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Mtn goat first timer, where and who?



Messages posted to thread:
SDHNTR 23-Feb-12
Busta'Ribs 23-Feb-12
flyingbrass 23-Feb-12
flyingbrass 23-Feb-12
jerseyjohn 23-Feb-12
Waterfowler 23-Feb-12
brettpsu 23-Feb-12
Bigpizzaman 23-Feb-12
SDHNTR 23-Feb-12
Bowboy 23-Feb-12
Chris Durando 23-Feb-12
Drelk 23-Feb-12
Toby 24-Feb-12
steff 26-Feb-12
bearhunter 26-Feb-12
city hunter 26-Feb-12
dalke 26-Feb-12
Hawkeye 26-Feb-12
SDHNTR(home) 26-Feb-12
Hawkeye 26-Feb-12
Toby 29-Feb-12
Hawkeye 29-Feb-12
elmer@laptop 01-Mar-12
HuntnBigGame 01-Mar-12
njbuck 01-Mar-12
HuntnBigGame 01-Mar-12
SDHNTR 02-Mar-12
Hawkeye 02-Mar-12
Toby 05-Mar-12
SDHNTR 05-Mar-12

Goat Footage
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G5 hunt
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Sept 2012 Archery Mountain Goat
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Season In The Scree Teaser
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From: SDHNTR Date: 23-Feb-12
I'm thinking of plunking down a deposit for a future mountain goat hunt. I've been watching and they aren't getting any cheaper. I've heard Bolen and Lewis and Babine pop up here a number of times, and I'd also feel comfortable booking with one of the BSC outfits (but there are several, so which one?). Who else should be considered? I'm interested in an early fall hunt. I will unlikely be able to do this hunt multiple times so I want a place with good numbers of goats and high success percentage with archery. Trophy quality is a distant secondary concern. If you had a good mountain goat hunt I'd like to hear about it. Thanks.

From: Busta'Ribs Date: 23-Feb-12

Huge goats and run by bowhunters.

From: flyingbrass Date: 23-Feb-12
go to british columbia

From: flyingbrass Date: 23-Feb-12
go to british columbia

From: jerseyjohn Date: 23-Feb-12
I am going with Babine in August. Give them a call. JJ

From: Waterfowler Date: 23-Feb-12
Bolen & Lewis. Been there twice shot goats both times, very organized and they have LOTS of goats.

From: brettpsu Date: 23-Feb-12
Babine, Bolen & Lewis, Muskeg, Lonesome Dove. Those 4 get alot of great reports. I'm going with Babine this August. The August hunt is much cheaper but your hunting shorter hair goats.

From: Bigpizzaman Date: 23-Feb-12
Golden Bear shot some MONSTERS last year!!

From: SDHNTR Date: 23-Feb-12
Thanks all. Again, I'm not a trophy hunter. I just savor the whole experience, big or small. I'm the type that generally prefers quantity over quality. I will usually blow a few opportunities before I capitalize anyway :-), so lots of opportunity is important to me.

Hair length is also a lesser concern. I'd rather go during a time, and to a location, where there is a lesser chance of weather blowing out hunting days.

Keep the suggestions coming.

From: Bowboy Date: 23-Feb-12
Bolen & Lewis BC or Lonesome Dove AK. I went with Bolen & Lewis this past fall and took a great billy. Shot it the first day.

I went the end of September and it rained every day. Early there pretty scattered later they start to congregate.

From: Chris Durando Date: 23-Feb-12

Chris Durando's Supporting Link

Lonesome Dove. As close to 100% as it gets with a bow.

From: Drelk Date: 23-Feb-12
Bolen Lewis. Tons of goats and great people

From: Toby Date: 24-Feb-12
I will be hunting on Sep with Dennis at Lonesome Dove Hope to have a great hunt

From: steff Date: 26-Feb-12
Several Bowsiters (myself included) have done well with Babine! You can check the earlier threads. They would be hard to beat!

From: bearhunter Date: 26-Feb-12
Will be trying sept 10th at tuchodi on a combo hunt. Hope to get elk, goat and moose. Jaspers feat will be tough to follow.

From: city hunter Date: 26-Feb-12
Forget the BC outfitters unless u want to fork over big money plus a trophy fee upon a kill ,, them BC prices are Way out there more like sheep prices !

If your not in a rush Kodiak Ak would be my choice plenty of goats! plus some more down to earth prices , You can do two AK hunts for the one BC hunt. Also Kodiak has some nice bowhunting terrain .

I havent drawn the tag myself , but as soon as i do im there . good luck

From: dalke Date: 26-Feb-12
take a look around the kootaneys in BC. lots of goats, last year wile sheep hunting we seen 102 goats in 3 days, 38 of them were in 1 basin alone.

From: Hawkeye Date: 26-Feb-12
Lonesome Dove!

From: SDHNTR(home) Date: 26-Feb-12
Is Lonesome Dove in a draw area of AK?

From: Hawkeye Date: 26-Feb-12
I don't believe so, Dennis has the tags, and success rates with his outfit are as good as anywhere. I think a bit cheaper than BC hunts and higher success rates per my notes when I did research and went in 2009.

Oregonarcher, Durando, Medicineman, mad trapper and myself have all hunted there since 2008 and all took a nice Billies I believe.

From: Toby Date: 29-Feb-12
That has the reason I decided to go with him Hawkeye and also the nice pictures that you guys sent to me 6 months to go!!!! My training plan is getting tougher!!

From: Hawkeye Date: 29-Feb-12
Keep it up buddy! Other great outfits out there but none better than Dennis and crew IMO.

From: elmer@laptop Date: 01-Mar-12
wow.....first time with a goat, and you're brave to talk about it in public!!! :0)

It's an adventure you'll never forget!

From: HuntnBigGame Date: 01-Mar-12
I researched a couple of years ago on Goat oufitters, Ended up doing a Dall hunt in the Brooks instead, worried that they were going to a draw. But my pick was Dennis at lonesome Dove. And when I can afford to return to Alaska I will not have do anymore looking.(Dennis Zadra) Good Luck!!

From: njbuck Date: 01-Mar-12
As a nonresident, if you draw a tag on Kodiak island, dont you still need to hire a guide? What does a guide on the island typically cost?

From: HuntnBigGame Date: 01-Mar-12
Yes a guide is needed for (goat,sheep,BBear) Price on Kodiak was around the $5500-6500 range I think.

From: SDHNTR Date: 02-Mar-12
Done deal. AK bound! Just got off the phone with Dennis and nailed down some dates. Thanks for the suggestions and thanks epecially to Jake and Eyad for spending some time on the phone with me. Man am I excited!

From: Hawkeye Date: 02-Mar-12
Your welcome buddy and you made the right call! You will have an UNBELIEVABLE adventure :)

From: Toby Date: 05-Mar-12
SDHNTR if you are going this year, just let me know, perhaps we have a chance to have a beer in Cordoba!!!! I will arrieving in Sep 13

From: SDHNTR Date: 05-Mar-12
No, not this year unfortunately. I am forced to wait a couple years and it is already torturing me!

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Subject: RE: Mtn goat first timer, where and who?

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