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Best Climbing Tree Stand
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From: little red
What climbing stand is the best deal for the money? Looking at the summit Viper right now. Thanks for your input.

I love my SV.

Look up "Climber" or "Rookie" and see the threads that I started and another person started. Here are the three that are overwhelingly used:

1 - Lone Wolf Sit and Climb (get the wide seat or Hazmore seat)

2 - Summit Viper 3 - Treewalker

I just bought a treewalker off one good bowsiter and and a lone wolf off another. I used the Lone wolf for the very first time (and first time ever using a climber) this season and I liked it other than the seat was a little too narrow when wearing winter type camo. That is why I am going to try the Hazmore seat. I would recommend this site for ease of use, especially being a first timer for using climbing treestands.

Other stands mentioned were x-stands and ol' man. the x-stand is really really light and very interesting.

From: snapcrackpop
the cheapest Summit you can find!

I LOVE my OpenShot, but some cannot use a "hand" climber. If you can, it's much better than the sit and climb "viper" for weight, set up and climbing. But if you're sitting all day I would take the Viper, it's a Lazyboy in the sky.

From: Brown E
I have an Ameristep Non-typtical which I bought fairly inexpensive and still works good. Not sure if they are still around.

For packability and quietness the Lone Wolf hand climber. For comfort..any summit is good.

All day sits in the lone wolf can get you a sore behind.

From: Trey Brake
summit vipper sd realy like mine

From: r-man

From: mrlocon
I love my treewalker

From: 2treestands
summit viper.

From: snapcrackpop
Just a heads-up, on my new Summit I had to sand/grind the paint off of the teeth, otherwise some trees were really squeeky! Sanded off the paint and good to go.

From: Deerslayer
I don't have a Summit myself, but I used a friend's last weekend. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it was the Viper. It was nice a light weight, and it was very comfortable. I also noticed that the teeth dig into the tree nicely.

Love my Summit

From: MT in MO
I have a Summit Bush Master I think is what it is called. I used to have a API Bow Hunter, but some nitwit stole it. Of the two, I really liked the API for packing in and size of platform, but the Summit has a more comfortable seat and little bit larger platform. It does weigh a bit more.

Of the two, the Summit probably grabs the tree better than the API did and I like the cables on the Summit better than the chains on the API.

Personally, I like the open front climbers for bow hunting. They may be harder to use since you use your arms/shoulders to climb instead of doing the sit and climb thing, but I think they are easier to shoot a bow out of, particulary if you are caught sitting down and have to make the shot without standing up.

One I would avoid is the Summit Open Shot. Looks good, but the seat even though padded, is pretty uncomfortable. It sits on top of a hard frame with no suspension.

open shot summit

From: MT in MO
Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about with regard to the Summit Open Shot...8)

From: little red
Looks like everyone agrees on a summit. Now to get Santa to bring it.

From: Saxton
I am still partial to the Loggy Buyou climber (original). Comfortable seat, big platform, packs flat, easy set up........I have yet to find a stand that I like more than it.

From: SwoffardElk
I have a treelounge and love it.....although it's sometimes too comfortable and I end up napping!

From: Bowbender
I am still partial to the Loggy Buyou climber (original). Comfortable seat, big platform, packs flat, easy set up........I have yet to find a stand that I like more than it.


I never had a problem with noise or slippage. When the over center buckle is locked, rock solid. Yeah, it may be old school, but this middle aged bowhunter has been around long enough to know that new and improved is just new and improved marketing.

From: guidermd
openshot by summit

From: jfish
Can't go wrong with one of the packable summits

I have a Lonewolf hand climber i used once and hate it so I went back to my Ole Man Multi-vision because it packs up flat against my back and once up the tree you can slide the mesh seat forward and stretch out in it if you have the gun bar turned down as a foot rest your in the same position like its a recliner, I've sat in this stand for 11hrs with no aches. never used a summit but my buddys have them and they look clunky to me and stick out too far behind you..

because I like the mesh seats I'd 2nd the gorilla (ole man copy) climber.. also I like these types because I like to pad the top rails with 1/2" wall armorflex and then lay my bows across those padded top rails,, I guess I sacrifice weight for comfort but I'm urban hunting so its maybe 100 to 500yds each way.

From: Brotsky
I have an old Baker that I really like. Free safety harness included. :-)

Summit Viper gets my vote.

From: grizzlyadam
Another vote for summit.

From: XMan
I would go buy a used Lone Wolf Sit/Climb on classifieds.

From: KJC
I have a Summit Cobra. Most comfortable climbing stand I've ever used. Only climbing stand I've ever used.

From: Ridge Rock

From: JW

From: N.Phelps
I have a Summit Bushmaster. Other than a few limitations, it is a solid stand. The limitations include:

1. The shrink wrap on the cable splits and breaks frequently.

2. The dreaded "ping" before daylight when you pull the top and bottom apart to begin setting it up on the tree.

3. It is still bulky to carry in(though not heavy). Every time you crouch to get through brush, it will catch branches. I almost thought it would be easier to carry it in front of me, like a pizza.

That being said, it is still a Summit which means it is rock solid and extra comfortable. Good luck with whatever you pick.

Love my Bushmaster,Quiet,light and open in front.I sit long stands,very comfortable.Summit gets my business.

From: Candor
Treewalker is the most stable, secure stand I have ever used.

I have a Treewalker, Loggy Bayou, and a LWolf (not the sit and climb).

I like the Treewalker the best overall, the Loggy is best once set up but is loud climbing. The LWolf is light, easiest to carry and a good overall stand.

From: themac
Can't go wrong with the summit climbing tree stand in my opinion, very solid purchase for the price - https://catchthemeasy.com/best-climbing-tree-stand-reviews/

I hope the original poster on this thread hasn't been waiting almost 6 years for your input.

I don't put a whole lot of faith into the review you posted, they refer to the Big Dog IV as a climbing stand when it's actually a hang-on stand. And the Lone Wolf Sit and Climb should be mentioned somewhere....

From: loprofile
Original Baker

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