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From: troymclellan
G'Day, I will be in Nevada with my wife this year at the Las Vegas Mining Convention in September 24-26th and am looking at the possibility of including a hunt. I am predominately a bow hunter but, also hunt with rifles. What if any hunts are available around that time and what sort of cost and arrangements would I need to make/ Is it difficult to bring my own equipment or better to hire/purchase locally? I have the opportunity to include a stopover that could mean I might be able to hunt in another region. I know you guys have a September bow Elk season in Nevada, are there any guides you could recomend? I know it's short notice but only decided on this trip in the last week so trying to make the most of it. Would be keen to catch up with anyone that is around there at the smae time to so drop me a line.

Thanks in advance for any help. Regards, Troy

From: Bowfreak
Hey Troy.....I am from the other end of the country. Not much going on that early out east. Just posting to keep this to the top for you so some of the western guys can chime in.

I don't know much about Nevada, but think tags might be hard to come by. I live in Kansas and there might be some opportunities here for archery or ML deer or archery antelope. I don't own/lease any land, but would be willing to point you in the right direction on some public access lands. Hope you can find something that works!!



From: 2 points
Look into Colorado fer an OTC elk tag. Beautiful country and you ought to be able to hit the rut at that time. There is nothing like hearing a bull screamin' his lungs out at close range.

From: Bigdan
All tags n Nevada is done by draw. There drawings are open right now. There Archery season starts in early aug and ends early sept. Its hard to draw any kind of tag there. Utah draw time is over.

From: sticksender
You could buy a landowner elk tag in Nevada if you were willing to spend the coin. But the archery season dates are Aug 25th - Sept 16th. Most (but not all) of their firearms elk hunts don't open until late October.

You need to decide what you want to hunt. Unfortunately you can rule out Nevada unless you have lots of money to buy a landowner tag. the deer and elk is by draw and without bonus points you won't draw. I am not sure on the residency requirements either as to needed to be guided.

Here are some ideas but it would help if you gave some parameters to your hunt: How much do you want to spend USD, what species, what method (archery, rifle), how successful-do you want to harvest an animal or the experience? trophy quality?

As with most things the amount of $$ spent will increase the chance of success and trophy quality.

I don't think you would have any problem flying with a bow. A rifle may cause more hassel and its easy to borrow one here and shoot. I couldn't imagine borrowing a bow though. there are a lot of guns here.

here are a couple ideas-

I think the best hunt in the US is an archery bull elk in the rut. You get to see the higher elk country and get the bull experience. At this point Colorado is you best bet with the season Aug 25-Sep 23. However OTC DIY success rates are very low- 15%. to be successful you would definately need a local or pay a guide. You could shoot a cow elk if you just the experience. A guide can cost from $1000 to $10,000 depending on location and trophy expectation and tag availability.

Whitetail deer the most hunted animal, but you would have to go to another region, and the best hunts are in Nov. archery season does start in mid sep-oct1 in various states. You will need private land to be successful at this point and stands set. some is done by High Fence and bait. I think you could find hunts for $1000-$4000. Not as scenic or the experience of elk, but can be excititing.

Mule Deer- like elk and maybe a better chance to harvest but a true trophy mule deer is hard to come by. there aren't many OTC mule deer tags anymore, would have to look north to Idaho, CA does have a lot of blacktail and you could get on a good ranch there, there are hunts, archery and rifle in that time frame too. You could buy a landowner voucher in CO for that time frame too. should cost from $1000- $4000.

Antelope- I think this is the best option! Often over looked and underappreciated. The archery hunts are in Aug-Sep and rifle are end of sep-Oct. High success rate hunt and affordable. western area hunts that you may be able to drive to. there are OTC archery tags in CO, WY may have leftovers. should find a good hunt for $1000-$2500.

also make sure you have a hunter education card.

From: Glunt@work
Good news is that there are usually pretty inexpensive air fares to and from Las Vegas to other parts of the country if you end up adding a flight.

A week in a mountain town in Colorado with a rental car might be a good option. The ski towns have plenty of nice lodging/cabins for rent, good shopping and restaurants, and you can easily stay in town and either drive 1/2 hour or 45 min to hunt elk on public land (National Forest Service & BLM) or have the wife drop you off and pick you up at dark or when you call.

I like that pronghorn idea ... definitely unique, affordable, etc.

From: Outdoordan
Just head north into Idaho. You can hunt elk and mule deer, and/or bear. I can give you some ideas of where to go.

From your post you must be a 'roo (Ausie)?

Dan 208-720-3698

From: sdkhunter
Depends on what your budget is and what your expectations are? Many good suggestions so far. My thoughts are if your looking for a fun hunt (high success rates) for not a ton of cash - antelope hunt would be my 1st choice. As others have mentioned, there are other OTC opps too such as deer or elk - just depends how much time you have to hunt and what your willing to live with far as success rates go (would guess your success % would be highest with antelope, then deer and lastly elk)

From: troymclellan
Thanks heaps for your replies and yeah I am a 'roo' ha ha. Certainly a lot to consider, feel like a kid in a candy store. Was planning on hiring a guide or using a guiding service as this is a once off opportunity and I want to make the most of it, plus I know you guys have some strict laws regarding hunting and I don't need any dramas.

From: midwest
Not many options if you're only going to be here for 3 days. Maybe look into some kind of small game or bird hunt.

From: AAA
I could get you on my elk hunting preserve in Utah, we can schedule the hunt around your schedule. Rifle or archery.

Message me if interested

From: bad karma
Wyoming leftover pronghorn.....there will be at least doe licenses available, at least for a few days when they come out. Lots of public land, great fun, and tasty meat.

From: Forest bows
I would lay over in Texas and do a hunt at a ranch.

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