Member's new hunting show "Pure Hunting"
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From: Nowork

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Fellow Bowsite Members,

I guess dreams do sometimes come true….

What kid, loving the outdoors, and growing up in the late sixties, didn’t wish they could be Kurt Cowdy on the “American Sportsman”. I was glued to the TV set and could not wait for the new episodes each week. Well, that long-time dream has become true…

As a long-time Bowsite member, I am attempting to jump into the world of outdoor TV. As a co-host of a new hunting TV show called “Pure Hunting” to premiere/air on the Sportsman Channel tomorrow night, Wednesday, March 28 at 8:00pm and 11:00pm EST. I welcome you to join myself, Willi Schmidt and Brad Billingsly on a journey that has taken two years in the making. It’s been a hard road but we finally have gotten over the first hurdle with many more to come.

You can join us on Facebook at and follow us through our first six episodes on the Sportsman Channel.

I hope everyone will enjoy the show and I welcome any and all comments.

And no, I can’t quit my day job….but, that would be another dream come true.


Chris Nowak, “Nowork”

Best of luck to you and your endeavors Nowork!

Sounds exciting, usually hard work pays off.

From: TD
Congrats and Good Luck in your new venture!

Few people know how much works goes into such things. The best ones make it look easy I guess.

Good to see a bowsite guy do well. I'll try and catch the show, but right now only get TOC..... =D

From: tracker
GOOD LUCK! Wednesday night is a good night to be on. Not much competition on network tv.

From: JTV
I'll watch it at least once...if it is good..... I'll continue......hopefully it is down to earth, quality with no stupid crap...Good luck.....Jeff

From: Outdoordan
Congrats! Can't wait to see it.

From: Sage Buffalo
Good luck!

It's VERY difficult to be successful on Sportsmans Channel. So enjoy the ride and don't let the business taint your love for the hunt.

Even if you are on for only a year - enjoy it!

From: elkmtngear

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Congrats, Chris! I hope it is a great success.

Let me know if you are interested in having us as a gear Sponsor for your Show.

Best of Luck, Jeff (Bowsite Sponsor)

What's your theme/differentiator! What kind of hunts will we see?

From: StrutNut
Looks like I will have to check it out!

From: Nowork

Nowork's Link

Thanks for all the kind words and support. We know we are treading in the public water now and know we may not please everyone but we have really tried to make it as real, true, and down to earth as possible.

The theme of the show is attempting to find the last, great, places to hunt that the average hunter can afford. Most of the hunts take place on public land, DIY, with tags purchased like we all do; either over the counter or limited lottery drawn tags. We use guides primarily where it is by regulations, otherwise we are on our own. The hunts include both archery and gun for black bear, elk, mule deer, and whitetails. We are looking to include moose, antelope, and pigs for next years show. The wild card would be if one of us draws a sheep or goat tag or some other limited lottery type tag. We do have a couple, hard luck non-kill shows, but hey, that is pure hunting.

We attempt to put you there right along side us during the hunt; try to minimize spine interviews, and let the hunt tell the story. We try to let the camera's roll all the time to catch all the funny stuff, hard luck stuff, and whatever unfolds during the hunt. And yes, we have some very funny things that have happened that I'm sure all of you will be able to identify with.

Attached is a link to a nice article about Pure Hunting in today’s Denver Post by Scott Willoughby.

Thanks again for the support and I hope you enjoy tonight’s debut!

Chris Nowak - Nowork

From: Sage Buffalo
Can't wait to watch!!!

Sportsmans Channel has a good business model where you have to get all the advertisers and fill the ad space othewise it comes out of your pocket.

Most don't know that and think having a show on TV is just filming and throwing it on air. It's MUCH MORE than that.

The financial risk is big and many end up with lots of debt after a year of good content but lack of ad dollars.

Thats not how many networks operate but this definitely takes the burden off of the channel and puts it back on the shows.

It's a tough road for many but some find a way to make it work. I wish the best for you!

From: Drelk
Chris. Loved the pow bear hunt. I wish you and your fellow co hosts the best of luck.

Someday we will have to do some more late season wy bull elk hunting

Thought I would throw out my .02 worth to the other bowsiters. I've hunted with Chris a little before, and he is the real deal. Hunts very hard and does it the right way. On top of that he is a great human being

From: Jack Harris
good luck pursuing your dream - will definitely set the DVR to "record". Hope you reviewed all the past posts on TV show "commentary" for the the likes and dislikes! Congratulations.

From: Yellowjacket
I caught the first episode. Nice show even if you did resort to the gun. ;-0 What was the deal with the fly in pizza? You call that roughing it? :)

Hope it's successful for you.

From: smarba
I thought show was worth watching again.

Looked like good footage, included a lot more than just the last bit pursuit and kill scene, which I enjoyed.

Best of luck with the season and I'll stay tuned.

From: Nowork
Thanks again for the kind comments and encouragement. Hope everyone likes this weeks show.

The pizza was unexpected. Ryan didn't bring me anything 4 years ago! Oh well, I guess people do special/nice things when a camera is involved. Ryan is a good guy, although I hope his future clients don't expect pizza on all his drop camps.

Chris Nowak - "Nowork"

From: houndy65
Great new show, its been real easy to watch and listen too.

Great job; Terry L. Zink

From: Bullshooter
Sounds great-DIY on public land or places the average hunter can afford! I will try to catch it.

Good luck!

From: Hollywood
I don't get the hunting channels, but good luck with your new show.

From: Crazy Horse
Good show Watching it now.

From: JTV
Watched it. Enjoyed the episodes....will watch again....looking for some free range bow deer and turkey.....Jeff

From: Bullshooter
I liked the show but the cheap sheep was still with an outfitter in the $5K range? Could not tell from their website what that hunt would cost. I realize that is very cheap for sheep but still out of my price range and I suspect many others. I guess I'll never be a sheep hunter!

Still liked the show and wish you luck.

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