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Shooting with a Mouth Tab?



Messages posted to thread:
GhostBird 26-Jun-13
Bmhuntin 26-Jun-13
midwest 26-Jun-13
Bmhuntin 26-Jun-13
jreeves 26-Jun-13
Surfbow 26-Jun-13
TD 26-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 26-Jun-13
Drahthaar 26-Jun-13
midwest 26-Jun-13
midwest 26-Jun-13
kidwalker 27-Jun-13
tthomas 27-Jun-13
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From: GhostBird Date: 26-Jun-13
Discussion from another post brought up shooting with a mouth tab, so I thought I would start this thread to discuss this very thing. When I had shoulder surgery in the past I never even thought about a mouth tab and went with a crossbow until I healed up. Although I am not sure I could do it (makes my teeth hurt to even think about it), I am very interested in the subject.

I would be interested to see the equipment set up and hear about aiming techniques, etc.

From: Bmhuntin Date: 26-Jun-13
I'm just learning since having my rotator cuff surgery, but I can give the hints that I have learned.

1. you are gonna lose 2-3 inches from your draw length. I normally shoot bows 29.5-30 inches, and I'm shooting a 27 inch bow with a tab.

2. Turn the poundage way down for the first few sessions, but once you learn the mechanics behind pushing the bow out with your bow arm, you can be shooting moderate poundage relatively quickly.

3. Hold with your back teeth.

4. Getting the tab set to where you bite in exactly the same spot every time is the same as your anchor point. If you don't do it, accuracy will suffer.

5. I've tried many different materials, but a small dog lease, about 1/2" wide, folded over on itself and hand sewn worked the best for me.

I hope this helps someone..........Don't give up.

From: midwest Date: 26-Jun-13

midwest's Supporting Link

Here's a couple of mouth tab options. Bmhuntin's favorite is option #2.

From: Bmhuntin Date: 26-Jun-13
That is a very informative link. I do a variation on their option #2. I loop and sew like it is shown, but I loop it around a long "D" loop like everyone uses to attach their release. This allows the bite tab to be oriented correctly without torquing the string.

From: jreeves Date: 26-Jun-13
The year I had occasion to use a mouth tab I did as Bmhuntin is doing and attached a section of 3/8" wide nylon leash material to my d-loop. Then using the right side molars (for a right handed archer)my peep was directly inline with my eye. I did have to fashion a 1/2" drop plate to lower my bowsight but quickly (and surprisingly) attained very good accuracy out to 40 yrds.

From: Surfbow Date: 26-Jun-13
This makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it...The guy without arms that shoots with his foot and a mouth tab is pretty stinkin impressive though!

From: TD Date: 26-Jun-13
Would dentures be considered a release aid?

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 26-Jun-13
I can't imagine doing this, but I also have a bad neck and crooked teeth.

From: Drahthaar Date: 26-Jun-13
TD, that was funny. Forrest

From: midwest Date: 26-Jun-13
TD, you got me thinking....I wonder if there would be a market for a tongue activated release aid? A mouth piece that you could custom fit to your dentures like those anti-snoring devices with a trigger you could activate by pushing up with your tongue. Hmmmmmm....

From: midwest Date: 26-Jun-13

From: kidwalker Date: 27-Jun-13
I work in an archery shop and over the years have set up several of these set ups. To know how they really work I have set many bows up for myself like this (though I don't need a bite tab). And for you guys that are afraid a set-up like this (might hurt teeth), I've found it extremely easy to adjust too. Infact I would say it is easier to hold at full draw than with fingers , do to your jaw being so much stronger that your hand.

From: tthomas Date: 27-Jun-13
I tore my biceps tendon and shot for several months. Actually set up a lefthanded bow because it was my left arm that was torn.

Great advice above. Start with a light bow. My first few shots I was scared my teeth would fall out. I was way too tense and my neck and teeth hurt. The next time out I relaxed a bit and by a week I was shooting better with a mouth tab than with fingers. The toughest thing was nocking the arrow with only one good arm. That was the biggest challenge.

Don't be afraid to try it. As Kidwalker says, its eaiser to hold at full draw than with fingers.

I just put a piece of dog leash on a D Loop.

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Subject: RE: Shooting with a Mouth Tab?

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