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Best video cam for self filming
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Lee 14-Dec-13
Buckndoe 14-Dec-13
elkmtngear 14-Dec-13
Mike Castillo 16-Dec-13
ExtremeZ7 16-Dec-13
snapcrackpop 16-Dec-13
Lee 16-Dec-13
Nick Muche 16-Dec-13
Hunt98 18-Dec-13
Mike Castillo 18-Dec-13
APauls 18-Dec-13
From: Lee
Been videoing deer with my iphone this season and have enjoyed showing the short clips to friends - I was just looking at a gopro - any suggestions? I don't have any desire to mount a cam corder on an arm or anything - just want to keep it as simple as possible while having good resolution. Thanks!

From: Buckndoe
Kodak playsport zx3. Hd vid. And has 3x zoom, unlike a go pro. There are all sorts of after market mounts for it. My complete set up ran me about $130.

From: elkmtngear

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GoPro is great, but a sterile zooming. A high zoom capability can't be underrated for hunting IMHO.

I use a Sony Handycam...great zooming capabilities (55x), HD quality video, reasonable price(around 300 bucks). You also have the option of taking 9 MP still photos with it.

That being said...self filming hunts can be tough! I guess the advantage of the Go Pro is it is all hands free and wherever you are looking, you are filming.

Best of Luck, Jeff (Bowsite Sponsor)

Any quality video cam will get the job done. I do not like the gopro...too wide angle. I have a Canon Vixia and it works great. Really has added a lot to my hunts to film them...I'm hooked! Mike

From: ExtremeZ7
I have been using the spy point. Great camera and great price. I comes with all the mounting accessories for you bow, rifle, and head

From: snapcrackpop
Sony AS-15 with wi-fi. Way better than the gopro for sound and low light. And a handicam

From: Lee
Thanks for all the input everyone!

From: Nick Muche
Check out Solvid

From: Hunt98
I was considering buying a new video cam for videoing my hunts for family and friends that I could put up on YouTube. But after playing with my iphone the video isn't to bad considering. You can also zoom in with the iPhone. Since I carry my phone with me anyway I have been using my iphone to take video also. I made my own simple 'arm' to attach it to a tree and it allows me to pan with it. The iPhone video may not be perfect but for me it works.

Really depends on how far you want to take it. I don't need professional video, but I really, really enjoy getting the footage and editing it into a hunting show for my friends and family. It has become an annual tradition to get together with my friends for an annual movie that i have filmed, and edited. It can be serious, or comedy…always fun and have some amazing memories to boot from it.

From: APauls
Look at GoPro hunts on youtube before you buy one. If you are happy with the size of the deer in the screen, then go for it. Otherwise I'd say steer clear. They are just waaaaay too far out there for me.

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