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CamoFire vs Black Ovis?
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Bowbender 08-Dec-12
Charlie Rehor 09-Dec-12
SBH 09-Dec-12
Krummholz 10-Dec-12
From: Bowbender
I've bought Core4Element thru CamoFire and have been more than please with the clothing.

I noticed the other day that Black Ovis web site is linked on CamoFire's. I went to the Black Ovis webs site and noticed they have the full Core4 line, but the price is significantly, the Element pants on Camofire are $149.00 and on Black Ovis they are $199.99. Also, when looking up contact info, the address is identical.

Just wondering if the two companies are the same? Same owners....


From: SBH
What Charlie said! They are the same. Black Ovis seems to be a shell company of Camofire....Camofire also owns Core4 line from what I can tell. They made it to compete with Sitka and sell it on Camofire at a "discount". I think anyways??

From: Krummholz
Landon here from Camofire. Just thought, I'd clarify for you guys.

We did just recently launch It is intended to complement with a full selection of hunting gear at regular retail prices. Essentially, it's a regular, online hunting store. We'll also occasionally clear out excess inventory from BlackOvis through Camofire.

Core4Element is a separate company, though the owners of Camofire are also affiliated with Core4. In talking with them, they view Core4 as a premium brand with quality and technology on par (or better) with Sitka, Kuiu, and the like, but at somewhat lower prices.

Currently Core4 is only available on the website and on BlackOvis. Camofire does occasionally liquidate excess core4 inventory (like today, to make room for the 2013 line.)

I hope this helps.


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