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Topic Messages Date
Tell me again why we need the UN? 22 01-Apr-15
Gay mobs in Indiana 136 01-Apr-15
US academies for Jihad 3 01-Apr-15
Behaving like a dog 5 01-Apr-15
Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked 77 01-Apr-15
Potential Explanation 21 01-Apr-15
Mandatory vaccination, electronic tracki 3 01-Apr-15
PZ 11 01-Apr-15
Harry Reid admits I lied on Senate floor 17 01-Apr-15
What wrong with this picture ? 27 01-Apr-15
Follow orders and break the law 1 01-Apr-15
Alaska infested! 2 01-Apr-15
Destrying Isreal is non negotiable 18 01-Apr-15
Obama is the bigger threat. 5 01-Apr-15
Chipping away - with a sledgehammer 18 01-Apr-15
Obama Tells The Truth...... 2 01-Apr-15
Hillary Admits Email Fraud 1 01-Apr-15
Just for you, Mat. 7 01-Apr-15
just sayin 2 01-Apr-15
Some Life Lessons Are Severe 11 01-Apr-15
Progmate: Progressive Dating Service 32 01-Apr-15
Hillary gets sued 9 01-Apr-15
Calling Al Sharpton! 10 01-Apr-15
How To Tell If You're Old...... 5 01-Apr-15
French Alps Plane Crash 86 31-Mar-15
Lady Valor 24 31-Mar-15
Science is in: God is the answer 21 31-Mar-15
Nothing untoward here 2 31-Mar-15
Bizarre attack at NSA - news 12 31-Mar-15
Black lives matter? - not really. 7 31-Mar-15
Congresswoman asks for O'care comments 64 31-Mar-15
2016 Campaign bumper stickers 68 30-Mar-15
2011 Hoyt CRX 35 for sale 3 30-Mar-15
Good guys vs bad guys 7 30-Mar-15
Decline of the Police 106 30-Mar-15
Admirable restraint 14 30-Mar-15
Sharia South 2 30-Mar-15
Homless vets need help! 3 30-Mar-15
Nice going Barry 20 30-Mar-15
The enemy is US? 4 30-Mar-15
Obama on Japan 1 30-Mar-15
Weather Underground Bomb Maker A Teacher 2 30-Mar-15
Presidential Power 1 30-Mar-15
I Can Only Imagine 1 30-Mar-15
Here's a shocker! 7 30-Mar-15
I was an American... 2 29-Mar-15
Favorite Thread Question 1 29-Mar-15
Will Kentucky remain undefeated? 165 29-Mar-15
Dingy Harry QUITS! 22 29-Mar-15
I wonder if it can pack meat? 3 29-Mar-15

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