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Topic Messages Date
Trump's Progressive History 17 30-Aug-15
Hillary Indicted, Yes/No? 25 30-Aug-15
Another crooked politician 26 30-Aug-15
Hillary's Campaign Takes Flight. LOL! 7 30-Aug-15
The next president won't be a politician 2 30-Aug-15
Who cut taxes? 4 30-Aug-15
Islam and the Crusades 4 30-Aug-15
Iowa 6 30-Aug-15
The third party threat 43 30-Aug-15
Trump & Supreme Court nominations 22 30-Aug-15
2016 vs 2008 31 30-Aug-15
Sweet little Bambi 3 30-Aug-15
Time to change the 2nd Amendment... 16 29-Aug-15
2016 Campaign bumper stickers 180 29-Aug-15
Victims? 7 29-Aug-15
U.S. $ rises to fade? Currency change? 8 29-Aug-15
Economics 4 29-Aug-15
New week new jokes thread 48 29-Aug-15
Redskins name change! 7 29-Aug-15
Hunting rifle for kids??? 15 29-Aug-15
1200 embryo lives matter in Katrina afte 1 29-Aug-15
Trump Throws Ramos Out Of Meeting 28 29-Aug-15
Another Officer Killed! 3 29-Aug-15
Trump Gives The Gettysburg Address 10 29-Aug-15
The Donald Praises Kelly's Skills 31 29-Aug-15
Obama destroys more businesses 3 29-Aug-15
Need help from a liberal... 17 29-Aug-15
Judge Jeanine with Trump 5 29-Aug-15
Megyn K. might be Trump's downfall yet.. 110 29-Aug-15
Holder's protection racket 1 29-Aug-15
Any AR 15 builders here??? 12 29-Aug-15
Understanding the Trump Phenomena 45 28-Aug-15
EPA At Work 21 28-Aug-15
Lousiana Pizza 10 28-Aug-15
Time to hear it again 1 28-Aug-15
Karley Not Invited 15 28-Aug-15
Teacher Late 111 times 4 28-Aug-15
Stock market crashing ?? 132 28-Aug-15
Word Association: Hillary; "LIAR!" 9 28-Aug-15
The Principled Immigration Plan 129 27-Aug-15
Gregg Jarret 3 27-Aug-15
Refugee Resettlement 13 27-Aug-15
Obama May Endorse Bidden 13 27-Aug-15
Carry A pistol during Archery Season? 31 27-Aug-15
Renewed confidence in public school 15 27-Aug-15
American Detention Act 38 27-Aug-15
This Virginia punk 7 27-Aug-15
Charlie Daniels nails it 6 26-Aug-15
Bathhouse Barry:Being on the down low 109 26-Aug-15
Revenge Killing? 2 26-Aug-15

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