Fred Eichler Slapping a Black Bear!!
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From: BCB

BCB's Link
Check out Fred Eichler slapping this black bear in the butt!! Pretty Funny stuff.

I like his 'out-house'! Are those 'his and hers'?

From: neverdull
not the sharpest tool in the shed is he?

From: Bou'bound
if that was in Iowa he could be in trouble if he did not have a bear slapping tag.

From: StrutNut
Fred Eichler, the Brett Farve of the hunting world.

From: midwest

From: BCB
It did say in the very beginning of the video that he had no common sense! He just wanted to prove it I guess.

From: JTV
Was he in an epileptic fit afterwards, rolling on the ground kicking his heels up....just askin...Jeff

From: Florida Mike
You gotta love Fred. Mike

From: blg
Thats funny. :)

Thats a guy who enjoys life's opportunities.

From: Coldsteel
Fred's one of my favorite outdoor celebs... Funny!!!

From: TD
Love to see a guy that can take it out and roll around in it now and then.....

Be a liver of life..... not a gawwllll bladder....

Nice to see he got the place plumbed in...... now he can have folks over for company....

From: Mr Wapiti
Yea i have to say i would be all up for that. of course if it went wrong there are two toilets so you don't have to worry about soiling your pants!

From: gobbler
He was at our WV bowhunter banquet this past weekend and told this story. He is a great speaker and is as funny in person.

From: Gus
my 4yr old and 7yr old boys loved that one!

From: skipmaster1
I love Fred. Met him at the Muzzy shoot 2 years ago. I walked up to the board to check the standings as he walked up. He introduced himself and we BSed for over half an hour. He's just a down to earth guy and he is that funny and excitable. He even walked over to shake my hand and say good bye at the end of the day. He was hooting and hollering all day and kept saying he didn't know how we all could shoot so many arrows as his fingers were darn near falling off. The best part was seeing him playing with his kids whenever he wasn't shooting.

Great video too!

From: Mint
That is just to funny.

From: DL
I guess after that grizzly charge in alaska some years ago that black bear seemed like a pussycat.

From: Dennis Razza
Gotta love Fred! That is hilarious!

From: buglemaster
I have a feeling he would be alot like that old trapper in the movie Jeremiah Johnson with Robert Redford."Skin that one pilgrim & I'll bring ya another".A real practical joker that you would have to "monitor" full time. I'd love to share a hunt with that guy!

From: Forest bows
I have met him a few times,and it sure seems like he is drunker than a skunk in that video.

From: Owl
His back yard looks like mine at times, though he has me trumped on idle commode count.

Does swatting the business end of a bear with an arrow qualify as "counting coup?"

From: BowSniper
That is wild and crazy stuff, and you have to love Fred laughign hysterically as he runs off victorious!

I read that young Indian braves often did this to GRIZZLIES as a challenge...

From: Nick Muche
If that bear was any smaller he probably would have shot it...

From: Sage Buffalo
I know a guide who feeds BB by hand - he's CRAZY.

He's careful and has been around bears for a long time - still crazy!

From: JayG@work
That was a pretty good video. Funny stuff. Jay

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