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Topic Messages Date
Sandra Bland 122 29-Jul-15
Trump/Cruz 2016 24 29-Jul-15
Dangerous Scott Walker 15 29-Jul-15
13 Hours:The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi 1 29-Jul-15
Who is more hated? 1 29-Jul-15
Eat Dodo and Die 6 29-Jul-15
Scary Kerry 7 29-Jul-15
Parts is Parts. 79 29-Jul-15
Join the Army 2 29-Jul-15
Cruz challenges obama to debate on Iran 9 29-Jul-15
A Texan says, Quit Bashing Obama!! 4 28-Jul-15
Jindal Gun Control 3 28-Jul-15
Weather 6 28-Jul-15
Gorbal Fraud at NOAA 13 28-Jul-15
Trump disses McCain and he rises in poll 28 28-Jul-15
Animals I would never want to hunt! 26 28-Jul-15
Move to oust Boenher? 4 28-Jul-15
Check out Andrea Tantaros on the beach 8 28-Jul-15
Third term -- testing the waters 16 28-Jul-15
Iran Deal:Will March Israel To Oven Door 15 28-Jul-15
Joke of the Day 58 28-Jul-15
Cruz calls out McConnell on the floor 50 28-Jul-15
Where's The Beef 5 28-Jul-15
Breitbart Readers: Ask Carly A Question 18 28-Jul-15
What a waste! 1 28-Jul-15
Can we impeach him YET? 20 28-Jul-15
Bobby Jindle 21 28-Jul-15
Scant evidence Pot helps illnesses 263 27-Jul-15
Why have gun laws? 12 27-Jul-15
Trump At The Border 18 27-Jul-15
Another theater shooting ! 20 27-Jul-15
Allen West 23 27-Jul-15
Th DARK Act 35 27-Jul-15
Eco Terrorists Arrested 3 27-Jul-15
Hillary Gave a Party and No One Came 13 27-Jul-15
2016 Campaign bumper stickers 135 26-Jul-15
4 Marines dead !! 55 26-Jul-15
Historic Iran Deal? 26 26-Jul-15
Clinton email CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION 13 26-Jul-15
Repub or Dem??? 1 26-Jul-15
Message on school answering machine 4 26-Jul-15
Hand Wringers 1 26-Jul-15
Battle Stations 53 26-Jul-15
Born Free 9 26-Jul-15
Even a black man is against you obama 2 26-Jul-15
What amendments? 9 26-Jul-15
For All You Trumpies, Explain This! 31 26-Jul-15
Why Grandpa carries a gun 9 26-Jul-15
Getting ready for school... 5 25-Jul-15
One For Jack 9 25-Jul-15

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