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golden eagle modules



Messages posted to thread:
brewmaster 07-Sep-11
red neck hunter 07-Sep-11
brewmaster 07-Sep-11
red neck hunter 08-Sep-11
red neck hunter 08-Sep-11
brewmaster 08-Sep-11
snipercop 24-Sep-11
snipercop 24-Sep-11
red neck hunter 25-Sep-11
snipercop 27-Sep-11
red neck hunter 27-Sep-11
homefield 20-Apr-12
sam 25-Apr-12
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From: brewmaster Date: 07-Sep-11
i have a golden eagle and am looking to increase the draw length. anyone know where i can still get the cam modules to do so?

From: red neck hunter Date: 07-Sep-11
I have several mods for a golden eagle, What do you need?

From: brewmaster Date: 07-Sep-11
red neck hunter my e-mail address is i could use any help you coulg give me, otherwise i'm just going to have to get rid of the bow. it's a golden eagle (older model) either 60 or 65% letoff. up to 70 lbs. it has a draw lenght that's about 2 inches too short for me.

From: red neck hunter Date: 08-Sep-11
sent you an E-mail

From: red neck hunter Date: 08-Sep-11

red neck hunter's embedded Photo

Sorry e-mail didn't go through. The mods I have are for a golden eagle evolution. 80% let off. 55-70lbs. 28-29-30-31-32 draw length. they are labeled H4-H5-H6-H7. (i'm useing H3 28 inch draw length).Let me know if you can use them.

From: brewmaster Date: 08-Sep-11
not the same bow, unfortunately wont work. thanks anyway.

From: snipercop Date: 24-Sep-11
Do u still have these modules? I am looking for a 29" draw length. I will check I know my bow is a Golden Eagle not positive of rest.

From: snipercop Date: 24-Sep-11
Do you still have the mods? I am looking for the 29 and possibly 30" mods if you are still interested in parting with them.

From: red neck hunter Date: 25-Sep-11
Yes I still have mods. Get in touch with me.

From: snipercop Date: 27-Sep-11
i am new to this how do i contact you?

From: red neck hunter Date: 27-Sep-11
Go to your private messages, (right hand side of screen)

From: homefield Date: 20-Apr-12
I am looking for 28" and 28" modules for golden eagle evolution does any one have some .

From: sam Date: 25-Apr-12
i need a pair of G.E.sparrowhawk X-2 draw mod and a manual. most happy to pay for them. thanks.sam

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Subject: RE: golden eagle modules

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