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Deer attractant recipe
Whitetail Deer
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From: SC
I read somewhere that you can make a ''block'' of grain, molasses, and corn syrup by sticking it the oven and letting it harden. I can't find any detailed enough receipes to do it right. I tried it mixing it all together, and baked it for 4 1/2 hours, but it didn't work. Has anybody ever heard of such a thing? Maybe I'm crazy, but I'll try just about anything lol.

From: MaddJack

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I found this site that has the instructions (recipe) for home made blocks. Haven't tried it yet but looks promising.

Good luck.

From: 7mag
Corn works

From: SC
I know, corn is my favorite, but I guess I'm a tight wad and can hardly stand to pay $10 a bag for it.

i have been using rice bran lately and having good luck with it. The only problem i have found is that the pigs seem to like it more. I have been using it in front of my cameras. At 8$ for 40lbs its alot cheaper than acorn rage or any other simular attractant. Not what you were looking for exactly but thought i would mention it

From: DL
What won't a pig eat?

From: whitetailer
maple suyrup and peanut butter

From: Bill Obeid

You do realize that you just confessed to baking.......for your deer herd!

The entertainment value of this site is invaluable !

From: guidermd
here's the best recipe, works just as good as baking for deer. go to feedstore, buy 100 bag of corn for $18.00(current price) and spread at your stand. saves alot of baking time, doesn't heat up the house, no sticky mess and works better than ever. just not as much fun i guess....... the best corn block feeder has to be my buddy's corn block. several tri-axles of corn dumped in one spot and can be seen from google space, i'm not kidding. put that in your oven and bake it for 2 hours:^P

From: The Rooster

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This one was on the Ohio Forum posted by sir misalots:

"Get a 5 gallon plastic pail. Fill it with deer corn. Then pour that corn into a large tote. Spray non stick baking spray liberally inside the pail to aide release. In tote mix corn with 1 pound of corn meal. Add I jar of cheap peanut butter or peanut butter powder. Then pour in 16-18 ounces of pancake syrup. An 1 cup of salt (I also sprinkle salt inside the oiled pail liberally) Now the tough part is mixing (small hoe or spade makes it easier) Once corn is coated pour mix back in pail. Put weight in in to help compress and leave in hot building for days to cook and get hard. Once hard take them to the field and turn over and slam it on the ground. These are much bigger and a hole lot cheaper to make and the deer love em. So do coons. These can be modified and made smaller with a big wood screw or screw in tree step stuck in the botton (for puttong on fence post etc) Have fun with it (if you want too)"

From: bowriter
Ice ctream won't work unless you cover it with vanilla essence.

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