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Topic Messages Date
Surgery #25 This Weekend 15 31-Oct-14
biotech whistleblower 35 31-Oct-14
If the GOP takes the Senate 16 31-Oct-14
Tahmooressi releasaed 1 31-Oct-14
MD Dad Upset School Teaching Islam 19 31-Oct-14
Uh, Oh! 5 31-Oct-14
Scientist know what attracts us to Women 10 31-Oct-14
Republican wave building 43 31-Oct-14
Market tumbles 52 31-Oct-14
Voter ID 118 31-Oct-14
Third quarter GDP inflated 15 31-Oct-14
Poster of the Month 2 31-Oct-14
Obama, Holder: the burning of Ferguson 4 31-Oct-14
Do Americans really care? 2 31-Oct-14
He did build that-and be thankful! 7 31-Oct-14
Ebola: risk factors not static 36 31-Oct-14
A Shameful Piece Of History 19 31-Oct-14
Here comes inflation! 25 31-Oct-14
Chicago Blacks Unload On........DEMS! 41 31-Oct-14
RIP 760 7 31-Oct-14
Post birth abortion 73 31-Oct-14
Pigs, Lipstick and Islam 4 31-Oct-14
Best Muslim Halloween Costume 18 31-Oct-14
NCAA Upset Alert! 11 31-Oct-14
Even though they stink! 6 31-Oct-14
Game Seven 40 31-Oct-14
Eight dead, and counting 8 31-Oct-14
Do you believe in God? 208 31-Oct-14
Jordan on Obama's Golf Game 6 31-Oct-14
Hot on the trail of Trolls 3 30-Oct-14
Dirty liars lying again! 19 30-Oct-14
Don't expect much change 3 30-Oct-14
Charles Barkley, Gotta Love His Honesty 4 30-Oct-14
Go big or stay home! 8 30-Oct-14
Obama as Lord Voldemort; Election 2014 2 30-Oct-14
Is this type of hunting wrong?? 17 30-Oct-14
What Wouls a Bowsiter Do? WWBD 40 30-Oct-14
Reid's promise coming to fruition? 4 30-Oct-14
EGOP pushing commiE agenda again 21 30-Oct-14
CF over next year? 12 30-Oct-14
Obamas Ebola Czar 10 29-Oct-14
Top 10 Reason To Vote Democrat 11 29-Oct-14
Terrorists, terrorism... 15 29-Oct-14
Sweden, of all places! 1 29-Oct-14
Want NY CCW, Give your Facebook Password 8 29-Oct-14
KC Royals Bum'ed Out 32 29-Oct-14
PO-141 Bank 1 Sensor 2, 99 Cavalier 30 29-Oct-14
Presidential joke of the day 2 29-Oct-14
CDC Admits it was Lying 6 29-Oct-14
Kurds battle GERMANY! 1 29-Oct-14

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