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PSE Full throttle
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From: chris
Has any one had a chance to shoot this bow and I am wondering how smooth it is.I am a Hoyt shooter but this bow got my attention.

From: Bowfreak
"Smooth" is personal preference but it is a 370 IBO bow. It is not going to draw like a Switchback XT.

From: Pat C.
In the vids it looks to draw real smooth. Im not sure I like the 5.5 brace height, But to get that speed i guess it has to be that way. And it is a fairly quiet shooting bow.

From: rooster
The brace height would be a concern to me as well.

From: Shaft2Long
I might be wrong but I think the brace is actually 5.25".

Heard it is much smoother than the Omen...for whatever that is worth.

Brace height is 5.25.

I happened to stop by PSE the other day as I am considering a new bow this year. I don't buy new bows but every 6-8 years or so and I generally spend quite a bit of time in the selection phase. I'm no speed junkie, but I'm not afraid of pushing the limit a little as well. Normally, if all else is equal, I will take the bow that shoots a little faster. Ive shot Bear, Browning, PSE, and Mathews bows over the last 30 years. I shoot a Mathews Drenalin currently.

So I walked in and asked to take a look at some of their top bows for 2014. I ended up shooting the Full Throttle, The DNA, the DNA SP, and the Source.

All of these bows really felt and shot pretty nice. However, two of them stood out to me, the DNA SP and the Full Throttle. I went back and shot both of them again side by side and decided that of the PSE bows I shot, the full throttle was definitely the one I would consider.

I was shocked at how quiet and smooth the Full Throttle was at the shot. The draw cycle was smoother on the DNA SP, but I didn't find the FT rough at all. The difference to me was right before you get to the back wall. That seems to be when it require the most energy in the cycle. The back wall was awesome. It was firm and readyt but didn't want to jump off by itself either (as I've felt in a few other bows). I must have drawn back and let down real slow maybe 10-15 times in addition to shooting and I was real comfortable with it.

I only shot without pins at 10 yards, so I obviously didn't spend any time actually trying to hit a specific target. However, this bow really impressed me. To be at a 370 IBO and be this quiet and smooth is crazy. I will move on and check out other bows just to make sure, but I'd say you owe it to yourself to go check this one out for sure.

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