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Topic Messages Date
Obama policys, direct danger to the US! 2 02-Aug-14
Cruz Cruising to success? 7 02-Aug-14
Criminal States 9 02-Aug-14
Cell Phones Make Us Anti Social 14 01-Aug-14
Eboli kits 34 01-Aug-14
Dino's to birds? 3 01-Aug-14
Trey Gowdy's At It Again! 8 01-Aug-14
Ginsburg on Kouric 8 01-Aug-14
Does this have hillary written on it? 3 01-Aug-14
A little undiplomatic humor 7 01-Aug-14
Best vocal you have ever heard? 27 01-Aug-14
7 hr SWAT standoff 6 01-Aug-14
Liberal hypocrites exposed - again 2 01-Aug-14
A crumb for veterans 2 01-Aug-14
Stop the hatin! 11 01-Aug-14
Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance 7 01-Aug-14
If I am crazy.... 3 01-Aug-14
Is Carson Running? 2 01-Aug-14
EGOP throwing 2014 & 2016 away. 10 01-Aug-14
Ebola On Its Way To Us 15 01-Aug-14
Top Douche Award 43 01-Aug-14
Conumdrum 13 01-Aug-14
Benghazi - more and dirtier 7 01-Aug-14
Tennesee next 9 01-Aug-14
Liberal wonks are clueless 2 01-Aug-14
Every Single Guy Needs To Watch 10 31-Jul-14
Never see an ad like this nowdays. 15 31-Jul-14
CO MJ tied to homelessness 78 31-Jul-14
Restore you faith in humanity. 5 31-Jul-14
Are you a domestic terrorist? 11 31-Jul-14
They dont respect any law 5 31-Jul-14
Here's How To Get Putin 3 31-Jul-14
Insurance plays both sides 2 31-Jul-14
He said what? 7 31-Jul-14
Banks getting ready... 3 31-Jul-14
distroying Hamas would be worse? LMAO 8 31-Jul-14
Good samaritan rights? 39 31-Jul-14
More wheat harvest fun 1 31-Jul-14
Glad the border is secure 2 30-Jul-14
DC Carry ban overturned 5 30-Jul-14
Solar flare close call 11 30-Jul-14
My 2014 Hunt Odyssey Begins! 26 30-Jul-14
I have little doubt 7 30-Jul-14
Romney In A Landslide 79 30-Jul-14
So important DOJ sues! 3 30-Jul-14
Lerner/Shillary connection? 1 30-Jul-14
What does Putin dream of? 1 30-Jul-14
Liberals explained 3 30-Jul-14
Put an ugly spin on it! 2 30-Jul-14
Why we won't talk truth about Islam 11 30-Jul-14

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