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my kygystan ibex taxidermy all done



Messages posted to thread:
webfoot 06-Apr-12
webfoot 06-Apr-12
webfoot 06-Apr-12
'Ike' 06-Apr-12
webfoot 06-Apr-12
webfoot 06-Apr-12
Bowboy 06-Apr-12
BULELK1 07-Apr-12
INbowdude 07-Apr-12
city hunter 07-Apr-12
Hawkeye 07-Apr-12
Stekewood 07-Apr-12
Bill in MI 07-Apr-12
hunter 07-Apr-12
bghunter 07-Apr-12
BOWUNTR 07-Apr-12
deerslayer 07-Apr-12
gunslinger 08-Apr-12
Outdoordan 08-Apr-12
Outdoordan 08-Apr-12
MaBow 08-Apr-12
HockeyDad 08-Apr-12
DaleM 08-Apr-12
Zebrakiller 08-Apr-12
Dennis Razza 08-Apr-12
Bill in MI 08-Apr-12
Jaeger63 09-Apr-12
smd39 09-Apr-12
bohuntr 09-Apr-12
huntingbob 09-Apr-12
Adventurewriter 12-Apr-12
njbuck 12-Apr-12
Lee 12-Apr-12
Gene 14-Apr-12
TD 14-Apr-12
SD Bugler 19-Apr-12
Outdoorsdude 19-Apr-12
BOBSTER 19-Apr-12
Rubberfist 20-Apr-12
Hollywood 22-Apr-12
Mark Watkins 30-Apr-12
Adventurewriter 30-Apr-12
extreme predator 01-May-12
BoonROTO 02-May-12

Goat Footage
by Chasin Bugles

G5 hunt
by wifishkiller

Sept 2012 Archery Mountain Goat
by Goat Guide

Season In The Scree Teaser
by ATeamProStaff

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From: webfoot Date: 06-Apr-12
my ibex is home

From: webfoot Date: 06-Apr-12
my ibex is home

From: webfoot Date: 06-Apr-12

webfoot's embedded Photo

From: 'Ike' Date: 06-Apr-12
Very nice...

From: webfoot Date: 06-Apr-12

webfoot's embedded Photo

From: webfoot Date: 06-Apr-12

webfoot's embedded Photo

From: Bowboy Date: 06-Apr-12
That's a great looking mount! Congrats!

From: BULELK1 Date: 07-Apr-12
Very nice indeed!


Good luck, Robb

From: INbowdude Date: 07-Apr-12

From: city hunter Date: 07-Apr-12
congras !!!!

From: Hawkeye Date: 07-Apr-12
Very cool animal. Of all the animals other than the NA species, that is one I'd love to hunt one day above all others. Congrats.

From: Stekewood Date: 07-Apr-12
Great mount and a beautiful trophy. Who did you book the hunt with?

From: Bill in MI Date: 07-Apr-12
Man, I love the cut-away on the pedestal. Great mount!

From: hunter Date: 07-Apr-12
WoW! Super! You got within bow range of a Kygystan

Ibex! You the MAN!

From: bghunter Date: 07-Apr-12
That is a super mount.

From: BOWUNTR Date: 07-Apr-12
That is a beautiful animal... and mount. Ed F

From: deerslayer Date: 07-Apr-12
I would LOVE to hunt these one day! Beautiful animal man, and congrats!

From: gunslinger Date: 08-Apr-12
Oh man that is a great mount, i am off in november to hunt one and im super excited, that mount is one im going to be copying for sure,

From: Outdoordan Date: 08-Apr-12
Wow! Great job for both of you!

From: Outdoordan Date: 08-Apr-12
Wow! Great job for both of you!

From: MaBow Date: 08-Apr-12
Fantastic looking mount!

From: HockeyDad Date: 08-Apr-12
Awesome all around!

From: DaleM Date: 08-Apr-12
Great mount. Congratulations on taking him!

From: Zebrakiller Date: 08-Apr-12
That is awesome. MY dream hunt

From: Dennis Razza Date: 08-Apr-12
Nice! I really like base.

Bowsite sponsor

From: Bill in MI Date: 08-Apr-12
The base cut out reminds me of a rocky crag. Was that the intent?

From: Jaeger63 Date: 09-Apr-12
Webfoot, That is a beautiful Ibex! Congrats on a fine trophy. Is that species a Mid-Asian Ibex? Been doing a bit of research because I hope to hunt them someday as well. Would you mind sharing which outfitter you used? I've got the names of a couple different outfitters already but I'd like to have at least one more. What is his horn length? From my research it seems Kygystan is certainly the best place to go. Thanks for sharing the pics!

From: smd39 Date: 09-Apr-12
Beautiful animal and mount, congratulations!

From: bohuntr Date: 09-Apr-12
Absolutely beautiful mount!!!

From: huntingbob Date: 09-Apr-12
Nice animal and nice taxidermy work! Congratulations!

From: Adventurewriter Date: 12-Apr-12
Very cool... I get my Krygie Ibex back in a week... it is going to be a wall pedestahl...

From: njbuck Date: 12-Apr-12
Very nice mount, congrats.

From: Lee Date: 12-Apr-12
That is a really cool looking animal!



From: Gene Date: 14-Apr-12
Great animal - Super mount - Congrats!!!!!

From: TD Date: 14-Apr-12
I always though a kygystan was that model/actress who's on TV and magazines all the time.....

This one works though.... great animal, beautiful mount. Congrats!

Likely cheaper in the long run than that other one anyway...

From: SD Bugler Date: 19-Apr-12
Nice looking mount webfoot! Do you know what form your taxi used? My son shot an ibex in NM last fall and we are looking for a pose like that.

Congrats on super trophy!!

From: Outdoorsdude Date: 19-Apr-12
What a beautiful mount!

And after chasing them in NM for 12 days I have to say; WOW, CONGRATULATIONS!

From: BOBSTER Date: 19-Apr-12
Really nice ibex, and great mount to go with it. Bob

From: Rubberfist Date: 20-Apr-12
Webfoot: hands-down my favorite animal. An amazing speciment and your taxi did it justice.

From: Hollywood Date: 22-Apr-12
Nice Ibex!

How does it smell?

From: Mark Watkins Date: 30-Apr-12
Congrats! Very nice!

From: Adventurewriter Date: 30-Apr-12
Getting mine with a rifle almost killed me....either way hats off if you got this with a bow hats off and your my new hero. Is this a bow kill????

From: extreme predator Date: 01-May-12
beautifull...another reason why Wh deer are # 59 on my list

From: BoonROTO Date: 02-May-12
Very nice!

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Subject: RE: my kygystan ibex taxidermy all done

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