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Miranda Super Slam video?



Messages posted to thread:
Hawkeye 13-Feb-12
Bigpizzaman 13-Feb-12
Hawkeye 13-Feb-12
Charlie Rehor 13-Feb-12
njbuck 13-Feb-12
BULELK1 13-Feb-12
midwest 13-Feb-12
Bigpizzaman 13-Feb-12
PSUArcher 13-Feb-12
Seminole 13-Feb-12
Nick Muche 13-Feb-12
Mathews Man 13-Feb-12
trophyhill 13-Feb-12
Mike Castillo 13-Feb-12
BULELK1 13-Feb-12
Medicinemann 13-Feb-12
INDBowhunter2 13-Feb-12
Hawkeye 13-Feb-12
BTM 13-Feb-12
Clutch 13-Feb-12
midwest 13-Feb-12
Deacon Dave 13-Feb-12
Tom Miranda 14-Feb-12
Butts 14-Feb-12
loesshillsarcher 14-Feb-12
jerseyjohn 14-Feb-12
jerseyjohn 14-Feb-12
Husker Buck 14-Feb-12
Deacon Dave 14-Feb-12
Hawkeye 14-Feb-12
KJC 14-Feb-12
snapcrackpop 14-Feb-12
KJC 14-Feb-12
weaver 14-Feb-12
standswittaknife 14-Feb-12
snapcrackpop 14-Feb-12
JM 14-Feb-12
JM 14-Feb-12
Matt Rehor 14-Feb-12
Florida Mike 14-Feb-12
Crazy Horse 16-Feb-12
LWood 16-Feb-12
Tom Miranda 17-Feb-12
Husker Buck 17-Feb-12
tactical 17-Feb-12
hunter 17-Feb-12
Eric B. 17-Feb-12
snapcrackpop 18-Feb-12
trophyhill 18-Feb-12
ahunter55 18-Feb-12
Crazy Horse 18-Feb-12
BULELK1 18-Feb-12
Charlie Rehor 19-Feb-12
midwest 19-Feb-12
midwest 19-Feb-12
KJC 19-Feb-12
midwest 19-Feb-12
Tom Miranda 19-Feb-12
Medicinemann 19-Feb-12
jerseyjohn 21-Feb-12
njbuck 21-Feb-12
Nick Muche 21-Feb-12
JM 21-Feb-12
KJC 21-Feb-12
Nick Muche 21-Feb-12
BC 21-Feb-12
Nick Muche 21-Feb-12
bearhunter 21-Feb-12
Matt Palmquist 21-Feb-12
JLS 22-Feb-12
breves 22-Feb-12
midwest 22-Feb-12
Nick Muche 22-Feb-12
midwest 22-Feb-12
AZ~Rich 22-Feb-12
Nick Muche 22-Feb-12
bghunter 22-Feb-12
Nomad 22-Feb-12
Phydous 23-Feb-12
JLS 23-Feb-12
DaBiggin 23-Feb-12
Nomad@work 23-Feb-12
capt eddie 23-Feb-12
Medicinemann 23-Feb-12
Stan NJ 23-Feb-12
BULELK1 23-Feb-12
midwest 23-Feb-12
trophyhill 26-Feb-12
flip 26-Feb-12
habu john 26-Feb-12
bowhunter40 26-Feb-12
jerrynocam 27-Feb-12
bghunter 27-Feb-12
leo17 27-Feb-12
bghunter 27-Feb-12
bowhunter40 28-Feb-12
SDHNTR 28-Feb-12
habu john 28-Feb-12
Deacon Dave 29-Feb-12
habu john 01-Mar-12
passing... thru 01-Mar-12
Stan NJ 01-Mar-12
bghunter 03-Mar-12
breves 04-Mar-12
habu john 05-Mar-12
JLS 06-Mar-12
MM81 06-Mar-12
JLS 08-Mar-12
trophyhill 08-Mar-12
flip 08-Mar-12
Kiteman 10-Mar-12
Chris Durando 10-Mar-12
habu john 10-Mar-12
Hawkeye 10-Mar-12
Tom Miranda 10-Mar-12
JTreeman 10-Mar-12
habu john 11-Mar-12
Hawkeye 11-Mar-12
TXZiggy 11-Mar-12
mathewsshooter 11-Mar-12
passing... thru 12-Mar-12
Toby 13-Mar-12
loprofile 13-Mar-12
trophyhill 13-Mar-12
passing... thru 23-Mar-12
Medicinemann 23-Mar-12
OkieSmokie 23-Mar-12
passing... thru 23-Mar-12
KZ1 24-Mar-12
habu john 27-Mar-12
Etch 27-Mar-12
TXZiggy 28-Mar-12
Phydous 28-Mar-12
passing... thru 30-Mar-12
Frenchman 02-Apr-12
Shug 02-Apr-12
KZ1 03-Apr-12
Hawkeye 03-Apr-12
habu john 03-Apr-12
allegence70 03-Apr-12
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Hawkeye 04-Apr-12
TXZiggy 07-Apr-12
Medicinemann 07-Apr-12
habu john 07-Apr-12
Chris Durando 05-Jun-12
DLBurns 05-Jun-12

A Badger Tried to Climb my Ladder Stand!
by Bowhuntress
by Bishop Archery

71# Morrison ILF Max 1 limbs.
by pdk25

VPA Non-Vented Broadhead Flight
by Bishop Archery

Put Your Video Clip Here!

From: Hawkeye Date: 13-Feb-12
Has anybody received theirs yet?

From: Bigpizzaman Date: 13-Feb-12

From: Hawkeye Date: 13-Feb-12
Thanks for PM Tim. Thought they had said late January ship date but nothing yet :(

Looking forward to seeing it!

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 13-Feb-12
Pre-orders are in the mail right now! Can't wait!

From: njbuck Date: 13-Feb-12
Ordered mine today, I cant wait.

From: BULELK1 Date: 13-Feb-12
Toss that link up to order one will ya-----Please..

Good luck, Robb

From: midwest Date: 13-Feb-12

midwest's Supporting Link

From: Bigpizzaman Date: 13-Feb-12
I won't ruin the ending for you guys, but he kills ALOT of animals, errrr 29 I think! LOL

From: PSUArcher Date: 13-Feb-12
I just finished the first disc and I have to say that its my favorite hunting DVD that I have ever owned. Very well done!!

From: Seminole Date: 13-Feb-12
Tom is a man of high character. He is humble, hard working, and dedicated to getting our youth into the field. It's a great video!

From: Nick Muche Date: 13-Feb-12
I cannot wait to get mine!

From: Mathews Man Date: 13-Feb-12
I ordered mine back in early January, hopefully it arrives this week.

I am assuming that a lot of the hunts I have seen parts or segments of on his television show.

It is tough to get any kind of comprehensive information in one place on all the N. American Species stuff.

I have Super Slam, Chuck's book. Barebow as well by Dennis, so being able to watch all the species on video will be a real treat. I'm anxious to see some of the trophy room's as well- I've seen pictures of Tom H's but seeing this stuff definately fills ones head with dreams.

From: trophyhill Date: 13-Feb-12
i agree with Seminole. i used to watch him on ESPN back in the early days and loved his shows. very humble human being. the feat couldn't have been accomplished by a nicer guy. way to go Tom!

From: Mike Castillo Date: 13-Feb-12
Mine arrived friday, haven't had a chance to watch yet

From: BULELK1 Date: 13-Feb-12
Thanks for the link Nick!

That is not a bad price at all for a 3 disc set.

Good luck, Robb

From: Medicinemann Date: 13-Feb-12
Bought two copies (one as a gift) and was looking forward to watching a GREAT video on the long flight home.....until some scumbag stole my computer case (with one of the DVDs in it) as I was leaving the Hotel. I have filed reports, and I will GLADLY forfeit my right to prosecute the thief for five minutes of unfilmed "quality time" with the SOB.... Lost my computer, my Ipad, and 1,500 hunting related photos. Grrrr. Still hoping to recover some/most of the photos from back-ups and HD cards.

Back to the video.....I got home about 11PM, popped in a DVD to start watching the first one....and never went to bed until 0330 hours. THAT's how good it is......

From: INDBowhunter2 Date: 13-Feb-12
Awesome videos, I am part way thru the second one right now. I wish I had the time to sit down and watch the whole thing instead of an hour here and there. I got mine on Saturday.

From: Hawkeye Date: 13-Feb-12
Ah man Jake. So sorry. The one Ipad with the 29 on it? Tell me u have the pics somewhere else? So sorry buddy.

From: BTM Date: 13-Feb-12
That site sure makes it hard to order. I gave up.

From: Clutch (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 13-Feb-12
Pick up one at the Reno show n can't wait to see it-- met Tom at the show and had a chance to talk to him for a few minutes after the show---after his seminar was over, he took the time to show a few interested hunters his elephant hunt---Tom is a real genuine person n I thoroughly enjoyed his seminar---

From: midwest Date: 13-Feb-12
I didn't have any problems ordering.

Jake, that sucks big time.

From: Deacon Dave Date: 13-Feb-12
What is the difference between BluRay and DVD? BluRay is new to me.

From: Tom Miranda Date: 14-Feb-12
Hi Guys-

Thanks for all the kind words on the Adventure Bowhunter DVD. We finally have them in stock and have now shipped all orders..

Response has been fantastic- this DVD took me 13 years to make- and included are some mini biographies of Tom Hoffman, Jack Frost, Frank Noska, Dennis Campbell and myself. These guys also give commentary in many of the hunts to add perspective to the Super Slam of North American big game.

This DVD is one of a kind as it is the first DVD compilation to include all 29 SUPER SLAM bow hunts with arrow impacts. My SLAM has also been documented and archived by Grand Slam Club / OVIS - SUPER SLAM.

Some of the hunts you guys may recognize from my TV episodes- but in the DVD I added much more personal commentary and perspective as to each area and hunt. also showed misses and used much less insert edits to add more realism to the hunts- things that kind of get lost in some TV episodes due to time constraints.

The DVD also has a play all impacts feature that will show all 29 arrow hits in 7 minutes...

The BLU-RAY set is exactly like the DVD- except in HIGH DEFINITION. These sets are still 2 weeks out [sorry]- as BLU RAY requires a special license and are quite a bit more difficult to put together- I have seen the BLU=RAY check discs- and these are incredible in FULL HD. How-ever-The standard DVD's are also very high quality and less expensive.

Thanks to my Bowsite pals for interest in this very special DVD project.

Tom Miranda

From: Butts Date: 14-Feb-12
This is exactly why you are popular!!

From: loesshillsarcher Date: 14-Feb-12
Jake, Mark Turner, and I made the cut. We have about one second of fame. When they pan the crowd at a convention, we are visible. LOL. Sorry to hear about the theft Jake. That is horrible. Have watched the first DVD of three. It is great!!

From: jerseyjohn Date: 14-Feb-12
Is there a # to call? JJ

From: jerseyjohn Date: 14-Feb-12
Tom got back in touch with me asap. I asked a question and he answered it and provided me with service which is truly exceptional. What a person and He is the type of guy I enjoy doing business with. The word trusting should be added to a list when talking about Tom! Thx, Tom...........JJ

From: Husker Buck Date: 14-Feb-12
Just ordered a copy - can't wait.

From: Deacon Dave Date: 14-Feb-12

Thanks for the reply on the Blu Ray. I will go ahead and order a DVD. Congratulations on your Slam and the making of the DVD. Thanks for your efforts in sharing and taking us on your adventures. This will certainly be a classic. DD

From: Hawkeye Date: 14-Feb-12
Thanks Tom for the info and I think I ordered the Blue Ray version which would make my wait a bit longer, but will be worth it from what I am hearing.

Thanks again.

From: KJC Date: 14-Feb-12
Placed my order. Looking forward to checking it out.

From: snapcrackpop Date: 14-Feb-12
Ordered yesterday. Email today said my order was "refunded"?

Anyone else have problems?

From: KJC Date: 14-Feb-12
"Anyone else have problems?"

Nope, I got an email that said "shipped" within 15 minutes of me placing the order.

From: weaver Date: 14-Feb-12
Just a heads up, I don't think a blu-ray disc works in a standard dvd player. Anyone know for sure?

From: standswittaknife Date: 14-Feb-12
oh... thought you had good footage of Blake's wife:)

From: snapcrackpop Date: 14-Feb-12
Okay I sent them a email question and received a new one saying "Shipped".


From: JM Date: 14-Feb-12

That sucks!! I hope you get your chance.


You ruined it for me now, I am just hoping Frank doesn’t get to big of a head out of it : )


Looking forward to watching the whole DVD, the parts I have watched are fantastic.

John MacPeak

From: JM Date: 14-Feb-12

A standard DVD player cannot play a BlueRay disk, but BlueRay players can play Standard DVD format.


From: Matt Rehor (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 14-Feb-12
Tom- Thanks for all the great hunts you have brought to all of us. I have enjoyed you and your shows since I was young. I'm very excited to watch this new DVD. I also want to thank you for being here on Bowsite with all of us, I have the up most respect for you!

All the best,

Matt Rehor

From: Florida Mike Date: 14-Feb-12
Sorry Jake about your computer but let me get this straight; you get liquiored up on Crown and then some guy relieves you of your computer and iPad and a bunch of videos and a computer case? Dude you carry more junk around then my wife! Were you at all suspicious when you started walking away from the bar an both arms were not full? Lol, so when we go out next time I can buy you a few drinks and make a few thousand dollars on your crap you lose??? Lol, anyway, I had to rib ya. Mike

From: Crazy Horse (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 16-Feb-12
I'm watching it now. Awesome!!!! I'm the so called boss at work. I may roll in a little late tommorow!!!

From: LWood Date: 16-Feb-12
Got mine today. I just scanned thru the first and last discs, footage is great. I saw Ned, but didn't see Jake. Jake, I'll watch for you big guy when I am not in a hurry :). Sorry about your stuff.

Congrats, Tom, on your Super Slam, Grand Slam, and an awesome DVD.


From: Tom Miranda Date: 17-Feb-12

Thanks for all the kind words on the Adventure Bowhunter DVD.

I hope that it inspires some to pursue the Super 10.... and a few to go for the SLAM!

Thanks also to Jack Frost, Tom Hoffman, Dennis Campbell and Frank Noska for their contributions to help make the DVD a program of perspective on the SLAM... not just a hunting piece.

Sincerely, Tom Miranda

From: Husker Buck Date: 17-Feb-12
Ordered my Super Slam DVD on Tuesday, Received it today, with an additional 2 whitetail hunting DVDS. THANKS TOM!!

From: tactical Date: 17-Feb-12
Another great one from one of bowhuntings best. Great job TOM!!!

From: hunter Date: 17-Feb-12
I finished the Super Slam.......Video

WoW! what a study of endurance, perseverance and of

shot placement!

I never thought I would buy another hunting DVD,

sure glad I did. watched it twice already and

rewatched some areas numerous times, I think the

musk-ox encounter is my favorite.

even my lovely sat in on a few episodes, she said it helped her understand this bowhunting addiction I have, especially after she viewed the polar bear and desert sheep episodes. until now it has never realy sunk in, what I have been telling her, that bowhunting is up close and personal.

THANKS Tom for sharing apart of your life's dream.

Doug Angela

From: Eric B. Date: 17-Feb-12
Iv'e watched 2 of the three so far. Simply awesome ! Obviously this feat can't be done without a very big piggy bank. The dedication and drive to succeed are second to none. Tom , you da man!

From: snapcrackpop (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 18-Feb-12
Watched about 5 hours of it last night, had to go to bed at 5 am. Awesome stuff!

From: trophyhill Date: 18-Feb-12
just ordered the dvd's. cant wait to get them! realistically the superslam is a dream that will probably never be realized. it will be nice to live it vicariously thru Tom's hunts. great job Tom and thanks for sharing and giving us the opportunity to see the hunts unfold.

From: ahunter55 Date: 18-Feb-12
Congratulations to Miranda for achieving such a feat AND providing it on DVD for all to enjoy. Capturing film of these hunts had to be a feat in it's own that few can even imagine...

From: Crazy Horse Date: 18-Feb-12
Just finished it. It was great!

From: BULELK1 Date: 18-Feb-12
Dang you guys!!

Mine shows a Tuesday delivery (Monday being a Holiday)

I can't wait...

Good luck, Robb

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 19-Feb-12
I watched it start to finish yesterday (6 hours). Tom has an ability to NOT make it be about himself. He gives credit to all around him including his family, guides and camera men. He also brings in and highlights other Super Slam guys like Tom Hoffman, Jack Frost and Frank Noska throughout the show. These are the real deal bow hunters of our time! One trend you see in these guys is a drive and great respect for personal accomplishments and a willingness to share and help others.

This is a DVD every bow hunter should own and use to inspire what ever goals you have in life. "Take a trip of a lifetime EVERY YEAR"

GREAT JOB TOM, This could be the largest selling bow hunting DVD ever!!! Charlie

From: midwest Date: 19-Feb-12
Great vid so far.

That dall ram "corkscrew" of Tom Hoffman's is unreal!

What kind of bow was Tom M. shooting in the '98 Alberta bear hunt?

From: midwest Date: 19-Feb-12
Curious, but why no mention of Chuck Adams?

From: KJC Date: 19-Feb-12

KJC's Supporting Link

"What kind of bow was Tom M. shooting in the '98 Alberta bear hunt?"

The bow is a Reflex. All the hunt info can be found at the link.

From: midwest Date: 19-Feb-12
Hey, thanks, KJC, that's a cool link!

From: Tom Miranda Date: 19-Feb-12

Tom Miranda's Supporting Link

Thanks for all the kind words on the Adventure Bowhunter DVD. I am in Indianapolis at a Deer Show doing seminars.... and the response has been overwhelming. It's flattering to hear so many kind words on a project that one has worked so long and hard to accomplish.

Thanks so much to all of the Bowsite guys for your support...

As KJC's link shows- you can go to my website and see a map with all the animal locations.. and there is links to photos and information on all my 29 animals at the SUPER SLAM INFO tab available on the home page at

Tom Miranda

From: Medicinemann Date: 19-Feb-12

Actually, there is a reference to Chuck Adams.....if you look at the footage of Tom Hoffman's house, you'll see a photo of Jack Frost, Tom Hoffman, Gary Bogner, Chuck Adams, and Gary Bogner all holding onto the same arrow shaft....they were the first five bowhunters to complete the NA29.

From: jerseyjohn Date: 21-Feb-12
I recieved my video and watched it 2.5 times already. Outstanding! Best video I have watched. Watching a video like this makes me want to try for the NA 29, the desire is there but the funds may never be. I will try for the big ten first and take it from there. Excellent video Tom! Congrats on the Grand slam and the Super Slam! Well deserved! I see Frank Noska is wearing Kuiu in the video. JJ

From: njbuck Date: 21-Feb-12
I recieved mine over the weekend and watched it non stop, an amazing video to say the least. I thought the interviews from the other superslammers really added to the video. My girlfriend typically cant stand watching hunting shows, but she actually watched the entire video with me, she said it was more of a story and adventure than a hunting show.

From: Nick Muche Date: 21-Feb-12
I just got an email stating mine had been delivered! Looks like tonight will be booked!

From: JM Date: 21-Feb-12
I have a wall full hunting videos at home and I can only think of a couple of videos that even approach the quality of Tom’s Adventure Bowhunter DVD, Great Job!!

John MacPeak

From: KJC Date: 21-Feb-12
GREAT! Watched the whole thing over the last two nights. I think this set may just bump my "Alaska Hunting Adventure: 700 Miles Alone by Backpack and Raft" from my #1 favorite video spot!

From: Nick Muche (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 21-Feb-12
I'm 5 minutes into the first disc. Awesome!

From: BC Date: 21-Feb-12
Haven't seen the DVD yet but just finished the interview. Tom Miranda sounds like a good man.

From: Nick Muche (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 21-Feb-12
Anyone ever see anything like that pronghorn after he shot him. Wow! That was incredible to watch!

From: bearhunter Date: 21-Feb-12
Just read the interview and ordered this disk and 4 others. Looking forward to seeing it. Congrats Tom on the super slam. What an accomplishment

From: Matt Palmquist Date: 21-Feb-12
I received mine today and watched an hour on the first is great!!! I really like the commentary from the other super slammers along with the hunts.

It was the first hunting DVD I have bought in a long time and I am thinking it will definitely be worth it.


From: JLS Date: 22-Feb-12
Just ordered my set 5 minutes ago. Can't believe the UPS guy isn't here yet.

From: breves Date: 22-Feb-12
Just ordered mine!! Can't wait for it!

From: midwest Date: 22-Feb-12
Was watching the 2nd DVD last night. Loved the sheep hunting and mountain caribou in BC and NWT. Why did they glass through the Dall sheep kill so fast? They blacked out the shot then never showed the ram??? Did I miss something?

From: Nick Muche (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 22-Feb-12
They went through it quick because it was the Mtn Caribou hunt. The Dall hunt is on Disk 3.

From: midwest Date: 22-Feb-12
Thanks, Nick!

From: AZ~Rich Date: 22-Feb-12
One more CD is on its way to my home... A huge thanks to Tom for bringing Bowhunting into the realm of high acheivement and character. It is deserving of those who are as dedicated and honest as Tom.

From: Nick Muche Date: 22-Feb-12
I stayed up way past my bedtime last night. What an amazing video. I really enjoyed watching it and I am sure all of you did as well. Thanks Tom for putting together an all around great video.

I think my favorite hunt was the Musk Ox... He sucked that arrow up like nothing I have ever seen before, didn't even move. Amazing!

From: bghunter Date: 22-Feb-12
Just ordered mine. Now comes the waiting game for it to arrive.

From: Nomad Date: 22-Feb-12
Ordered mine last night.......can anyone tell me what's the usual wait time?

From: Phydous Date: 23-Feb-12
Did anyone order the Bluray? Is it worth the extra $? I'm going to order, just tryring to decide if I should get the Bluray or DVD...

From: JLS Date: 23-Feb-12

Consult your doctor after four hours...

Ooops, wrong subject. Mine shipped today, ordered yesterday.

From: DaBiggin Date: 23-Feb-12
just ordered mine,This should be a money maker for him...Like he needs any more money Ha Ha.

From: Nomad@work Date: 23-Feb-12
Just my doctor..........?

After 4 hours I'm tellin' EVERYBODY!

From: capt eddie Date: 23-Feb-12
Does he shoot traditional or compound?

From: Medicinemann Date: 23-Feb-12

From: Stan NJ Date: 23-Feb-12
Ordered mine yesterday....incredible feat Tom....Congratulations.

From: BULELK1 Date: 23-Feb-12
My only complaint is that I am at day 9 since ordering and it still shows it is in Florida.....FedEx...tracking.

Other than that---Bring It On! ha

Good luck, Robb

From: midwest Date: 23-Feb-12
This is the best hunting vid I've seen since "Bowhunting October Whitetails."

From: trophyhill Date: 26-Feb-12
got mine yesterday and watched the first dvd last nite. it's a must see and must have for your library. girl i've been dating who absolutely does not watch hunting on tv was actually in there shouting at the big screen "shoot him now shoot him now" lol. well done video and i can't wait to watch the rest of it today.

From: flip Date: 26-Feb-12
Just ordered it.Sure would like to meet the man someday!How many days avereage does it take to get guys?

From: habu john Date: 26-Feb-12
I did order the blue ray, I am a patient man though and don't mind waiting a few weeks. habu john

From: bowhunter40 Date: 26-Feb-12
Stayed up late last night watching all three DVDs. Vey well done! My hats off to Tom and his fellow Super Slammers on the DVDs.

From: jerrynocam Date: 27-Feb-12
I ordered mine last Wed. and recieved it Sat. I haven't got thru the first disc yet but it is excellent.

From: bghunter Date: 27-Feb-12
I am hoping to get mine today or tomorrow so I can spend my off days watching them, then listen to the wife say how I did not get anything around the house.

From: leo17 Date: 27-Feb-12
Wow. Great job. I love that he kept it real. He showed all the impacts wheter it was a great shot or a marginal one. I hope to complete this some day. Thanks for a great DVD.

From: bghunter Date: 27-Feb-12
Still waiting was hoping it would come today. Got e-mail it shipped I think Thursday so should be any day now. All these positive responses are killing me.

From: bowhunter40 Date: 28-Feb-12
I think this 3 DVD set is going to influence and change a lot of goals for bowhunters across the country. I wish these videos were made 20 years ago when I was a little younger.

I also ordered SoloCam Pro – How to video tape your own hunt for only $4.99. I have attempted to film some bowhunts in the pass. I wish I would have watched this video before I tried. It would have saved me a lot off lessons learned in the field.

Thanks Tom for sharing your knowledge!

From: SDHNTR Date: 28-Feb-12
You guys got me sold. Ordered my copy last night.

From: habu john Date: 28-Feb-12
Anyone know when the release date will be for the blue ray version? John

From: Deacon Dave Date: 29-Feb-12
I just finished watching my copy today. This will certainly be a classic. To me it ranks right along with the Wensel's "Primal Dreams". Tom's desert ram made me think of Abraham's ram.

From: habu john Date: 01-Mar-12
If you ordered the blue ray it will be going out on Friday. I was pleasantly surprised to get a PM from Tom letting me know the status of my order. Can't wait to see it, sounds very cool from what all of you have been saying about.

From: passing... thru Date: 01-Mar-12
Thanks HJ, was kinda of wondering about the blue ray. Been watching the mail every day...

From: Stan NJ Date: 01-Mar-12
got mine yesterday and watched disk #1....very well done and the interviews are really great......btw, this is the first video i've bought in a LONG time...glad i did.

From: bghunter Date: 03-Mar-12
Finally got the DVDs the other day. Got through disk one and it is great. I like the added commentary by other archers. I like the way Tom talks about things in his personal life to show the business is tough and you have to work hard at it.

The best comment I think was by Tom Hoffman so far telling young people to get a good education and a good job. Or something to that affect to pursue the super slam. I wish I would have had that advice when I was in High School I might have actually payed attention in class.

SO far the Roosevelt Elk was my favorite that ELK WAS JUST PLAIN HUGH. I hope to see more detailed video of the trophy rooms too.

From: breves Date: 04-Mar-12
Well done Tom!! Very impressive!! This is a must watch for everyone!!

Happy Hunting!!!!


From: habu john Date: 05-Mar-12
package arrived at my door step today and I thought for sure it was my Blue Ray but turned out to be my new Filson vest liner. Great vest by the way for those that like wool. Anxiously awaiting the dvd.

From: JLS Date: 06-Mar-12
Watched one of the disks last night while I was fletching arrows. Great video!

I love bowhunting! Oh man!

From: MM81 Date: 06-Mar-12
Got mine this weekend, probably the best hunting DVD Ive seen,loved it!

From: JLS Date: 08-Mar-12
Still working on it. Man, that Baja country is incredible! Holy cripes, four trips to Mexico? That's hard to fathom. The Miranda house is quite impressive also. My wife couldn't believe his trophy room, maybe now I won't take heat for a couple of heads in the house.

The interviews are great, and add a wonderful perspective to things when you start thinking that Tom just walks into the outdoors and an arrow finds its way into an animal. Now I don't feel like such a putz, knowing that other people can go for seven day straight without drawing their bow.

Is it September yet?

From: trophyhill Date: 08-Mar-12
i like the part where he said that if you truly want to kill a sheep with your bow, then leave your rifle at home. then he went on to explain that its about the adventure as much or more so than the actual kill. great stuff! and the one thing he says a few times after several kills, and i really don't know if he realizes he's saying it at the time is this "i just love bowhunting" that to me says it all.

From: flip Date: 08-Mar-12
Wow! I will admit. This is the first video that i watched and wanted the hunter to be succesful on every hunt.I think many of the "celeb" hunters should see this and take a lesson.You can tell this is passion and not just about the $s. Congrats Tom!I will rate this as The Best ive seen.Good Huntin!

From: Kiteman Date: 10-Mar-12
EXCELLENT! I'm only on the 2nd DVD, but the footage is spectacular, editing is great, just altogether VERY WELL DONE!

I got two copies, one to give to my son, and they also sent me Whitetail Country 4 and 6 for FREE! I thought it may have been a mistake, so I emailed, but it wasn't! WHAT A DEAL; very much appreciated.

I do have one question, though--how was the order in which to show the hunts determined? It seems to skip around quite a bit, not in chronological may make more sense by the time I'm done, but just wondering!


From: Chris Durando Date: 10-Mar-12
Anyone get their Blu Ray yet? I ordered it in December and still waiting, need something to stave off the cabin fever of this winter.

From: habu john Date: 10-Mar-12
Chris I too ordered the blue ray. Last week I had a very nice email from Tom and he said that there had been some issues with getting the blu ray copies completed. He was thinking that they would be ready for shipment by the end of last week. I am now anticipating the arrival of my blu ray dvd any day now. John

From: Hawkeye Date: 10-Mar-12
I waiting too but will be here soon and the Blue Ray version will be great. Will be watching with my 5 month old...he loves the hunting shows ;)

From: Tom Miranda Date: 10-Mar-12

I am so sorry for all the delays.. The entire project was delayed 60 days in authoring- and when the DVD's were shipped I was promised the BLU RAY sets in 2 weeks.

In order to get a BLU RAY, a producer must buy a license which I did- but the AACS replication key was delayed & delayed and delayed.. ......Anyway- the Blu Rays are now replicated and being packaged this week- I hope to have them soon.. and will ship immediately. Everyone's boxes are ready to go- only waiting on the units.. This entire issue has been totally out of my control and I am very sorry about the extended delay.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind statements and those who have purchased the DVD set. It has been very well received and as a TV producer, I am happy that most see this set for what it truly is... a tribute to bowhunting and those who dream to bow hunt the awesome 29 Big Game Animals of North America,

Sincerely, Tom Miranda

From: JTreeman Date: 10-Mar-12
Thanks for the update Tom. I have been waiting patiently for mine. Well, not so patiently, but I'm waiting. Can't wait, already have the guys primed to come over and watch some.

Thanks, Jim

From: habu john Date: 11-Mar-12
Tom that stuffs happens. It is great to see you update us on the delivery though, very thoughtful. John

From: Hawkeye Date: 11-Mar-12
No worries Tom and thanks for the update!

From: TXZiggy Date: 11-Mar-12
Thanks for the update on the Blu-Ray! I definitely understand that things like that can happen sometimes...looking forward to seeing all the hunts.

From: mathewsshooter Date: 11-Mar-12
Tom great video been watching during arrow fleching nights

From: passing... thru Date: 12-Mar-12
the greatest things in life come to those who wait... so any day now, looking forward to it

From: Toby Date: 13-Mar-12
I just finish the 3 cds and they are just fantastic

From: loprofile Date: 13-Mar-12
Outstanding video. I must say that I felt a little sorry for the muskox.

From: trophyhill Date: 13-Mar-12
huh? lol.

From: passing... thru Date: 23-Mar-12
Anyone watching their blue ray dvd yet? I have about given up.

From: Medicinemann Date: 23-Mar-12
Passing thru,

Based on the difficulties that Tom mentioned on 3/10, I wouldn't "give up"....just hang on a's worth the wait.

From: OkieSmokie Date: 23-Mar-12
Waiting on my blu ray as well. Maybe we should have applied for the DVD unit, I hear its an easier tag to draw. I have received two email responses from Miranda's company to the effect that they expect to receive blu rays "next week." They have been very helpful and professional in explaining the situation, and I intend to "patiently" wait for mine. That being said, frustrating indeed.

From: passing... thru Date: 23-Mar-12
well, I really had not given up and Tom did reply to my email as well with the same level of concern. I expect he is more frustrated the I am over this... hope they can get it sorted out soon.

From: KZ1 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 24-Mar-12
Still waiting on my BlueRay as well. Thinking of switching to the DVD, but for the long run the BR is going to be nice!

From: habu john Date: 27-Mar-12
Anybody get theirs yet?

From: Etch Date: 27-Mar-12
Awesome videos, I have a new respect for Tom. Beautiful trophy room too. I am currently on round 4 of the complete set. I'm 1/29, got a long way to go...

From: TXZiggy Date: 28-Mar-12
Hoping April brings better news about the Blu-Rays...really looking forward to watching the hunts!

From: Phydous Date: 28-Mar-12
I was going to buy the blu-ray, but then decided to go the DVD route.

Wow! What a great adventure! These videos are very well done, and engaging. I've watched all three DVDs through a couple of times already!

And, thank you Tom for the whitetail videos that were included!

From: passing... thru Date: 30-Mar-12
April showers brings May flowers... hope April brings me my Tom Miranda blu-ray dvd set also...

From: Frenchman Date: 02-Apr-12
Hey and think about your fellow Canadians - for some reason the video cannot be ordered from Canada...

Tom, I am a trapper too, please find a way to get me one!

--Serge the French Canadian Trapper

From: Shug Date: 02-Apr-12
I got to see it this past summer..I was Blacktail hunting in California and the kid that guided me guided Tom to his Tule....great work...congrats Tom.

From: KZ1 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 03-Apr-12
Just got a FedEx email from Tom that states my BlueRay is shipping! Can not wait!

From: Hawkeye Date: 03-Apr-12
Yep...mine shipped today :)

From: habu john Date: 03-Apr-12
Me too!

From: allegence70 Date: 03-Apr-12
I got the same FedEx email. Super Pumped!!

From: passing... thru Date: 04-Apr-12
On the way...

AMDeparted FedEx locationORLANDO, FLApr 4, 2012 12:40

be still my heart... haha

From: Hawkeye Date: 04-Apr-12
Got a PM from Tom and asked me to post that ALL blue rays have shipped Fed Ex smart post:)

Won't be long boys!

From: TXZiggy Date: 07-Apr-12
JUST GOT MY BLU-RAY DISC!!!!!!!....and a bonus Whitetail country dvd, which I didn't order so I'll have to check on that. Cant wait to watch it!

From: Medicinemann Date: 07-Apr-12

Don't plan on doing anything for the next five or six hours!! LOL!

From: habu john Date: 07-Apr-12
Should be here on Monday for me, can't wait.

From: Chris Durando Date: 05-Jun-12
Just finished the Blu-Rays. Simply awesome and worth the wait! Would have finished them a lot quicker but turkey season got in the way! Anyways, great videography, hunting, and editing. A "must-have" for all bowhunters. Definitely pick up a copy if you haven't already.

From: DLBurns Date: 05-Jun-12
Watched them all on the plane on my way to hunt black bears in new Brunswick last week...awesome!

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