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Topic Messages Date
Cops are just thugs? 49 22-Dec-14
Do you know God? 21 22-Dec-14
For you dog lovers 2 22-Dec-14
ISIS Beheads 4 Christian Children 147 22-Dec-14
2 NY police officers Executed by Thug 31 22-Dec-14
North Korea Hackers 37 22-Dec-14
Felons, Disability, and Guns 4 22-Dec-14
Let the cyber wars begin! 1 22-Dec-14
Land of the free, home of the brave 8 22-Dec-14
Indoctrination by the education system 26 22-Dec-14
NY High School Senior Pic w/Gun 18 22-Dec-14
Very Disturbing, Warning 17 22-Dec-14
Never know what you'll get 1 22-Dec-14
NY LEOs Turn Back On Mayor 8 22-Dec-14
Courting Commerce 1 22-Dec-14
We Just Can't Do It........ 26 22-Dec-14
Usama Obama 2 22-Dec-14
Looking for a new Tv 9 22-Dec-14
Evil hunter took our Rouldolph. 7 21-Dec-14
The American political landscape 17 21-Dec-14
Pennsylvania Wine Control Laws 7 21-Dec-14
Ubama and Boner sitting in a tree..... 10 21-Dec-14
Cigarette Taxes and Home Schooling 11 21-Dec-14
I have wondered about this 20 21-Dec-14
Bay of pigs part II 1 21-Dec-14
How To Stop Your Car From Overheating 1 21-Dec-14
Have you ever seen this? 3 20-Dec-14
Eric Garner 249 20-Dec-14
Gold makes a move 62 20-Dec-14
NSSF’s SHOT Show 2 20-Dec-14
NORAD Santa Tracker 3 20-Dec-14
Poor little IRS 5 20-Dec-14
Thank you Bill Clinton! 5 20-Dec-14
Plans for the debt ceiling. 1 20-Dec-14
Ferguson Grand Jury lied to many times 5 20-Dec-14
Another apology 2 20-Dec-14
USAF Band at The Smithsonian 15 20-Dec-14
USAF wants to retire the A-10 AGAIN 8 20-Dec-14
The hometown battle field. 4 20-Dec-14
There Goes Floriduh 38 20-Dec-14
Headline of the Week 7 20-Dec-14
Don't leave animals out in the cold 16 19-Dec-14
Do you get the flu vaccine? 45 19-Dec-14
Should the Redskins Change Their Name? 30 19-Dec-14
Is this law constitutional? 9 19-Dec-14
Voter ID law bribes for Demons! 6 19-Dec-14
Jeb Bush is IN 78 19-Dec-14
Christ is Back in Christmas! 62 19-Dec-14
12 old shot waving BB gun 108 19-Dec-14
MO. Lt. Gov. pushes DOJ for results 4 18-Dec-14

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