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Topic Messages Date
Latest polls 16 14-Feb-16
Debate Feb 13 39 14-Feb-16
Seven In A Week... 10 14-Feb-16
Any locksmiths on here?? 3 14-Feb-16
Scalia dead 55 14-Feb-16
Air Conditioning 8 14-Feb-16
Hillary is Destined to be President 107 14-Feb-16
Porn actress stars in Cruz ad 65 14-Feb-16
Latest SC Poll: Evangelicals for Trump 47 14-Feb-16
Some Humor on a Snowy Day 84 14-Feb-16
The Oregon Four (4) 56 14-Feb-16
Trump and Eminent Domain 34 14-Feb-16
Proregressive Valentines Stories 3 14-Feb-16
Trump has core be unless he's being paid 31 14-Feb-16
Cruz forgets about his 1,000,000 loan 12 13-Feb-16
Collection:Ironic/Insane Democrat Quotes 9 13-Feb-16
Market crash today? 50 13-Feb-16
SC House Republican Caucus Poll 1 13-Feb-16
Ted Cruz' Accomplishments in Congress 78 13-Feb-16
Poll: Trump Thumping Cruz Big Time 41 13-Feb-16
Antonin Scalia is Dead 1 13-Feb-16
Trump by more than 2-1 in SC Poll 9 13-Feb-16
Somali Refuge 6 13-Feb-16
unreal! 73 13-Feb-16
Court Hands Gunowners a Victory. 13 13-Feb-16
Man Plays Hookie From Work For 6 years 6 13-Feb-16
2A: Good news? 17 13-Feb-16
Stupid Phone Repair. 10 13-Feb-16
The Democratic Socialist Party 4 13-Feb-16
Cruz goes Bare Knuckle on Hillary 10 12-Feb-16
Here's A BLM Case 2 12-Feb-16
People actually believe this! 4 12-Feb-16
Trump: "Be Nice To Me Or I'll Sue" 18 12-Feb-16
This is an Outrage 19 12-Feb-16
I'd Rather Go To Hell Than Vote For HRC 18 12-Feb-16
Oh, Darn! Jim Gilmore Drops Out! 8 12-Feb-16
Trump Repeats Vulgar Remark About Cruz 133 12-Feb-16
Illegal Immigration Question 19 12-Feb-16
Cruz, liar now. ..or then 21 12-Feb-16
Bernie SandersClaus wins big in NH 20 12-Feb-16
Now the IRS is involved 5 12-Feb-16
Mouse Droppings: More History 72 12-Feb-16
New PAC against hillary 2 12-Feb-16
Moving from America... 2 12-Feb-16
WWII, A Rare Kill on a Zero 2 12-Feb-16
Cruz lies 9 12-Feb-16
Why the establishment hates Cruz 5 12-Feb-16
Can Donald Win the General Election? 51 12-Feb-16
SC says NO to obama climate change actio 1 12-Feb-16
Donald & Bernie; Their First Debate 10 12-Feb-16

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