigpizzaman
Take it to a reputable bow shop in the area BEFORE you shoot it! If you've ever had one blow-up on you you would understand. I use a very old compound bow for my bow-fishing rig so all is not lost, just get it checked out first.

From: Drahthaar
the polar 2 is somewhere around mid 70s. I dont think you can get parts for it. Forrest

From: rocky
The Polar 2 was my first compound bow. It was state of the art at the time. A dinosaur in comparison to what we shoot today. I killed my first buck with it on Manitoulin Island in Ontario and a quite a few does after. Fond memories of days long gone.

From: ahunter55
Mid 70s-I was a dealer back then & it was in the lower end compounds. Many a bowhunter in my area started with them. Have it checked out b/4 you start shooting it just due to it's age.

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