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New Elknut Forum



Messages posted to thread:
swede 10-Jun-12
city hunter 10-Jun-12
Arrowslinger 10-Jun-12
swede 10-Jun-12
city hunter 10-Jun-12
ElkNut1 10-Jun-12
trkyslr 10-Jun-12
LONEBULL 10-Jun-12
Yates 10-Jun-12
swede 10-Jun-12
Wages 10-Jun-12
Bou'bound 10-Jun-12
Florida Mike 10-Jun-12
LckyTylr 10-Jun-12
midwest 10-Jun-12
ElkNut1 10-Jun-12
westaner 10-Jun-12
welka 10-Jun-12
ElkNut1 10-Jun-12
swede 10-Jun-12
elkfulr 11-Jun-12

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Destroying the Myth
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From: swede Date: 10-Jun-12
A couple weeks ago Paul Medal asked us if we were interested in seeing a new hunting forum. Well I have been checking and I see that it is up at After seeing the forum , I called and asked if it was ready. He said it will be running by 5:00PM Mtn. time today. We will also be able to access the site through later today when we go into his regular web page. It looks to be designed to be a serious forum to educate and promote hunting. It will answer questions and assist hunters in gaining greater expertise as hunters. Check it out if you are ready for a high quality hunting education and discussion.

From: city hunter Date: 10-Jun-12
are u on his payroll

From: Arrowslinger Date: 10-Jun-12
Think i'm good, prefer the guys here at Bowsite to get my questions answered.

From: swede Date: 10-Jun-12
Hey I could wish. I consider Paul a friend, but the only commercial link we have is that he the main distributor for tree stand hunting my books.

From: city hunter Date: 10-Jun-12
swede I was just pulling your chain. How long have been hunting elk from a tree . I need to read your book sounds intresting . louis

From: ElkNut1 Date: 10-Jun-12
There is no payroll! Heck, I'm barely on it myself! (grin) swede did call me & asked if I would be opposed to him writing this, I said no but it would be interesting to see how long it lasted? (grin)

It's funny how some think here?

There are some great guys here & that's why I'm here as well, I enjoy posts by Jaquomo, BB, Wyobullshooter, bigdan & many others, we may not always see eye to eye but who cares, it would be awfully boring if there were no discussions! (grin)

My biggest issue is too much off topic stuff, this has only been this way the last 2 years as I've been a part of this site for 10years now & know about everyone that's been here a while! It's the newer guys that concern me, they have no idea what they've missed!! At one time this in my opinion was the best of the best for elk knowledge & info, it is slipping down in that category & it's sad to see, but I guess that's life! There's nothing like bugling bulls!!! Thanks!


From: trkyslr Date: 10-Jun-12
I barely have enough time for bowsite, AT, and rokslide.... Im good.

From: LONEBULL Date: 10-Jun-12
I hope it works out!!! Can't get enough of talking about elk!!

From: Yates Date: 10-Jun-12
I'll check it out! Last year I got plenty of good information from Paul and I'm sure I'll get more this year. Since I'm no expert I figure there can't be too many sources.

From: swede Date: 10-Jun-12
City Hunter, I have been hunting elk from a tree stand for 20 years now.

I do not think that another forum should be considered competition any more than elk steak and spuds compete on a well prepared dinner. There is room for more points of reference. I do not intend to dis Bowsite, but it has been my observation that it often has become more of a social gathering place for people than a serious discussion on elk. I am hoping that if Elknut keeps a tight reign on things, his forum will be a better place for a dialog on the specific "how to" points of elk and elk hunting. All hunters especially newbies then can read ask questions and learn from some of the very best in the business.

Elk hunting is huge and an intelligent dialog on the subject will reflect that. I like a serious dialog even when we disagree. I started elk hunting in about 1962. I have not seen it all by any measure. My experiences do not match exactly with anyone else's. Having a serious disagreement with Elknut or Big Dan gives everyone, observer and participant alike, an opportunity to see different sides of a problem. Everyone can see that there is more than one way to skin an elk. I just want to see honest brokers engaged on the matter and not getting too side tracked.

From: Wages Date: 10-Jun-12
is the elknut forum the correct place to discuss rage BH's, baiting, high fence hunts, celebrity hunters, and how my way is right and everyone else is wrong? or is that still bowsite? ;)

From: Bou'bound (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 10-Jun-12
I agree. Elk hunting is too serious to be taken lightly. Good luck. And make sure people realize this pursuit is more than just a pass time

From: Florida Mike Date: 10-Jun-12
I have also noticed the change in attitudes around Bowsite. I'm always trying to figure things out but I'm not sure what has changed or why? I do know there are still some good guys around here. Anyway, goodluck Elknut. Mike

From: LckyTylr Date: 10-Jun-12
I'm one of the new guys, to bowsite and to Elk hunting (not bowhunting). i appreciate anyone that's willing to provide knowledge on elk hunting, so good luck Elknut, i'll be frequenting your new site.

From: midwest Date: 10-Jun-12
I guess I haven't noticed the problem. Maybe people are just a little more "thin skinned" these days.

Good luck, Elknut!

From: ElkNut1 Date: 10-Jun-12
Not thin skinned but thinning hair! Does that count? (grin)

Thanks Guys!

Florida Mike, thanks, you sound like a class act! You're welcome anytime!


From: westaner Date: 10-Jun-12
Let me just add the tips and tactics section is awsome ,just as good as ElkNuts Playbook, and I get an adrenaline rush when I read stuff like that!

From: welka Date: 10-Jun-12
I'll be on both. Very easy to skip the posts that seem off elk-topic and spend time on both. Very few hunters you can call and learn something from like you can with Paul every time you talk to him. I would bet the Elknut forum will be similar! See you on both!

From: ElkNut1 Date: 10-Jun-12
Joe I agree with this statement!!

"I think it's the people and the different levels of experience that makes it tick. There will be things that makes Paul's forum tick too. Bowsite will always be on my favorites. Just too many friends here too. My 2 cents."


From: swede Date: 10-Jun-12
"Lighten up"? I just expressed my understanding of what is happening. A social gathering is neither good or bad, but it just might be a good idea to look around on occasion and see who is with you and who has left. If you like what you see, don't change. BTW, I wrote of "Serious discussion". Even a rookie can be serious. Everyone likes to help rookies and other determined hunters, if they know enough to be of help.

From: elkfulr Date: 11-Jun-12
I'll be visiting both sites. And I'll say thanks in advance to Paul for the info I'll obtain on his. Often it's his insight I find most useful from this source anyway.

Funny thing though.... this thread has quickly went down the same road so many do here any more and it was SO not intended to.

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