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Topic Messages Date
Aggravated and Happy 3 27-Aug-14
If I were the devil! 6 27-Aug-14
CONFIRMED: Rand Paul Nutty As His Dad 24 27-Aug-14
Burger King bailing 33 27-Aug-14
9 year old kills gun instructor 1 27-Aug-14
Ruber SR9 21 27-Aug-14
Pres. Obama and General Greene 10 27-Aug-14
Rpeblicans versus Freedom 30 27-Aug-14
I hate upgrading my computer 16 26-Aug-14
So The IRS Does Have The Emails 21 26-Aug-14
Ride a Shuttle booster rocket!!! 4 26-Aug-14
Great link - rockets into Israel 43 26-Aug-14
Almost worth listening to him - almost 2 26-Aug-14
Heated clothing? 4 26-Aug-14
U.S. Journalist Beheaded By ISIS 56 26-Aug-14
Opposition to colectivism grows 19 26-Aug-14
Gun Control I Would Support! 8 26-Aug-14
CommiEs cheat more! 9 26-Aug-14
CO pot fatalities up? 55 26-Aug-14
9 Year Old Gunned Down In Chicago 8 26-Aug-14
3 WH aides attend a nobody funeral 6 26-Aug-14
How 'bout another Scotch thread ? 31 26-Aug-14
Gun Control Shot Down Yet Again In CA! 4 26-Aug-14
Flouride causes cancer? 34 25-Aug-14
Judge Sullivan 3 25-Aug-14
Ferguson 197 25-Aug-14
1 Iraqi with a heart? 13 25-Aug-14
UK Rapper Suspect In Foley Killing 4 25-Aug-14
What moms say in 24 hours! 5 25-Aug-14
Reality TV: Way Out West 2 25-Aug-14
Son's 2014 Wheat Harvest Video 21 24-Aug-14
Richard Attenborough died at 90. 1 24-Aug-14
Boundary Waters or U.P. 3 24-Aug-14
Ferguson witness issues! 22 24-Aug-14
How about a cigar thread? 17 24-Aug-14
Illegal Avoids Deportation After Killing 15 24-Aug-14
New meaning of turtleneck 4 23-Aug-14
One America News Network 1 23-Aug-14
Yank The Pass Ports!!! 9 23-Aug-14
Cop shoots unarmed white youth, crickets 7 23-Aug-14
Gun safety video 3 23-Aug-14
No protection for YOU! 15 23-Aug-14
Dilemma in Chitown 8 23-Aug-14
This will PISS YOU OFF! 15 23-Aug-14
52 Years ago today ... RIP MM 32 22-Aug-14
'Biden defense' successful! 3 22-Aug-14
Sounds like a good deal to me 2 22-Aug-14
Muslim Outrage At ISIS Barbarity 26 22-Aug-14
Dems Hit Bottom Of Barrel in MT & TX 16 22-Aug-14

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