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Topic Messages Date
Blue State Republicans 6 31-Jan-15
Duty of elected officials? 10 31-Jan-15
Good Bye and Good Ridance 30 31-Jan-15
Dynasty ratings - ouch! 37 31-Jan-15
Stay home teach the republicans a lesson 52 31-Jan-15
New Glock commercial 4 31-Jan-15
Athiest likes intelligent design 52 31-Jan-15
Troll Doesn't Like To be Questioned 22 31-Jan-15
Romney OUT! 27 31-Jan-15
CommiEs use Demons 13 31-Jan-15
Why don't you elect a rep like this? 30 31-Jan-15
Selfie-plane parachutes into Sea 3 31-Jan-15
Scott Walker Ad: American Revival 29 31-Jan-15
Sharia no-go zones in Dallas! 2 31-Jan-15
Romney 305 31-Jan-15
The Republican Plan 25 31-Jan-15
YES!! Benghazi gate advances! 9 31-Jan-15
Freedom 3 31-Jan-15
Back from Mayo! 10 31-Jan-15
Kurds kick ISASS 1 31-Jan-15
2016 Campaign bumper stickers 16 31-Jan-15
On second thought 9 31-Jan-15
This may not end well 6 31-Jan-15
I got spanked by TBM 153 31-Jan-15
Who cares what Jesse thinks 32 30-Jan-15
Bergdahl Desertion 50 30-Jan-15
Al Gore Predicted This 2 30-Jan-15
Stop Telemarketing Calls..Permanently 27 30-Jan-15
Christie / Paul / Bush conservative rank 11 30-Jan-15
Super Bowl Predictions? 56 30-Jan-15
H.R. 378 2 30-Jan-15
Loretta Lynch: Hire Illegals 16 30-Jan-15
Budweiser Commercial Is Another Home Run 16 30-Jan-15
Chris Kyle was a Racist? 14 30-Jan-15
Jason Hairston Interview 5 30-Jan-15
Seattle whackos 18 30-Jan-15
If Obama had a son 5 30-Jan-15
Will Kentucky remain undefeated? 40 29-Jan-15
Provide the evidence 15 29-Jan-15
Mouse Droppings: Miscellany/Interesting 23 29-Jan-15
Lucky he wasn't killed 6 29-Jan-15
Klay Thompson Gets 37 in One Quarter! 1 29-Jan-15
White gold 10 29-Jan-15
More wind farm problems 16 29-Jan-15
2A Reform: Ban Democrat Gun Owners 39 29-Jan-15
Rattlesnake Logic 12 29-Jan-15
a snow event 54 29-Jan-15
Palin interested 32 29-Jan-15
Old Crapper 5 29-Jan-15
But I am not fishing, warden. 7 29-Jan-15

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