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Topic Messages Date
Angela Jolie is Whose Daughter? 41 22-Jul-14
Meet the Marines! 3 22-Jul-14
40 people shot in Chicago 8 22-Jul-14
Evolution/out of Africa may be bunk! 24 21-Jul-14 thing since NSA 1 21-Jul-14
Maverick, Rockford, R.I.P. 16 21-Jul-14
Why I Am No Longer A Leftist. Must Read! 10 21-Jul-14
My favorite bumper sticker 8 21-Jul-14
You just can't fix stupud 12 21-Jul-14
Lost Another Good One 9 21-Jul-14
personal hypocrisy inre free speech 5 21-Jul-14
Texas border NG demand 7 21-Jul-14
The border is secure! 11 21-Jul-14
Leading from behind 1 21-Jul-14
WH: Border A "Local Problem" 4 21-Jul-14
Shooting across the border - TX 11 20-Jul-14
Hils' Book a Flop? 16 20-Jul-14
A video for TBM 6 20-Jul-14
Chappaquiddick, A Detailed Review 6 20-Jul-14
Economic Recovery 5 20-Jul-14
downlow resoved 7 19-Jul-14
While Rome Is Burning 2 19-Jul-14
Have To Stop Watching FoxNews... 19 19-Jul-14
Obama's presidency summed up in article. 5 19-Jul-14
Airliner shoi down by Russians ? 28 19-Jul-14
Russian coal for NH 5 19-Jul-14
Hannity hammers BHOr 7 19-Jul-14
Fukishima blues 7 19-Jul-14
Car 54, Where Are You? 17 19-Jul-14
EGOP vs TP 1 19-Jul-14
Thinking of PigDoc 8 19-Jul-14
Here is a perfect case..... 6 19-Jul-14
A little harmless weed 18 19-Jul-14
Quote of the Century, Economics Edition 1 19-Jul-14
Did you see this? 3 19-Jul-14
Scrubbed; Conservitive books of Liberty 2 19-Jul-14
No Human is Illegal! 18 19-Jul-14
Papers: Ya Vole! 20 19-Jul-14
New interactive climate change map? LMAO 4 19-Jul-14
Tea Party 2016 2 19-Jul-14
Givernment consumes too much 1 19-Jul-14
I met the buses 11 19-Jul-14
Something good 1 19-Jul-14
A kindler, gentler, classier time 6 19-Jul-14
Send an Ambulance, He's Gonna' Need One 22 19-Jul-14
You think I have far fetched ideas 7 18-Jul-14
Summer Love It ! Great Weekend 25 18-Jul-14
Executive order: no Kalishnikov or Saiga 6 18-Jul-14
Lies, lies, and lies not fleeing violenc 12 18-Jul-14
Another Use For my API Treestand 14 18-Jul-14

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