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Topic Messages Date
obama's bloody hands 25 25-Nov-14
gun control map 2 25-Nov-14
Sheriff Clarke rips Holder,Sharpton... 2 25-Nov-14
Majority Of Looted Stores Minority Owned 12 25-Nov-14
Tell me again that they are OK? 1 25-Nov-14
Bow Hunters - mugs, gear and game 8 25-Nov-14
Hagel resigning 10 25-Nov-14
Net Neutrality 77 25-Nov-14
BennnnGhaaaaazeeeee! 46 25-Nov-14
Ferguson... 104 25-Nov-14
Executive Outcomes 1 25-Nov-14
Bathroom insanity. Open door to pervs... 39 25-Nov-14
12 old shot waving BB gun 34 25-Nov-14
CNN does it again SNAFU 4 25-Nov-14
Just wondering , Will he go? 22 25-Nov-14
First Ferguson Casualty 9 25-Nov-14
State Of Emergency... 1 25-Nov-14
Bird Bringing Down The House 4 25-Nov-14
Jeff Foxworthy on Muslims 18 25-Nov-14
Fox News women 14 25-Nov-14
Ferguson Live Radio Police Feed 2 24-Nov-14
No Bill !! 3 24-Nov-14
How stupid can they be? 7 24-Nov-14
Why Obama is a Failure 5 24-Nov-14
Mike Rowe Strikes Again 1 24-Nov-14
Recall Election Harry Reid 16 24-Nov-14
Vietnam Vets... 5 24-Nov-14
5 Things to remember in life! 2 24-Nov-14
Are you real? 169 24-Nov-14
Will Hillary Run? 79 24-Nov-14
Dealing with Obama's EO 31 24-Nov-14
OMG. Listen to Obama speech and slip 53 24-Nov-14
Crop safety 13 24-Nov-14
Respectful Canooks 2 24-Nov-14
2Js Passes 12 24-Nov-14
Even SNL Gets It... 2 23-Nov-14
If you want to worry! 2 23-Nov-14
GruberGate in Two Minutes! 11 23-Nov-14
War on 1st Amendment 2 23-Nov-14
Alan Colmes misleading Kellys viewers! 16 23-Nov-14
Send in the Clowns 3 23-Nov-14
30,OOO Missing Lerner Emails Recovered 16 23-Nov-14
Liberal Logic 101: Cliche definitions 7 23-Nov-14
absents makes the heart grow fonder 12 22-Nov-14
What's Emperor O's Next Decree? 7 22-Nov-14
Fast and Furious coverup 3 22-Nov-14
Civilization is rampant! 5 22-Nov-14
5 more! 9 22-Nov-14
Ghost: anti-terorism vessel 1 22-Nov-14
Anyone remember Athiest Archer? 7 22-Nov-14

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