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Where were you Sept. 11, 2001?



Messages posted to thread:
hunt'n addict 10-Sep-11
tommygun 10-Sep-11
Florida Mike 10-Sep-11
Hammer0419 10-Sep-11
Sewer Rat in DC 10-Sep-11
WHACKM 10-Sep-11
boothill 10-Sep-11
OleThumper 10-Sep-11
ahunter55 10-Sep-11
ChrisK1977 10-Sep-11
lewis 10-Sep-11
Medicine Bow 10-Sep-11
Buffalo1 10-Sep-11
The Rooster 10-Sep-11
rock50 10-Sep-11
Stekewood 10-Sep-11
TX Maverick 10-Sep-11
archer56 10-Sep-11
butcherboy 10-Sep-11
Bake 10-Sep-11
Rubline 10-Sep-11
houckie 10-Sep-11
Ermine 10-Sep-11
'Ike' 10-Sep-11
TreeSleeper 10-Sep-11
jamiewbowhunter 10-Sep-11
EncounterOutdrs 10-Sep-11
elkmtngear 10-Sep-11
GameEarGabe 10-Sep-11
elkhunter5x5 10-Sep-11
DaleM 10-Sep-11
GGNYC Mobile 10-Sep-11
sundowner 10-Sep-11
Cornbread 10-Sep-11
r-man 10-Sep-11
Ephus 10-Sep-11
Dennis Razza 10-Sep-11
Jack Harris 10-Sep-11
Bill in MI 10-Sep-11
lazer2 10-Sep-11
kentuckbowhnter 10-Sep-11
Deerman1 10-Sep-11
Jack Harris 10-Sep-11
WindLaker 10-Sep-11
Thunderflight 10-Sep-11
bowhunter4fr 10-Sep-11
DWP 11-Sep-11
Wirehair 11-Sep-11
guidermd 11-Sep-11
bowriter 11-Sep-11
Sage Buffalo 11-Sep-11
cotradbow 11-Sep-11
COELK 11-Sep-11
Bowfreak 11-Sep-11
BC 11-Sep-11
bigbuck 11-Sep-11
bad karma 11-Sep-11
expeditiontraders 11-Sep-11
rodney482 11-Sep-11
leo17 11-Sep-11
Hoythunter13 11-Sep-11
hunt'n addict 11-Sep-11
Wiley 1 11-Sep-11
sunsignarcher 11-Sep-11
TradTech 11-Sep-11
Tree Killer 11-Sep-11
Ziek 11-Sep-11
plisken 11-Sep-11
Jerry Leblanc 11-Sep-11
INbowdude 11-Sep-11
NovemberMadman 11-Sep-11
oldgoat 11-Sep-11
W8N4RUT 11-Sep-11
pfdhunter 11-Sep-11
Two Feathers 11-Sep-11
wyobullshooter 12-Sep-11
NEBucks 12-Sep-11
Dunner 12-Sep-11
Peyton in Fairbanks 12-Sep-11
Bowboy 12-Sep-11
Ranger 12-Sep-11
snuffer 12-Sep-11
Bear Track 12-Sep-11
BowSniper 12-Sep-11
Packrat 12-Sep-11
Frosty 12-Sep-11
Deerman1 12-Sep-11
Rock 13-Sep-11
bghunter 16-Sep-11

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From: hunt'n addict Date: 10-Sep-11
Well it has been 10 years since the attacks on the U.S. by terrorist. Where were you, and what were you doing?

I was watching my Dad shoot his first bull elk. We were in a wilderness area in Colorado with no idea of what was happening in the U.S. Dad shot his elk @ 7:05am Colorado time (9:05 on the east coast). It was a great hunt because I was with my dad, but camp was very somber late that day once we heard the happenings of the day.

Huntn' Addict

From: tommygun (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 10-Sep-11
I was at work in the pharmacy watching everything unfold on tv. The couple years later shot my First elk and when punching the tag was 9/11/06. Puts things in perspective.

From: Florida Mike Date: 10-Sep-11
I wasn't in New York, and that's what counts.

It's ashame people forget so quickly. I remember the rage that atrocity generated, now most people just want to hug and talk about reconciliation. Its only a matter of time until another extremist does another terrorist act. We need to elect people with character and morals and we need to hold our elected officials to higher standards. We are fundamentally a Christian nation, remember that we should forgive but not forget. It is in the mistakes of our past that we can learn the lessons of our future. Mike

From: Hammer0419 Date: 10-Sep-11
I was working at the time but found a television immediately. Living only 50 miles from the city, I know many people who were there working for the FDNY and NYPD.

The most erie feeling came days later while passing many of the Local Commuter Parking Lots and seeing the same cars sitting in the same spots for days. In the end these were the cars owned by those who lost their lives that day. It put a really sick feeling in your stomach.

From: Sewer Rat in DC Date: 10-Sep-11
We had just come out of a project meeting and were sitting down to eat at a local bar/grill.... Two of us had flghts back to Jax, two of us had flights elsewhere...

After the first tower fell, we all made arrangements to rent cars.. none were available... borrowed a pick up from one of my crew and drove across FL... It was raining that day... both inside the bar and outside

From: WHACKM (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 10-Sep-11
I was on the road delivering plumbing supplies. When the first tower got hit I remember, bad pilot. But I knew the world had changed after the second hit. Then I heard about the Pentagon....well that just p'd me off.

When people here in Canada questioned the war in Afghanistan I would remind them of all the lives lost in the attacks and question them "what if that was us?" They usually didn't have a answer for that.

Canada felt your pain that day.

From: boothill Date: 10-Sep-11
I was stopped at a small lake while traveling for my job to use the facilities. Was standing there enjoying the scenery when my wife called about the first plane. Was on the phone still when the 2nd hit. Every place I stopped that day nothing was happening, just talking. All I could think about was my family and getting home that night. Never forget!

From: OleThumper Date: 10-Sep-11
I will Never Forget 911, nor Forgive the ones responsible for this Horrific Act!!!

I was out hanging treestands and my cell phone rang and I was told about 911, I stopped and went back to my truck wept for all those Innocent Lives Lost and their families and friends!

Ole thumper

From: ahunter55 Date: 10-Sep-11
I was 10 miles out of town headed to mow for my inlaws in the country. My wife & Daughter called there in tears.

I was on a Bear Bowhunt in Canada when Bobby Kennedy was shot & killed.

I was hitchhiking home from California just finished 5 years in the Navy/Marines when John F. Kennedy was shot & killed.

None will be forgotten by me.

From: ChrisK1977 Date: 10-Sep-11
I was watching the news like I usually did after working the night shift. When the the first one was hit I thought man, that is crazy how could someone hit that on accident. But didn't think that there would of been another one hit the other tower and then the pentagon. When we saw the second one hit I told my wife that we were at war. One of those things that even if you were not there you will remember seeing it and where you were when it happend.

From: lewis Date: 10-Sep-11
Packing up and getting ready for a Kiabab mule deer hunt with my wife.Supposed to leave by plane the next day that was delayed.Horrible feeling it reminded me of the way my mother described her feeling on Pearl Harbor.Never ever forget.God Bless America.

From: Medicine Bow Date: 10-Sep-11
I worked at a Gov't location near the Pentagon and was in the middle of a briefing when things started happening. YOu never forget where you were or what you were doing.

We were requested to evacuate and the entire D.C. area was in chaos. It was very hard to concentrate on things, being under the gun like that.

Seeing the Pentagon a couple days later was difficult. Folks that lived in our area were killed.

Sometimes when work gets difficult I recall that day and then it allows me to focus on the tasks at hand.

I'll be thinking about this tomorrow while i'm out elk hunting. 9/11 has had in impact on all of us one way or another.

From: Buffalo1 Date: 10-Sep-11
Preparing to tee off in a golf tournament. Was my first tournament play following rotator cuff surgery. It was a four-man scramble- we only had 3 members on our team and we won the tournament by 5 strokes.

It was a day of very mixed emotions for me.

From: The Rooster Date: 10-Sep-11
I was a freshman in high school. 2nd period History class.

From: rock50 Date: 10-Sep-11
Hunting Colorado Unit 54, north of Blue Mesa reservoir, south of West Elk Wilderness area (3 muzzleloaders and 1 bow hunter). We had no idea anything was happening until Wednesday when a cowboy came riding up the canyon looking for some lost cows. For some reason all 4 of us had filtered back into camp about 1 PM on that day, things were slow, it was about 90 degrees. He asked us 'Have you heard what's going on?', we thought maybe a storm was coming or something...........cell phones did not work and we had no desire to listen to a radio. When he told us what had happened it was surreal to think we had no idea what was going on. Of course it shut us down.....we made a half-hearted attempt to go out that evening, and then packed up and left the next morning.

Looking back, I did notice the jet traffic had stopped, one thing you always noticed while in the mountains hunting SW of Denver was air traffic coming out of the SW of the US into Denver, obviously the skies had gone silent.

From: Stekewood Date: 10-Sep-11
I was in the Cassiar Mountains of northern BC hunting goat, mtn. Caribou and moose. Didn't even know it happened until the 17th. Felt quite guilty about my wife and young kids having to go through things at home without me.

From: TX Maverick Date: 10-Sep-11
I flew into NYC near the Statue of Liberty on Monday, Sept. 10 and that night went to a store called Century 21, which was 1.5 blocks away from the WTC. The next morning I was in a business meeting 65 blocks away from Ground Zero when we heard more than usual sirens (for NYC). We had a breaking message after the 2nd tower was hit and that we were going to postpone the mtg. They had TV's set up in the hallway and I watched the towers crumble and thought to myself "oh man, we are under attack and this world event is going on only 65 blocks away". If anyone doesn't believe in the sovereignty of God, many in our mtg that day did, as we originally were supposed to have the mtg in the Marriott WTC. The next day NYC looked like a nuclear holocaust outside--no taxi's, foot traffic, nothing--going on. The island of Manhattan was shut down--no one on or off the island for over 24 hrs. I just wanted to get out of there and get back to my family. By Thursday morn we were able to get a train down to Philly and rent a car for a 31 hr drive back to TX from there. What really chapped my hide was that I was supposed to have left for Alaska on that Friday morn for a moose hunt and didn't get home from Philly till 11:30pm Fri nite. My wife gave me the green light to go ahead and see if I can still rearrange flight reservations to go on that hunt. We left for Anchorage on Sunday morn and it took 18 hrs (2x as long), got into the bush and shot my 67" moose on Sept 20th on the float hunt. When we were heading into the bush, some caribou hunters were coming out and they had no clue what had happened in NYC til we shared the news. Looks of shock and sorrow were written on their faces. Remember it like yesterday. Two yrs ago, I could have gone on a trip with my wife and daughter to NYC and said no thanks, haven't been back since.

From: archer56 Date: 10-Sep-11
i was hunting free range wild hogs in sw mo. i thought it was awfull quiet all morning. {no planes flying} i went into town for some supplies and to get gas. there were cars backed up for 3 blocks, and the price of gas was almost 5.00 a gallon.

thats when i called home, took the tape out and turned on the radio.


From: butcherboy Date: 10-Sep-11
I was on my way to college class that morning. It was my third attempt at doing the college thing and felt like the old guy around all these young kids. Didn't go to class and watched it all on TV. Went to work and it was a somber day. Never did finish college (again) and went into the family business of slaughter and meat processing.

From: Bake (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 10-Sep-11
I was beginning my sophomore year of college. Slept late and my brother woke me up when the first plane hit. Got to the TV in time to see the second hit

Stayed home that day and watched the news

Very shocked and somber day.

I'll never forget it


From: Rubline Date: 10-Sep-11
I was in the outdoor's attending a training session in forest management when the lead instructor recieved a cell phone call. The September day had most of the leaves off the trees and the sun was shining marvelously through the forest. We broke for maybe 20 minutes, allowed for several moments of quiet "prayers" and then decided to re-group to finish that portion of the session; we got through the next two hours but eventually dismissed earlier than normal. Talk about a small world, one of our class mates had family on one of those planes; the person left immediately as our prayers went out to him.

Then having the other two locations hit in PA and then the Pentagon, it was like I was near the center of this evil; a weird feeling.

The airforce began to fill the skies in and around D.C. as patrol aircraft could be heard and seen in PA.

I began to see a America unite during that time, in a surreal way, and I had a great sense of pride of how we as a people pulled together. I thought, my goodness, if we only pulled together every day for each other, what kind of land would this really be!

I can remember a phone conversation with my brother-in-law that afternoon and the sad emotions we felt talking about the events.

You folks are right-on, we don't forget.

From: houckie Date: 10-Sep-11
i was loading some herfords for market when the wife called. remember it like it was yesterday. got no use for those kind of people. And ron paul dosen,t think we need an armed forces. wow!!! god bless all that died, and all who have served.

From: Ermine Date: 10-Sep-11
In high school. English class I believe

From: 'Ike' Date: 10-Sep-11
At home, but was headed to Arizona shortly after...Kind of like this year!

From: TreeSleeper Date: 10-Sep-11
High school second period Mr.Medfords ap biology class

From: jamiewbowhunter Date: 10-Sep-11
At work in Canada, it was very quiet at work as we all clung to the radio reports. Sad day.

From: EncounterOutdrs Date: 10-Sep-11
High School Government Class

From: elkmtngear Date: 10-Sep-11
I was in my office, setting up for my morning run of patients....TV was on in the waiting room, and one of the patients announced that the second tower had been hit.....I remember saying, "OMG, we are under attack"!

Best Wishes, Jeff

From: GameEarGabe Date: 10-Sep-11
I was running a chain saw landclearing, one of my co workers got injuried and we went over to the trucks to get him a bandage put on the radio and heard that a plane crashed into the tower. As we sat there the second plane hit the tower. Still get sick thinking about it.

From: elkhunter5x5 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 10-Sep-11
I was elk hunting in Colorado and just shot a nice bull . So when I got back to camp I was on cloud 9 until I found out what had happened . A sad day for sure . I will never forget what them s.o.b mother f#@kers did . Everyone raise a flag and be proud. And if someone dosent like it tell them to kiss your a$$ . God bless America

From: DaleM Date: 10-Sep-11
Was already back from my '01 elk hunt and training for next season. Just finished my step work out at the toboggan slides, got in my truck for the drive home and heard about it on the radio. Walked in the house, turned the tv on just in time to see the second plane hit. Never forget that feeling!! Called my first customer of the day and told them I'd be a bit late. Remember that the skies were empty except for very high circling con trails. Guessing those were jets scrambled to do flyovers in the event of other trouble. God bless America and those that gave their lives that fateful day!!

From: GGNYC Mobile (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 10-Sep-11
Downtown NYC. I lived in the South Street Seaport area and was walking my dog before work (was running late that morning). As I was entering my apartment I heard the loud explosion of the first plane. I opened my apartment door and remarked to my wife (fiancée at the time) that it sounded like a bomb. We walked out the door to go to work and looked up. I thought it was just a fire but it was odd that the office papers were floating toward us. Everybody just stopped and stared. We went back inside to turn on the news and I was looking out my window taking photographs of the buildings when the second plane hit.

That's was it. We packed a duffle, grabbed some cash and my dog and headed out onto the street. Made it just past the Brooklyn bridge by police plaza when the first tower fell. Everyone was running and screaming and crying.

My neighborhood was covered in 1-2" of ash for a long time. I remember seeing the F-15s flying low above NYC escorting the last remaining planes out of our airspace and how scared we were that another plane was coming.

No, I won't forget what happened 10 years ago.

From: sundowner Date: 10-Sep-11
Elk hunting near Daniel, Wyoming. Great hunt beginning 9-9-01. Not much interested in elk after the attack. Packed it in and caught the first flight available out Jackson. Horrible times.

From: Cornbread Date: 10-Sep-11
Cabinet Mts in NW Montana. Didn't find about it till Friday morning at a McDonalds in Missoula

From: r-man Date: 10-Sep-11
I was on nj.tpk near ext for lincoln tunnel, when i herd howard sturn on radio saying a plane crashed into towers, looked to me right and then rapitly started looking for uturn. I had three stops in city that day, that i never made.

From: Ephus (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 10-Sep-11
Sitting in a dr's office covered head to toe in poison ivy waitin to get a shot when it came on the waiting room tv's..dr's, nurses everybody was glued to the broadcast. It was like everyone forgot whatever ailment had them there that day thinkin of the hell those people were experiencing. Hard to believe I was only 19 then..

From: Dennis Razza Date: 10-Sep-11
elk hunt in Colorado. had no clue for a few day until someone left a news paper at camp for us. i'll never forget that day.

From: Jack Harris Date: 10-Sep-11
Was working in my Florham Park, NJ office. Got word of it immediately, as our Jersey City eis right across river from the form towers... Everyone was too upset to work. I was getting live updates from those watching the horror out their window. I left work and went home with my wife and young boy, to watch it on TV... The emotion, being that close.. Can't describe it. Was only living 15 miles away at the time before I moved back the country in my little whitetail heaven. It was 911 that motivated my wife to move to NW NJ shortly thereafter. She later died of cancer, and I'm still living on my 9 acres surrounded by farmland. Not the way I would have liked to have moved - but here I am. I remember driving with my family to a high spot in the town of Summit, watching the smoke after the carnage... I turned down Jets/Cowboys tickets for tomorrow - just don't want to be there...

From: Bill in MI Date: 10-Sep-11
Chasing elk in ID unit 36. Caught a radio broadcast mid day on the 12th and didn't understand the scope of what was going on. We decided to go into Challis for food/gas and an update. I will never forget walking up to the newspaper box and seeing the headlines. Called the family, anger, fear, sadness all in waves over the rest of the trip. Pulled the plug early.

Bill in MI

From: lazer2 Date: 10-Sep-11
Was in 9th grade in my JROTC class my first sargent got a call from someone and notified the principle and for the rest of the day in each class we watched the news

From: kentuckbowhnter Date: 10-Sep-11
i was standing outside my hotel at the newark airport watching it go down. stuck there for two days and got out. had to get a ride to the security perimeter and have one of my staff from scranton penn meet me on the interstate and drive me to nashville.

From: Deerman1 Date: 10-Sep-11
I was getting up to wish my wife a happy anniversary. What a fateful day. Still pi$$es me off that those cowards did that to innocent people. Glad we did what we did over there, but at the time wanted to turn that entire area into a sheet of glass

From: Jack Harris Date: 10-Sep-11
+1 to "sheet of glass"...

Appeasement will never work with these sick twisted primitive nut jobs that use religion to promote their own personal holocaust.

From: WindLaker Date: 10-Sep-11
+2 to "sheet of glass"

Those bast#&ds have no business living with humans.

From: Thunderflight Date: 10-Sep-11
I was at the MCAS Beaufort DRMO getting scrap wood to make tree stands with. I heard about the first crash while listening to the Lex and Terry show. When the second plane hit it was obvious that this wasn't an accident.

A short time later I arrived back to my unit and everyone was glued to the radio or TV. I looked over at my Marines and said that someone is going to get JSOW'd (an air to ground guided munition) for this. Unfortunately it wouldn't be us because we had just returned from a deployment and weren't going anywhere any time soon.

In 2003 we did finally make it to OEF, but only for a few weeks and didn't drop a single bomb.

From: bowhunter4fr Date: 10-Sep-11
Sitting in a math class at PSU, Math 220, Matrices. I went to the HUB (Hetzle Union Building) and learned of this disaster. Felt disoriented all day. Can't say I've ever been the same. At the time, wondered why we didn't drop the big one. I felt that the U.S. was backed into a corner. Anger, fear, selflessness, cowardism, empty, revenge, saddened, ...., a few things felt this day, and still.

From: DWP Date: 11-Sep-11
Sleeping in a hammock in my friends garage in Seattle because we were working out of town. Woke up to the footage on TV... Surreal at first, them rage/shock/anger as the footage of the 2nd hit sunk in.

I have never been the same...

I will never forget or forgive.

From: Wirehair Date: 11-Sep-11
I was in Eastern Oregon packing elk meat by myself. Did"nt find out later in the day when I went to town.

From: guidermd Date: 11-Sep-11
i was hanging stands and talking to my hunters who were to arrive in only a couple days for their hunt, but they were stuck in montana on another hunt when things shut down. they were a day late arriving, which gave another day for a few lucky deer. once they arrived they caught up on the harvest double time.

From: bowriter Date: 11-Sep-11
Russel Valley, MB just coming on from the morning hunt. Neighbor downt he road came driving up in a flurry and said, "Get the TV on, you guys are being attacked."

All we could do all day was sit and watch. Finaly got through to our wives but with no planes flying and the border closed, no way to go home.

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 11-Sep-11
I am a blessed man.

I worked in NYC but was coming back from a 3 state antelope hunt. I remember I was in a blind in MT the day before watching a beautiful sunset thinking how great life was.

I landed at JFK 30 minutes before the planes hit the Towers.

Needless to say I got about 100 calls that day making sure I was OK. My sister was hysterical because she knew my schedule. I felt bad for her.

I am so grateful I wasn't at work (less than 10 blocks from the Towers). What my coworkers saw stays with you forever.

I remember riding subways for a month and all we did was look at each other. No one talked. No one argued. Everyone just showed compassion to their fellowman.

From: cotradbow (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 11-Sep-11
Denver for work,I remember thinking it was strange no planes flying. I was unloading a piece of equipment and didn't get the news till I got back in the truck.

From: COELK Date: 11-Sep-11
i was going to higth school on the bus in the morning.

From: Bowfreak Date: 11-Sep-11
I was at work in KY. My phone started ringing and I saw it was our lab calling me. The lab tech informed me of the first plane. So I walk upstairs and we turn on a TV. As we stand there bewildered the second plane comes in. At that point I knew it was an act of war. I had no idea who or what caused this but a co-worker who kept up on everything was shaking his head back and forth said. "Osama Bin Laden." I had never heard that name before and even after him mentioning it I had no idea how infamous that would prove to be.

To this day. I can't stand to see the pictures of the burning buildings and I won't watch the towers fall again. When the footage comes on I change the channel. I despise the people who did this.

From: BC Date: 11-Sep-11
I work at Hanscom Air Force base and when the first plane hit everyone went to the conference room to watch the news on TV.

After the second plane hit you could hear a pin drop in that room......took a few seconds for everyone to comprehend what we had just witnessed. Right away they cleared everyone out and closed the base.

From: bigbuck Date: 11-Sep-11
i was a paramedic for fdny and was at ground zero and it still feels like it was yesterday. in the months to come i went to 37 funerals and memorials and every time i think about what happened that day it makes me sick to my stomach that there are people out there that sick and gutless to do something like that to this country.

From: bad karma Date: 11-Sep-11
I was driving to Greeley for a brief hearing for a young, and very impressive young lady who was caught with a small quantity of coke. I remember hearing about the first plane on the radio, and immediately had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I knew it was terrorist event...the 2nd confirmed it. So, I called home, where my son was on leave from the Navy, told him to turn on the TV because he was going to war. I also went to the office for a while, on the 22nd floor of Denver's most prominent building. I couldn't focus. We shut the office down, so I went home with a case of beer for my son, and his Navy buddy, both on the same sub. A few months later, my son called at 4 am, to tell me they were leaving, but couldn't say where, or when they'd return. That told me that we would start fighting back that day, and later that day, the offense in Afghanistan began.

From: expeditiontraders Date: 11-Sep-11
I was literally in the air over New York while it happened. I was on a flight from Atlanta to Boston. When we flew over New York the pilot said there had been a terrorist act at the world trade center. If you look out over the left wing you can see smoke from the building. I looked out and both building were both standing. We all thought it was a bomb.

The lady sitting next to me was in the Atlanta Glee club and was going to visit her daughter. Her daughter worked at one of the two buildings and she was hysterical.

By the time we landed both buildings had collapsed. It was surreal as we were the last plane to land in Boston and the airport had been evacuated. There were cops as far as you see and every tv was turned to CNN. As we walked out of the airport you could just see the towers falling over and over again.

From: rodney482 Date: 11-Sep-11
Watching bear in the big blue house with my 3 year old daughter...

My wife called me and I turned to FOX just in time to see the 2nd plane crash...

a very sad day I will never forget.

From: leo17 Date: 11-Sep-11
I was a sophomore in highschool in NYC. It felt like the world was ending everybody was panicing and everything was shut down. I had to walk across the third ave bridge. People were fleeing the city on foot. It was like a scene out of the movies.

From: Hoythunter13 Date: 11-Sep-11
Elk Hunting in the Oregon's Ochoco mountains. We came into town to fill up on gas, we stopped into a little cafe to have a burger and it was on the TV. I couldn't believe what I was watching. Very Sad!

From: hunt'n addict Date: 11-Sep-11
Well said by many. "We will never forget"! God bless America.

From: Wiley 1 Date: 11-Sep-11
me and close friend went ginsenging at daylight that day. Usually hear planes in woods but not that day. When i dropped him off and drove the last 16 miles alone couldnt figure out why only news on radio. didnt listen to any of them. found out at 8.30pm that night when i came home and wife was still in tears.

From: sunsignarcher Date: 11-Sep-11
Watching everything unfold from a ridgeline in the Watchung mnts of NJ 20 or so miles from NYC. Homeowners have a spectacular view of the skyline from there. The view that day is not one I'll ever forget.

every bit as angry today as 10 yrs ago...

From: TradTech Date: 11-Sep-11
I was conducting interviews off site at a local resturant. When I was walking out with the last candidate an older gentleman grabbed my arm and asked if I had heard. I said no sir, what happened. He said "they bombed one of the towers". I got in my car, turned on the radio and by the time I got home to see the news for myself, the towers were only minutes from collapse. Until that point in my life, I never realized how vulnerable our county was. It is as fresh today in my mind as it was 10 years ago.

From: Tree Killer Date: 11-Sep-11

Tree Killer's embedded Photo

I was elk hunting in eastern Oregon that morning. Shortly after daylight I arrowed a an elk ending an exciting few days of elk hunting. We loaded the quarters in my truck at about noon and headed for town to hang it in a cooler, and I kept hearing all this stuff on the radio about a plane crash, but didn't have a clue what was happening. My hunting partner called his wife at work and she told us to go to the house and turn on the TV. The first thing we saw was the second plane slamming the north tower while the south tower burned. The only thing I could think to say to my buddy was "we're at war!"

After filling our elk tags and being on a terrific high, seeing that image made me feel like I'd been hit in the gut and all the wind left my sails!

From: Ziek Date: 11-Sep-11
Packing out an elk. Two other guys in camp had no clue 'til 3 days later when I went back in.

From: plisken Date: 11-Sep-11
I was starting my shift at the fire station, as I am today.

From: Jerry Leblanc Date: 11-Sep-11
I was home with a fellow firefighter friend of mine installing a new front door in my house. I remember the two of us watching the towers come down and knowing that many many firefighters along with workers at the trade center had died at that moment. It was a sick feeling knowing the pain their families would endure. I still think about the horror that would cause people to stand on a window ledge 110 stories up and then jump. No don't forget and show no mercy to those responsible.

From: INbowdude Date: 11-Sep-11
I had just gotten back from a caribou hunt in the NWT. That day, I was in my classroom when a fellow teacher told me to turn on the tv. I kept the set on the whole day talking to my Seniors in high school about what was going on. More than a few teachers wouldn't show the tragedy to their students but as the schools government teacher, it was the right and proper thing to do for our students.

From: NovemberMadman Date: 11-Sep-11
I was Caribou hunting in the Arctic Circle (Kotzebue, AK) area waiting for our plane to pick us up on 9/11. All planes were grounded, even the bush planes up there. Our pilot finally showed up 2.5 days later about the time we were pshyching ourselves up for the 45 mile hike out of that place. We thought our pilot had crashed and wasn't coming back. A sick sight once we made it back to civilization and a T.V.

From: oldgoat (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 11-Sep-11
In the Chiefs barracks at NAS Lemoore putting on my uniform getting ready for work. Next day was the first time I ever launched a combat air patrol loaded for bear with live missles from American Soil.

From: W8N4RUT Date: 11-Sep-11
I remember the Primos video from that year where Will finds out about the attack while elk hunting and just stops the video taping and says a prayer right on the spot. Impressive.

From: pfdhunter Date: 11-Sep-11
at home not working that day .remember 343.

From: Two Feathers Date: 11-Sep-11
Was elk hunting in the Rockies and didn't find out about it until two days after the event when I ran into a outfitter with a string of pack horses and he told me about it.

From: wyobullshooter Date: 12-Sep-11
I was in elk camp. We listened and watched in total disbelief. What made an impression on me the most was the next couple of nights in my treestand while all aircraft were grounded. The silence was unnerving. The images on T.V. were horrible, but the absence of the jets really got to me.

From: NEBucks Date: 12-Sep-11
I was at school getting ready to meet with fellow teachers before my first class of the day. I always watch the news in the morning before school, and programming was interrupted to show the first tower burning. I had the other teachers on my core team come into my room to watch. We all were stunned as the second plane slammed into the second tower. I remember a couple of my colleagues crying. All I could think is we need to find and kill the SOB's responsible for this.

I spent the rest of the day consoling students and trying to make sense out of such a senseless act of murder.

I still remember when the planes started flying again a few days later. I coach our High School Softball team. We were in the middle of the top of the first inning when we heard a jet flying high above the field. Even though we were in the middle of Nebraska, we all stopped what we were doing, looked up, and stared. It was dead silent.

From: Dunner Date: 12-Sep-11
Corner of 17th and Poly Dr. in billings, Mt. First thought was to go onto the work appt I had or to get my wife and 2yr old gathered up and home... where the weapons were.

God Bless out troops who keep these Clowns in check...

~ Dunner

From: Peyton in Fairbanks Date: 12-Sep-11
Was out moose hunting...driving in the truck down a logging road. I thought it was a joke on the radio, like war of the worlds or something...

From: Bowboy Date: 12-Sep-11
I was stationed at Osan AFB!

From: Ranger Date: 12-Sep-11
Getting ready to fly home from Montana.

From: snuffer Date: 12-Sep-11
Elk hunting in eastern Oregon. I had the whole 30 days to hunt, two guys picked me up on the road that day and asked if I had heard of the attacks. Several camps in the area pulled out right away. One of the guys in my camp was a federal cop and was called to report immediately. I had a radio and tuned in for the rest of the day.

From: Bear Track Date: 12-Sep-11
I was reading the morning paper when I heard a Cessna type plane had just hit one of the towers. Turned on CNN and watched in real time, the second tower get hit. I was frozen and dazed for most of the day, know that world had just changed for ever........

Later that day when all flights were taken out of the sky, 2 planes were still flying in Canada. One in BC and one of our float planes, flying with his radio off, between 2 of our outpost camps.

From: BowSniper Date: 12-Sep-11

BowSniper's Supporting Link

I was on a construction site attending our weekly Owner's proejct meeting. The Owner came in and said a plane had hit one of the twin towers. I asked what kind of plane and he said a big one, like a 747. And I said we were under attack. No way a big modern plane these days does something like that on accident!!

The next morning going to work there was a guy standing on a bridge at the first highway overpass, waving an american flag for all the rush hour traffic to see. It was that first guy going out on his own, standing proud and defiant... my favorite memory of the day-after.

It still pisses me off that these terrorists changed the New York skyline forever. I wish we put the same towers right back up and a foot taller as a big F-U.

I found some old video from the water looking at the towers at night, and statue of libery fireworks (1976 Bicentennial). Always want to remember that skyline. Will attach link here...

From: Packrat Date: 12-Sep-11
Bear hunting north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. I thought it was weird watching the contrails of the planes turn around and head in different directions. We didn't know what was going on until we got back from placing bait and then we packed up and went home.

From: Frosty Date: 12-Sep-11
I was on day 7 at basic training down in San Antonio. Most of it still feels surreal, they didn't let us watch any of the news reports or brief us on what was going on. Still don't understand why. 10 yrs later I am still proudly serving this great nation in the Air Force.

From: Deerman1 Date: 12-Sep-11
I was getting up to wish my wife a happy anniversary. What a fateful day. Still pi$$es me off that those cowards did that to innocent people. Glad we did what we did over there, but at the time wanted to turn that entire area into a sheet of glass

From: Rock Date: 13-Sep-11
We were sitting in a airport waiting for our flight back to Raddison Quebec after a very successful Caribou hunt. We were told what was happening and then allowed to see the TV, I told everyone I was with this was no accident and that it had to be a terrorist attack. 5 minutes after we were airborn they closed Canadian airspace to all flight but allowed us to continue on to Raddison where we have our van waiting. After a 15 hour drive to Montreal we spent 2 days in the Holiday Inn then decided to rent a car and drive back to Denver, took us 2 days to drive. As others have said it was real strange to not see or hear any planes in the air.

From: bghunter Date: 16-Sep-11
I worked 2nd shift the night before adn my alarm had just gone off and I listened to the report on the radio about the first plane.

Something did not sound right so I got up turned on tv and saw the second plane hit Immediately knew it was a terrorist attack.

That night while I got ready for work I remember grabbing extra ammo, and my third gun to throw in my duty bag.

It was very sad to listen to the radio reports of all those Police and Firefighters along with innocent civilians that died.

Work teh next couple days was pretty quiet as for calls for service. I think everyone understoood there were bigger problems in the world now.

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