World's best camo! (invisible)
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From: wild1

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Can you imagine the discussions we'll have when this becomes available for the general public! Mechanical broadheads and high fenced hunts will have to take a back seat.

From: Coyote 65
I will be the first to chime in. Would it be fair chase if the critter can't see you?


From: Ole Coyote
Sure hope they add scent free goodies, LMAO !!!!!

Stay well !!!!

From: txhunter58
I would sure like to see a video of the same set up where the person walks from one scene into another. Does the cloth change immediately, or require time? Very interesting.

From: Outdoordan
Yes, interesting for sure.

From: tadpole
I'll throw in a name for about Peeping Tom Camottire.

From: C.Beck
Amazing...... the story behind it is great too.

From: city hunter
Nice read Very talented person

From: noodle2000

When it comes out I am only hunting from the ground at that point!!!

Nice....but smell and movement may still help the game. adn theri 6th sense of a preadator in bow range!!

What if....there is a new High Tech footwear that allows one to float 3 " about the ground with no noise.. ?

that is what I want for mule deer buck stalks

From: MarkU
Just take your wife's full length mirror from her closet door and stand behind it, with it tilted down a little.

A reynolds wrap hat will foil their sixth sense.

I made some anti-gravity shoes, but the military told me not to show them to anyone, especially short people and basketball players.

MarkU, I am 5'10" and have a hard time dunking when I sit on Shaqs shoulders, size 10.5 wide, thanks!

From: StrutNut
They had that stuff years ago. Ever see the Predator movies?;)

From: snapcrackpop
That is what they call "a game changer"!!!

Anyone think this is just build-up for the first of next month?

From: keith
"A reynolds wrap hat will foil their sixth sense."

The darn deer won't stand still long enough for me to get the hat on him.

From: DL
Mercedes has a commercial out that they rig up to make invisable. They cover it in LEDs and a computer does the rest. it really fools the eyes.

From: DonSchultz
So I would guess a ground blind made using this tech is first. It would be amazing.

From: snapcrackpop

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Here is a link to a Q & A interview

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