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Find The Copperhead



Messages posted to thread:
Clutch 06-Feb-13
Coyote 65 06-Feb-13
Owl 06-Feb-13
Tigereye 06-Feb-13
bowfisher 06-Feb-13
jerseyjohn 06-Feb-13
Charlie Rehor 06-Feb-13
buglemaster 06-Feb-13
oldgoat 06-Feb-13
Jack Harris 06-Feb-13
tobinsghost 06-Feb-13
Bill Obeid 06-Feb-13
Chip T. 06-Feb-13
Bake 06-Feb-13
treestand 06-Feb-13
MissingStrands 06-Feb-13
Buffalo1 06-Feb-13
HDBOW 06-Feb-13
BadgerND 06-Feb-13
KJC 06-Feb-13
IdyllwildArcher 06-Feb-13
JLS 06-Feb-13
Clutch 06-Feb-13
Clutch 06-Feb-13
JTV 06-Feb-13
steve 06-Feb-13
Bear Track 06-Feb-13
Medicinemann 06-Feb-13
Bou'bound 06-Feb-13
Maui Rhino 06-Feb-13
Straight —» Arrow 06-Feb-13
Coyote 65 06-Feb-13
Tony 06-Feb-13
city hunter 06-Feb-13
city hunter 06-Feb-13
Buffalo1 06-Feb-13
Buffalo1 06-Feb-13
Buffalo1 06-Feb-13
Buffalo1 06-Feb-13
Buffalo1 06-Feb-13
Buffalo1 06-Feb-13
marylandmatrix 06-Feb-13
Buffalo1 06-Feb-13
Paul@thefort 07-Feb-13
city hunter 07-Feb-13
Tony 07-Feb-13
mature8pointer 07-Feb-13
ki-ke out 07-Feb-13
Pyrannah 07-Feb-13
Jack Harris 07-Feb-13
Buffalo1 07-Feb-13
Buffalo1 07-Feb-13
Jack Harris 07-Feb-13
city hunter 08-Feb-13
Old Crow 08-Feb-13
fuzzy 08-Feb-13
fairchase 08-Feb-13
Buffalo1 08-Feb-13
ki-ke out 08-Feb-13
Bake 08-Feb-13
Catman 08-Feb-13
Clutch 08-Feb-13
TD 08-Feb-13
drycreek 12-Feb-13
Surfbow 12-Feb-13
Surfbow 12-Feb-13
Surfbow 12-Feb-13
Coyote 65 14-Feb-13
XMan 14-Feb-13
Jack Harris 14-Feb-13
mainbrdr 14-Feb-13
AZ~Rich 14-Feb-13
Crazy_8s 15-Feb-13
Jack Harris 15-Feb-13
1958bowhunter 16-Feb-13
brewski 16-Feb-13
brewski 16-Feb-13
brewski 16-Feb-13
fisherick 16-Feb-13
r-man 16-Feb-13
1958bowhunter 16-Feb-13

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From: Clutch (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 06-Feb-13

Clutch's MOBILE embedded Photo

Great Camo--ummm

From: Coyote 65 Date: 06-Feb-13
Found part of it, don't see the head.


From: Owl Date: 06-Feb-13
Mature copperheads are good looking snakes. That one particularly.

From: Tigereye Date: 06-Feb-13
yep found it took a while cool pic.

Hint: Moving right to left

From: bowfisher Date: 06-Feb-13
Got it, took about a minute on my phone, very cool pic!

From: jerseyjohn Date: 06-Feb-13
Found it, blends in well. JJ

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 06-Feb-13
I'm color blind so I can't really follow the blood trail. C

From: buglemaster Date: 06-Feb-13
I woulda been a statistic...took a few minutes here.Completly agree with Charlie! No bloodtrail.....

From: oldgoat Date: 06-Feb-13
I don't want too! But I did. One of the reasons I moved to Colorado instead of my native Texas when I retired from the Navy. I'm really not afraid of snakes, have caught rattle snakes before, it's the ones that aren't nice enough to let me know they are there that I don't like.

From: Jack Harris Date: 06-Feb-13
see it! the XXXXX all in a row, only way I found it...

From: tobinsghost Date: 06-Feb-13
Jack H.: Same here, otherwise, it would've bitten me like my ol' man use to say!!

From: Bill Obeid Date: 06-Feb-13
Took me longer than it should have !

Chaulk me up as bitten.

From: Chip T. Date: 06-Feb-13
Found the xxx's and found snake.

From: Bake Date: 06-Feb-13
Took me a while, but I finally found it. I'd have been bitten for sure!

I am deathly afraid of snakes. Correction, deathly afraid of snakes I can't see. If I see them, I'm okay

And it's weird because I know that as a healthy adult, a copperhead bite probably wouldn't kill me. It's just the thought of being bitten that scares me. Something about it just gives me the creeps

When I check trail cams in the summer, it's laughable. I carry a 4 1/2 foot long stick, and beat the ground in front of me while I walk (heavy-footed walk too), to try to make sure everything knows I'm coming, and to run and hide :)

I'm the guy who can't watch the snake scene in the old or new True Grit :)

And Pat's mamba video has the hair on my neck standing up


From: treestand Date: 06-Feb-13
Got it---I hate being suprised by snakes--especially snakes in trees.

From: MissingStrands Date: 06-Feb-13
Found it, I hate those things. Found 3 straight one day turkey hunting. Each snake was about 20 yards from the previous one. After the third one it took me an hour to move 100 yards. I was scared sh&*&^%ess. Needless to say I didn't get a turkey that day.

From: Buffalo1 Date: 06-Feb-13
If it took you long to spot it, you are probably already stepped on it or have been biten !!

Great photo.

From: HDBOW Date: 06-Feb-13
I woulda had to pay for anti-venom

From: BadgerND Date: 06-Feb-13
I found it pretty quick, but my experience with Copperheads is you won't see them if they're not moving.

I was raised in Texas, and when I was a kid we had a lot of Copperheads and Rattlesnakes as well. One day when I was about 9, my dad was clearing brush and almost got bit by a Copperhead. He decided to smoke it out, and me, my mom, and 2 of my brothers help surround the area as he set fire to it. We were all armed with shovels or hoes. After a few minutes, a Copperhead came out straight at me, and I chopped his head off but I was shaking like a leaf. Then a second Copperhead came out toward my dad and he got that one. We ended up getting 4.

From: KJC Date: 06-Feb-13
Very cool!

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 06-Feb-13
Took me at least 60 seconds.

treestand, even worse then snakes in trees? Snakes on a plane.

From: JLS Date: 06-Feb-13
I'm a dead man. At least our snakes around here rattle.

From: Clutch (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 06-Feb-13

Clutch's MOBILE embedded Photo

Here's a copperhead that would wait for us on the front porch of the lodge every morning before going to the stand-- I guess they liked the warmth of the stone

From: Clutch (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 06-Feb-13

Clutch's MOBILE embedded Photo

Also this copperhead had a buddy that would greet us as we would leave in the morning also

From: JTV Date: 06-Feb-13
Found it...

From: steve Date: 06-Feb-13
I finally found it I hate snakes thats why I hunt were it is cold .

From: Bear Track Date: 06-Feb-13
Got it! And glad you have them to deal with than me here. We have garter snakes and that's it. I was chasing a porcupine (what the reason was I don't know) and I steped on a mateing ball of garter snakes. Must of been 50 snakes and felt like jello when my foot hit it. Gave me the willys!

From: Medicinemann Date: 06-Feb-13
I have to get Mad Trapper to check this out.....he loves snakes....NOT!!

From: Bou'bound Date: 06-Feb-13
the copperhead was a breeze but it took me thirty minutes to see the cape buffalo. that sucker is really hidden.

From: Maui Rhino Date: 06-Feb-13
Snakes creep me out too. One of the reasons I love living in Hawaii (aside from being able to bowhunt 365) is that we don't snakes...or poison ivy/oak.

From: Straight —» Arrow Date: 06-Feb-13
copperheads don't hurt's the cottonmouths you need to watch out for.

From: Coyote 65 Date: 06-Feb-13
Bou, was that the buffalo with mud on his horns or the one scratching with his hind leg?


From: Tony Date: 06-Feb-13
I've been bitten once by a rattlesnake and once by a cottonmouth. Cottonmouth made me sick and vomiting but the rattler put me in the hospital overnight with bad swelling and muscle contractions. Fortunately didn't have to have any anti venom as the Dr. said it could be far worse than the snake bite with long term side effects. The good news is the more I get bit the more I will become immune to the venom.

From: city hunter Date: 06-Feb-13

city hunter's embedded Photo

Im a Herb guy love the reptiles , as a young lad i had copperheads as pets !

found this timber on the side of the road i saved him from being run over it was late sept 9000 plus ft go figure

From: city hunter Date: 06-Feb-13
tony what kind of rattlesnake ? snakes have the ability to monitor there venom dose even dry bites have been reported , sounds like u didn't get a full dose Lucky you !!!

I got nailed once while showing a girl my rattlesnake lucky for me he hit my thumb nail !!!!

From: Buffalo1 Date: 06-Feb-13

Buffalo1's embedded Photo

This is a copperhead that a guy who stopped by the bowshop back in October. He had just shot with a pistol and was getting some repair work done on his bow.He spotted the snake him at the end of a turn row in a cotton field. He is the largest copperhead I have ever seen. Almost 48" long.

From: Buffalo1 Date: 06-Feb-13

Buffalo1's embedded Photo

From: Buffalo1 Date: 06-Feb-13

Buffalo1's embedded Photo

From: Buffalo1 Date: 06-Feb-13

Buffalo1's embedded Photo

From: Buffalo1 Date: 06-Feb-13

Buffalo1's embedded Photo

From: Buffalo1 Date: 06-Feb-13
Sorry about the triple post. My computer is acting goofy tonight.

From: marylandmatrix Date: 06-Feb-13
Looks like a cottonmouth to me

From: Buffalo1 Date: 06-Feb-13

Cottommouth is black/grayish black with no pattern in my part of the country. Super white inside of mouth, not reddish.


From: Paul@thefort Date: 07-Feb-13
15 seconds

From: city hunter Date: 07-Feb-13
thats a very large copperhead

From: Tony Date: 07-Feb-13
city hunter, It was a 46"timber rattler. I got nailed once while showing a girl my rattlesnake too, the wife didn't like it

From: mature8pointer Date: 07-Feb-13
Don't know who told you that is a copperhead but that is as cottonmouth as they come.

From: ki-ke out Date: 07-Feb-13
I also say cottonmouth

From: Pyrannah Date: 07-Feb-13

From: Jack Harris Date: 07-Feb-13
That big dead snake must be a cottonmouth... Doesn't have the telltale XXXX ... Also that dead snake has a flat divot at top of his head, which copperhead just has a basic trianglular head without that larger pit on top... (although both are indeed - PIT Vipers)

OP's was definitely copperhead, dead snake = cottonmouth

100% certain on both snakes - check google images and you will see....

From: Buffalo1 Date: 07-Feb-13
I may be mistaken about the specie.

Jack Harris- if a copperhead doesn't have fangs, what does it have? You have pricked my interest.

From: Buffalo1 Date: 07-Feb-13
After doing more research I am 100% positive that the snake I displayed is a cottonmouth. They come in both the patterned (as displayed in my photos) as well as the grayish-black which I noted on a post.

This is the first mistake I have admitted to in a long time. Therefore, this a very historic event !!!

From: Jack Harris Date: 07-Feb-13
Buffalo1, a very nobile admission on your part... You are doing better than I if that is your first bowsite mistake and admission!

I originally posted "copperheads don't have fangs", but then immediately retracted it when i remembered something about only the babies don't have them.. Their fangs are considerably smaller than a Cottonmouth though...

Those cottonmouths are nasty, and more venemous I think...

A copperhead probably does have the best natural camo over just about any animal....

From: city hunter Date: 08-Feb-13
funny how guys say camo dosent work ,,, Jack check out them Gaboon vipers ,,

From: Old Crow Date: 08-Feb-13
Well the coppersnake that bit me back in the early 80's sure had fangs!

From: fuzzy Date: 08-Feb-13
that's a nice one! hope you didn't kill it?

From: fairchase Date: 08-Feb-13
Snake on the tailgate is a Cottonmouth for sure!

From: Buffalo1 Date: 08-Feb-13
Guess I owe Clutch an apology too for a "sidebar hijack" of finding the copperhead.

This hasn't been a good thread for me to participate in. Life will move on and get better!!!

From: ki-ke out Date: 08-Feb-13

You're officially on probation for exceeding the allowable thread limit on desseminating mis-information.

Consider yourself spanked. Upon your 2nd violation, you shall have the acronym FOMI (fountain of mis information) attached to your handle for 4 months. This will replace the lost star system of cyber discipline formerly in place for folks like you.


Gaboon's are a damn fine looking, but NASTY animal. My favorite snake, ever! I've got a pic of a mating pair I will try and dig up.


From: Bake (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 08-Feb-13
Steve, you ever read capsticks book about Wally Johnson? Interesting story about him surviving a gaboon bite


From: Catman Date: 08-Feb-13
Took me a few minutes to find. Wifey spotted him within 5 seconds. Cool pic.

From: Clutch (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 08-Feb-13
Buffalo1, enjoyed reading all the post-- no hijack terrorist on this site--:^)

From: TD Date: 08-Feb-13
I would have been OK.

I jumped away as soon as I read the word "copperhead"..... might have even squealed like a little girl for a second..... =D

From: drycreek Date: 12-Feb-13
Yep. I got bit!

From: Surfbow Date: 12-Feb-13

Surfbow's embedded Photo

Almost stepped on this guy in September, he was over 4'...

From: Surfbow Date: 12-Feb-13

Surfbow's embedded Photo

Of course I had to poke him with my fly rod, just to make sure he was paying attention...

From: Surfbow Date: 12-Feb-13

Surfbow's embedded Photo

...and this little beauty was up at almost 8,000 feet

From: Coyote 65 Date: 14-Feb-13
My most exciting encounter with a snake was in Southern AZ while deer hunting.

Early morning I was climbing up the mountain to get a good viewing spot. The path had a bunch of volcanic rocks that formed a staircase. The risers of the steps were about 2 feet. About the 4th step up as I was about to set my right foot down on the tread I noticed 2 rattlers all coiled together. Automagically my right leg recoiled before it ever hit the snakes and my knee came up and hit me my chin. I ended up with a cut lip.

I tried duplicating the move in telling the story to a friend and could never get that knee close to my chin.

I did not harm the snakes as they rattled letting me know they were there.


From: XMan Date: 14-Feb-13
ok, I'll admit it, I cant find it.... where?

From: Jack Harris Date: 14-Feb-13
look for the xxx all in a row.... then keep following it to the right...

From: mainbrdr Date: 14-Feb-13
I grew up in Northeast Okla. on the Illinois river. Dealt with Cottonmouths constantly as I spent all my free time fishing or hunting along the river and never did I see one that was anywhere near that distinctively marked. Mostly just dull gray with pinkish-white inside their mouths, which I saw more often than I wanted to! We had Copperheads too but never saw one over about 24".

From: AZ~Rich Date: 14-Feb-13
I'm kind of a snake nut and I vote that it's a Cottonmouth that happens to have distintive patterning. Seen many of each.

From: Crazy_8s Date: 15-Feb-13

Crazy_8s's embedded Photo

I got bit by this guy right after taking this photo:/ Paying too much attention to taking the pic & not to holding onto the snake. ICU , 12 doses of crofab, lots of diludid morphine and weeks of physical therapy. Still have some pain. Worst part is it happened on my anniversary( talk about a po'd wife!). Couldn't shoot my bow for quite some time...

From: Jack Harris Date: 15-Feb-13
AZ-RICH - what snake are you referring to when you say "cottonmouth"? Clearly the OP posted a copperhead, Buffalo1 posted a cottonmouth. I don't think there is any disputing either at this point..

From: 1958bowhunter Date: 16-Feb-13
Someone posted this same pic on Facebook. Took me awhile to find it also.. the copperhead is to the left side of the pic and below the shorter stick. looks to be crawling left to right.

From: brewski Date: 16-Feb-13

brewski's embedded Photo

here's a Florida cottonmouth

From: brewski Date: 16-Feb-13

brewski's embedded Photo

Here he is again. They do have a couple of shades, and here's the dark one. They still have the diamond pattern and I've seen several of the lighter pattern

From: brewski Date: 16-Feb-13

brewski's embedded Photo

Adult Copperhead

From: fisherick Date: 16-Feb-13
Yep, found it in the picture, don't want to find in the bush.

From: r-man Date: 16-Feb-13

r-man's embedded Photo

to easy, after stepping on one I now look carefully.

From: 1958bowhunter Date: 16-Feb-13
The Cotton mouth is one bad news snake. They have a short temper. Not a good trait for a pit viper.

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