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Topic Messages Date
Stupidest Thing Obama's Ever Said 29 06-May-15
Comply....or we won't help. 6 06-May-15
U.S. Should Pay Gitmo Detainees! 3 06-May-15
Scientist Fired for Dinosaur Discovery? 80 06-May-15
Clinton Cash 38 06-May-15
What's Going On With Some Wardens? 21 06-May-15
Shrillary Trails Bush, Walker in Iowa 1 06-May-15
Crime & Politics? 2 06-May-15
Speaking Of Climate Change....... 15 06-May-15
Devastating Super El Nino On The Way 7 06-May-15
ISIS: Coming to a Town Near You 21 06-May-15
Teacher Investigated After Sex Allegatio 8 06-May-15
Free speech vs hate speech 4 06-May-15
What??? Chicago In Debt 4 06-May-15
Another police officer killed 5 06-May-15
????Baltimore Police NOT at FAULT???? 148 06-May-15
Another example of Government out of co. 15 06-May-15
RIP Marv Hubbard 2 06-May-15
Joke of The Day 40 06-May-15
Eye lens replaced 7 06-May-15
NYC cop shot and killed 19 06-May-15
Texans push bill to sell off lands. 36 06-May-15
Carson is in. 39 06-May-15
Fiorina is in. 23 05-May-15
Mother of the year 20 05-May-15
ISIS Claims Credit For Tx Attack 8 05-May-15
Interesting place 3 05-May-15
Bubonic plague in CO 7 05-May-15
Clinton Foundation Scam 8 05-May-15
For you WWII buffs 17 05-May-15
Dead Kids in Freezer 6 05-May-15
Shooting In Texas... 27 04-May-15
I had To Post This Picture 27 04-May-15
Little League Begins 32 04-May-15
Story with a Happy Ending. 4 04-May-15
2015 NHL Playoffs 47 04-May-15
How about some road music? 15 04-May-15
Pacman - Mayweather 10 04-May-15
Reba At 60... 21 04-May-15
A stroll down riot memory lane 13 03-May-15
Kentucky Derby Time 18 03-May-15
Just thanked a cop 17 03-May-15
Marriage as a building block of society 68 03-May-15
Marginalizing Ben Carson 4 03-May-15
2A tax holiday! 2 03-May-15
Here comes nationalized police. 13 03-May-15
Walter's wonderful work 6 03-May-15
Don't ask so we won't know 2 02-May-15
Staying alive 1 02-May-15
Clinton Cash. Quid. Pro. Quo. 6 02-May-15

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