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Strip and Kaibab- points needed



Messages posted to thread:
Scoot 13-Apr-12
BOHNTR 13-Apr-12
SDHNTR 13-Apr-12
kentuckbowhnter 13-Apr-12
PREDATOR 13-Apr-12
Willieboat 13-Apr-12
BOHNTR 13-Apr-12
BULELK1 14-Apr-12
AZBUGLER 14-Apr-12
Willieboat 14-Apr-12
AAA 16-Apr-12
C Weeks 16-Apr-12
KHunter 07-May-12
KHunter 07-May-12
bb 07-May-12
BOHNTR 07-May-12
Bill in MI 07-May-12
AAA 07-May-12
bigbull 07-May-12
BULELK1 08-May-12
Buzzard 08-May-12
oilcan 10-May-12
BOHNTR 11-May-12
BULELK1 11-May-12
oilcan 11-May-12
SDHNTR 11-May-12
BigChino 24-Jun-12
Charlie Rehor 24-Jun-12
BigChino 24-Jun-12
BigChino 24-Jun-12
BigChino 24-Jun-12
David Alford 25-Jun-12
jaypee 07-Aug-12
bb 07-Aug-12
Outdoordan 07-Aug-12
gobbler 07-Aug-12
jaypee 07-Aug-12
Heat 07-Aug-12
bb 07-Aug-12
Outdoordan 07-Aug-12
jaypee 07-Aug-12
Outdoordan 07-Aug-12
bulldreamer 07-Aug-12
jaypee 07-Aug-12
Chubby Tuna 07-Aug-12
WDP 07-Aug-12
gobbler 08-Aug-12
gobbler 08-Aug-12
AZBUGLER 08-Aug-12
BULELK1 09-Aug-12

Huge CO muley
by TheSaint

South Dakota archery mule deer
by Dakota

South Dakota archery mule deer
by Dakota

South Dakota archery mule deer
by Dakota

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From: Scoot Date: 13-Apr-12
How many points does a non-res need to have a realistic chance to draw a Strip (13A and 13B) or a Kaibab (12A and 12B) tag for muleys?

From: BOHNTR Date: 13-Apr-12
You'll need max point for 13B and least 2 points for 12A.

From: SDHNTR Date: 13-Apr-12
A lot for the strip and a little for the Kaibab (used to be OTC). The Kaibab can be a good hunt, but nothing compared to the Strip.

From: kentuckbowhnter Date: 13-Apr-12
what are the max points? is it like 20 or something. i got 8 am i ever going to get to go.

From: PREDATOR Date: 13-Apr-12
In Az you always have a chance, but it's so small you have to as if it's worth it. There are soooo many thousands of guys with double digit points and such a small allotment of tags that I quit fantasizing. Kaibab archery is easy to draw - the late rilfe tag is the difficult tag to pull.

From: Willieboat Date: 13-Apr-12
So with 13 points are you even in the running for the strip archery tags ?

From: BOHNTR Date: 13-Apr-12
I know that 13B archery has only gone to max point holders the last three years since there are only 3 NR tags available. With the separate drawing for max point holders, they are gone before non max holders can have a chance.

From: BULELK1 Date: 14-Apr-12
I always do one of the 13's bow buck as 1st choice and then one of the 12's late date Nov. hunts 2nd choice.

Seems like every year I am 1 point or 2 shy of those that draw.

But with double digit pts and like everyone else the 1 loyalty pt., yah just never know if ya do not actually apply.

Good luck, Robb

From: AZBUGLER Date: 14-Apr-12
From what I can see it looks like 13 Points guaranteed a tag last year for both 13a and 13b archery. As some have mentioned 12 A is much easier to draw. I had the first year tag in 13a and it was great. I only wish I had more time to put into it. 12a has a much higher population of deer but also many more permits. Some will say the strips trophy quality is better and maybe it is. But... The three largest bucks I have ever seen were on the Kaibab. Still a great place to hunt. If I were sitting on 13 points, I would apply for the strip just do to the amount of time it takes to draw and the low hunter numbers. It's just a hunt you can't go on very often.

From: Willieboat Date: 14-Apr-12
Just gonna apply for another point this year, as i already have a Wyoming elk hunt. When i do draw a strip tag i want to be able to hunt the whole season. I look at it as a once in a lifetime deal since im a non resident.

From: AAA (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 16-Apr-12
It's a sad truth, but with the quality and track record of big bucks there, it's almost impossible to draw. With only 10% of tags going to nonresidents, it will take decades to shrink the quantity of growing point holders up and coming. You can thank the Internet and application helper magazines for that.

My clients that want to now start to put in for the strip, I talk them into just playing the powerball, cause with the current point creep and thousands of applicants, your only chance of drawing is calculated by future die-off of point holders.

From: C Weeks Date: 16-Apr-12
I hunted 13A two years ago with a rifle tag and from my research then only those with max points will draw archery or rifle as all the nonres tags get taken in the top 10% since there are more nonres with max points. As far as quality, I've hunted both (Kiabab with friend) and you couldn't even compare the two as the strip is muley heaven.

From: KHunter Date: 07-May-12
Max points and including the hunter ed point

I am one point behind amd will never draw the strip if tag allotments do not change along the way.

From: KHunter Date: 07-May-12
Max points and including the hunter ed point

I am one point behind amd will never draw the strip if tag allotments do not change along the way.

From: bb Date: 07-May-12
I have 13 many are max?

From: BOHNTR Date: 07-May-12
14 is max for deer.....which according to the new stats you MUST have max points (14) to draw BOTH 13A & B archery.

Max points are broken down as follows:

(12)-BP from draw (1)-Loyalty point (given only to those who have entered the deer draw for 5 consecutive years) (1)-Hunter safety permanent BP

From: Bill in MI Date: 07-May-12
Are there even any other units worthy of burning deer points in AZ? Serious question.

The OTC January hunts are a blast, but I'm kind of wondering why I'm even building deer points. What am I missing.


From: AAA (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 07-May-12
I could get you on a killer coues deer hunt with those points. Because drawing the strip is a fading dream to non residents.

From: bigbull Date: 07-May-12
"Are there even any other units worthy of burning deer points in AZ? Serious question."

Nope, just like there are no other elk units besides 9 and 10.....

Sure there are, but it takes some research to figure out which ones, and it would benefit to hire a guide for them.

From: BULELK1 Date: 08-May-12

BULELK1's Supporting Link

Plus they cut 13b in half for bow tags this year....

Any of the late date 12's would be worthy of 11-12 + points in the non-ressy pool.

I am just waiting for the Ut. and Nv. results or 'hits' to show and I will be doing my Az. deer and sheep appl.

Good luck, Robb

From: Buzzard Date: 08-May-12
Another thing you have to look at is the hunter education status of the pools when doing a guestimate of how long to clear out your pool and those above.. Seems more high point nonresidents jump one with the hunter ed class than draw or drop out every year... Another uncertainty factor to consider...

I really feel that the intent of the 20% to max points was 20%... That would be a 2% (instead of 10%) nonresident cap on the max points first pass... Leaving 80% of the possible nonresident tags to the regular draw. The intent of the AZ draw really isn't true preference... (BTW, I am a max points deer applier, so that would hurt my deer chances... I still see true preference like a Ponzi scheme for really tough to draw tags)

From: oilcan Date: 10-May-12
"Any of the late date 12's would be worthy of 11-12 + points in the non-ressy pool."

That will not be enough for 12A East or West late.If it was i would be there.

From: BOHNTR Date: 11-May-12
Since this is an ARCHERY site, I assumed the original poster was talking archery tags. If so, 11-12 points is way more than enough to draw a unit 12 archery tag. If we're talking rifle, I can't help there......

From: BULELK1 Date: 11-May-12
I didn't mean to confuse 'oilcan' as I did type late date 12' bad seemingly all those muzzy/rifle 12's have November dates.

Good luck, Robb

From: oilcan Date: 11-May-12
My mistake i assumed since he said late he was talking about the rifle hunts.

I realize this is an Archery site but there are people on here who hunt with other weapons it's all good.

From: SDHNTR Date: 11-May-12
I also wouldn't hesitate to draw a late 12 "rifle" hunt and hunt with a bow.

Or hunt desert units OTC and continue to wait, and wait...

From: BigChino Date: 24-Jun-12
Wow the Points discussion for the Strip! Ad the bottom line is you have to apply if you want a chance! Is it Worth the wait? YES!!! The problem is it takes 13 points to draw now but if you don't have any points it make take 25 points to draw. Who Know?? But I say keep applying you never know if luck will fall your way.

Example: I have a hunter that drew a ML Antelope tag in 19A he killed a 86 goat,He Drew Back to Back same unit but with a rifle this year. So I would rather just be plain lucky.

The OTC Hunts are the most over looked hunt in the southwest. There are some great bucks the tag is good for the calendar year so it can be used in January (Rut, August, September, December (Rut.

I will attache some pics of some OTC Bucks!

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 24-Jun-12
When do you apply for another deer point?

From: BigChino Date: 24-Jun-12

BigChino's Supporting Link

From: BigChino Date: 24-Jun-12

BigChino's Supporting Link

From: BigChino Date: 24-Jun-12

BigChino's Supporting Link

I Think this is the one that works?? Let me know Bill! THX

From: David Alford Date: 25-Jun-12
If we didn't have 800 yd. deer rifles and more opted for longbows/recurves there would be many more days afield... You either restrict technology or days afield/permits. It doesn't take a genius to understand it...and it's just not in regard to the Strip, it's every unit. We'd have hunting that would blow yer' mind.

From: jaypee Date: 07-Aug-12
I'm a non resident and I drew 12A and 12B on my first chance this year. I just did not know it til today and my early fall is all, booked up. On my tag is says valid for 8/24-9/13 can I come back in January and hunt these units? I feel horrible having to pass on this tag that I already drew...

From: bb Date: 07-Aug-12
No you can't. Also, you are prohibited from applying again for the next 10 years.

From: Outdoordan Date: 07-Aug-12
No each tag is for a calendar year, and secondly, there is not an open hunt in unit 12 in January.

You can buy another tag in Jan. and hunt many of the southern or central units that are open.

From: gobbler Date: 07-Aug-12
I don't think you are prohibited from drawing for 10 years. I drew a Kaibab rifle tag last fall and I applied again this fall but didn't draw.

From: jaypee Date: 07-Aug-12
Is it a good hunt? I know im asking a goofy question but if I try to arrange if I would need to do an outfitter and the 3 that were recommended to are all $4500. I need to make sure it is worth it. Just tell me what you would do in this situation.

From: Heat (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 07-Aug-12
Skip the outfitter go to the Kaibab and go hunting. You should have a blast!

From: bb Date: 07-Aug-12
At least 10 years, maybe more...In all seriousness, it is a very good hunt. you can do it without an outfitter but logistics for an out of state hunter are not great.

From: Outdoordan Date: 07-Aug-12
I am a diy guy (regardless of the money) so you are asking the wrong person here.

From: jaypee Date: 07-Aug-12
Thanks for all the input fellas! I would LOVE to say I'm a DIY guy and I have, and do, all my out west hunts on our own. I have never gotten an outfitter before. But, when I go out west it is always with other buddies. I'm color blind so hunting alone is not good. When I whitetail hunt back here in Wisconsin I can call up some buddies to come follow the blood trail. Not sure any of them will drive to Arizona from Wisconsin to help me find a deer...I will keep praying and see what GOD has in store for me. Thanks for everything guys. Good Luck this fall. I will be leaving for Wyoming Monday for Antelope!

From: Outdoordan Date: 07-Aug-12

Outdoordan's Supporting Link

Good luck, that would be an expensive hunt just to add a color to some eyeballs. The kaibab can be tough to figure out, so, maybe for you an outfitter would be a good option.

Bowsite Sponsor

From: bulldreamer Date: 07-Aug-12
I hunted it in 09. Try to go opening week if you can. It seemed that year it got progressively worse each day. Be prepared to spend some time in a stand. I had 40 hrs in the stand before I saw a buck. Ended up taking a 175 class in perfect velvet. Can be frustrating as well as very rewarding. Good luck.

From: jaypee Date: 07-Aug-12
Bull dreamer, did you hunt water

From: Chubby Tuna Date: 07-Aug-12
I applied this year with 16 points for rifle(14 +loyaly +hunter ed). Odds were 50% and i did not draw.This is the 3rd year in a row I,ve not drawn. Dad has the same and he didnt draw either. So even max points and its still not gauranteed.

From: WDP Date: 07-Aug-12
JAYPEE, do the Kaibab hunt plus note #17. Individuals with permits for these hunts are eligible to purchase Restricted Nonpermit tags for the corresponding javelina or buffalo population management seasons listed in Commission Order 26. What a deal.

From: gobbler Date: 08-Aug-12

gobbler's embedded Photo

Ok guys, I KNOW this is a rifle kill, but this buck was taken on the Kaibab early hunt. I drew the tag with 8 points as a nonresident.

From: gobbler Date: 08-Aug-12

gobbler's embedded Photo

The date is wrong on the picture but here is a picture of him last summer. I got him this past October.

From: AZBUGLER Date: 08-Aug-12
Ya, as you can see the Kaibab sucks! Congrats Gobbler. Take a look at B&C and see how many Kaibab bucks are in there. Last time hunted there, It was not what it used to be when I started hunting there in the late 80's. That being said there are still plenty of big deer up there and it is a great hunt.

From: BULELK1 Date: 09-Aug-12

BULELK1's Supporting Link


See my link above

Get the Grand Canyon West map and it will give you tons of info---before ya go down to hunt.

Good luck, Robb

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