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Paul Ryan The Bowhunter



Messages posted to thread:
Rupe 11-Aug-12
jack b (MI) 11-Aug-12
Elkhuntr 11-Aug-12
gflight 11-Aug-12
joshuaf 11-Aug-12
gflight 11-Aug-12
Owl 11-Aug-12
joshuaf 11-Aug-12
Ojibwa 11-Aug-12
Norseman 11-Aug-12
Rupe 12-Aug-12
Rhody 12-Aug-12
acadianarcher 12-Aug-12
HA2/KS 12-Aug-12
70lbdraw 12-Aug-12
Rupe 12-Aug-12
Elkhuntr 12-Aug-12
itshot 12-Aug-12
bad karma 12-Aug-12
Rupe 13-Aug-12
Nick Muche 13-Aug-12
sbschindler 13-Aug-12
IdyllwildArcher 13-Aug-12
Greg 13-Aug-12
Shiras 13-Aug-12
Nick Muche 13-Aug-12
AndyK 13-Aug-12
beachbowhunter 13-Aug-12
RK 13-Aug-12
Russ Koon 13-Aug-12
HoytsDad 13-Aug-12
bow shot 13-Aug-12
Desperado 13-Aug-12
BO-N-ARO 13-Aug-12
Boone 13-Aug-12
gadan 13-Aug-12
milnrick 13-Aug-12
Ken Moody 13-Aug-12
Norseman 13-Aug-12
LaGriz 13-Aug-12
Rupe 13-Aug-12
Naz 14-Aug-12
AndyK 14-Aug-12
AndyK 14-Aug-12
JW 14-Aug-12
Norseman 14-Aug-12
HA2/KS 14-Aug-12
Rupe 14-Aug-12
Lynn W 15-Aug-12
t-roy 15-Aug-12
petedrummond 15-Aug-12
midwest 16-Aug-12
MarkU 16-Aug-12
Marshall Law 16-Aug-12
ChristianDoc 16-Aug-12
city hunter 16-Aug-12
midwest 17-Aug-12
Barry Wensel 18-Aug-12
Don K 18-Aug-12
IdyllwildArcher 18-Aug-12
Coldsteel 18-Aug-12
JTV 18-Aug-12
Waterlooboy 19-Aug-12
HoytCountry 19-Aug-12
Coldsteel 19-Aug-12
HoytsDad 19-Aug-12
Coldsteel 19-Aug-12
Desperado 19-Aug-12
HoytsDad 19-Aug-12
Wages 19-Aug-12
sbschindler 19-Aug-12
midwest 19-Aug-12
BC 19-Aug-12
sbschindler 19-Aug-12
HoytsDad 19-Aug-12
sbschindler 19-Aug-12
HoytsDad 19-Aug-12
sbschindler 19-Aug-12
midwest 19-Aug-12
Acu-Archer 19-Aug-12
Ken Moody 19-Aug-12
d-bone20917 20-Aug-12
Desperado 20-Aug-12
JayG@work 20-Aug-12
IdyllwildArcher 20-Aug-12
sbschindler 20-Aug-12
TD 20-Aug-12
Desperado 20-Aug-12
midwest 20-Aug-12
glacial21 20-Aug-12
IdyllwildArcher 20-Aug-12
Mint 21-Aug-12
Russ Koon 21-Aug-12
JayG@work 21-Aug-12
HoytsDad 21-Aug-12
d-bone20917 21-Aug-12
TD 21-Aug-12
Mint 22-Aug-12
Stoney 22-Aug-12

A Badger Tried to Climb my Ladder Stand!
by Bowhuntress
by Bishop Archery

71# Morrison ILF Max 1 limbs.
by pdk25

VPA Non-Vented Broadhead Flight
by Bishop Archery

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From: Rupe Date: 11-Aug-12

Rupe's embedded Photo

If you don't vote for this ticket then you're an enemy of hunting!

Ryan is just like the rest of us...a true bowhunter!

From: jack b (MI) Date: 11-Aug-12
Naw, Steve...he's one of those compound guys--one step above an x-gunner.

No way can he be considered a conservative traditionalist ;o)

Jack, reporting from the Great Lakes Longbow Invitational.

Still...he does put their panties in a wad.

From: Elkhuntr Date: 11-Aug-12
probably high fence. :)

From: gflight Date: 11-Aug-12
Give him a little credit......

I heard it was only 65% let off.

From: joshuaf Date: 11-Aug-12
If you don't vote for this ticket then you're an enemy of hunting!

Put the brakes on the hyperbole train, please.

From: gflight Date: 11-Aug-12
You have to excuse him joshuaf.....

In all the excitement he forgot Romney was on the ticket;)

From: Owl Date: 11-Aug-12
I believe he improves the ticket. I'll refrain from fawning, though. Until proven otherwise, I see this as a dog and pony show for the Tea Party folks. Romney's actions will bear out whether this move was legitimately in the interest of fiscal responsibility and limited government.

From: joshuaf Date: 11-Aug-12
Romney's actions will bear out whether this move was legitimately in the interest of fiscal responsibility and limited government.


From: Ojibwa Date: 11-Aug-12
Jack, we traditional bowhunters think alike. ~:^)

But did you know he is a "noodler," too?!

Well, no one is perfect; but he, in my opinion, is a superb selection by Romney. Ryan is bright, knowledgeable, and articulate--with a great personality.

Aloha and Aho,


From: Norseman Date: 11-Aug-12
I see CNN is already posting his ties with GWB. What a joke they are. Great choice! He will make WI colors Red once again.

From: Rupe Date: 12-Aug-12
Only an anti-hunter would be mad at Ryan as a VP choice over Biden as VP...or an idiot

From: Rhody Date: 12-Aug-12
The potential for 16+ years of growth is riding on this ticket. It will take diligence on our part to make sure RINO's are ousted and the tea party leading the recovery through conservative principles.

From: acadianarcher Date: 12-Aug-12
I do read though that Romney appearing to be distancing himself from Ryan's financial policy.

From: HA2/KS Date: 12-Aug-12
"I'm very supportive of the Ryan budget plan. It's a bold and exciting effort on his part and on the part of the Republicans and it's very much consistent with what I put out earlier.... I applaud it. It's an excellent piece of work and very much needed."

mitt romney 3/20/12

From: 70lbdraw Date: 12-Aug-12
paul ryan: "america is the only country founded on an IDEA: our rights come from nature and God, not government."

This is the first time I've actually been excited about a presidential election! The animal rights and ant-hunting liberals will use it to their full advantage bt I think he has the brass to shrug it off. Another reason I think we may actually get our country back. If only the rest of America would do like Wisconsin and start standing up for themselves!

From: Rupe Date: 12-Aug-12
RC, LOL exactly! those two words are interchangeable!!!

From: Elkhuntr Date: 12-Aug-12
how cool would it be to see 3D targets out on the White House lawn?

From: itshot Date: 12-Aug-12
bowhunting in the MsM for the next 5 years? this will require truckloads of popcorn

what a hoot!

From: bad karma Date: 12-Aug-12
Ryan is a quality pick. And it says that Romney is not going to avoid confronting the left, it says that he chose a man that will give them an "in your face, with my dead bowkill whitetail" attitude.

Ah laak it.

From: Rupe Date: 13-Aug-12
I hope I can take Paul Ryan deer hunting in Iowa some day!

From: Nick Muche Date: 13-Aug-12
Wonder if he is elected what he will do about the sh*tty decline in Wisconsin's deer hunting over the past 10 years. :)

Either way, they have my vote!

From: sbschindler Date: 13-Aug-12

Submission Removed by the Thread Owner

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 13-Aug-12
Cheney was the first and last VP to be anything other than a stand in, in case of the president dying.

Not saying anything bad about Ryan, but IMO, the VP pick matters very little and is usually just a concession to try and pick up more votes.

What matters is who's #1 on the ticket.

That said, I think anyone who bowhunts that's in the whitehouse is a good thing, even if it's the janitor.

From: Greg Date: 13-Aug-12

Submission Removed by the Thread Owner

From: Shiras Date: 13-Aug-12
"Not saying anything bad about Ryan, but IMO, the VP pick matters very little and is usually just a concession to try and pick up more votes.

What matters is who's #1 on the ticket."

I think that McCain would disagree with that statement.

From: Nick Muche Date: 13-Aug-12

Nick Muche's Supporting Link

From: AndyK Date: 13-Aug-12

Submission Removed by the Thread Owner

From: beachbowhunter Date: 13-Aug-12

Submission Removed by the Thread Owner

From: RK Date: 13-Aug-12
Wow. Liberal bowhunters. Very Rare animal for sure. But like most liberals whether they bowhunt or not, not a clue as to what is happening to this country.

Ryan is a great pick for all those that actually believe in hearing the truth that can be backed up with facts for a change.

Ryan / Biden debates should be fun to watch.

From: Russ Koon Date: 13-Aug-12
Yet another social conservative who wants smaller government except when it comes to encroaching on the personal freedoms of people who don't share their social conservatism. And another overbreeder who apparently feels we need more population.

But he IS a bowhunter and a fiscal conservative, so I'll vote for him....

I'd get excited enough to volunteer and send money if he was a Goldwater-style conservative who espoused freedom on social ossues and separation of church and state, but in consideration of the alternatives, I'll vote for him....

Unless it looks like a blowout in my state, in which I'm going with the Libertarian ticket of Johnson and Gray.

From: HoytsDad Date: 13-Aug-12
Weather Romney picked Paul Ryan or Alf for his VP who cares...who in their right mind would vote Obama back in. A vote for Obama is a vote against our children and grand children's future.

From: bow shot Date: 13-Aug-12
"Wow. Liberal bowhunters. Very Rare animal for sure. But like most liberals whether they bowhunt or not, not a clue as to what is happening to this country. Ryan is a great pick for all those that actually believe in hearing the truth that can be backed up with facts for a change.

Ryan / Biden debates should be fun to watch."


From: Desperado Date: 13-Aug-12
A hunter in the White House wouldn't be a bad thing, but to be honest, I haven't voted for someone in years. I typically find myself voting against someone. I am conservative by definition, but that doesn't mirror the views of those running under that name today. When 75-80% of the people making the laws have law degrees, you know we have problems. Most politicians are self-serving (the last thing they should be). I'm all about less government. Let me keep what I earn, and let communities support the less fortunate.

From: BO-N-ARO Date: 13-Aug-12
Great pick for sure. bow shot...... I must disagree with your statement about a fun to watch debates ..... I really don't think there would be much of a debate...:) Biden can barley remember his name.

From: Boone Date: 13-Aug-12
liberal bowhunter, doesn't make sense.

From: gadan Date: 13-Aug-12
It's great to see a picture of a regular guy proud of a fine animal he harvested selected as a VP nominee. I was happy Sat and happier now. Go RR!

From: milnrick Date: 13-Aug-12
I think Ryan is a positive addition to the ticket - that he hunt (gun or bow) is a definite plus and something for outdooremen and women to be glad about.

However, when it comes to voting, I tend to ask myself those questions that Reagan asked the American people back when he first ran against the SECOND WORST PRESIDENT EVER.....

"Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? Is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Do you feel that our security is as safe, that we're as strong as we were four years ago? And if you answer all of those questions 'yes', why then, I think your choice is very obvious as to whom you will vote for. If you don't agree, if you don't think that this course that we've been on for the last four years is what you would like to see us follow for the next four, then I could suggest another choice that you have."

I know the answers.... how I'll vote. The fact that 1/2 of the ticket will contain a bowhunter is a definite plus.

From: Ken Moody Date: 13-Aug-12
Here are the only two facts you need to know:

1. 51% of the people are paying 100% of the taxes.

2. 1 in 3 Americans are on some sort of welfare.

Is this the America that our forefathers envisioned?

If you believe it is then vote Obama. If you don't vote Republican.

From: Norseman Date: 13-Aug-12
I would love to be exempt from general Social Security withholding pool! And in my own special social net.

you don't think Obama has left the RRB pot alone do you? When the whole county goes bankrupt no one will have a "pot" to pizz in. but never mind that, just think for yourself and what you are entitled to.

and as far as medicare, how many Billions did Obama take out of that to fund his Obama care? Which seniors will be basically told to take a pain pill until you die.

and we don't pay for tax cuts. Is limiting Gov't spending so we stay within a budget extreme? scheesh!

From: LaGriz Date: 13-Aug-12
Yea Buddy, I like the Reagan quote.

As to the frightened liberals on this thread. The supposed tax cuts for the "middle class" are a window dressing scam, as they are only for one year. Then as a lame duck this looser can really open up on his socialist agenda. At least 1 Supreme Court Justice appointment. (I can't imagine who BHO will tap...Grrrr)will be added to a scary result in the court. The only one "forcing there beliefs" on our people is the democrats now dominated by the ultra left.

We are at a point now where you are a Right Wing snake dancing wing nut if you don't embrace gay marriage, "Share the wealth", "you didn't build that", "we must pass the bill to see what's in the bill", "CO2 (witch we all exhale)really is a pollutant", "no need to have an proof of citizenship or ID to vote" and mostly: "government an a dependent electorate is desirable and nessary for our long term health as a nation"... What light bulb to use, how large a drink I can buy, salt shakers not allowed on a cafe's table, smart meters controlling YOUR power "IN YOUR HOUSE", mandates, executive orders, Radical Gun control (yes it is coming)And not let use not forget Health Care From IRS and DMV type employees with UNLIMITED POWER over the masses!

God help us! JFK would be a republican if he was alive today! These folks and the news media have left the old Democratic Party behind. "Smell the Coffee America" The only choice for me this time IS the GOP! Griz

From: Rupe Date: 13-Aug-12
I removed all the Obama cult followers post especially the ones with the 4 letter words.

BTW this has always been in the Community Forum!

From: Naz Date: 14-Aug-12
Having any real bow hunter in a position of power can be a good thing, and Ryan is also a QDMA advocate. This would have to be a stepping-stone for him though, since the VP has little power. While the focus is on Ryan right now, that'll quickly fade and soon it'll simply be Obama vs. Romney. Many Wisconsinites believe Ryan would have been the better candidate for the top job, and that may well be true. But bottom line, if we can't get the cost of energy down (esp. oil) or find a replacement (not likely), it'll continue to take its toll on the family budget. If the economy doesn't grow, families, firms and nations struggle to repay their debts. I doubt either candidate can sustain the unsustainable, but they will tell the masses what they want to hear in order to get elected and allow those who vote for them to cling to the fantasy that all it takes is a change of leadership to bail us out of our problems.

From: AndyK Date: 14-Aug-12
Rupe good thing you dont run the country, no free speech under u

From: AndyK Date: 14-Aug-12
No politician is gonna fix this mess. Theyre all worthless in my book.

From: JW Date: 14-Aug-12
X100 Andy. I don't believe anything ANY of them say...

From: Norseman Date: 14-Aug-12

Norseman's embedded Photo

nothing we can do....

From: HA2/KS Date: 14-Aug-12
"No politician is gonna fix this mess. Theyre all worthless in my book. "

Yup! The alternatives are a dictator or a king. Which do you want?

From: Rupe Date: 14-Aug-12
Andyk, you can speak but not cuss this is a family forum so all post with cuss words get deleted if you don't like it then don't use a 4 letter word.

Even a leftist can understand that!

From: Lynn W Date: 15-Aug-12

Lynn W's embedded Photo

Another reason to like Paul Ryan =

He is a bow hunter !!!!

From: t-roy Date: 15-Aug-12
X10 LaGriz! Well stated I would love to take all the Libs, socialists & put them in their own utopia & see how long it takes to implode. t-roy(lefthanded-rightwinger)

From: petedrummond Date: 15-Aug-12
I like him cause he has real big ears and makes obamas a lock.

From: midwest Date: 16-Aug-12

midwest's embedded Photo

...and he's into P90X. Bring it!

From: MarkU Date: 16-Aug-12
Does he back Rommys contention that all federal land should be given to the states/privatized?

Under that plan, say goodbye to hunting out west for the normal people.

Pawlenty would have been a better choice.

From: Marshall Law Date: 16-Aug-12
Not going to effect my vote. Bowhunter is fine but if that was the measure of a great leader, Regan would have been a bowhunter.

From: ChristianDoc Date: 16-Aug-12
I have listened to Paul Ryan for several years and have hoped and prayed that someone like him would rise to the top in American politics. Ryan has had the courage to call a spade a spade and inconveniently point out that if we don't reform Medicaid, it will soon cease to exist. He has also had the courage to tell President Obama to his face that his healthcare law is a sham and smoke and mirrors. I am a physician in a large university hospital and I am very fearful of the changes I see coming in medicine if Romney/Ryan are not elected and Obamacare is not overturned. If we don't elect Romney/Ryan and turn this mess around, we will be heading over the financial cliff. Four more Obama years will change this country in a fundamental way that will leave it unrecognizable for our children. Not to mention what Obama and his crew will do by executive order to our second amendment rights if re-elected.

It surely doesn't hurt that Ryan is a bowhunter, pheasant hunter and decent honest Christian family man who walks the talk and lives out a life that one can believe in.Quite different from the current administration.

From: city hunter Date: 16-Aug-12
midwest it was a good thread until u posted that pic yikes !!!

From: midwest Date: 17-Aug-12
Come on, city, get with the program and X it up! You'd be able to strangle a qrizz with your bare hands after a couple rounds of P90X! lol

From: Barry Wensel Date: 18-Aug-12
Excellent post ChristianDoc. Thank you. BW

From: Don K Date: 18-Aug-12
I have a hard time supporting someone that wants to sell off Millions of Acres of Our public lands............

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 18-Aug-12
"Not to mention what Obama and his crew will do by executive order to our second amendment rights if re-elected."

Oh, this is such a crock of crap. While the rest of your post may be 100% correct, the "Obama's gunna take our guns!" banter is ridiculous and just makes me cringe.

People were saying this 4 years ago and buying up guns/ammo, well guess what, I've still got my gun, do you have yours still? And we're still going to have them 4 years from now if he gets re-elected.

Who knows what state medicine will be in, but I don't care if Stalin was president, no one's going to get guns out of the hands of Americans.

Its just non-sense paranoia.

From: Coldsteel (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 18-Aug-12
X2 what Greg said...

From: JTV Date: 18-Aug-12
If Ahhhbama gets back in, he will have free reign to do as he wishes, no more running from the 2nd Amendment debate. He will try and do as much as he can under his watch and try and fulfill the liberals agenda. He then has nothing to loose.. Only by the GOP holding the House and Senate or POTUS can we stop his march... Romney/Ryan OR Obama/Biden? .....For me its an easy choice R&R all the way....I watched Ryan on TV today and he will run all over O'Biden in the debate.... Jeff

From: Waterlooboy Date: 19-Aug-12
I wish it was the Ryan/Romney ticket as opposed to the Romney/Ryan ticket but I guess we have to take what we can get.

At least Romney recognizes good leadership qualities. I'm sure he would appoint good people to his cabinet if elected.

From: HoytCountry Date: 19-Aug-12
+2 Waterlooboy.

From: Coldsteel Date: 19-Aug-12
This post is so over rated... Lets keep Politics out of this site. Its to divisive and polarizing...

From: HoytsDad Date: 19-Aug-12
Considering the amount of thread responses Id say it is not over rated and that it is both important and relevant.

From: Coldsteel Date: 19-Aug-12
Bowsite. Is this a political site or a Bowhunting site that is formulated to discuss Bowhunting and everything Archery???? Becuase I don't see anything on this subject or others similar that has to do with Bowhunting and Archery...

From: Desperado Date: 19-Aug-12

Desperado's embedded Photo

Guys, you gotta see the connection between all hunting and politics. As mentioned earlier I usually vote against people not for them, but I vote! If you don't see the importance, your head is in the sand. If we're not active in this fight, we'll be giving theoretical advice on this site in the future. As for having our guns and bows in the next 4 years, probably not. But take some time and look at the gun regulations in Illinois where Obama came from. Our gun rights will not disappear all at once. They will be lost in a sea of regulations, certifications, and red tape. Bows, and other dangerous items, will follow. They would get too much resistance by taking them all at once, so they'll take their time whittling them away.

From: HoytsDad Date: 19-Aug-12
Bowsite. This is a bowhunting sight and a thread evolved about Paul Ryan who is a bowhunter who also happens to be the Republican VP candidate...than God. If you can't see that this is worthy conversation and how a potential Vice President who bowhunts can be good for hunting than as Desperado state "your head is in the sand" and potentially other places as well.

If you think your gun rights, hunting rights, etc are forever protected again remove your head from what ever hole it is in...look at California and mt lions or the battles in new jersey over bear hunting.

Their should be an intelligence test before letting someone in the voting booth.

From: Wages Date: 19-Aug-12

Wages's Supporting Link

This thread started on the Bowsite Community Forum , where matters of politics and off subject topics are supposed to be posted (see link).

It somehow got moved to the Bowsite Big Game Forums. Maybe it's a political statement by the moderators? Or maybe just a glitch?

From: sbschindler Date: 19-Aug-12
I see Paul Ryan a bit differently, I see a guy who has never held a job other than working for the US govt and a guy who spends 99% of his time in Washington DC and a guy who don't really know his facts in some of his works. for instance he want to completely revamp railroad retirement. reduce benefits and payments, although railroad retirement has absolutely nothing to do with tax money.. railroad retirement is totally and completely funded by railroad workers and the railroad industry, Railroad workers pay 3 times more than the guy paying into social security,, Why would Paul Ryan think that he is helping to reduce taxes by reducing railroad retirement. the 2 are not in anyway connected. This raises my eyebrows because what else is he mistaken on. I don't like him

From: midwest Date: 19-Aug-12
"It somehow got moved to the Bowsite Big Game Forums. Maybe it's a political statement by the moderators?"

That couldn't be the case. Everyone knows Pat is a huge flaming lib. :-)

From: BC (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 19-Aug-12
This election is vital to all who enjoy the outdoors and gun rights, among many other issues. For those who don't approve of this thread, don't participate...simple. There are approx 40 other current threads that are available to you.

From: sbschindler Date: 19-Aug-12
and of course you all know that electing Romney and Ryan will further promote the selling of all our public lands and getting them into private ownership and in the end reduce our hunting and fishing heritage. the selling of public lands is a republican Idea that has a lot of support among republican lawmakers.. this is fact and Romney himself asked why do we have so much public land it should be sold,, they just don't get it and don't know what public lands provide to sportsmen.

From: HoytsDad Date: 19-Aug-12
...and you would rather have obama in office? I'm sure he is going to be the first in line to stand up for sportsmans rights. I'll bet he has a special staffer allocated to looking out for hunters and fisherman and to see to it that lands are available to be hunted and fished upon. Heck, Biden himself is probably on it right now. I'll bet Joey "the brain" Biden even brought up making sure there are bowhunting only lands for us bowhunters. Chances are if Barry gets back in office getting to recreationally hunt and fish is probably going to be the last of lots of peoples concerns. Get real.

From: sbschindler Date: 19-Aug-12
and the fear mongers go to work, getting real means looking at what is real not what we can say to scare people into voting for something other than what is real.. but vote your heart and vote your conscience and you will be satified.

From: HoytsDad Date: 19-Aug-12
ya fear mongering...i don't suppose fear mongering would include telling a bunch of people on a hunting website that the pres candidate and the vp candidate, who is a bowhunter, are going to take all their public lands away.

From: sbschindler Date: 19-Aug-12
check for yourself they said it I only said what they said.. or at least what Romney said

From: midwest Date: 19-Aug-12
"this is fact and Romney himself asked why do we have so much public land it should be sold"

Here's Romney's REAL statement:

""I don’t know the reason that the federal government owns such a large share of Nevada. And when I was in Utah at the Olympics there I heard a similar refrain there. What they were concerned about was that the government would step in and say, “We’re taking this” — which by the way has extraordinary coal reserves — “and we’re not going to let you develop these coal reserves.” I mean, it drove the people nuts. Unless there’s a valid, and legitimate, and compelling governmental purpose, I don’t know why the government owns so much of this land. So I haven’t studied it, what the purpose is of the land, so I don’t want to say, “Oh, I’m about to hand it over.” But where government ownership of land is designed to satisfy, let’s say, the most extreme environmentalists, from keeping a population from developing their coal, their gold, their other resources for the benefit of the state, I would find that to be unacceptable.""

Go ahead libs, spin away.

From: Acu-Archer Date: 19-Aug-12
I think it's really cool that Paul Ryan's a bowhunter.


I saw a picture of the dude drawing his bow in his congressional office..

I hate to tell you this guys, I know you all idolize him..But I have to tell you the truth about this man. He's a good guy and all, but you see, there's something you need to know about him..

Please don't shoot the messenger..

Whew. OK, here goes:

The arrow he drew.... had an expandable broadhead on it. I think it was.. yes. I think it was a rage.

Sorry. I'm disappointed too.

Hate to destroy your utopian vision of perfect candidate... but alas it's an illusion.

(Before you tar and feather me as a evil, vile, bloodsuckng lib, please know I'm a bleeding heart libertarian and was Ron Paul all the way. I admit I'm still pretty upset at how the GOP treated him.)


From: Ken Moody Date: 19-Aug-12
Actually Ryan spends four days a week in Washington literally living in his office and the rest with his family. Hardly 99%. Additionally, Romney's comments regarding public land was, as usual with liberals, taken out of context.

Ken Moody

From: d-bone20917 Date: 20-Aug-12
It's quite the love fest on here just because the guys a bowhunter. It is fact that Paul Ryan's budget proposal included selling off public lands. And those that are saying he is a fiscal conservative should look at his voting record in congress. It is far from conservative. Again this is fact and you can look for yourself. Or you can just believe what other people tell you to believe and remain ignorant and happy. Unfortunately we once again have no good choices in this election.

From: Desperado Date: 20-Aug-12
Exactly - Vote against someone. I've seen plenty of negatives about Ryan, but do any of you really want 4 more years of what we just had. Sbschindler - do you hunt?

From: JayG@work Date: 20-Aug-12
Actually, the love fest for me is because not only in he a bow hunter, he also wanted to be a ski bum, but his mother talked him in to going to college instead. Any bowhunting ski bum wannabe is alright in my book. Better than what we have. Actually, a sweaty jockstrap is better than what we have, but that is another story. Jay

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 20-Aug-12
"The arrow he drew.... had an expandable broadhead on it. I think it was.. yes. I think it was a rage."


Shoot, you just cant find a good VP candidate these days! Good thing they only matter if you die...

From: sbschindler Date: 20-Aug-12
Yes I do hunt, and I pay attention

From: TD Date: 20-Aug-12
Absolutely belongs on the bowsite main page. It's very important to hunting, to have a bowhunter as the #2 man in the greatest most powerful country on the face of the earth....awesome.... someone from the real world...

LOL! The phrase "liberal bowhunter" reminds me of a word Native Americans used to use for "poor hunter"....


I can't wait for the debates. We will have a whole new bowsite bloodtrail challange with Biden at the end of it.... although a short one, Ryan's gonna ten-ring ol hoof-in-mouth Joe...

From: Desperado Date: 20-Aug-12
You pay attention to what?

From: midwest Date: 20-Aug-12
"You pay attention to what?"

What the union tells him. ;-)

From: glacial21 Date: 20-Aug-12

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Paul Ryan's stance on public land absolutely should interest hunters. Spend a few minutes on Google and you can find plenty of information. Here's a quote from today's Outdoor Life Magazine blog (see link):

"Ryan’s record on public lands and access leaves much to be desired. If you hunt or fish on public lands, volunteer for your local conservation group, or simply value the resource that Theodore Roosevelt left for all of us, that should concern you. Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” budget resolution called for the selling off of public lands. Lots of it. That hurts blue-collar hunters like you and me. Without public lands, there’s a hell of a lot less public hunting. His proposal would starve our public-land agencies of funding until they sell off land just to stay afloat. That is shortsighted politics when it comes to wildlife management and hunter opportunity."

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 20-Aug-12
This was suggested briefly by the Bush Administration to pay for rural schools. It got shot down quicker than a turkey with clipped wings.

If there's one thing that a lot of liberals and conservatives agree on, its NOT selling public land.

From: Mint Date: 21-Aug-12
For the poster above saying Railroad retirment is secure and safe, it is based on the same model as social security so it relies on new workers paying current retireies benefits. The fund has about 26 billion in assets which is about 2 1/2 years of current retiries benefits to be paid out. It is only a matter of time that it will be in the same shape as social security since retirement age is low and people are living longer. Ryan sees this problem in the future and has the courage to address it, putting your head in the sand doesn't solve the problem.

From: Russ Koon Date: 21-Aug-12
The selling off of public land has been a consideration for a long time by conservative politicians of both Republican and Libertarian parties, although they've mostly not pushed it very strongly because it hasn't been very well received when proposed.

You do have a quandary involved when you see government involvement in about anything else as bad and inefficient, and usually mismanaged, but still want the government to maintain the lands we chase critters around on.

Part of the answer might lie in making it less "free" ("free" being the most misused four-letter word starting with "F" in the English language).

If the land's recreational use was licensed to the users, whether for bird-watching, hiking, horseback riding, or hunting and fishing, so that it was provided at no loss to the taxpayer, the the uncomfortable conflict might be resolved without converting all our national forests into subdivisions.

Of course the government hasn't had a stellar record of efficiently running business operations, so the natural propensity for waste and mismanagement would need to be modified if the departments in charge were charged with handling their budgets responsibly. Hey. it COULD happen...just because it hasn't yet doesn't make it theoretically impossible.

We hunters are already paying a good bit of what would be honestly required by any efficient management, in our license fees. And quite a bit more if we're hunting out of state.

Hard to project how things would change if the public lands were sold.

Realistically, it's hard to imagine developers fighting to get to the front of the line at auctions with wheelbarrows of cash to build on properties where there are no utilities, no infrastructure, and no jobs nearby. especially while there are entire subdivisions sitting around now with half-finished homes, ho,es finished but unsold, and homes sold but now in foreclosure.

The greatest immediate impact would likely be on drilling and mining development and timber management, and likely some effect on grazing fees. I expect private ownership of vast tracts would soon have trespass fee structures that would range from very reasonable to pricey depending on trophy potential.

Sounds a little like the dreaded European system where only the wealthy get to hunt the King's Forest?

Yeah, but then how many of us can buy NR licenses for twenty years to get enough points to get drawn for a hunt in a prime area now, and still pay an outfitter?

The end results might not be as different under private ownership as we would assume at first glance. And the danger to hunting might be greatly reduced by the conversion if it involved the ownership of the game being transferred to a private business that wanted to keep providing good hunting opportunities as a normal part of ranching or timber productions, as some already do.

Private enterprise seems to seek a sustainable level and a reasonable price for goods and services generally, and would probably serve well in this capacity also, eventually.

If we want to deny "free" health care, "free" childcare, "free" education, etc., but still retain "free" hunting ground, aren't we being hypocritical?

From: JayG@work Date: 21-Aug-12
2X Russ. Great points. Look at how well the federal government managed the wolves in Idaho and the Yellowstone region. The question of pulic lands should be left to the States, as outlined in the Constitution. Let the states regulate thier lands, get the Federal Government out of it. JM not so HO. Jay

From: HoytsDad Date: 21-Aug-12
We dont deny free healthcare, child care, or education. Medicaid, wellfair, and educational grants are currently provided. What many including myself are trying to deny is the insane abuse of these programs as well as the sky rocketing number of people enrolling into these programs. It is insane the amount of free college education is provided. College education is not a right it is a privilege, K-12 grade is a right. If you can't get a grant get a student loan , get educated, and pay the thing back. If it takes more than 4 years because you have to take less hours do you can work more hours to live while getting a higher education than so be it.

I don't feel like I am denying free anything to anyone, I am reminded about how much free stuff I help tp provide on my 1st and 15th of the month psystub.

"public hunting land" is not free and thus not called "free hunting land" for a reason...when we buy hunting and fishing goods we are reminded that the "free" public hunting areas are funded by tax dollars from our sporting goods....Pittman-Robertson Act. Just so happens that the public, even if they are not sportsman paying P-R taxes, can enjoy these areas with the funding sportsman provide thru P-R act.

Someone eleses free is your and my responsibility to fund be it doctor visits or maintained trail heads.

From: d-bone20917 Date: 21-Aug-12
Jay, why do you think the states would do a better job? The public land belongs to all of us and is everyone's to use. The federal government is trusted to maintain it for all of us. The game animals also belong to the people but the individual states have the responsibility for managing them and setting the rules and fees for hunting them. Unless you are talking about protected species of course. I guess I think the public trust model is working pretty well and is what makes hunting in this country great. We can head out west and hunt on millions of acres of public land that we have just as much ownership and stake in as everyone else.

From: TD Date: 21-Aug-12
Russ, "free is right up there on the misused list, but still far below "fair".... that can be literally twisted into anything. Such as the government forcibly taking one person's property and simply giving it to another person because he didn't have as much.

All in the interest of "fairness" or the long form.... "social justice".... or for those in Rio Linda who missed it the first time around, "spread the wealth"....

If that quote above was correct, they were reducing the funding "starve our public-land agencies of funding until they sell off land just to stay afloat." That sounds like a scare tactic used by someone with a monetary interest in maintaining the agency. If they are selling off land to pay for agencies to manage them..... we certainly have things azzbackwards. There is a huge difference IMO between reducing public sector funding and selling federal land. Huge.

There are many federal agencies that likely should be starved right to death. Many others should be on an anorexic diet. Nothing should be off the table.

WRT selling federal land I'd have to see it's current use and it's proposed use. Much of that which would be sold has no public value, is not being used for anything. Small lots surrounded by private property that the government used at one time but no longer does. All land is not created equal, I'd have to see the sales piece by piece to assess their public value.

From: Mint Date: 22-Aug-12
"Small lots surrounded by private property that the government used at one time but no longer does."

That is exactly what was proposed to be sold. We have lots of that land in this country which in turn only makes the adjacent landowner happy. Good old Harry Rerid specialized making land deals like this in Nevada, his friends would buy cheap land adjacent bought by the feds so no development could be done on the fed land therby raising the value owned by reids friend.

From: Stoney Date: 22-Aug-12
The average Joe hunter should thank his lucky stars for the mix of private and public land available now. Especially in the West there is tremendous tracts of public land and the Government although not Constitutionally legal keep buying up more private land every year. All of this and with the Clinton and Obamma Administrations adding more national parks and monuments designations with much of it off limits to hunting and with the USFS and BLM trying to make defacto wilderness out of a big share of our public lands. So there you have a mixed bag of subtractions and additions to available public land hunting.

The RMEF while over all doing a great job, especially in habitat restoration have taken almost 6 million acres out of private hands or held in conservation easements and a lot of it was transferred back to the USFS or BLM with some of it open for hunting and some of it not.

Private property is what made this country great and will keep us strong in the future but is under heavy fire from the progressive liberal camp.

I think we have a good mix of private and public land in the West now and hope it stays the same into the future. I personally don't think the US Government needs to own any more land.

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