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Rage broadheads



Messages posted to thread:
BBDSC 19-Aug-11
Wooz 20-Aug-11
Jack Harris 20-Aug-11
WVarcher 20-Aug-11
Bill in MI 20-Aug-11
Browtine 20-Aug-11
LostNwoods 20-Aug-11
Bill in MI 20-Aug-11
jimmyt 20-Aug-11
WHACKM 20-Aug-11
Huntsman 20-Aug-11
BBDSC 20-Aug-11
64Indian64 20-Aug-11
sundowner 20-Aug-11
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From: BBDSC Date: 19-Aug-11
Does anyone have a problem with rage broadheads opening prematurely?

From: Wooz Date: 20-Aug-11
If everything is tuned right how would you know? I'm not being a smartass, I shoot fixed blade so I'm just asking.

From: Jack Harris Date: 20-Aug-11
If your Rage's are opening prematurely,or fail to open at all due to performance anxiety - they do make some wonderful broadhead enhancement products out there. Just screw on a quality fixed blade broadhead and all your troubles are guarenteed to go away. Life is too short to suffer from such horrible handicaps - some may say premature BH deployment is the worst form of suffering an archer can experience. Some of these BH enhancement products are made by quality companies like Muzzy, VPA, Trophy Taker, Magnus, Slick Trick, NAP, Wasp, Montec, etc... These heads shoot from the bow completely rigid and will not let you down at the moment of truth - giving you amazing penetration not offered by mechanicals..

This should really clear things up for those confused about Rage...

From: WVarcher Date: 20-Aug-11

From: Bill in MI Date: 20-Aug-11
When your otherwise well tuned arrow desides to veer off of your target line with no obsticles present, you know you had a premature deployment. Ask Randy Ulmer.


From: Browtine Date: 20-Aug-11
There real bad about deploying when taken out of a quiver also.

I don't like playing with broadheads just before I shoot something. ;)

From: LostNwoods Date: 20-Aug-11


From: Bill in MI Date: 20-Aug-11
lol you are right lost!

From: jimmyt Date: 20-Aug-11
Below is a post on another forum from an outfitter on the subject.

From: WHACKM (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 20-Aug-11
You guys found my dead horse.

Now quit beating him! ;-)

From: Huntsman Date: 20-Aug-11
I want to shoot a broadheadf that has a chance of I can't "fail" enough on my own!!

From: BBDSC Date: 20-Aug-11
Thanks browtine, I don't like playing with broadheads just before I shoot something. Just the answer I was looking for. Enough said.

From: 64Indian64 Date: 20-Aug-11
I use rage for turkey hunting. Use a rubberband that is used on (teeth)braces and they will let the head work as intended but will keep it closed until contact.

From: sundowner Date: 20-Aug-11
What 64Indian64 said.

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Subject: RE: Rage broadheads

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