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Topic Messages Date
Too stupid to be a cop 8 26-Aug-16
Moral Preening 57 26-Aug-16
Shots Fired at Iranian Vessels 6 26-Aug-16
Target Boycott Very Effective 5 26-Aug-16
koranderthals in America: a series 24 26-Aug-16
John McCain net worth 6 25-Aug-16
The Hillary Thread 118 25-Aug-16
Nancy Pelosi net worth 7 25-Aug-16
Your Favorite Groups/Artists? 37 25-Aug-16
Liberalism Is; My New Favorite T-Shirt 6 25-Aug-16
More dead people tied to democrats 27 25-Aug-16
Clinton: First Classified Briefing 12 25-Aug-16
Science: Sex and Gender 3 25-Aug-16
August Funnies 128 25-Aug-16
Senator Harry Reid's net worth 3 25-Aug-16
Voter fraud, brace for it 82 25-Aug-16
Hillary's Done and She Knows It 117 25-Aug-16
It's a jungle out there! 2 25-Aug-16
Walk, Jog, or Dance To Avoid Dementia! 52 25-Aug-16
Soaring Valor 2 25-Aug-16
Your Favorite Songs 34 25-Aug-16
Trump & Immigration 47 24-Aug-16
Whaaat? 3 24-Aug-16
History 6 24-Aug-16
Mouse Droppings: More History 83 24-Aug-16
More National Treasures. The Tetons 26 24-Aug-16
Black Cop Kills Unarmed Deaf White Man 5 24-Aug-16
I'll C Your 30K e-mails & Raise U 15,000 23 24-Aug-16
Rabid anti-Trumpism--what good is it? 129 24-Aug-16
OBaby, See Ya! 8 24-Aug-16
New Medicine for Hillary 13 24-Aug-16
Now Obama paid $400,000,000.00 36 24-Aug-16
Kids taking car keys, and guns 32 24-Aug-16
This is how bad it is! 16 24-Aug-16
Was this brought up here? 5 24-Aug-16
Happy B-Day Interwebs! 2 24-Aug-16
Going to try to share a picture. 11 23-Aug-16
Agree with this parent! 16 23-Aug-16
Eat Beef 19 23-Aug-16
Any musical families on here? 21 23-Aug-16
Another good young shooter 3 23-Aug-16
Fair sentence by lib judge? 4 23-Aug-16
Maine Snake 15 23-Aug-16
gun talk DOJ 9 23-Aug-16
TOT Test 56 23-Aug-16
Olympics 2016 64 23-Aug-16
Great prepper poultry 46 22-Aug-16
B-Ho handing over control of Internet? 10 22-Aug-16
No press for this record breaker? 12 22-Aug-16
Bow Hunting Ladies 11 22-Aug-16

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