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Sugar beets?



Messages posted to thread:
bowhunter22 19-Jul-12
vmcfadden 20-Jul-12
badlander 20-Jul-12
t-roy 20-Jul-12
Drahthaar 20-Jul-12
t-roy 21-Jul-12
Drahthaar 21-Jul-12
Sagittarius 02-Aug-12
Rex Featherlin 02-Aug-12
tactical 02-Aug-12
t-roy 02-Aug-12
vmcfadden 03-Aug-12
Sagittarius 03-Aug-12
bowhunter22 03-Aug-12

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From: bowhunter22 Date: 19-Jul-12
Has anyone planted any in the Midwest and had luck growing a bulb all I ever get is the greens aren't they suppose to put something like a turnip or carrot ? If so how the deer do with them

From: vmcfadden Date: 20-Jul-12
In my experience they are the best deer attractant. If you can't plant at least an acre of them and keep the deer from eating the tops off for 3 months don't plan on getting actual beets. You also need to keep the weeds down. Sugar beets attract deer more than anything I plant and I think I plant about everything you have seen that deer may like. They do get a bulb and the deer will dig it out of the ground to eat it in early winter. The bulb can get as big as a football with a little bit of . I think they like the greens much better though and its when it counts for hunting. If any plot warranted that fence system the hunting shows try to push it would be sugar beets because they start mowing them down as soon as they sprout.

From: badlander Date: 20-Jul-12
Our soil is not quite right for sugar beets, so when we have planted them the density of the beets that grow is pretty low. However we have planted them last year and this year.

For a month so last year, nealry every deer that came out skipped or passed through either an alfalfa field, brassicus plot, cut soy bean field, or standing corn plots to eventually make it into the beets we had planted. They were one heck of a draw.

From: t-roy Date: 20-Jul-12
Sugar beets are an awesome food plot, but like stated above, you have to keep the deer out of them. I used electric fencing & it works. Sugar beets don't compete very well with weeds, either. I got some RR sugar beets & planted them for a couple of years. Best attractant I've ever planted & I'm like vmcfadden in that I've planted about everything else as well. Too bad you can't get RR beets anymore for food plots.(lawsuits still pending) Hope they get things resolved soon. BH22, when are you planting your beets? I live in Iowa & plant them when I put my corn or beans in. Late April to early June. If you aren't planting them until Aug., you probably won't get much bulb growth, only tops. Of course, if you are as dry as we are right now, you aint gonna get anything! good luck!

From: Drahthaar Date: 20-Jul-12
bowhunter22, not trying to hijack your thread. but I have planted sugar beets 3 times with no luck. planting first of july. how deep are you guys planting? and what month? I live in eastern N.C. very good soil . and soil sample's taken every year. thanks Forrest

From: t-roy Date: 21-Jul-12
Unless they have a coating on them, I would just broadcast them & then run a cultipacker over them. The seeds are very small. If you don't have a cultipacker, some guys drive over the entire seed bed with their atv to compact it. Not sure how long your growing season is in NC, but I would think that you should get good growth out of them if planted in july. You might try & plant them a little earlier, maybe first of june.

From: Drahthaar Date: 21-Jul-12
t-roy, thanks.we have a fairly long growing season,first frost around october 15. I have been using a no till planter. mut be getting the seeds to deep. will try it your way next time. Forrest

From: Sagittarius Date: 02-Aug-12

Sagittarius's embedded Photo

The above picture is March 1, 2010 in 18" snow, deer ate them to, and below the ground level.

Planted the Roundup Ready variety back in 2008 and 2009 ... when RR sugarbeets were available to foodplotters. In a heavy Ag area with deer at about 25/sq mile ... deer started utilizing them early December when we started getting snow. The greens had little to no browse pressure during the summer/fall.

If the RR sugarbeets once more become available to foodplotters, I would plant them again in a heartbeat. ;-)

From: Rex Featherlin Date: 02-Aug-12
They are supposed to be available to foodplotters starting next year.

From: tactical Date: 02-Aug-12
Dang all this time I thought we were talking about the pink stuff in the bag with Lee and Tiffany on it lol

From: t-roy Date: 02-Aug-12
Rex, I haven't heard anything new in regards to availability. Could you share with me what you know about anything new? (If you can). I am very interested. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks! best regards, t-roy

From: vmcfadden Date: 03-Aug-12
T-roy you beat me to it. I wanted to ask the same ?. Where did that info come from. I can't wait until rr sugar beets go back to public not just produce. I will be planting alot more then. They are very hard and expensive to get a good stand out of them now but definitely preferable by the local deer herd. In this area none plants them either so they must just be able to smell them.

From: Sagittarius Date: 03-Aug-12

Sagittarius's embedded Photo

28-Feb-2010, deer hitting the sugarbeet plot at dusk, SE Wisconsin Ag area. Plant late April/early May for upper midwest.

Sugarbeets would round out my top 4 foodplot choices with white clover, corn, and soybeans. JMHO.

From: bowhunter22 Date: 03-Aug-12
I am going to try them again next year a bit earlier rr beats sure would be better

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