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problems with my peep sight



Messages posted to thread:
nurse121980 29-Jul-12
WapitiBob 29-Jul-12
glunker 29-Jul-12
Matt 29-Jul-12
Trophy8 29-Jul-12
DaleM 29-Jul-12
nurse121980 29-Jul-12
r-man 29-Jul-12
Chip T. 29-Jul-12
nurse121980 29-Jul-12
CurveBow 30-Jul-12
CurveBow 30-Jul-12
Bigdan 30-Jul-12
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From: nurse121980 Date: 29-Jul-12
let me preface my comments by saying that I have been shooting with a peep for 10+ years. started without one and never knew i needed one till my area pro shop told me I did. the last few years i have noticed that I am struggling to see my pins or that they are very blurry. Just had my eyes checked, so I know its not that! :) I have tried several different peeps without relief of this. I do shoot with both eyes open, so I know the pins wont be as clear, but I seem to be having "issues". Am thinking about taking the peep off and giving it a go that way. I use a kisser and the string touches my nose as well, so I think I would have a good anchor....but would like some opinions from the peanut gallery. For what its worth, I only hunt here in Michigan, and my shots are usually less than 30 yards, although I do have one stand that offers the opportunity for longer shots. thanks everyone


From: WapitiBob Date: 29-Jul-12

Both eyes open has no effect on the "clarity" of the pins but the peep, depending on aperture size will restrict the light coming into the eye, dilating the pupil. The image in the peep will not be as bright as the other eye, which sometimes causes eye dominance issues.

When using a front lens, the net effect is a change in depth of field, exactly the same as the aperture on a camera lens. Higher lens power requires smaller peep aperture to clear it up, and the image is darker as a result of less light thru that aperture.

Since you are using pins only, I would imagine you are losing your close vision, as most of us do, and your pins are blurry. The peep itself will only restrict light, it doesn't do anything anything else that would "blur" the pins.

From: glunker Date: 29-Jul-12
Peeps are nice for accuracy so lets find a solution. My first thought is maybe go to a larger hole size in the peep. For 30 yds and less it should not be a problem with extra large hole. I assume you have not tried looking through a bunch of bows say at at shoot or league to see what might be different and better than your setup. Could your peep be further from your eye than most shooters? Some pins are hard to see but the fiber is what you use, is the fiber tip bright enough? Maybe better fiber or a larger diameter say .0029. Some sight housings are too small and make it hard to see inside. I think a copper john size sight housing is better than a smaller extreme housing. Do you have a glow rign around the housing so you can quickly center it with the peep? Those are ideas that you can explore to see why you are having difficulties. Good luck.

From: Matt Date: 29-Jul-12
How old are you, I am guessing the rong side of 40. Ther verifier peep has helped many an archer in your situation.

From: Trophy8 Date: 29-Jul-12
Could it just be that your are taking focus off of the target more and noticing your pins????

From: DaleM Date: 29-Jul-12
From my own experience I had a blurring of the pins but it was caused by the type of peep I was using. Never had problems until a few years ago but looking back all my other bows had all black strings. I was using the type of peep that fits in the string whereas the string is divided into 3 parts and captures the peep. The new bow also had yellow strands in the strings. Those were picking up additional light and causing a blurring or glare when looking through the peep. I went to the type of peep that utilizes a rubber tube the rotate it into alignment when the bow is drawn. No longer looking through a glared peep and pins are clear. Another thing you might try is to position a nock on the string where when drawn it touches the tip of your nose. That along with the kisser button would be 2 points of reference when aiming.

From: nurse121980 Date: 29-Jul-12
thanks for the thoughts fellas...and matt I am on the younger side of 40 thank you very much! :) bad eyes already though..

From: r-man Date: 29-Jul-12
hitting 40 sucked.

From: Chip T. Date: 29-Jul-12
Perhaps you need a larger peep. What size are you using now?

From: nurse121980 Date: 29-Jul-12
Chip T.- pretty sure its 1/4" tho i have had it so long i cannot remember.

has anyone used the peeps that are made of the photocromatic material like the black gold sights? supposed to change with the amount of light available. any thoughts?

From: CurveBow Date: 30-Jul-12
I use a peep with a 5/16 hole. I love it as it recently replaced my peep with a 1/4" hole. However, the new peep is blue colored which bothered me. The holw portion is now black thanks to a sharpie amrker!

I would not suggest looking for or using a peep that "glowed", in low light situations, the glow will not allow your eye to see past it. Ideally, when you aim, your focus should be on the exact spot that you want to hit. Thus, your pin whould be a bit out of focus and your peep just a clear hole with blurry edges IMHO. As you age, things get trickier and worse, trust me on this as I'm on the bad side of a half century!

Perhaps try shooting with the non aiming eye closed to see if that improves things.


From: CurveBow Date: 30-Jul-12
Forgot to to add, try to find a sight with .029" daimeter pins. I looked over all catalogs and the only thing I could find that met all my wants was a custom Black Gold, but I am unwilling to spend what they cost. So, I use a .019" diameter sight and complain about it all the time! ; )


From: Bigdan Date: 30-Jul-12
Try a one pin sight. It mite be you have to many pins. and they blur. Thats why I went to a one oin slider.

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Subject: RE: problems with my peep sight

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