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Topic Messages Date
Is Durbin's Seat at Risk? 13 03-Sep-14
No Sam 24 03-Sep-14
Random Thoughts and What Nots 10 03-Sep-14
Oh, Crap !! 8 02-Sep-14
Indiana Churches vandalized 7 02-Sep-14
Honest gun mon may go to jail! 29 02-Sep-14
Ted on the 2nd! Agree or disagree? 14 02-Sep-14
ATTN: FBS Schools. NEVER Play NDSU! 16 02-Sep-14
Anybody bee to Scotland? 11 02-Sep-14
Bowsite Fantacy Football League 8 02-Sep-14
Simple logic question 19 02-Sep-14
Fixing our Country 12 02-Sep-14
Friendly fire a problem 18 02-Sep-14
butcher in FFld county 1 02-Sep-14
Philly schools- case study 12 02-Sep-14
Barney Fife!! 8 02-Sep-14
New world record sniper shot 2 01-Sep-14
NY gun control 4 01-Sep-14
Just who's labor are we protecting 5 01-Sep-14
Ruber SR9 32 01-Sep-14
I hate upgrading my computer 32 01-Sep-14
Oh, yeah! No problem chicken little. 3 31-Aug-14
Hot off the press... 44 31-Aug-14
Ferguson mob at it again 23 31-Aug-14
Burger King bailing 100 30-Aug-14
NO strategy 18 30-Aug-14
anyone watch sports on line? 10 30-Aug-14
Refugees? Not so much! 1 30-Aug-14
Gun Banners Take a Hit in California 5 30-Aug-14
Immanent threat 11 30-Aug-14
Common sense, not common core! 1 30-Aug-14
9 year old kills gun instructor 11 30-Aug-14
Leadership in a crisis 17 30-Aug-14
Bad science 2 30-Aug-14
Darla Dewald AZ 2 30-Aug-14
Wisdom From A Founding Father 3 30-Aug-14
Would Patton slap this kid? 14 30-Aug-14
CONFIRMED: Rand Paul Nutty As His Dad 39 30-Aug-14
The Republic of Bill... 4 30-Aug-14
So The IRS Does Have The Emails 31 30-Aug-14
DOJ Looking After Who 2 29-Aug-14
Muslim extremists in early America 2 29-Aug-14
Guess who is NOT a threat to America 1 29-Aug-14
Ride a Shuttle booster rocket!!! 6 29-Aug-14
Ret. Lt. Gen McInerney 7 29-Aug-14
Dilemma in Chitown 9 29-Aug-14
Rubio wakes up on immigration? 13 29-Aug-14
Paul campaign bribes opponent's supporte 5 29-Aug-14
New face of public school "Kids" 5 28-Aug-14
Common core originated here! 13 28-Aug-14

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