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Topic Messages Date
Turkey shoots down Russian jet 26 25-Nov-15
Feeling safe? 38 25-Nov-15
Bill O'Reilly 27 25-Nov-15
Pro-Trump 40 25-Nov-15
TBVIECians Fiddle While America Burns 4 25-Nov-15
GOP Establishment still doesn't get it 41 25-Nov-15
Trump concerns me... 97 25-Nov-15
CAIR's "Islamophobia" Boy is a Terrorist 2 25-Nov-15
unreal! 35 25-Nov-15
AZ State Senator Sees the Light 5 25-Nov-15
The Democrat war on Americans 72 25-Nov-15
The most dangerous pResident ever 14 25-Nov-15
Laugh! 11 25-Nov-15
SD card reader for iPhone 6s 6 25-Nov-15
Stranger in a strange land, America 18 25-Nov-15
CA says Roundup causes cancer.... 58 25-Nov-15
dreading Thanksgiving 18 25-Nov-15
Mythical conservative base 13 25-Nov-15
Theoretical Home Defense Question 98 24-Nov-15
From your lips to God's ears - Ted Cruz 11 24-Nov-15
Charles Koch said it. 46 24-Nov-15
Weather 26 24-Nov-15
OPRESS exposed 7 24-Nov-15
Ted Cruz: The Truth Leaks Out 9 24-Nov-15
Swing Blade 15 24-Nov-15
Accident??? not exactly! 8 24-Nov-15
Another Liberal Epic Fail! 3 23-Nov-15
Equivalence 29 23-Nov-15
Mathews nocam lost ot camo for sale 17 23-Nov-15
More Soros money for Syrian invaders 3 23-Nov-15
Pandemonium Setting In 24 22-Nov-15
No Answer 5 22-Nov-15
Solution to Immigration Problems 8 21-Nov-15
Question About Islam Answered 20 21-Nov-15
Both sides of the same issue hilary 11 21-Nov-15
2016 Campaign bumper stickers 241 21-Nov-15
Widows and orphans 6 21-Nov-15
10,000 Syrian Refugees Arrive in US 55 21-Nov-15
Mouse Droppings: More History 54 21-Nov-15
School Assignment Craft Terrorist Poster 9 21-Nov-15
Obamacare in trouble 6 21-Nov-15
Let's Debate, Mr President 14 21-Nov-15
Quote of The Century 36 21-Nov-15
Caiifornia Is INSANE! 13 21-Nov-15
What did Bali do? 12 20-Nov-15
Stop terrorists, arm citizenry 21 20-Nov-15
Support Schuler’s Bakery in Ohio 2 20-Nov-15
1st Amendment: Liberal Edition 6 20-Nov-15
The end of Obamaworld! 2 20-Nov-15
Looks like Trump next Prez. 56 20-Nov-15

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