Carbon Express Arrows
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Scoot 17-May-12
loopmtz 17-May-12
danevans 18-May-12
From: Scoot
These rests look really good to me. I can't wait to give one a ride. However, I've been waiting a while...

When are they going to be showing up in stores? I heard a rumor that they'd start shipping tomorrow (18th), but I believe that date was picked when an earlier date didn't happen. Is tomorrow the actual shipping date? Anyone have the inside scoop on this? Dan, you out there???

From: loopmtz
Looks good to me too. I will have to wait a while longer since the left handed models won't be released until a month after the right handed ones!

From: danevans
I know the first batch is coming back from laser engraving tomorrow. So I doubt the first ones will ship tomorrow, but the first few days of next week they should be going out the door..... the bad news is, even after this first batch goes out, we still have several thousand on back order. They will start shipping to the dealers that have had them on order the longest. Finished product should be steadily flowing from now on though.

Sorry for the delay! One of these years I will design a product that doesn't run into any production delays!

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