Question, deer activity on a full moon

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By: Jbering
Posted: 15-Sep-08

I have a question, Do deer come out later to feed on a full moon? I have been hunting lately and deer have been comming out to feed just before sundown with overcast sky's. I went out he other night with clear sky's and a full moon and didnt see a thing.

Posted: 15-Sep-08

Your deer should still be in their summer pattern but I have noticed sometimes they do tend to come out after nightfall and feed all night. They'll bed down in the field they're feeding in and feed throughout the night. Try some oaks a little farther inside the woods. Probably staged up there. JMO

By: WhisperCreekShooter
Posted: 15-Sep-08

I have noticed significant changes in deer patterns/movement around the new moon and the full moon. What I started to do is carry a note book with you when you are scouting and in your truck for when your done hunting. I then mark the day, moon period and deer movement and where that location of the deer movement was. I note bucks and doe sightings. Look back after a season and you will notice a pattern with the moon phases. There are some that don't agree that the moon has anything to do with it but I beg the differ.....also note the weather and such cuz there are other factors involved. Then after a couple/few years you will notice an even bigger pattern with the moon. Hope this helps. Chad.

By: Shuteye
Posted: 15-Sep-08

Hunt any time you can regardless of the moon phase. I have been killing deer for 55 years and have learned that you can't kill a deer if you are on the couch, watching a football game. I have killed quite a number of deer during the full moon by hunting all day. It seems that the deer feed all night and then bed down. About 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning they get up to take a leak and get a snack. When acorns are falling they will feed right in the middle of the day, even with a full moon.

By: Buckstopshere
Posted: 15-Sep-08

Overall, in my neck of the woods, in Western New York, during the First Quarter, leading up to the actual Full Moon, whitetails don't seem to come out as much in the late afternoon and evening.

However, during the week prior and week after the Full Moon, deer seem to be seen more in midday and later in the morning.

On the week prior to the New Moon and the week after, seems to be more feeding activity and movement at dawn and dusk.

And tonight is the Harvest Moon, defined as the closest Full Moon to the Autumn Equinox.

Posted: 16-Sep-08

Shuteye nailed it! Stay in your tree! You never know when he's gonna get up.

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