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Razor Dobbs



Messages posted to thread:
whitetailer 01-Sep-11
sundowner 01-Sep-11
Big Daddy 01-Sep-11
caller79065 01-Sep-11
Bowfreak 01-Sep-11
diesel 02-Sep-11
sundowner 02-Sep-11
Big Daddy 02-Sep-11
bigswivle 02-Sep-11
TD 02-Sep-11
JTV 02-Sep-11
Florida Mike 02-Sep-11
TradTech 03-Sep-11
TradTech 03-Sep-11
sundowner 03-Sep-11
arctichill 04-Sep-11
bowfrank 04-Sep-11
GaryDowdy 05-Sep-11
GaryDowdy 05-Sep-11
GaryDowdy 05-Sep-11
GaryDowdy 05-Sep-11
Windwalker 05-Sep-11
bowfrank 05-Sep-11
DieselTuner 05-Sep-11
bowfrank 05-Sep-11
Cowboy 05-Sep-11
sundowner 05-Sep-11
GaryDowdy 06-Sep-11
extreme predator 06-Sep-11
extreme predator 06-Sep-11
tusc.bowman 06-Sep-11
Ken Moody 06-Sep-11
sundowner 06-Sep-11
Ken Moody 06-Sep-11
TradTech 06-Sep-11
sundowner 06-Sep-11
Stayfit 06-Sep-11
GaryDowdy 06-Sep-11
AERO63 07-Sep-11
Ken Moody 07-Sep-11
StrutNut 07-Sep-11
Ken Moody 07-Sep-11
Big Daddy 07-Sep-11
Ken Moody 07-Sep-11
Big Daddy 07-Sep-11
Ken Moody 07-Sep-11
HighLife 08-Sep-11
Ken Moody 08-Sep-11
HighLife 08-Sep-11
HighLife 08-Sep-11
Big Daddy 08-Sep-11

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From: whitetailer Date: 01-Sep-11
I just watched this guys TV show. I think Ted Nugent now has competition......... Man there must be alot of money out there, when I watch all these TV shows........

Guess I will go check my back pack, for my upcoming, solo hard hunt........ no flash just hunting.....

From: sundowner Date: 01-Sep-11
Some of these guys are definitely hard to watch. I think Nugent appeals to a large audience, and he probably has done a lot for the NRA among some groups. He is very patriotic.

But Dobbs takes the energy level to new heights in a somewhat phony kind of silly way, it appears.

I like it your way, whitetailer. No flash. No need for flash or fist-pumping. Just hard hunting and respect for your quarry.

From: Big Daddy Date: 01-Sep-11
he's a moron, I've never had jump into a pond off a cliff while firing my 45 at some voice dubbed animal growls....guess I lead a normal hunting life.

From: caller79065 Date: 01-Sep-11
Say what you want, but uncle Ted is real. Dobbs appears to be a clown from what i have seen.

From: Bowfreak (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 01-Sep-11
Turning over a new leaf Woody? I would almost accuse you of sugar coating. :)

From: diesel Date: 02-Sep-11
You can take him and Brackett and lock them in a shed together somewhere far away.

From: sundowner Date: 02-Sep-11
I'm with diesel. Who watches this crap!?

From: Big Daddy Date: 02-Sep-11
Brackett is another half wit far as I'm concerned. BTW am I the only one that just doesn't appreciate the heavy metal music on hunting shows...I mean if I want to hear it I can go to MTV.

From: bigswivle Date: 02-Sep-11
FEAR NO EVIL. all i got to say

From: TD Date: 02-Sep-11
For once..... I'm pretty sure I'm OK with not knowing what the 'ell you folks are talking about....

Not that I always know...... I'm just not usually OK wid it....

From: JTV Date: 02-Sep-11
Walter Mitty comes to mind .... Jeff

From: Florida Mike Date: 02-Sep-11
+1 on not knowing and glad of it! Mike

From: TradTech Date: 03-Sep-11
Who is Dobbs? Never seen him/it.

Anyone want to fill in the blanks?

From: TradTech Date: 03-Sep-11

From: sundowner Date: 03-Sep-11

Trust me. You are better off not knowing, if indeed you don't. Plus, if you don't watch Dobbs, you probably will not become nauseated and puke on your hunting boots.

But if you do, you might.

From: arctichill Date: 04-Sep-11
To watch Dobbs is to waste a 1/2 hour of your life!! The best possible thing that could come from a half hour of "Razor Dobbs" is you could witness a very bad advertisement for an inferior piece of hunting equipment that could influence you to make a VERY bad purchase decision!....Beyond that bit of potential "positive" outcome, it's just a complete waste of time!

From: bowfrank Date: 04-Sep-11
Funny thing is, he used to be a roadie with Ted Nugent. I know this because I know him. Wish he had not succumbed to this, but the camera does funny things. For the most part he is a good guy, I guess he just saw an opportunity and jumped on it.

Hope it does not give new hunters the wrong ideas about real hunting.

From: GaryDowdy (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 05-Sep-11
I always thought he was trying to imitate Ted. They most obvious and embarrassing imitator is Andy Ross.

From: GaryDowdy (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 05-Sep-11
I always thought he was trying to imitate Ted. They most obvious and embarrassing imitator is Andy Ross.

From: GaryDowdy (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 05-Sep-11
He most obvious... Sorry

From: GaryDowdy (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 05-Sep-11
The most obvious... Sorry

From: Windwalker Date: 05-Sep-11
He must be afraid of snakes.

From: bowfrank Date: 05-Sep-11
He left a pretty good career to do this, so I am sure he wants it to be a success as he had a really stable deal. Kind of a sell yourself to the devil deal he has done now, but he is traveling all over hell and back and getting to see some of the prettiest scenery in the world. Not defending him, but just a tiny bit envious. Would like to do it for real and get rid of the hype.

I'm heading to AZ this week and then NM (unit 16A), hoping for the muy grande!

Good luck to all this season!

From: DieselTuner Date: 05-Sep-11
I don't agree with his hunting style, but you can't bash any hunter period (if they are doing it as a responsible sportsman). Uncle Ted may be a little kooky, but he does an awesome job promoting hunting and taking a stand against the antis. Dobbs may not be the traditional host of a hunting show and a lot of people may not agree with his style of hunting, however bashing a fellow hunter is just giving the anits more ammo.

From: bowfrank Date: 05-Sep-11
Well said Diesel! Uncle Ted is a little Kooky and Razor should tone it down, but, I bet that is the time the show gets canceled. Although, it may break down on its own accord as not many people that I have talked to like the show.

From: Cowboy Date: 05-Sep-11
I think Ross is a spook.

From: sundowner Date: 05-Sep-11
As for me, I'll take Cuz Strickland's hunting style. Suits me just fine, and he saves a lot of energy.

Maybe it's an age thing, 'cause I like Knight & Hale too.

Got no problem with Nugent. "You can't do this in France, Baby!"

From: GaryDowdy (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 06-Sep-11
Ted is the original! He's unique and is bound to draw some imitators. He is my friend and I would never speak badly of him. I hope no one took it that way.

From: extreme predator Date: 06-Sep-11
met Cuz at a Shot Show, genuine and very nice and Knowlegeable

Razor carries a pistol on Tx ranches for .......? and goes "ga ga over "any Wh deer" he can Arrow ..." ??????


From: extreme predator Date: 06-Sep-11
met Cuz at a Shot Show, genuine and very nice and Knowlegeable

Razor carries a pistol on Tx ranches for .......? and goes "ga ga over "any Wh deer" he can Arrow ..." ??????


From: tusc.bowman Date: 06-Sep-11
Was just reading some of the chapters of Dick Lattimers "I Remember Papa Bear" about ted. Apparently ted is a pretty quiet guy away from the public eye. After reading those chapters it changed my opinion of Ted. He gets my thumbs up. Don't know bout this Razor Dobbs guy though.

From: Ken Moody Date: 06-Sep-11
Hunting shows do not get cancelled. The network does not buy them from the producer like traditional programming. Hunting shows buy their own time and as long as you can purchase the time you can run your show. Has nothing to do with ratings, popularity, etc.

I have no problem with RD. He's doing his thing his way and as long as this is America (don't know how much longer we can say that) more power to him. I will say the boy does like to jump in the water??? Hunting means different things to different people. To some it's a quiet natural experience and to others it's a head banging adrenaline rush. It can't be categorized to fit into a nice neat box of a particular niche. Just because some people don't do it the same way you do doesn't make it wrong. At least with RD you are seeing the real expression of how he feels about hunting. I would rather watch him then some redneck with poor grammar host a show but again, that's my particular beef. The rednecks are free to hunt too and express themselves while doing it. As for Ted, he's hunted with me several times and stayed at my home. I know him well and he is, in fact, quite reserved and quiet when not amongst his minion.

From: sundowner Date: 06-Sep-11
Dobbs may not be an idiot, but he plays one on TV. I don't think he will be around long term, cancelled or not.

From: Ken Moody Date: 06-Sep-11
OK, that was funny :^)

From: TradTech Date: 06-Sep-11
sundowner - Guess I'll have a half hour of my life to waste on something else.

From: sundowner Date: 06-Sep-11
OK, TT.......

Waste it in a deer stand. That's what I'm gonna do.

From: Stayfit Date: 06-Sep-11
Watched for 30 minutes - That' a half hour of my life I'll never get back.

From: GaryDowdy (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 06-Sep-11
Ken Moody is awesome! How's Africa treating you, Ken?

From: AERO63 Date: 07-Sep-11
Well said Ken.

I have spent some time with Razor, hunted with him for a few days even.

He's a good guy. The dude likes guns, bows, and hunting. He's cut from a different mold than your run-of-the-mill hunter that's for sure, trying to bring a creative side into hunting TV.

His show definitely doesn't gel with most that are currently on TV. Good or bad, that's for all of us to decide.

From: Ken Moody Date: 07-Sep-11
Africa was great this year. We had a big season and averaged about eight animals per client. Shot quite a few rowland/ward trophies as well.

Ken Moody

From: StrutNut Date: 07-Sep-11
Booyah. I got this big buck, booyah, coming in. I got a great hit on him, booyah, little far back, booyah. We'll get him booyah. Another rage in the cage, booyah. Booyah. Booyah. Fist pumps, booyah.

That about sums up a bracket show.


From: Ken Moody Date: 07-Sep-11
Well, I have a new hunting show airing in January myself on FOX Sports but it will certainly fail due to the following shortcomings:

1. No catch phrase...I thought about "boomshuckalucka" ala Bill Murray in Stripes but that has too many syllables and the studio might sue me. I could say "show me the money" but that's just silly.

2. No cute sidekick...My wife abhors hunting shows so she doesn't want to participate. I thought about going to Hooters and hiring a side kick to just stand there and look cute or to say something stupid like the ones I see now on TV but don't know if I can afford one.

3. No big RV/Bus with my mug painted on the side...don't see the reason for it but you must need one to showcase how well you're doing with the show.

4. No after shot shenanigans...I don't get that excited when I shoot something anymore. It's all kinda anti climatic now so I don't do fist pumps or jump around or anything. I just kinda sit there like "oh well." Could be that I'm jaded from being in the business for 20 years but I just can't get that worked up and obviously you have to or your show will suck. I guess I could fake it but that's never been tried before on hunting shows so I might not be able to pull it off.

5. Don't shoot a Block target or Rage broadhead...yes, I prefer Rinehart and Slick Tricks so I'm not in the Block/Rage clique which certainly makes me an outsider. Without these two endorsements your show is certainly doomed.

My show is pretty simple and clean. I introduce hunting segments and we show them without any ego driven nonsense. The show will air Sunday mornings at 10:00am on FOX Sports South so if you get that network tune it quick cause it won't be on for long due to the five points above. Maybe I should revisit that 'boomshuckalucka' thing?

Ken Moody

From: Big Daddy Date: 07-Sep-11
Ken you could try the " done in (insert state name), now onto (insert state name)"...but I guess that's being over done already.

From: Ken Moody Date: 07-Sep-11
Yea, but most of the segments are from Africa so that let's that out. I thought about showing a zillion whitetails being shot because you hardly ever see any whitetail hunts on hunting shows these days but I'd have to run the show past a test group to see how they'd react to deer hunting. Plus whitetail are really hard to kill on film so I don't know how I'd do it. Maybe if I hunted in Iowa, Kansas, or Illinois I'd have some luck but those states aren't too popular on TV shows so again back to the test group. Oh, by the way..."boomshuckalucka."

Ken Moody

From: Big Daddy Date: 07-Sep-11
Ken just don't produce "The Ultimate Shot" the guy does some serious hunting , much more African stuff than I've done but my Gosh who writes the lines he dubs in?

From: Ken Moody Date: 07-Sep-11
That's Archie Nesbitt. I know Archie well. He's a great guy and skilled bowhunter but his show is a bit dramatic.

Ken Moody

From: HighLife Date: 08-Sep-11
"boomshuckalucka" WTF?

Ken, I know you can do better than that if not give me a call. My consultant firm Huntertainer Enterprizes will be more than happy too help. Oh yeah there is a slight monetary cost nothing you and I can't work out. ;]

From: Ken Moody Date: 08-Sep-11
How about just "WTF"? Do you have a patent or anything on it? I can say it everytime an animal is missed or gut shot or just whenever. I can see it now...buck walks in, calms down, looks the other way and then "twang" the arrow flies over its back and I say, "WTF!" Or, I can just jump in some water :^)

Ken Moody

From: HighLife Date: 08-Sep-11

From: HighLife Date: 08-Sep-11
I'm thinking you can't go wrong with a good sense of humor and no B.S. on bad shots. And yes WTF! is patented and copyrighted. Never know I might want to do a show one day LOL.

From: Big Daddy Date: 08-Sep-11
Ken how about the catch phrase "Moody Blues" when you start to pout after getting busted while waiting for your cameraman to give you the OK to shoot at a buck 85 yds away?

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