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Topic Messages Date
Cruz To Conservative... 22 29-Apr-16
Pence to Endorse Cruz 15 29-Apr-16
Thugs at Trump rally! 10 29-Apr-16
Senator Cruz Policies 8 29-Apr-16
Clinton's Experience With Men 5 29-Apr-16
Megan Grills Cruz... 37 29-Apr-16
They are who we thought they were 5 29-Apr-16
Koranderthals! 17 29-Apr-16
Cruz calls B-Ball hoop a ring 91 29-Apr-16
Fox News Looooooses Again 12 29-Apr-16
A brand new shiny humor thread... 160 29-Apr-16
Targets Value Drops 1.5 Billion 12 29-Apr-16
Planned nuclear attack 2 29-Apr-16
Election fraud in virtually every contes 2 29-Apr-16
Dems confess: 3 29-Apr-16
Trumpology: A Master Class 1 29-Apr-16
Who's your phone provider? 13 29-Apr-16
Rafael Is Back 5 29-Apr-16
Indiana. ...Your projections 25 29-Apr-16
POLL: Trump leads Indiana by 9 points 11 29-Apr-16
The Joys of Farming 3 29-Apr-16
Prince dead at 57 ... 32 29-Apr-16
Will the GOP commit suicide 86 29-Apr-16
Call for LEOs to defy laws...... 7 29-Apr-16
31,000 for Trump in CA 4 29-Apr-16
Victims of illegal alien Crime 2 29-Apr-16
NSIDC caught tampering with climate data 8 29-Apr-16
Who da thunk it? Windturbines 10 29-Apr-16
Firearms Quiz 41 29-Apr-16
Costa Mesa Cruz 16 29-Apr-16
First Oregon Poll 7 29-Apr-16
NFL Draft 2016 80 29-Apr-16
Settled Science, We All Agree 70 29-Apr-16
Boehner on the Presidential Candidates 49 29-Apr-16
TSI has got Class! 23 29-Apr-16
On O's watch! more votes for Hilliray? 4 29-Apr-16
You Might Be A Liberal 23 29-Apr-16
New Rice Beghazi docs 1 29-Apr-16
Federal Reserve info 1 29-Apr-16
Ryan Shoots Republicans in Back Again 14 29-Apr-16
Do It Yourselfers 4 29-Apr-16
Cruz/Fiorina 40 29-Apr-16
Thieves 28 28-Apr-16
Democrats Head Start... 11 28-Apr-16
Solutions 39 28-Apr-16
The Cruz/Kasich Backfire 4 28-Apr-16
Contested/Support or Not? 46 28-Apr-16
Finally understand trumpfest 81 28-Apr-16
Bad A$$ Warrior 3 28-Apr-16

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