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Anyone ever hunt Table Mtn unit, Nevada?
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Watts 02-Jun-12
nv goat 03-Jun-12
ruttinelk393 04-Jun-12
Gus 04-Jun-12
Bigdan 04-Jun-12
From: Watts
Well, I was the lucky nonresident who drew the Nevada Table Mtn. unit tag! Just curious if anyone has any information to share from meat processors, packers, local taxidermists, to honey-holes. ;^)

I'm planning on a DIY/solo bivy type hunt and will be there the whole season.

Feel free to pm me if you'd like. I have a ton of research to do and will welcome any information. Thank you,


From: nv goat
PM sent

From: ruttinelk393
Email me at rjshaw@skullhooker.com or call my office 541.887.8622. Thanks Rob

From: Gus
PM sent

From: Bigdan

Bigdan's embedded Photo
Bigdan's embedded Photo
If your talking 161-164 this is one I took there in 2005

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