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Discuss Jake's Slam Feature



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Pat Lefemine 21-Jun-12
Keith at home 21-Jun-12
Rick M 21-Jun-12
Medicinemann 21-Jun-12
Hawkeye 21-Jun-12
Hawkeye 21-Jun-12
Shiras 21-Jun-12
Nick Muche 21-Jun-12
OFFHNTN 21-Jun-12
Mad Trapper 21-Jun-12
Charlie Rehor 21-Jun-12
INbowdude 21-Jun-12
Matt 21-Jun-12
loesshillsarcher 21-Jun-12
Trophy8 21-Jun-12
W8N4RUT 21-Jun-12
Matt Palmquist 21-Jun-12
Medicinemann 21-Jun-12
BOWUNTR 21-Jun-12
Bigpizzaman 21-Jun-12
BC 21-Jun-12
loesshillsarcher 21-Jun-12
Bou'bound 21-Jun-12
JW 21-Jun-12
richie bland 21-Jun-12
hntnfool 21-Jun-12
BULELK1 21-Jun-12
T Mac 21-Jun-12
Hollywood 21-Jun-12
Florida Mike 21-Jun-12
SDHNTR 21-Jun-12
Medicinemann 21-Jun-12
LWood 21-Jun-12
Rock 21-Jun-12
Medicinemann 21-Jun-12
SDHNTR 21-Jun-12
Medicinemann 21-Jun-12
Bigdan 21-Jun-12
Rock 21-Jun-12
Matt Palmquist 21-Jun-12
Medicinemann 21-Jun-12
Jaeger63 21-Jun-12
Stan NJ 21-Jun-12
BowMad23 21-Jun-12
INDBowhunter2 21-Jun-12
Rock 21-Jun-12
Cornbread 21-Jun-12
Willieboat 21-Jun-12
Heat 21-Jun-12
loesshillsarcher 21-Jun-12
Charlie Rehor 21-Jun-12
Oregoncritter 21-Jun-12
Rock 21-Jun-12
Yttails 21-Jun-12
Chuck'M 21-Jun-12
Medicinemann 21-Jun-12
Medicinemann 21-Jun-12
Db1 21-Jun-12
BearDown 21-Jun-12
mathewsshooter 21-Jun-12
Wages 21-Jun-12
Wary Buck in the Den 21-Jun-12
midwest 21-Jun-12
Medicinemann 21-Jun-12
Turk 21-Jun-12
jdbbro 21-Jun-12
JLS 22-Jun-12
weekender21 22-Jun-12
Clutch 22-Jun-12
kota-man 22-Jun-12
njbuck 22-Jun-12
Medicinemann 22-Jun-12
njbuck 22-Jun-12
tthomas 22-Jun-12
Reflex 22-Jun-12
Lucas 22-Jun-12
Medicinemann 22-Jun-12
Stekewood 22-Jun-12
Hawkeye 22-Jun-12
Pat Lefemine 22-Jun-12
Hollywood 22-Jun-12
JEG 22-Jun-12
Medicinemann 22-Jun-12
Medicinemann 22-Jun-12
Florida Mike 22-Jun-12
BowMad23 22-Jun-12
Medicinemann 22-Jun-12
Pat Lefemine 22-Jun-12
DonVathome 22-Jun-12
FluidPowerMan 22-Jun-12
city hunter 22-Jun-12
'Ike' 22-Jun-12
Medicinemann 22-Jun-12
'Ike' 22-Jun-12
buffalo 22-Jun-12
Bowboy 22-Jun-12
TD 23-Jun-12
Tom Miranda 23-Jun-12
Hawkeye 23-Jun-12
Nick Muche 23-Jun-12
Medicinemann 23-Jun-12
bohuntr 23-Jun-12
BULELK1 23-Jun-12
Buffalo1 23-Jun-12
Medicinemann 23-Jun-12
IronMike 24-Jun-12
midwest 24-Jun-12
Yendor 24-Jun-12
Medicinemann 24-Jun-12
bhunter 24-Jun-12
edge1771 24-Jun-12
Medicinemann 24-Jun-12
Blake Brothers 24-Jun-12
Pat Lefemine 24-Jun-12
edge1771 24-Jun-12
BB 24-Jun-12
gunslinger 25-Jun-12
Mad Trapper 25-Jun-12
Bowfreak 25-Jun-12
Chip T. 25-Jun-12
Toby 25-Jun-12
CPAhunter 25-Jun-12
Owl 25-Jun-12
loesshillsarcher 25-Jun-12
loesshillsarcher 25-Jun-12
Medicinemann 25-Jun-12
Medicinemann 25-Jun-12
PAstringking 25-Jun-12
Stekewood 25-Jun-12
leftybearfan 26-Jun-12
Mark Watkins 26-Jun-12
Medicinemann 26-Jun-12
PB in WI 26-Jun-12
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Pat Lefemine 30-Jun-12
Bigpizzaman 30-Jun-12
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A Badger Tried to Climb my Ladder Stand!
by Bowhuntress
by Bishop Archery

71# Morrison ILF Max 1 limbs.
by pdk25

VPA Non-Vented Broadhead Flight
by Bishop Archery

Put Your Video Clip Here!

From: Pat Lefemine Date: 21-Jun-12

Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo

Pat Lefemine's Supporting Link

Jake Ensign (Medicinemann) is well known to most of you. He has graciously provided us with a chronology of his Bowhunting Slam including commentary on each animal, his view of the difficulty, photos and even a break down on how many attempts and cost per animal. This is a really neat feature which I'm sure you will enjoy.

From: Keith at home Date: 21-Jun-12
That is way cool! I loved the stories

From: Rick M Date: 21-Jun-12

Very generous of you to take the time and put this together. I also appreciate breaking down the cost to get it done. I think alot of us don't realize the commitment in time and money it takes to achieve this.

Rick M

P.S. I may still hit you up for those trekking poles. After reading Big Pizza's bear hunt, you can keep the hat:)

From: Medicinemann Date: 21-Jun-12
There are a few mistakes, I am curious to see how many our observant bowsiters can identify. BTW, it was twenty years, not thirty (that must be New England math at work...LOL) .....

From: Hawkeye Date: 21-Jun-12
Incredible Jake! Thanks for doing this :)

From: Hawkeye Date: 21-Jun-12
Caught the one "mistake" although few may not be able to tell in the wild ;)

I can just tell the other "predator" is younger!

From: Shiras Date: 21-Jun-12
I really can't believe that it has been 5 years since the polar bear hunt. I can still hear "Hello Bowsite, This is Jake" in my head. Thanks for taking us along on so many of your adventures.

From: Nick Muche Date: 21-Jun-12
Very nice write up Jake! Congrats on a phenomenal journey! Take care!

I found several grammatical errors, I don't think those are the mistakes you are talking about though :)

From: OFFHNTN Date: 21-Jun-12
Shiras - I agree, the "Hello Bowsite" just can't be jarred out of my head. :)

THANK YOU Jake and Pat for putting this together. Very interesting information!


From: Mad Trapper Date: 21-Jun-12
Well looking at the photos, he sure didn't get any better looking over the duration of this quest. Still waiting for the KANSAS invite :-(

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 21-Jun-12
Mistakes? Cool, let the arrow counters run! Great feature Jake! C

From: INbowdude Date: 21-Jun-12
Really cool to see this and have it put in perspective for all of us. Makes me realize the effort and resources (time and money) needed to pursue this goal. Thanks Jake!

From: Matt Date: 21-Jun-12
"I took my Columbia Blacktail Deer about an hour west of Eureka, California."

The area an hour west of Eureka, CA is better for tuna than blacktails. ;-)

From: loesshillsarcher Date: 21-Jun-12
Brown/Griz. And not one pic of a horseshoe.

From: Trophy8 Date: 21-Jun-12
Jake, I remember you telling me to keep it quiet in your pursuit, boy am I glad this is out! lol

Congrats on a job well done!

From: W8N4RUT Date: 21-Jun-12

THANKS for sharing--very much appreciated!

Hope youre well..


From: Matt Palmquist Date: 21-Jun-12
Awesome Jake!! Thanks for taking the time to share.


From: Medicinemann Date: 21-Jun-12
Matt, you are right ...I am all wet!

From: BOWUNTR Date: 21-Jun-12
Incredible... I've been living through your incredible adventures ... thanks. Ed F

From: Bigpizzaman Date: 21-Jun-12
Well done my Friend!!

From: BC Date: 21-Jun-12
What a great thread. Thanks for the effort Jake. I'm afraid most of these hunts are out of my tax bracket but it's great to read about them. Good job.

From: loesshillsarcher Date: 21-Jun-12
Quite an accomplishment. Thanks for sharing.

From: Bou'bound Date: 21-Jun-12
As impressive as the NA 29 is I personally think it pales in comparison and uniqueness to the fact Jake took all four sheep with a bow in less than a year. that is unprecedented.

The 29 is a function of money, commitment, skill, and flat out determination, but realistically someone can do it in 60 years if needed. As long as they start soon enough, hunt enough, spend enough, and don't quit they will get it if they want it.

Adding the time variable, which is fixed and finite, to the Sheep Slam makes it a world apart in my mind. that goes well beyond having the stamina and funds to stick it out...........that is an accomplishment with the clock ticking and it is really special

From: JW Date: 21-Jun-12
Jake, thanks for such a comprehensive write-up! Tremendous accomplishment sir!

From: richie bland Date: 21-Jun-12
Jake, i still owe you a bottle of Crown!! Hope to cross paths with you again soon. I guess you can add another $100K ++ for the taxidermy. Congrats again Richie

From: hntnfool Date: 21-Jun-12
Jake, nicely done as always! CHEERS!

From: BULELK1 Date: 21-Jun-12
Fantastic Jake!

Thanks for taking the time to put this all together.

Good luck, Robb

From: T Mac Date: 21-Jun-12
Jake, Thanks for sharing! Nice job!

From: Hollywood Date: 21-Jun-12
Congrat's Jake! A lot of hard work there.

Matt beat me to the "West of Eureka" joke.

From: Florida Mike Date: 21-Jun-12
Congrats to Jake! Thats a very difficult acheivement. The write up was very nice as well. I only have one question; why doesn't the desert sheep photo match the taxi photo? Mike

From: SDHNTR Date: 21-Jun-12
Awesome! Well done Jake! Thanks for taking us with you.

From: Medicinemann Date: 21-Jun-12
Florida Mike....the same reason that the Bighorn sheep photo doesn't match THAT taxidermy photo....they got switched. Both brown bear photos and both grizzly bear photos are switched as well. There are still a couple others errors that I am waiting for my fellow Bowsiters to find.....actually, most of the errors have been some were not posted, so only one or two people have noticed some of them......

From: LWood Date: 21-Jun-12
Jake, I really enjoyed going back in time and seeing all your hunt photos. Many of them I remember when you did your hunts. Not sure if your year of sheep will ever be repeated. Thanks for sharing your slam with us. Hope is well.


From: Rock Date: 21-Jun-12
Dang, I just got a chance to look at this and Jake & others have already disclosed the errors I have found some far (up thru the Desert Sheep). Guess I will just have to look harder now.

From: Medicinemann Date: 21-Jun-12
City Hunter mentioned one that one else has commented on.....

From: SDHNTR Date: 21-Jun-12
Forgot to mention Jake, what I enjoyed most about reading that is how you took the time to comment about the meat of each animal. It's obvious you really enjoy that aspect of the hunt, as do I, and unfortunately that is an element rarely mentioned among most "trophy" hunters. Very admirable.

From: Medicinemann Date: 21-Jun-12
It wasn't so admirable as I stood there watching a pulsating volleyball sized "blob" of intestinal tapeworms in my brown bear....and I am thinking to myself...."they are probably confined to the intestinal's probably OK to eat".....sometimes I get a little carried away. I was going to mention that I ate some animals liver with fava beans and a Chianti....but I was afraid that no one would get the movie inference (Silence of the lambs....).I am a sick man! LOL!!

From: Bigdan Date: 21-Jun-12
Who is this Jake guy? Whats next? It nice that a guy like you could do this just a regular guy. With a few extra coins. I'm glad I can call you my freind.

From: Rock Date: 21-Jun-12
Your Rosie kill photo is not the same bull as the one that is shown in you mounted photo.

From: Matt Palmquist Date: 21-Jun-12
I agree Nate! Except that I read it shortly before lunch and was getting hungry listening to his descriptions:)

From: Medicinemann Date: 21-Jun-12

The kill photo is bull #2, it isn't back from the taxidermist yet....the taxidermy mount is bull #1. Someday, I was thinking about posting photos on Bowsite of taxidermy photos for the left side, straight on, and right side of many of the animals, along with the P&Y score for each animal. That way, people would have some idea of what a given sized animal might look like.

BTW, three of the tweny nine animals made B&C, and 24 would make P&Y if they were entered. I was thinking about entering ALL of them at once, if I ever get P&Y animals for the last five species....wanna guess which ones do NOT make P&Y? (WARNING>>>>This is kinda like Pat's Bloodtrail Challenges.....there is a little twist in getting the right number).

From: Jaeger63 Date: 21-Jun-12
Jake, Congrats on accomplishing such a monumental achievement! Your dedication to bowhunting is without question, truly amazing!

From: Stan NJ Date: 21-Jun-12
Incredible Jake....thanks for sharing and congratulations.

From: BowMad23 Date: 21-Jun-12
Curiously, was putting the difficulty level of one on the brown bear a mistake? ;>)

From: INDBowhunter2 Date: 21-Jun-12
Incredible seeing all of it put together. I still remember listneing to something about shutting the fat lady up as she was warming up on your Stone Sheep hunt. Awesome. Congrats again on a grand accomplishment.

As for the 4 that don't make P&Y. Just a wild guess but I'll bite, I'd say Canadian Moose, Roosevlt Elk, Mt. Lion, and Woodland Caribou?

From: Rock Date: 21-Jun-12
The Quebec Lab Caribou mount is not the same one in the kill photo either,

OK now for the new challenge I will have to go back thru them all to see if I can figure that out, this will be tough working from pictures as they can be very deceiving.

The one that comes to mind right now is your Canadian Moose. Then I would guess the Plains Bison, Pronghorn Antelope and Rocky Mountain Elk.

In addition I would say the Quebec Lab Caribou in the kill photo did not make it either, but the mounted one did. The mounted Rosie does not make it but the one in the kill does make it.

So am I close or even in the ballpark with this?

From: Cornbread Date: 21-Jun-12
Very well done Jake

From: Willieboat Date: 21-Jun-12
Thanks for sharing Jake !!

From: Heat Date: 21-Jun-12
Super awesome! Thanks Jake for putting this together.


From: loesshillsarcher Date: 21-Jun-12
Canadian moose, Bison, Pronghorn, Central Barren Ground Caribou. Pretty sure about the Canadian Moose. lol.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 21-Jun-12
The reason all Jakes animals do not make P&Y Minimum is likely due to his measurer. If you are interested in a measurer with a rubber tape let me know:))

What a fabulous collection of animals! Good for you!

From: Oregoncritter Date: 21-Jun-12
I had the opportunity to hunt with Jake for a couple of days. To say "What a character" would be a simple understatment.

Very impressive collection.

From: Rock Date: 21-Jun-12
Charlie, I find that by cutting off the first few inches of my tape I get much higher scores!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake, we are not so patiently waiting for you to tell us if we won and what the prize is.

From: Yttails Date: 21-Jun-12
Awesome Jake, Congrats!

From: Chuck'M Date: 21-Jun-12
Thanks for the write up Jake! This is absolutely fascinating! Well done, sir.

From: Medicinemann Date: 21-Jun-12
Rock, It is the first day of this feature and you want the answers already? Whatever happened to patience? I must also confess that there are five animals, not four, do not qualify for P&Y. My bad.

From: Medicinemann Date: 21-Jun-12
One thing that I want to bring to everyone's attention is this....God forbid I have a tragedy that would destroy my house (like The Yode), because all of my hunting trophies, and my photo albums are in the house. Sharing my stories and photos on Bowsite not only gives everyone some extra info regarding many different hunts, and the anticipated challenges that each hunt may bring, it also archives my stories and my photos offsite and out of my house.

I don't know the specifics of Pat's data storage (whether it is on "the cloud" or whatever ever other means of data storage), but considering that he is THE man for his companies IT department, I rest easier knowing that the memory of my trophies are preserved in at least one forum that is NOT located at my house. You might want to consider that, the next time that you debate whether or not to share a hunting story....It can also approximately DATE the trophy (depending on how soon you enter it on Bowsite after it was taken), in case you don't program the date and time into your camera AND forget to write the kill date on the back of the at least bowhunter that I know....

Now I just have to get a few minor mistakes corrected, and I will have my "memories" accurately chronicled offsite.....(small hint there, Obewon LeFemine).

From: Db1 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 21-Jun-12
Great job Jake! Thanks for sharing. A bonus that I got to see you get your superslam plaque in Reno.

From: BearDown Date: 21-Jun-12
Amazing feat and I commend you for accomplishing it. I have a question about the costs... you have laid out the costs of the hunt, but what about the taxidermy bills? That must have been a pile of money too!

From: mathewsshooter Date: 21-Jun-12
Jake thanks for sharing your hunts . I think your sheep hunts are my favorite

From: Wages Date: 21-Jun-12
Mr Ensign thanks for sharing the pictures and all of the details that allow some of us to at least dream. :) Congrats on you all of your success and the drive within that helped you make it happen!

From: Wary Buck in the Den Date: 21-Jun-12
Congratulations, Jake, and thanks for sharing. While not a realistic goal for this schoolteacher, I do find the information you shared to be very educational and interesting. I, too, found it satisfying to hear your commentary on the table fare, etc.

From: midwest Date: 21-Jun-12
Simply outstanding, Jake! Big congrats and loved the comments on each animal.

From: Medicinemann Date: 21-Jun-12

"Mr. Ensign"? I had to look around and see if someone else was in the room behind me!!

Bear down,

I have lifesize mounts of all four sheep, all four bears, mountain goat, mountain lion, and muskox. Seventeen species are shoulder mounts, and one was made into a rug. Total taxidermy cost will be between $80K and $100k.

From: Turk Date: 21-Jun-12

Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us all.

From: jdbbro Date: 21-Jun-12

Enjoyed the evening looking thru your hunts. Especially enjoyed your Caribou video. That video speaks volumns abour your journeys end. Congrats. Surprised that you rated difficulty on your Brown Bear as a 1.

From: JLS Date: 22-Jun-12
Hilarious, the bear meat "tasted like anchovies". Just right for a good old fashioned Bronx pizza?

I bet you were pissed at the butcher who jobbed you on the moose meat. 153 lbs? That's an average cow elk.

Love the Sonora buck.

From: weekender21 Date: 22-Jun-12
Impressive! Quite the adventures you had pursuing the NA 29. Congrats and thanks for taking the time to share your quest in such detail.

From: Clutch (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 22-Jun-12
Very nicely done and thanks for sharing all of that information---congrats on such an accomplishment -- when I get big, my dream is to be just like you--:^)

From: kota-man Date: 22-Jun-12
Thanks Jake...THanks for taking us along...

From: njbuck Date: 22-Jun-12

Congrats again. Great write up and amazing pictures. It sure helps some of us dream big! I know that I am going to start keeping details of each hunt from now on after seeing this.

The best part about this is the super slam couldnt have happened to a better person. On multiple occasions I have PMed Jake and his response was simply, call me. We have talked a few times and each time he was extremely helpful, informative and most importantly, excited to help. Once getting off the phone I was so jacked up for the hunts that i couldnt stand it. Jake, once again, congrats and it couldnt have happened to a more deserving and better guy.

Quick question- Whats next? Exotic species over seas? Finishing up getting the final 5 species that dont make P&Y? What ever it is, im sure that you will complete it and will have a blast along the way.


From: Medicinemann Date: 22-Jun-12

Trust me, rating the brown bear bowhunt as a "1", is a mistake!!

From: njbuck Date: 22-Jun-12
ps- The footage of your final animal completing your slam is amazing and the footage of you walking up to the caribou is PRICELESS.

From: tthomas Date: 22-Jun-12
"Hello Bowsite, this is Jake. I am about an hour west of Eureka. The weather is bad, its wet, foggy and windy. We are just making a move on a nice blacktail. We have him at 62.3 yards. My guide says as soon as the fog lifts, we will make our way throught he swells. We have some rollers and breakers to our left and a slope at 32.9 degrees. With some luck our cooridination of our concencreation of the invection of the disecting vectors will give us a shot opportunity".

"I have to go now, the salt water is pouring into my raft, and the sat phone is floating away. The blacktail has just dissapeared into the fog. We will have to wait for more stable sea ice before we pursue further"

Jake Ensign, CA blacktail hunt, about an hour west of Eureka.

PS due to Pope and Young's rule of fair chase, Jake decided to pass the shot opportunity. He did harvest a nice buck on the mainland.

From: Reflex Date: 22-Jun-12
Thanks for sharing Jake. I enjoyed reading your descriptions for each and every hunt. What a lifetime of memories you must have!!

From: Lucas Date: 22-Jun-12
Wonderful accomplishment! Thank you so much for sharing it. Take care with the next quest.

From: Medicinemann Date: 22-Jun-12

That was hysterical!!.....banter, it's what's for breakfast!! LMAO!!

From: Stekewood Date: 22-Jun-12
Great feature! Enjoyed all of the stories and pictures. Thanks for sharing it all.

From: Hawkeye Date: 22-Jun-12
"Trust me, rated the brown bear bowhunt as a "1", is a mistake!! "


From: Pat Lefemine Date: 22-Jun-12

You forgot the most dramatic portion of that hunt...

"Wilson, Wilson, come back Wilson"

From: Hollywood Date: 22-Jun-12
Funny stuff tthomas.

From: JEG (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 22-Jun-12
Thanks for sharing Jake, it was cool to see the breakdown for each species. The video was great also. Another thing I liked was the fact he mentioned the table fare of each animal

From: Medicinemann Date: 22-Jun-12
Another thing that is sometimes overlooked, is thinking "outside of the box" when people are planning their gamerooms. Many people think only in terms of "wall space", when it comes to hunting trophies. They won't spend $ on a lifesize mount, but they spend good money planning an addition for all of their shoulder mounts. I believe that my gameroom is smaller than what most people would expect you need for the NA29. Most gamerooms have a lot of "floor space" that is under-utiized. The walls are crammed full of heads, but there is a lot of available floor "footprint" available for either a pedestal mount or a full mount. I may be way off on this, but it is an observation that I have made in at least a couple gamerooms that I have be privileged to see. Just a thought for people planning or looking to the future.....

From: Medicinemann Date: 22-Jun-12
Rock (et al),

One of the five animals that does NOT qualify for P&Y is the Canadian Moose....I'll give you another one tomorrow.....Ha!

From: Florida Mike Date: 22-Jun-12
I had a mutual friend ask me last week "where's Jake been?"

I replied; he's MARRIED! hahahahaha! Mike

From: BowMad23 Date: 22-Jun-12
Hey c'mon guys the brown bear "difficulty" as a 1 is old beaver.... I mean OLD HAT. Something like that...

From: Medicinemann Date: 22-Jun-12

In fact, we got married in the gameroom.....under the Mountain Goat, just to the left of the Polar Bear. The wedding cost $40.00 for the license, and was 8 minutes long. "Cassman" (aka the Honorable Willard Cass officiated) made it official as he is a retired Surrogate Court judge. With the money that we saved, we are BOTH going on a pronghorn bowhunt in late August....

From: Pat Lefemine (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 22-Jun-12
So let me get this straight. You spent 400,000 on your slam and 40.00 on your wedding?

You are my hero.

From: DonVathome Date: 22-Jun-12
Jake 2 thing, first GET CARBONITE cheap especialy if you buy 3 years at once. Every time you change a file it automtically backs it up - not on your puter. Next you get a free app for your phone and you can browse all files on our pute from your phone. Never loose a doc/pic again.

2. If I sent you a spreadsheet with each animal entered would you enter a number for the difficulty based soley on the animal itself, and some adjusting for physical difficulty, and number of animals seen? For example sneaking up on a moose is 10x easier then a cagey Ohio whitetail. Cost is not a factor.

From: FluidPowerMan Date: 22-Jun-12
Hey Jake - I've got thre words for you. "You Da MAN!!! I recognize that KS buck. Held them horns in my hands the day you killed it. What gig you hunting this yr. with CRO? I'll be on the opening gig. Eric Mayeux

From: city hunter Date: 22-Jun-12
Jake how did you do 5 brown bear hunts for 58, thats dirt cheap for five hunts!!

From: 'Ike' Date: 22-Jun-12
Never heard of the guy!?! Been around long?

Lol!!! Great stuff Jake, couldn't happen to a nicer guy...

From: Medicinemann Date: 22-Jun-12
Lou (city Hunter),

One of the hunts was in the 1990's, and was quite bit less....a couple more were last minute cancellations, and therefore less expensive.


You haven't heard of this Jake guy because he's been floating out at sea (an hour west of Eureka) hunting for Columbia Blacktail!! LOL!!

From: 'Ike' Date: 22-Jun-12
I saw that! LoL!!!

From: buffalo Date: 22-Jun-12
what was the one you liked taking best

From: Bowboy Date: 22-Jun-12

That's quite an accomplish and a heap of trophies! Thanks for sharing!

From: TD Date: 23-Jun-12
Jake, I've been reading this over the last couple days bit by bit and savoring it, rolling around in it. I've never seen anything compiled in this way WRT species and hunts. I searched, went back and reread some of the hunts I remembered you took us on over the years, many of them match to these animals. Pretty amazing. The last video was really great, what a finale to the quest....

Normally this is the point where I'd make some smart azzed comment that I like to think are jokes.

All I can come up with is congrats my friend. Pretty incredible adventure.

And thank you very much for sharing so much of it with us.

From: Tom Miranda Date: 23-Jun-12
Phenomenal Job and great documentation. This is how you do a SLAM. Congratulations Jake! on an awesome accomplishment. Tom Miranda

From: Hawkeye Date: 23-Jun-12
Jake-did you use essentially the same bow,# and broadheads durings the last decade of your quest or did you change over the years?

From: Nick Muche Date: 23-Jun-12
When did you decide the SLAM was what you wanted? After the sheep SLAM in one year would have been my breaking point and I would have been all in :)

From: Medicinemann Date: 23-Jun-12

I bought a Mathews Custom Safari about 10 years ago. One year later, I learned that they were going to be discontinued. By then, I enjoyed shooting that bow so much, that I bought another one as a back up. My secondary bow was used to kill the animal that I was hunting on three different SLAM hunts. I have used a few different types of broadheads over the years, but the last ten species have all been taken with the same type of broadhead.

I am a firm believer in shooting the most poundage that I can accurately control. Unfortunately, Father Time is probably going to make me consider alternative bows within the next couple years. I will be 56 this October, and I don't see a high poundage bow in my future much longer....and if I really want to take an elephant and a hippo in my lifetime, I had better get on the stick....and soon.


When I sold my business and retired young, THAT was when I hoped to accomplish the NA29 in my lifetime. I don't know if I really believed that it would ever happen, but I knew that I would die before I quit!! In 2008, when I killed the four sheep and the Mountain Goat, I gained quite a bit of additional momentum.

Tom Miranda,

I still remember walking up on stage and getting the Super 10 award in the Spring of 2011, and we shook hands and I told you that I would meet you on stage next year....and darned if we didn't BOTH make that happen! I have the photo of you handing my plaque to me in my gameroom. In fact, it is my hope to post it in this thread in the next day or two.

From: bohuntr Date: 23-Jun-12
Very cool Jake, really enjoyed the feature!!! One of my favorite memories from the last P&Y meeting was listening to you recount the full version of the Polar Bear story over a beer at the Bowsite meet and greet!!!

From: BULELK1 Date: 23-Jun-12
Hey Jake,

My Mrs wants to read thru your quest so I need to know if I am okay to Print it without getting you angry at me....?

So she can take her leisure and read your 29 presentation.

Her challenge is that if she uses your yearly Calendar you share with us...why can't 'I print and enjoy his/Jake's 29 bowsite article'?

Don't get me in the DogHouse here Jake!! haha

Good luck, Robb

From: Buffalo1 Date: 23-Jun-12

Jake you did a great job of compiling and recording your adventures to the NA29. You will probably never know the influence you may have on young bowsiters who now hold the dream you once had.

Thanks for sharing and for being just being "Jake", a fellow bowhunter who is just "down to earth".

You have truly been and are a blessed man.

From: Medicinemann Date: 23-Jun-12

It's not my is property of Bowsite. I have absolutely no problem with it at all....but it has a few errors....tell her to wait a couple days, and hopefully, it will be error free.


From: IronMike Date: 24-Jun-12
What an amazing accomplishment. Congrats!

From: midwest Date: 24-Jun-12

What criteria did you follow when picking an outfitter? What advice would you give to others looking for a good archery outfitter? Any big disappointments with any of the outfitters you used?

From: Yendor Date: 24-Jun-12
I also enjoyed the Blacktail being gotten an hour west of Eureka. Does it really count if they are no longer on the continent. I really appreciated the honest dollar costs of the hunts. It just proves that hunting has become a game for the rich. I only wish that I had $440,500 to go hunting over the next 20+ years. Great article and I thank-you for you honesty and also for being a true hunter and being persistent with your goals. Many of us can only live through your stories.

From: Medicinemann Date: 24-Jun-12

I did a lot of networking (and online research) before picking many of my outfitters. I never got caught up in success ratios....I was only interested in shot opportunities. If archers got reasonable shot opportunities, and weren't able to seal the deal, that is not the outfitters fault. I always ask if the outfitter is an archer. I also ask if any of his guides are archers....and whenever feasible, I always request a guide that is an archer.

I really try to follow up on unsuccessful archery references. They usually aren't listed in an outfitters list of references, but if you contact an outfitter directly, sometimes they will give you contact info for additional references.

I must admit that I did have a few disappointments....and I would probably consider telling "my side of the story" in a private setting, but I won't air dirty laundry on a public forum. One has to remember that there are always two sides to a story....but in most cases, the outfitters did admit that I had a valid point.

Over the years, I have learned that there are some key questions which either seem to really facilitate a hunt, or in some cases dramatically reduce the cost of certain hunts (and "No", I can't bring myself to share some of THOSE questions). However, I have learned throughout the course of my life, that asking good questions is of paramount importance.

One of my mantras has always been to train harder. Instead of drilling holes in a toothbrush to reduce pack weight, I would log an extra mile with a heavy pack when training. Make myself stronger, rather than depend on newer, or more expensive gear. I own wool clothes....I have never owned Sitka or KUIU. Like every honest archer, I have made some less than perfect shots, but shooting a powerful bow turned a couple of those into lethal hits, just because of the additional trauma created by extra penetration or broken bones.

One interesting coincidence....Tom Miranda tracked his Roosevelt Elk over 600 yards before recovering it. We estimated that we tracked mine for almost 1,000 yards. I thought it was ironic that both of us had long tracking jobs on the same species....but they are a big animal, and they are an elk....thus known for really being able to take a hit.


I will tell you that in 1993, when I was 30 days away from being an unemployed geologist, the thought of being financially independent was almost laughable. If there is a reasonably common trait amongst super slammers, it is that they have uncommon persistence, a positive mindset, and a can do attitude. I will also submit that such traits will go far towards helping someone achieve their goals in ALL walks of life. Like I said before.....ask good questions.

From: bhunter Date: 24-Jun-12
Well done thanks for sharing jake!

From: edge1771 Date: 24-Jun-12
Mr. Ensign,

Congrats and great job on the writing (minus the trivial errors)! I hope that one day I can be fortunate enough to complete an archery slam myself. I also am surprised at the lack of any mention of a golden horseshoe ;)


From: Medicinemann Date: 24-Jun-12
Hey Brad, what are the chance's that your father (Tom Edgington) put you up to this? LOL!! Remember, Pat was one of the editors.....suddenly, Kansas ain't lookin' so good, Tom!! ROTFLMAO!!! Regarding the golden horseshoe, I would think that your father would be thrilled just to have received it....obviously some people are just NEVER satisfied.

From: Blake Brothers Date: 24-Jun-12
Congrats Jake on an awesome job!

But one question was every hunt with a guide or was there any DIY hunts involed?

From: Pat Lefemine (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 24-Jun-12
Actually Tom, your chances of hunting Kansas are looking better.

Kent Jarnigan just called me. He was very concerned. He has extremely high standards for his clients - after all, they reflect his operation. And his hunt contract clearly states a 5th grade education. Sorry Jake. I tried to reason with him but confusing east with west was just too much for him to take.

So Tom, be sure to keep the 3rd week open. And brush up on your english. No dangling participles in front of Jarnagin or you will be asked to leave.

From: edge1771 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 24-Jun-12
Hey you're jumping to conclusions here. Surprisingly enough, in his defense, he didn't put me up to it. I'd hate to ruin his chances at going to Kansas... Although I don't see why he can't seem to kill a P&Y buck at home LOL.

I thought of the horshoe when I noticed the picture in our game room of you with it laying across a sheep. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who once said, "the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have." It wasn't just luck; you worked for it and deserve it. In all seriousness, I think you did a great job putting it all together. I loved both the field and taxidermy photos. As others have said, the commentary on the "culinary value"of each animal was very cool. It was really a pleasure to read.

From: BB Date: 24-Jun-12
Nice job Jake. That was lot of work and well done. I hope many appreciate your efforts. And thanks for the annual calendar.

Have a great bow hunt. BB

From: gunslinger Date: 25-Jun-12
Jake once again huge congratulations on your superslam ,And thanks a million for showing what your costed and breaking it down.

One thing i am very interested in Jake and im sure you have documented is how many different outfitters you used and what hunt mentally challenged you the most of all,

i mean got you down to where the tears fell and nearly put ya down. For me it was the brown bear and bighorn sheep. I could sit here for hours jake and ask ya questions about your superslam but for me those two for now are sticking out. You deserve this buddy for all your hard work and effort.

From: Mad Trapper Date: 25-Jun-12
I still remember the look on the guide's face when he pulled the shoe from his pack on top of a mountain in Alaska. It was hilarious! After his goat was down, he handed it to me. Here I was carrying this heavy shoe in my pack when I had cut the handle off of my toothbrush before the hunt to save some ounces.

In all seriousness though, and as much as it pains me to say this, it probably wasn't the shoe that helped him get this amazing feat done. Just ask Jake sometime about sitting in the walk-in freezer to get ready for his polar bear hunt and you will understand why he accomplished this in the manner that he did. I am unaware of any other bowhunter who took all four sheep in one year. That one will be hard to top.

Congrats my friend.

From: Bowfreak Date: 25-Jun-12

I have said this many times on this site. You are not only a testament to what hard work and dedication can bring one in the hunting world it will also bring and abundance to life in general. If anyone deserves this more than you I would like to meet them. You worked hard, made your way and now you are living the American Dream. Congrats to one of the most humble guys I have ever met.

From: Chip T. Date: 25-Jun-12
Good news and bad news about Jake Ensign. The good news is that when you look at all the great comments made by some rather outstanding hunters and individuals you get the correct impression that this is some special guy. He is a real down to earth nice guy who deserves all the acclaim he gets as a result of a lot of hard work and effort. He is a real gentleman in this sport. My hats off to you Jake!!! Now the bad news. $400,000 for all his hunts and he only spent $40 on his wedding!!! Tacky, very tacky. I am sure that Nancy will have the last say on this:)

Best of luck to you and the Misses!

From: Toby Date: 25-Jun-12
Congratulations Jake !!!!! GReat accomplish!!!

From: CPAhunter Date: 25-Jun-12
Congrats Jake!

Is moose meat any good to eat? :)

From: Owl Date: 25-Jun-12
A $40 wedding? In a room full dead critters? And she went through with it?

Write a book, Jake. It will sell.

Member features such as this hold much more relevance and meaning, IMO, than the usual outdoor publishing content that is out there. Kudos to both Jake and Pat.

From: loesshillsarcher Date: 25-Jun-12
There is a reason Nancy got hitched with the man that originally possessed the golden shoe. Knowing her just a little bit, I reckon she could care less what the cost of the wedding was and or how fancy it could have been. I am guessing she would rather invest that said cash in more experiences with the Medicinemann. Just my opinion. lol

From: loesshillsarcher Date: 25-Jun-12
40 dollar weddings. I admire him even more now. awesome. Could you share your painting with everybody again Jake???

From: Medicinemann Date: 25-Jun-12
To be quite honest, Nancy didn't want a big wedding. This was her first....and there is more....guess where she wanted to go on her honeymoon? Cabelas!!

Good things are worth waiting for, gentleman.....even if it takes 55 years.

Regarding the photo that Loesshillsarcher is referring to......I am out of town, and that file is unavailable....but if you want to see ANOTHER aspect of the NA29 that is priceless (aka the friends that you make....) go to a thread entitled "Thanksgiving and the NA29". Nothing else needs to be said.....REALLY.

From: Medicinemann Date: 25-Jun-12
I located the link, but this article was posted a day or two before Bowsite experienced some type of data loss last Fall....and I am not able to retrieve that specific thread. Hopefully, others can, because it illustrates anothers valuable aspect of my NA29....the friends that I made along the way......

From: PAstringking Date: 25-Jun-12
congrats Jake.

it was a great read

From: Stekewood Date: 25-Jun-12
I think I brought the thread you were looking for to the top Jake.

From: leftybearfan Date: 26-Jun-12
Unbelievable accomplishment, Jake. Your adventures and perseverance have been a big inspiration for a whole bunch of us.


From: Mark Watkins Date: 26-Jun-12
Jake, Congratulations on the NA 29 and a great informational/educational piece on the Bowsite story. You have been and continue to be (as evidenced in this article) a great ambassador for our sport.

However, after spending 1 hour and 39 minutes on the phone with you the other day for our "30 minute call" on bowhunting sheep and learning in the above story that in 1993, you were "30 days away from being an unemployed geologist with the thought of being financially independent was almost laughable," that this whole endeavor is really about the power of the human mind and spirit when one dedicates to a cause or a purpose. As long as we keep perspective, many great accomplishments come out of serious adversity.

Congratulations my friend, I think you have this component of the game of life mastered!

From: Medicinemann Date: 26-Jun-12
Thanks, Steke!!

From: PB in WI Date: 26-Jun-12
Congratulations. Hope to see pictures of the trophy room when completed.

From: ORARCHER Date: 29-Jun-12
Jake as always you out did yourself !! Thank you I enjoyed it allot !!

From: Pat Lefemine Date: 30-Jun-12
Jake and I poke fun at each other a lot. And I have been ribbing him on this thread.

But in all seriousness, I am a better person for knowing him. And this site is a far better place for his contributions. He embodies what I believe most of us respect in a bowhunter. He is driven, he never gives up, and he's not doing any of it to strut around like a peacock like so many guys do.

What you guys don't realize is more often than not I have to talk him into features like this because he's so humble and he doesn't want people to think he's chest thumping. He would much rather be trying to help a stranger who he's never met than take time to talk about himself. Even with this feature, he wanted to provide a lot of data so the feature was more about information and less about him. The guys who know him well, like Madd Trapper and loeshillsarcher, understand what I'm saying is true. And I suspect a lot of you guys know this too. But it's worth stating.

Thanks Jake.

From: Bigpizzaman Date: 30-Jun-12
I agree Pat!! 100%

From: BULELK1 Date: 30-Jun-12
Thanks Jake for your input on my previous post.

Here is what my Mrs has been doing----instead of printing every harvest off....

She takes her laptop out on her Hamock, under our Pergola, and simply uses our WI-FI gig to read thru your hunts.

I am a pinch concerned though---as she has said: "that Jake guy is one hell of a bow hunter".....

All-n-all, it is all good Jake!~ haha

Good luck, Robb

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 30-Jun-12
There's a saying in business that: "over-night success, usually takes about 30 years". Very well done Jake.

edge1771: If you really want to get working on the slam get your Dad to take you on a bear next June!!!!!!

From: realunlucky Date: 01-Jul-12
Jake thanks for sharing. I was surprised at cost it took to harvest some animals some thought would be much higher and some much less. Ill never get the 29 but would like to expand to 7 or 8 and your list will help me make better choices that will work for me thanks

From: Medicinemann Date: 01-Jul-12
BTW, the photo of the bison is my Wood Bison, NOT my plains bison. The five animals that do not make P&Y are the Canadian Moose, Pronghorn Antelope, Plains Bison, Rocky Mountain Elk, and Shiras Moose. The Woodland Caribou was a good guess, because the tops are so poor, but their minimum score is much lower....and his bez pts and shovel got him in by three inches.....

From: Deacon Dave Date: 01-Jul-12
Jake, We can't say thanks enough for carring us on your awesome adventures. I enjoyed every animal, picture and thread. Your finally took me back to my 1995 solo bowhunt in Ak. Memories are priceless. Friends are too. Dave

From: Mad Trapper Date: 02-Jul-12
Pat, Pat, Pat. I hope that the doorways are wide in the Kansas camp, so Jake can get his head through them... I agree with everything you said, BUT WOULD NEVER SAY IT. :-0

From: Rock Date: 02-Jul-12
Jake, 10 days to get the answers, I am too old to have to wait 10 days as I most likely forget about it after 10 minutes. HaHa

Now are you up for the challenge of doing it again only using a real bow this time? HaHaHa

All kiding aside way to go and congrads on a great accomplishments.

From: Tyler Date: 03-Jul-12
Congrats on reaching your goal! was a great read, and has given me drive to try to accoplish this same goal in my life!

From: Grounblind Date: 03-Jul-12
Jake, I just spent the last few hours reading of your exploits and the praise from your peers. I am mesmerized by your accomplishment and want to thank you for sharing it in words and pictures. I can only imagine what an incredible journey is must have been. The travel, the landscapes, the physical and mental stress, the emotion, the people you have met along the way. Wow!

Your story is a welcome change in the "hey look at me" society that permeates the BIG ego's in today's media driven wannabe world. Your humble spirit shows throughout the feature. As Pat put it, there is no strutting like a peacock or chest thumping and he is spot on in saying that this site is a better place for your contributions.

From: Mongold Date: 03-Jul-12
Pat, well said. Thanks tons for putting this together -- very cool.

Jake, congrats again buddy!! Thanks for sharing.

From: muskeg Date: 05-Jul-12
yep ... way cool.

I'm glad I was part of it ... great to meet you and hunt a little.

Congratulations !!!

From: njbuck Date: 05-Jul-12
Jake congrats again, I keep finding myself rereading your write up and daydreaming of future adventures. Your adventures have planted a seed in my brain along with many others I'm sure.

Here is a questiong for you, taking the cost of the hunts out of the equation, knowing what you know now, If you were starting all over trying to complete the super slam, are their any animals that you would hunt sooner rather than later? Do you feel that hunting certain animals first would give you a better experience level later when going after different more difficult game?

From: Medicinemann Date: 06-Jul-12

Taking the cost out of the equation, if I were younger and hoping to chase the NA29, I would focus on the mountain species (sheep, Mountain Goat), extreme weather animals (polar bear, muskox), and then enjoy chasing the remainder as the opportunities presented themselves.

I would also recommend trying to hunt one species of each genus early on bear, one caribou, one elk,etc. That way if a bunch of friends suddenly have opening for a extra guy to tag along, you can reduce your expenses while chasing a species that you are already somewhat familiar with....

Another thing that I would like to for people to consider building a video library. I probably own at least 200 bowhunting DVDs and another 100 bowhunting VCRs. I have learned some subtle nuances about animals and effective techniques for getting "archery close" by watching other bowhunters on video. These videos are catalogued and organized by, whenever I plan a hunt, I can pull all of those videos and watch them again (I never tire of that) acts as a refresher of sorts, and it helps to put me into "hunt mode".

One thing that I noted through my journey, is that by the time some people have the funding to go on some of the more extreme hunts, they may not have the physical ability to do least not on a repeat basis. When we are young enough to do these hunts, many of us didn't have the cash (but the question stated to remove cost of the hunts from the equation). This was a balancing act for me....

Many people leave out one other HUGE consideration....I was a bachelor until I was 55 years old. Having the time and financial resources to do this AND spend time raising a family would require a lot of additional consideration and sacrifice.

I will also say that if I could do one thing over again, I would restructure my arctic hunts. I agree with those bowhunters that focus on one species at a time (TThomas and Bou'bound recently addressed this in another thread)....HOWEVER, I do believe that if someone was going to attempt the NA29, booking a polar bear bowhunt with the option to add a muskox at the end, is a very prudent move. I hunted muskox first and then went back later for polar bear. Every trip to the arctic is to be savored, but they are big ticket items.

You could save a several thousand dollars by tagging a muskox after the successful completion of your polar bear bowhunt....but I suggest that you keep your mind on Ursus maritimus until he is on the ground....LOL. Then, simply negotiate the cost of a muskox add on hunt with the natives.....and be upfront with your outfitter about this strategy as well.

If I think of other helpful hints, I will add them as them occur to me.

From: JayG@work Date: 06-Jul-12
Jake, great advice, and a great job with the slam. How is your other endeavor coming along? Jay

From: HoytsDad Date: 06-Jul-12
How about a suggested gear list? Know that most all hunts are different in needs and requirements what are some items that you found yourself packing the most?

From: Medicinemann Date: 06-Jul-12

That is actually a remarkably short list....I really need one thing on most hunts. A positive attitude. I have forgotten things or gear that would have made my hunt more comfortable or easier, but the simple truth remains, that if you are really out there to hunt, very few things can truly stop you.

Sure, cold weather gear is a prerequisite for an arctic hunt, and a gun is a darn good idea for most bear hunts. A spare release is a great idea....but there are very few things that can't be overcome with some woodsmanship and good old fashioned creativity and planning ahead. If you think that your bow may be lost enroute, because your flight has three connections, do what I have done a few times....since I own two identical bows, ship one ahead with half of your broadheads, broadheads, and release(s). Check the other one on the plane when you travel. One of them will make it there, and usually, they both do.....

I have also noted that when things go wrong, and they WILL go wrong from time to time, it is the people that keep a sense of perspective that seem to have the ability to make lemonade out of lemons. Outfitters and hunting buddies in camp will appreciate the cooler head, which may also pay dividends. Besides, who wants to dwell on the negative when we might be on the hunt of a lifetime?

From: Trevor Probandt Date: 06-Jul-12
Mr. Ensign,

I just wanted to thank you and Pat for putting this together. I also LOVE the fact that you have put things together in such a simple way. We all want to "major in the minors" in just about everything. Guess that is why I went to traditional archery last year. Anyway, congrats on your achievements and thank you for sharing your story.

As a 29 year old with a new family and building a business I don't have a lot of time to do everything. But this goal of "The Slam" helps me every day as I look at another investment property or speak with another uncooperative seller. It's not majic or gagets, just hard work and a goal. Thanks again.

From: tapeworm Date: 09-Jul-12
Great feature Jake!

From: Mad Trapper Date: 11-Jul-12
I second the spare release recommendation.... Right Charley?

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