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2001 Browning Tornado w/Cyber Cam?
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Bogenschutze II 05-Feb-13
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My son has "inherited" (from his uncle) a 2000 (or there abouts) Browning Tornado F5 with the Cyber Cam (an important distinction, since the entire bow was revamped once PSE took over).

Anyone out there "just happen to" have an old owner's manual stuffed away in their closet I might reference for specifications?

Yeah, the thing is older than dirt, but it's still in good shape and usable. Problem is, I can't find diddly-squat on line.....and, of course, the Browning line of bows is defunct.

But I'd like to help him get it up and running, to include setting it to factory specs.

First and foremost, I need the original string and bus-cable lengths. Then I'd like the A2A and brace-height measurements.

All the above changed once PSE started spitting out their version....

Any of you fellow geezers out there have a copy of the manual, molding away in your pack-rat treasures closet?

From: Potopower
A Browning F5 Tornado is more of a parallel limb bow than that one is. That is just the plain old Tornado from around 2000 / 2001. I am pretty sure I have the book at the camp as I have that bow. If you are still online, I can send all the specs next week. That bow has the inner cam module to easily adjust the draw lengths. It is a rock solid bow, I always look at all the new technology and just can't give up my old bow.

From: Potopower
92.75" Cable 2001 Tornado has 2 models: 01007A 24-28" Draw Length 41" Buss Length 01007B 27-31" Draw Length 39.75" Buss Length Both are 60-70# Draw weights - Each turn is 3# on the Limbs

Cam Information: http://www.thearcher.com/depot/resourceCentre/2002browning_Cam_supplement.pdf

Owners Manual: http://www.browning.com/support/files/images/brn/pdf/archery-manuals/02-browning-archery-manual.pdf

Tune Chart: http://tune.pse-archery.com/

Just happened to stumble back in here and see this. Outstanding and most excellent! And thank you! And my son thanks you, as well (gotta get that boy a new bow one of these days).

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