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broadhead for coyote
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From: Trey Brake
i was wanting try try to shoot a coyote after deer season with by bow. i dont want to use my good 30$ a pack broadheads on them. have any of you guys used any of the chepos with good luck?? i seen some at sportsmans guide for 12.99 for a six pack, i didnt know if you have used them. thanks

From: r-man
no to sportsmansguide i bought that crap, they didnt even fit to gether correctly, you are better off getting some cheap ones from walmart. 3for 9$

From: Buffalo1
Why do you desire to use cheap equipment?

From: Trey Brake
i am in school and it is all i can afford

I have some Grim Reapers that I have been looking for a good home for. I dont shoot them anymore because I had to try too hard to like them. Had a couple get away that I felt like I hit good (guess I didn't). At any rate, you can have them if you want them. Love to see the young dudes bowhunting. Even better isto see the effort to kill those #$%*&())@ coyotes.

From: jostov7
In your situation, you'd be well served to buy some walmart type expandables, like those made by Allen or Gametracker. They're pretty cheap, but sturdy enough for coyotes.

From: Bogey

Bogey's embedded Photo
Bogey's embedded Photo
I used my rage on one. It dropped, bit for the arrow and died on the spot.

I pulled the arrow out, washed it up at camp, checked it out (still razor sharp). I just stuck it back in my quiver. Shot a fox the next day with it (won't shoot another fox - didn't realize how small they are).

I'm not saying it's for everyone but the expensive broadheads are better quality (sometimes ~ depending on the head) and you don't always have time to switch arrows anyway (I didn't - I have a 'grouse head' from an older expandable I used to use).

Why would you use a cheap broadhead... on anything that's alive? A coyote is still an animal that deserves respect. Try the Muzzy 100's. Less expensive but still a proven head. Ed F

From: Bushbow

Bushbow's embedded Photo
Bushbow's embedded Photo
Get some COC reshapenable heads like Zwickey or Wensel Woodsmans. that way you can use and re-use them over and over. Don't go cheap on the business end of your arrows IMO it is asking for trouble.

Good luck on the song dogs - I used to hunt them a lot and they are some savy characters for sure. I just cannot shoot one anymore because they look to much like my dog and I love that fella.

From: Ermine
Like others mentioned you shouldnt use lesser quality gear just because it is a coyote. Treat all animals with respect. I dont use lesser quality broadheads on deer because I like to hunt elk better.

With that said I hunt coyotes with the same setup I use for all my other big game hunts. I use a fixed blade. Get your self some VPA three blade heads or Magnus heads (lifetime warranty). AS long as you dont loose the arrow you will have the broadhead for many more hunts to come. I use a fixed blade head, but an large expandable could be key for coyotes for marginal shots.

From: Gus
serously, how many arrows are you going to fling in a year of hunting coyotes? one set costs $10/each while the other costs $4/each. $6 savings per shot? most likely it costs more to fill up the truck to drive to the coyote hunting spot than you would save on broadheads. i think anything alive, including coyotes, deserve more respect than that. wow!

From: DonSchultz
IMO go ahead and buy some cheap stuff on ebay. They are sharp enough out of the pkg. Key is getting em on straight.

From: Glunt@work
Cheap doesn't mean poor quality. Simple, tough inexpensive 2 blade heads like ACE, Zwickey, Magnus, etc are suited for taking any animal on the planet and take a lot of abuse. To his credit, Trey asked about opinions before he decides what to use. I can think of very few heads that I wouldn't feel ok with shooting a coyote. They are thin skinned and only a few inches wide.

They are also tough to hit and easy to pass through, so I would choose a head that will survive impacting the ground. In the end, strong heads end up less expensive.

From: keepemsharp
Trey: will send ya a package tomorrow, good luck on the yotes. If the arrow stays in they will do a terrific job of destroying the arrow.

From: Ironbow
I shot 3 of them last Thursday morning. Tried for a 4th but it didn't stick around. I used Slick Trick Mags, because that is what was on the string for deer.

Whatever you decide to use, please, please, make sure it is RAZOR SHARP. Not just sharp, but razor sharp. Song dogs deserve to die quickly too.

From: TD
"Cost effective" is the term I prefer.... "value" is another....

You won't find a more quality value and cost effective broadhead than the ol Muzzy 4 blade. Personally, many a pig, sheep, goat and feral cat have fallen to those heads over the years. An elk and 3 species of deer too.

Their quality is right up there and comparable with any top blade at roughly half the price of the "premium" heads. Nearly always have a muzzy 130 4 blade in the quiver.

And if you're a real cheapskate like me, you can resharpen the blades fairly easy too..... if you didn't hit a rock or something and bend the ferrule....

From: fisherick
I like using the explosive tip broadheads, In case I miss the shrapnel will take them out. Just kidding<:)

From: bill brown
Thunderheads are awesome broadheads and you can get 6 for the price of 3 of many top line brands.

From: StrutNut
The least expensive head that I have used is the VPA 100gr non vented head. Betwen my son and I we have shot one particular head over 100 times at targets, 2 turkeys and a deer. I just resharpened it and it is back in the quiver. I plan on using the same broadhead for the rest of the season as I still have 2 antlerless permits left.

From: Bowfreak
Sorry...but I have no issue with anyone using cheap broadheads on coyotes. Why not just get a Magnus and if/when you break it send it in and get a new one? Problem solved. Great head that lasts forever unless you lose it.

From: ElkBowhunter

ElkBowhunter's embedded Photo
ElkBowhunter's embedded Photo
no brainer VPA-150grain Solid Forged Razor Sharp Steel

From: Bernie P.
Try some Magnus heads and you'll be done with those high priced heads all together.

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