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Topic Messages Date
Scant evidence Pot helps illnesses 32 08-Jul-15
1000 Words 24 08-Jul-15
The Black Dilemma 23 07-Jul-15
Ann: Republican Field-Mainly Cowards 9 07-Jul-15
Put a Fork in RinoBo 23 07-Jul-15
Finally A Soccer Game Worth watching! 39 07-Jul-15
Walker is Reaching Out 46 07-Jul-15
Brave kid! 1 07-Jul-15
The Clock 3 07-Jul-15
Adult children of gay parents speak out 5 07-Jul-15
The China Syndrome 2015 3 07-Jul-15
SF Shooting, Where's the Outrage! 13 07-Jul-15
It's not getting better 2 07-Jul-15
History is complcated 11 07-Jul-15
God before givernmint! 5 07-Jul-15
O'Reilly Goes Off. Must Watch! 4 07-Jul-15
More White Privilege 21 07-Jul-15
What A Race Finish 15 07-Jul-15
Few Will Survive "Sundown In America" 1 07-Jul-15
Joke of the Day 1 07-Jul-15
Confederate Flag Thouhts... 156 07-Jul-15
Darwin Award? 9 07-Jul-15
2016 Campaign bumper stickers 114 07-Jul-15
Another Bloody Weekend In Chicago 4 07-Jul-15
Who's proud to be an American? 28 07-Jul-15
Hey, PA! Your Governor Is a MORON! 16 06-Jul-15
Peanut Butter % Jelly Is RACIST!! 11 06-Jul-15
Daytona race 9 06-Jul-15
Asian carp invasion stopped! 6 06-Jul-15
I love Obama! 12 06-Jul-15
Greece runs out of other people's money 36 06-Jul-15
Painting the Gen LEE 11 06-Jul-15
Retirement 23 06-Jul-15
What is this? 6 06-Jul-15
Young Black Woman Destroys the Left! 8 05-Jul-15
Greece Votes: "Make the Sky Rain Money!" 7 05-Jul-15
Troops submit to sharia under Obomba 7 05-Jul-15
IUD for 6th Graders, but not Soda. 6 05-Jul-15
Million Man March Draws THREE People! 2 05-Jul-15
spirit science 5 05-Jul-15
Brent Bozell for President! 19 04-Jul-15
July 4th! Show your colors! 17 04-Jul-15
Hate wins 14 04-Jul-15
Republican leader blackmailed? 23 04-Jul-15
He who has ears to hear, let him hear 3 04-Jul-15
Thomas Sowell on Supremes 5 04-Jul-15
Opinions 1st week of Elk flattops, Co. 2 04-Jul-15
Ruse to shut down Gitmo 3 04-Jul-15
Gays and Christians 48 04-Jul-15

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