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Hunter Harassment video



Messages posted to thread:
Scotty 18-Sep-12
Bou'bound 18-Sep-12
Buckeye_Hunter 18-Sep-12
StickFlicker 18-Sep-12
fuzzy 18-Sep-12
fuzzy 18-Sep-12
Leadspreader 18-Sep-12
DC 19-Sep-12
WapitiBob 19-Sep-12
rooster 19-Sep-12
cme2hunt 19-Sep-12
Owl 19-Sep-12
Scotty 19-Sep-12
Brotsky 19-Sep-12
Owl 19-Sep-12
JLS 19-Sep-12
wooddamon1 19-Sep-12
Swamp Buck 19-Sep-12
bowhunter4fr 19-Sep-12
AVI 19-Sep-12
IdyllwildArcher 19-Sep-12
Swamp Stalker 19-Sep-12
Swamp Stalker 19-Sep-12
tracy warren 19-Sep-12
M10mobile 20-Sep-12
M10mobile 20-Sep-12
mikebrown123 20-Sep-12
manitou1 20-Sep-12

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From: Scotty Date: 18-Sep-12

Scotty's Supporting Link

Here is a video that clearly depicts hunter harassment. I do not know how to proceed but somebody needs to press charges against this individual. Can anybody tell me how to find out what state this was filmed in, what the hunter harassment laws of that state are and how to proceed??

From: Bou'bound Date: 18-Sep-12
those guys at the end looked like those duck commander hunters didn't they?

From: Buckeye_Hunter Date: 18-Sep-12
Hunter harassment IS A CRIME. Why did they not just call law enforcement? I almost feel like these guys deserved to be harassed for not calling a sheriff or game warden. The one kid obviously had a cell phone...

From: StickFlicker Date: 18-Sep-12
He's accusing hunters of deforestation?! I think permanently clearing natural terrain to plant vegetables does a lot more deforestation in addition to permanently displacing the wildlife that used to live there.

From: fuzzy Date: 18-Sep-12
lol... thats freakin nuts!

From: fuzzy Date: 18-Sep-12
lol... thats freakin nuts!

From: Leadspreader Date: 18-Sep-12
I pray for the day that some "Holier than though" vegan pulls that crap with me.

From: DC Date: 19-Sep-12
It wouldn't work in my neck of the woods.

From: WapitiBob Date: 19-Sep-12
I would have beat his ass.

From: rooster Date: 19-Sep-12
I just watched the first couple of minutes but, I don't think he would have been so bold and calm had he tried that with 3 grown men.

From: cme2hunt Date: 19-Sep-12
Wow that dude has some balls. Those kids could've easily shot him and came up with a story about trying to touch them in the naughty place. But I give it up to the boys they seemed cool and collected in the part I watched. He could also be in huge trouble if those boys or their parents saw that and he posted it up without their permission being they are minors.

From: Owl Date: 19-Sep-12
Approaching 3 kids in the woods? Creepy. Nice stereotyping, too. Goes well with "unity" disclaimer at the beginning of the video.

We have laws against hunter harassment in VA. I would use the video to prosecute him.

From: Scotty Date: 19-Sep-12
Owl, I do indeed want to use this video as evidence to prosecute him. I just don't know how to proceed. Any advice??

From: Brotsky Date: 19-Sep-12
An intelligent person watching this video would have pointed out the hypocrisy of most of his points and the down right ignorance of the rest of them. Of course videos of the times that he has run into experienced, adult hunters who have made him look like a fool don't end up on youtube do they?

From: Owl Date: 19-Sep-12
Scotty, I am not a lawyer or even remotely tech savvy but I would start tracing the video back from whoever uploaded it, try to figure out which state it was made, cross reference for hunter harassment laws and contact the state's attorney. There are privacy issues with minors as well.

If the fellow who uploaded it also created it, a surreptitious email may get him to admit where it was filmed and then you can contact the state's attorney in that jurisdiction. However, without a complainant, it may go nowhere. Again, I have no idea of the vagaries of law. I am just spit-balling my approach.

From: JLS Date: 19-Sep-12

In general (not always), hunter harrasment cannot be a victimless crime. In other words, if the aggrieved party does not file a complaint, there is no crime.

It is definitely illegal to post photos or video of minors without the consent of their parent/guardian.

From: wooddamon1 Date: 19-Sep-12
The parent of the kids posted on the comments, maybe there's a way to contact them? What an ignorant twit...

From: Swamp Buck Date: 19-Sep-12
I am with you WapitiBob, then tossed the cell phone and had a nice trap shoot with it.

I just spent the last hour checking out that guys other videos.... What a tool, I sit here and just can't understand how some people think. I am really just at a loss of words, but it does make me want a steak even more.

From: bowhunter4fr Date: 19-Sep-12
What an a$$hole. Definitely wouldn't have been such an activist with 3 men (vs. boys). Wouldn't work around here anyhow. Might have gotten an old fashioned a$$ whoopin'!

From: AVI Date: 19-Sep-12
What a coward, wonder how he would do if they came a little bigger. I think the young uncle showed good restraint infront of his nephews. I know I could not have stayed as calm.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 19-Sep-12
Couldn't watch the entire thing. This guy is an idiot.

From: Swamp Stalker Date: 19-Sep-12
Textbook liberal douche bag...

From: Swamp Stalker Date: 19-Sep-12
Textbook douche bag..

From: tracy warren Date: 19-Sep-12
That s.o.b. needs the hell beat out of him.

From: M10mobile Date: 20-Sep-12
I'm going to quote John Wayne from the Cowboys " alright we've what you can do with little boys, let's see what you can do when there a little bigger" I would love this creep to try this with me.

From: M10mobile Date: 20-Sep-12
I'm going to quote John Wayne from the Cowboys " alright we've what you can do with little boys, let's see what you can do when there a little bigger" I would love this creep to try this with me.

From: mikebrown123 Date: 20-Sep-12
Here in New York, hunting is defined as "pursue, shoot, kill, or capture (other than trap) wildlife and includes all lesser acts that DISTURB or WORRY wildlife whether or not they result in taking". So if you are hunting and some tree hugger is walking through the woods and laking noise trying to keep game away from your position, they TECHNICALLY need a hunting license. If you call a DEC officer, they can be ticketed.

From: manitou1 Date: 20-Sep-12
They would be coming across the skinny bastards bones buried in the woods in a couple of years if he pulled that crap with the wrong (right!?) people.

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