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Topic Messages Date
No enthusiasm 66 30-Sep-16
Rest in Peace Jean 5 30-Sep-16
Somebody will be disappointed 1 30-Sep-16
Debate tonight 188 30-Sep-16
Because Her Lips Were Moving 3 30-Sep-16
Voter fraud, brace for it 114 30-Sep-16
B-Ho handing over control of Internet? 20 30-Sep-16
Emperror Obama 29 30-Sep-16
Gullible Chumps Trumped 90 30-Sep-16
She Shoots! She Scores! 10 30-Sep-16
Obama's legacy.......a rant. 3 30-Sep-16
Never an intent to prosecute 11 30-Sep-16
Different standards 35 30-Sep-16
The Dunning-Kruger Effect 2 30-Sep-16
Trump/Clinton Debate Thread 164 30-Sep-16
Carson Wentz -Another reason to like him 16 30-Sep-16
Americans desire a third party 5 30-Sep-16
Hero priest identified after 75 years 2 30-Sep-16
Tha Race is Now a Dead Heat! 26 30-Sep-16
The Hillary Thread 233 30-Sep-16
Clint Eatwood has died 22 30-Sep-16
Those without power cannot defend freedo 1 30-Sep-16
Hahahaqhaaa Buzzfeed! 5 30-Sep-16
September Funnies 124 30-Sep-16
Comey's deep Hilliary connections. 3 30-Sep-16
where to stay in san francisco in oct??? 17 30-Sep-16
What if Liberals Ruled the World 5 29-Sep-16
Savage's show SHUT DOWN! 26 29-Sep-16
Didn't know this was illegal? 7 29-Sep-16
Trumptastic 121 29-Sep-16
The Visuals at The Debate 18 29-Sep-16
Importing Terrorism 1 29-Sep-16
Military handgun contract 7 29-Sep-16
Senate Overrides Obama Veto 10 29-Sep-16
Run on Deutsche Bank 7 29-Sep-16
Creepy Johnson 14 29-Sep-16
I had not heard this story 13 29-Sep-16
Back at Mayo with wife. 38 29-Sep-16
Special rights for blacks 9 29-Sep-16
Lying Lester 14 29-Sep-16
Bad Ass Sheriff Clarke 5 28-Sep-16
Friday FBI Hillary Document Dump 16 28-Sep-16
ARA Nutjobs Have Truly Lost It 16 28-Sep-16
This Madness Need to Stop 1 28-Sep-16
Not another, SC school shooting 4 28-Sep-16
ISIS not islamic 7 28-Sep-16
The backlash... 15 28-Sep-16
Black Officer Shoots Armed Black Man 22 28-Sep-16
Ne hunter soo many questions plz help 25 28-Sep-16
The Dowd Connundrum 1 28-Sep-16

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