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Most Durable Broadhead Target?
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Recurve Addict 18-Sep-12
milnrick 18-Sep-12
x-man 18-Sep-12
Ermine 18-Sep-12
BTM 18-Sep-12
Ace of Spades 19-Sep-12
r-man 19-Sep-12
Recurve Addict 19-Sep-12
The blob has been the most durable I have ever owned but it's time for a new one and I'm wondering if anyone knows of anything better. I shoot broadheads almost exclusively.


From: milnrick
Recurve Addict, is there a 'foam store' near your home? If so, give them a call and see what they've got in stock.

We've purchased basic beaded foam blocks (30" x 30" x 40") for our bowhunter ed classes and have had them last for years (in class and in our yard). We'd dump it in the bed of the truck for classes, then put it back in the yard for our own use. We'd replace the foam block about every 5 years - that's a lot of broadhead and field point use.

More recently, we bought sheets of ethafoam, glue 2 sheets of foam 3" deep X 25" X 25" together and made our own self healing targets. Add a wooden frame to help keep them vertical and you're ready to shoot.

From: x-man
The best store-bought target is the Rinehart.

The most durable home made target is sand. Probably the best sand target I've seen was a cube frame wrapped with foam and filled with sand. The 2x2 wood frame kept everything square, the foam kept the sand from leaking out too much, and you never have to worry about shooting all the way through 16" of sand.

From: Ermine
I 2nd what x man said

From: BTM
My CUBE has taken thousands of BH shots and still has lots of life left.

X2 for the Rinehart.


From: r-man
I have a pile of dirt, best one on the market.

The Rinehart isn't even in the same league as the blob in terms of durability. I have owned both. I shot through the RInehart in less than a year.

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