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hunt before, during, or after rain?
Whitetail Deer
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Green Country 25-Oct-11
guidermd 25-Oct-11
razorhunter 25-Oct-11
midwest 26-Oct-11
mdj 26-Oct-11
r-man 26-Oct-11
Jimbo 26-Oct-11
jostov7 26-Oct-11
smd39 26-Oct-11
grizzlyadam 26-Oct-11
travis@work 26-Oct-11
Bou'bound 26-Oct-11
edfau 26-Oct-11
diesel 26-Oct-11
travisj 26-Oct-11
Charlie Rehor 26-Oct-11
bowanna 26-Oct-11
KY EyeBow 26-Oct-11
StrutNut 26-Oct-11
Toby 26-Oct-11
buskill 26-Oct-11
bow shot 26-Oct-11
Bake 26-Oct-11
BowSniper 26-Oct-11
writer 26-Oct-11
Ole Coyote 26-Oct-11
Bowkill 26-Oct-11
Bill in MI 26-Oct-11
If you could pick only one, would you prefer to hunt before, during, or after rain?

How does rain affect the deer movement?

From: guidermd

From: razorhunter
after,because the bloodtrail won't get washed away....but I LOVE hunting in a good steady drizzle

From: midwest
After heavy rain.

From: mdj
Definitely after. I've lost several bloodtrails and deer to rain, and I'd prefer not to do it again.

From: r-man
after, I can sneak to stand .2nd choice is during.

From: Jimbo
Definitely after it rains... immediately after, if possible. Deer tend to be more active, and as was previously stated, bucks will be freshening scrapes.

From: jostov7
I like before and after. No problem with bloodtrail before with a well placed broadhead, since they usually only run about 40-50 yards. But I do see increased movement both before and after. The harder and longer the rain, the better it is after.

From: smd39
It sucks when you sitting in your stand while it's raining, but I have to admit, I've shot two of my best three bucks while it was raining. Not pouring, but just a light steady rain.

From: grizzlyadam
As soon as the rain stops the first thing bucks will do is freshen up their scrapes. If you get there before them it is a good option. Before the rain starts deer will try to fill their bellies as much as they can, so any oak stands or fields would be a good bet.

From: travis@work
i`ve had mixed results...just depends on what time of the season we are in..

From: Bou'bound
After heavy rain.

From: edfau
before and after

From: diesel
Always been told the 2 best times to fish are when its raining and when its not raining.

From: travisj
Before and after.. first choice is after thou.. barometric pressures are rising an falling at these times an pushes the deer to move..

Rain and especially snow "after"!

From: bowanna
Always just before any approaching storm front. The deer move early and are easier to fool.

From: KY EyeBow
Any time you have a chance to go................. Most of do not have the luxury of picking when we get to go. One thing is for sure, you can't kill one sitting at home!

From: StrutNut
As a weekend warrior I go when I can. I have seen much more deer activity during a light rain. It gets too heavy and the deer dont move. Immediately after a havy rain can be really good as well.

From: Toby

From: buskill
Day before and day after a really heavy rain. Love to hunt during a light drizzle.

From: bow shot
"Any time you have a chance to go.."


From: Bake
I agree, any time I can go, I will. I've sat through downpours and lightning before

But, a cold drizzling november rain makes me more excited than anything.


From: BowSniper
Immediately after a rain is best IMHO. Even if it means getting into the tree during the heavy part of the rain, its fantastic to be ready to go as soon as the rain stops.

From: writer
Best-ever hunt was just after a nice rain that ended a long drought. Saw more bucks in 20 minutes than I had all season.

Ditto on wet leaves, too.

From: Ole Coyote
Heavy downpour with wind no thanks anything else is fine with me!

Stay well !!!

From: Bowkill
All of the above. Who cares as long as your hunting. You never know when Mr. Big is coming to pay you a visit so hunt every chance you get. Kinda like playing the lottery, the more you play the more of a chance you got.

From: Bill in MI
Sitting and ready as it's ending an hour before sunset. Preferably behind a cold front resulting in a steady 10 MPH north west wind somewhere around Nov 6th. I have just the stand....

Bill in MI

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