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From: Matthewsman
Just wondering what everyone thinks of the television show North Woods Law on animal planet

From: JJJ
I enjoy it.

From: KJC
They seem to have the attitude that most sportsman are poachers. Not as bad as the d-bags on the Califonia show though.

From: wilhille
I disagree that they think all hunters are poachers. I like the show and I am surprised how many hunting fishing and gun shows they have on animal planet. I like it

Like most wildlife enforcement folks, the officers on the show display a variety of attitudes.

Some see all hunters as "the enemy" and "potential violators."

Others are smarter, more tolerant and friendly.

In my experience as an LEO, I found that assuming all hunters were decent folks and innocent until they actually committed a violation, was a much more efficient use of my time/resources. Ironically, it also yielded better results!


From: baetis6x
From my experience some Wardens have attitude but some hunters do as well. I enjoy the show. They could show more successful hunter experiences to avoid being labeled in a negative way.

I personally am happy to see the Warden's out in the field often. Poacher's need to be caught and prosecuted.

Over all a good show.

From: bowriter
Boring as listening to a political speech.

From: Surfbow
The wildlife troopers on Alaska State Troopers pretty cool, the North Woods guys are ok but I've only seen it once, and about 1/2 the CA guys are nuts that make all wardens look bad I think...

From: Bill in MI
The commentary on baiting, deer drives, etc that are prohibited specifically in ME gets old since it's presented as unethical. Otherwise it's not a bad show.

From: Kiteman
I think some of it is staged and fake, just like other so-called reality shows.

From: LKH
ME isn't the only state where baiting is considered to be unethical.

From: Bill in MI
Sure, and your point is?

I like the Warden's show on Outdoor Channel better, but they both beat the heck out of some of the other options. I do get tired of the fake drama they sometimes create.I understand that checking innocent fisherman for their license is probably not "must see TV" though without a little drama. You cant ever be too careful, I hear those guys carry fillet knives.

From: namozine
It's pretty good. They seem to be pretty fair. I can't STAND the show out of Ca. A couple of them seem to think they OWN every rock,bush, and animal in Northern California.They couldn't pay me to book a hunt there...

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