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Topic Messages Date
2 HS Football Players Killed in Action 21 07-Oct-15
Roseburg, OR Tells Obama To Get Lost! 19 07-Oct-15
Much of EU is opting out of GMO 10 07-Oct-15
Do You Want Fries With That? 17 07-Oct-15
Stud Finders 9 07-Oct-15
Is ethanol here to stay? 25 07-Oct-15
Ted Cruz "Volcanic" speech 16 06-Oct-15
2016 Campaign bumper stickers 218 06-Oct-15
JEB! #6 In Latest Poll @ 4% 89 06-Oct-15
Insane stories from the left... 11 06-Oct-15
which candidates own guns? 8 06-Oct-15
Interesting point 14 06-Oct-15
If "GUN FREE" Zones Are So Good..... 9 06-Oct-15
Church Bulletin 10 06-Oct-15
Shock Poll for Dems and The Witch 10 06-Oct-15
Ground Blind Hunting 51 06-Oct-15
Legs to standing on 3 06-Oct-15
The One Percenters 2 06-Oct-15
The way we were 11 06-Oct-15
Mola Dilemma and A Solution 7 05-Oct-15
Hillary Wants More Gun Laws 10 05-Oct-15
This should be a riot . . . 4 05-Oct-15
Ah to be of the Elite 2 05-Oct-15
The Constitution vs. Sharia 21 05-Oct-15
Trump refuses to condemn Sharia 22 05-Oct-15
How To: Mosque Prevention 6 05-Oct-15
gun supporters take a hit. 6 05-Oct-15
Rubio and BLM 7 05-Oct-15
The Witch of Washington 11 05-Oct-15
That was worth staying up for 1 04-Oct-15
Gun Control in 47 seconds... 7 04-Oct-15
Change the rules 2 04-Oct-15
Bumper sticker...please explain. 10 04-Oct-15
Send them back to Syria 7 04-Oct-15
Results of Shooting 16 04-Oct-15
Record: No NFL'ers Arrested Last Month 3 04-Oct-15
Too late - I really think it is 26 04-Oct-15
Skunk in live trap 25 04-Oct-15
Shooting beaver 2 04-Oct-15
eGOP hates us! 10 04-Oct-15
US vs Russia 24 03-Oct-15
10 Dead at Umpqua College Oregon 65 03-Oct-15
Bye, Bye, Baby! 22 03-Oct-15
Wisconsin Hunter Wolf Attack 12 03-Oct-15
Walter palmer vandals charged... 3 03-Oct-15
Carson Now The Front Runner? 6 03-Oct-15
Ask the libs for specifics 2 03-Oct-15
obama voters in a nutshell 1 02-Oct-15
Finland's no good. Immigrants turn back. 2 02-Oct-15
Obama accused of treason in UN 1 02-Oct-15

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