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Epic arrow replacement
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Bou'bound 02-Jun-12
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Bou'bound 02-Jun-12
Chuckster 02-Jun-12
sagitarius 02-Jun-12
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Ermine 03-Jun-12
Bou'bound 03-Jun-12
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Firehawk 04-Jun-12
From: Bou'bound
I love Easton epic carbon arrows but they do not make them anymore. What is a similar replacement. I lit the insert for those arrows and am not onterstwd in anything that uses the HIT insert process or any arrows that have metal on them

From: Coach
I used to shoot the Easton Epic as well. I recently bought some Easton Excel ST arrows. They seem similar as far a price, diameter, etc.

From: Bou'bound
That seems to be the alternative within the Easton line to be sure. thanks

From: Chuckster
I had the same dilema as you. Ended up going with Gold Tips. Been very happy with them. The difference in diameter was about .003 so no messing with the rest, loop etc.

From: sagitarius
I am in the same boat. I have been shooting epics for a while (not the n-fused). I am looking at trying the new black eagle carnivores. I have their magnums and have been happy enough with them to try their hunting line. They are a little lighter than epics but other than that, specs look good.

From: WylieCoyote
There are still plenty of St Epics 4sale....stock up now and don't worry about it for a few years!!


From: Ermine
I went to Easton Axis arrows

From: Bou'bound
my problem with Axis is thge joke of an ovber-engineered insert system they use.

From: Shaft2Long
They're still available, just got to find some online places or shops that have some left. Buy a few dozen and you're set.

If not that just go with the Beman ICS shafts. They are very hard to beat for the price.

From: mountainman
I found another dozen on ebay. Just be forewarned, I found several sites that had them listed in stock but when I ordered them none of them actually had them. I'd call anybody you try and order them from before you order to save you the time.I should have enough to last a few years now. I was pretty bummed they they discontinued them as well.

From: Firehawk

Firehawk's Link
I have been told by a very good source, that the "Easton Bloodlines" are the exact same shaft with the blood wrap. They are easily found here in Utah if that makes any difference for you. I have attached the link on that arrow from Easton's website.

If that doesn't work, the Beaman ICS shafts would be a very good and similar alternative.


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