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Washing Muck boots



Messages posted to thread:
oaktree 04-Sep-11
Bou'bound 04-Sep-11
XMan 05-Sep-11
BowNFly 05-Sep-11

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From: oaktree Date: 04-Sep-11
Have any of you tried to throw your muck boots in the washer? My boots are the woody elite series and they stink I have pulled the insoles sprayed the crap out of them and simply put they will still make you puke. I don't see how it could hurt them as the inside does get wet with sweat or full of water a couple of times a season when you try to go a little to far Any one done this. Thanks

From: Bou'bound (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 04-Sep-11
No need to go in washer soak and hand wash.

From: XMan Date: 05-Sep-11

agree with bou, bring them outside and give them a good hand wash with some unscented soap. If they smell horribly bad, let them soak for a few hours and scrub with unscented soap. I have replaced the liners in my boats after a few seasons of use, will make a big difference.


From: BowNFly Date: 05-Sep-11
Geez, i just got some mucks. Maybe I'll try rubbing the crap out them and washing them with baking soda?? I'll let you know in a month or so

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Subject: RE: Washing Muck boots

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