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Matthews EZ7 Tuning Woes



Messages posted to thread:
sundowner 05-Oct-11
kentuckbowhnter 05-Oct-11
Pig Doc 05-Oct-11
tuckerman9 05-Oct-11
sundowner 05-Oct-11
Urbncwby 05-Oct-11
Buffalo1 05-Oct-11
Urbncwby 05-Oct-11
Cobie33 06-Oct-11
sundowner 06-Oct-11
Cobie33 06-Oct-11
sundowner 08-Oct-11
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From: sundowner Date: 05-Oct-11
Last week I acquired a new EZ7 from an archery proshop, brought it home and bolted on a new Axion sight and QAD rest. I centered everything up and shot a 29" Easton ACC-360 thru paper, and got a 1-1/4" tail-left tear. Nothing I did made it better, so I took it back to the proshop, (the owner is a friend) and he worked on it for four hours without success. He tried 3 different rests, corrected some cam-lean problems, and even reversed the top and bottom limbs. He said the arrow spine should be correct. Anybody got any ideas?

From: kentuckbowhnter Date: 05-Oct-11
When i had the same problem with my mathews outback i and the proshop spent hours on it like you did and found out i had a broken strand in the string. changed the string and all was perfect in terms of arrow flight.

From: Pig Doc Date: 05-Oct-11
If the owner is a friend I would ask him to send it back and get you a different one.

My eZ7 with Ripcord shot perfectly the day I brought it home and has since.

From: tuckerman9 Date: 05-Oct-11
I had a buddy that had the same problem, the shop ended up sending the bow back to Mathews. They changed out the cam and said it was something with the bearing. He got the bow back and tried to paper tune it at the shop and they still couldn't get it tuned, they called Mathews and they said " well that bow really don't like that rest that he was using". So they tried another rest, same problem, ended up the shop ate the bow and gave him another bow, same model, they put his original set up on the new bow, and wham, it tuned.

From: sundowner Date: 05-Oct-11
I left the bow with him today, and we agreed that he would change the string and cable.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that he shot the bow thru paper using a shooting machine. Same result.

He also agreed to send it back for a new one if all else fails. He said he has sold 30 of these bows in the last few months, and mine is the first with tuning problems. My luck!

From: Urbncwby (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 05-Oct-11
I have an eZ7 and love it. No problems at all. I'm shooting about 65lbs with a QAD pro series rest and Easton epic 400 arrows with 3 blazer vanes, and 100gr slick trick magnums.

From: Buffalo1 Date: 05-Oct-11
Think you got the 1 in a 1,000,000. My has performed perfectly- could not be happier. Had it since April.

From: Urbncwby (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 05-Oct-11
I have an eZ7 and love it. No problems at all. I'm shooting about 65lbs with a QAD pro series rest and Easton epic 400 arrows with 3 blazer vanes, and 100gr slick trick magnums.

From: Cobie33 Date: 06-Oct-11
I tuned one a few weeks ago that was similar. Had a tail left tear that was 1 1/4 of an inch. The idler wheel was leaning severely, adjusted that and it got it very close. Finished by moving the nock position on some of the arrows to ensure bullet holes.

From: sundowner Date: 06-Oct-11
Thanks Cobie33. We corrected the lean in the idler wheel by adding twists in the yoke. Nothing seems to help. We are going to try again today, and will let you guys know how it goes. Thanks to all.

From: Cobie33 Date: 06-Oct-11
For whatever reason, the GT XT arrows the guy was shooting, some gave a bullet hole after I twisted up the yoke while others still would show between an 1/8" and 1/4" tear. I turned the nocks on the 1/8" tears until the arrow made a perfect bullet hole, but the one with the 1/4" I couldn't get it to perfection. How that particular shaft was made was the problem. Best of luck.

I do understand you frustration though. I moved the rest, tried another rest too before adjusting the cam lean. It took, if I remember correctly 6 or 7 full twists on the left side of the yoke to get right. From my research I had found where it was taking people 1 to 2 twists, but that wasn't my case. From my research it seems to have happened quite frequently with the EZ7, still a great bow though!

From: sundowner Date: 08-Oct-11
Today we (the ProShop) finally got my EZ7 to shoot a bullet hole thru paper, but not with my ACC 3-60. We changed to a Gold Tip Pro Hunter 75/95, and it tuned perfectly from any range. Funny thing, because I have shot the ACC's for 10 years out of all kinds of bows, most of them set a 70 lb., 30 inches. My other bow is a Drenalin LD, and it shoots the ACC perfectly. Still puzzled, but tuned, at least. Only cost $120 !

Thanks for everyone's input.

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Subject: RE: Matthews EZ7 Tuning Woes

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