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What are the best deer attractants?



Messages posted to thread:
Archer4Christ 12-Aug-11
Bou'bound 12-Aug-11
Rex Featherlin 12-Aug-11
Charlie Rehor 12-Aug-11
KJC 12-Aug-11
RUGER1022 12-Aug-11
Bill Obeid 12-Aug-11
Recurve Addict 12-Aug-11
grizzlyadam 12-Aug-11
Reflex 12-Aug-11
r-man 12-Aug-11
IaHawkeye 12-Aug-11
Brotsky 12-Aug-11
BowSniper 12-Aug-11
bowhunter55 12-Aug-11
Reaper 12-Aug-11
The Rooster 12-Aug-11
tradorion 12-Aug-11
TradTech 12-Aug-11
flyingbrass 12-Aug-11
JLBSparks 12-Aug-11
Roger J 12-Aug-11
Jack Harris 12-Aug-11
travisj 18-Aug-11
longbeard 18-Aug-11
Huntography 18-Aug-11

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From: Archer4Christ Date: 12-Aug-11
There are hundreds of deer feeds and attractants available on the market. What are some that are beyond a shout of a doubt worth putting out?

From: Bou'bound Date: 12-Aug-11
Acorn Rage

From: Rex Featherlin Date: 12-Aug-11
Force Feed

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 12-Aug-11
Get a Vendetta Range Finder and you can skip the Acorn Rage! :)

From: KJC Date: 12-Aug-11
Female deer.

From: RUGER1022 Date: 12-Aug-11
I don't need or use any of that stuff but a couple of good ole boys in the shop say that a $ 2.00 jar of peanut butter smeared on trees works just as well as anything .

From: Bill Obeid Date: 12-Aug-11
Jif or Skippy?

Smooth or Crunchy?

From: Recurve Addict Date: 12-Aug-11
I've not had good luck with them and don't use them anymore

From: grizzlyadam Date: 12-Aug-11
A hot doe that you let walk by your stand. Or a tarsal gland from a hot doe that you shot in the same area you are hunting.

From: Reflex Date: 12-Aug-11
I've had good luck just putting washing soda down on the ground.

From: r-man Date: 12-Aug-11
hey , from my exp. it seems to make some differance in what region youhunt. pumpkins apples and bob kirshners curiosity sents, in the northeast states. but in the south they wont touch pumpkins, dont like many lures, have some luck with pruducts. and grape scents. i learnd to place them high 6ft or higher .and of course corn juice works every place i tried it. i use sweet corn juice crushed screened in hand pump.

From: IaHawkeye Date: 12-Aug-11
Rex, So it's legal to bait in Illinois ?

From: Brotsky Date: 12-Aug-11
Bales of hay in February. You'll attract 100's here in the Dakotas.

From: BowSniper Date: 12-Aug-11
Whitetail Institute 30-06 mineral stuff in the summer

and corn where its legal

From: bowhunter55 Date: 12-Aug-11
No,you cannot bait in Illinois.

From: Reaper Date: 12-Aug-11
Tried a few products, but the hogs always seem to get it first. Corn works but after the first of october its pretty much just hogs eating it. The bigger bucks in our area don't seem to use feeders.

From: The Rooster Date: 12-Aug-11
Forgetting your release in the truck seems to attract big deer.

From: tradorion Date: 12-Aug-11
My two favorites- peanut butter (if you can bait) really seems to catch their attention and if you cannot then vanilla extract works just about as well.

From: TradTech Date: 12-Aug-11
Wrong stand placement works MUCH better than forgetting your release. It's proven!

From: flyingbrass Date: 12-Aug-11
posted property

From: JLBSparks Date: 12-Aug-11
Sit still and be quiet.


From: Roger J Date: 12-Aug-11
Depends on what you are trying to do.

I'll say I do not believe there is ANY scent that you should try to use while hunting. If the deer can smell anything you put out by your stand then they can smell you. My motto is no scent and play the wind is the best way to go. But that's targeting mature bucks only. I do believe you can get a younger buck to come to scents. A few years ago I pissed out of my tree and had a 1.5 year old come running in hot from straight downwind and proceed to lick and lipcurl urine from the bushes around the bottom of my tree.

For attracting deer to a location for getting almost 100% inventory of the buck population with trail cams, I have to agree with Bowsniper above; Whitetail Institute 30-06 mineral w attractant. I'll throw out some powdered applesweet concentrate the first year I install a new 30-06 lick just because the smell is so strong you can quickly get most deer in the area to start coming in for pictures. Once established, I just freshen the 30-06 each year.

From: Jack Harris Date: 12-Aug-11
+2 for Rooster and Roger... Rooster - that is funny but recall a day long ago when it was true. Now it is on my wrist when the bow is in my hand - no exceptions! The true fire I have flips back and out of the way so you can climb, scratch your a$$, whatever u need...

When hunting - NO SCENT is best scent, and if you are luck to have one nearby, nothing beats a live doe with just the right "itch"

From: travisj Date: 18-Aug-11
Stuff called "bowhunters setup" deer really seem to like it..

From: longbeard Date: 18-Aug-11
Roger J I think maybe you should cut back the hormone message' therapy :)

From: Huntography Date: 18-Aug-11
From my experience, unpressured land.

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Subject: RE: What are the best deer attractants?

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