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Topic Messages Date
Trump going down in polls 61 30-Jun-16
Something to ponder 34 30-Jun-16
Whoa! NRA and 'Oz' Geist Slap Hillary! 8 30-Jun-16
Trump WILL win the presidency 25 30-Jun-16
Major gun win Tenn 14 30-Jun-16
Republicans OK to Fund UN Gorbal Hockey 6 29-Jun-16
Please watch this! Islam examined 3 29-Jun-16
Suicide Bombers Strike Istanbul Airport 27 29-Jun-16
How you treat people 57 29-Jun-16
Grocery Shopping. Men vs Women 4 29-Jun-16
Why Trump is wrong on Trade with China 7 29-Jun-16
Dog topic 94 29-Jun-16
Ojibwa's Biography. It's a GO! 43 29-Jun-16
Do you hunt with Afib? 8 29-Jun-16
What would cause Trump to lose your vote 106 29-Jun-16
Republican report on Benghazi is out. 29 29-Jun-16
Burning the american flag. 23 29-Jun-16
UN Diplomat John Ashe Dies 1 29-Jun-16
New month, new humor 101 29-Jun-16
SCOTUS decisions today 14 29-Jun-16
This writer gets it. 1 29-Jun-16
Russian septic truck 6 29-Jun-16
Thanks for Orlando, Barry. 2 29-Jun-16
Ojibwa still around? 68 29-Jun-16
Missouri, free, brave, and smart 31 29-Jun-16
Mouse: to FL and back 7 29-Jun-16
Lois Liar 2 29-Jun-16
Freedom is a responsibility 1 29-Jun-16
Mom;s Don't Let Your Babies Go 2 Barnard 10 28-Jun-16
Dem Platform: "You WILL Agree with Us!" 20 28-Jun-16
Soliciting Cash From Foreign Governments 8 28-Jun-16
Future is here? 4 28-Jun-16
Is Dr James Dobson Lying,Ignorant or ? 16 28-Jun-16
MSNBC Gun Poll 7 28-Jun-16
Which one is your next one? 116 28-Jun-16
clinton/warren 16 28-Jun-16
Potato farming? 14 28-Jun-16
Huckabee pays settlement 1 28-Jun-16
Shot heard round the USA 29 28-Jun-16
RIP Pat Summitt 2 28-Jun-16
What's this idiot talking about? 8 28-Jun-16
FWIW 2 27-Jun-16
When privatizing goes wrong 14 27-Jun-16
Senate Kills All 4 Gun Control Bills 47 27-Jun-16
New Citizens Taking Oath Don't Have To 10 27-Jun-16
Shooter's wife now missing 19 27-Jun-16
Enough To Indict! 14 27-Jun-16
Hillary Reading Teleprompter, Oops 6 26-Jun-16
Nice going Elizabeth Warren 1 26-Jun-16
Yet another reason to carry 2 26-Jun-16

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