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Are beavers legal to take with a bowfish
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ict_chef 15-May-12
Tyler 16-May-12
TradbowBob 16-May-12
bill brown 16-May-12
gobbler 16-May-12
Coolcop 16-May-12
TD 16-May-12
KS Flatlander 16-May-12
elmer@laptop 17-May-12
neverdull 17-May-12
Florida Mike 17-May-12
sbschindler 17-May-12
Katahdin 17-May-12
Florida Mike 17-May-12
TD 17-May-12
Les Welch 22-May-12
From: ict_chef
Are beavers legal to shoot with a bowfishing rig? do you have to have a hunting license, which i do, in Kansas. there are 4 in a pond i bowfish and was wondering what special tags or permits are required or if you can shoot them with a fishing arrow.

From: Tyler
up in manitoba we need a trappers license for furbearers, but i believe it is illegal to shoot beavers while swimming not sure what your regulations would be i have wanted to shoot one with a bowfishing set up too but they are tough critters and think things could turn pretty ugly.

From: TradbowBob
Ask the game warden.


From: bill brown
I did a quick online look at Kansas regs. It looks to me that the only legal way to take beaver is with trapping in the open season (winter). Dates probably vary a little year to year. There is likely a nuisance permit available. I think that the advise to ask the conservation officer is good.

From: gobbler
In WV, there is a set trapping season. Have to have trapping license. Cannot shoot them with anything. Since they are a fur bearer , I suspect most states are similar.

From: Coolcop
Your aloud to shot them in Michigan with a nuisance permit. Get it from the DNR.

From: TD
The modern beaver isn't much of a furbearer. And I think it's them that oughta have the trapping license sometimes.....

Either one could give you a serious beating too, if your tied to it....

Bill Brown is right on target and correct!

From: elmer@laptop
In Alaska you can only trap them. Shooting with a bow would land you in big trouble!

From: neverdull
as far as i know here in kansas the only legal method of take for beaver is trapping. during fur havester season and you have to have a trapping license.

From: Florida Mike
TD, hahahahahahahaha. I needed that buddy, I totally agree. Best post I've read in a week! Mike

From: sbschindler
if it were legal and you were going to shoot one while bowfishing DO NOT use your fish point, its not only unethical but it would be very dangerous to you. USE a sharp broadhead and try for a killing shot...

From: Katahdin
Beaver are nasty when down on their luck and could cause you some harm bringing them in a boat. While fish may flop around a beaver will attack.

I supose beavers can be nasty but they are prefectly safe when they are dead. Lots of people just shoot them around where I live. I have a neighbor that shoots them off his deck with a 7mm remington magnum. I can hear it when he's got them around his lake.

From: Florida Mike
Well I'll admit some beavers can be nasty but they all clean up about the same. I do think it helps to shoot them with a broad head but I've never tried a narrow head so who knows. As far as bringing one on the boat that might not be a good idea as some captains are superstitious and don't allow beavers on there boat, so check first before inviting any beavers on board. I'm still not convinced messing with beavers is a good idea but some guys just can't resist the temptation, kinda like pokin a hornets nest with a stick, you know your gonna get stung eventually but you still poke it an run anyway. So I guess if your gonna poke a beaver just be forewarned to use your biggest broad head, make sure you aim carefully and be careful bringing them on the boat! Mike

From: TD
Just like anything... you hit em in the right place and it's over in seconds...... heheheheh....

From: Les Welch
TD....I prove this to my wife....every few months..:) lol

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