300 lbs, weight capacity stands.

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By: BlackHillsBowHunter
Posted: 05-Oct-08

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How would you modify this stand to change the wait capacity of it. I'm a big guy (270 lbs) and all those 350 lbs weight capacity stands are just to expensive and rare. There is also a lot more options with the 300 lbs cap, but I just don't feel to safe being that close to the weight limit. I was think about changing the cables to a plastic coated chain. Any other ideas?

By: wannabe
Posted: 05-Oct-08

What's your life worth to ya? Spend the $$$!

By: BlackHillsBowHunter
Posted: 05-Oct-08

Well I have a good harness, so I aint worried about my life.

By: ldsgeek
Posted: 06-Oct-08

The other thing to consider is that the stand may be rated at 300# but there is likely a 2-4x factor of safety in the design. In other words you may shorten the life of the stand from forever to just 10-15 years but it ain't gonna fall out of the tree because you're close to the rated limit. This is standard engineering practice in just about everything but aerospace.

By: Bogey
Posted: 06-Oct-08

I would think you may need to do three things to a stand like this - just some thoughts - but I would still go with a stronger stand than this.

1. Change the cable to something a littel heavier. It's still aircraft cable but thicker the better.

2. If you can, you may want to add additonal mesh across the top of the deck (2 layers thick). I've got a stand similar - had it for years. I've about 150 lbs and this screen-type top gets weak over time.

3. This is a "stap on/hang on" stand. You need to make sure the strap goes over a branch or if it's legal in your area, screw a step in below the strap.

Aside from that, you may be just fine. But you may also want to get a ractheting-type strap and use that in addition to the one included.

Of course, check it on a tree in the yard from a couple feet off the ground. You shoudl be able to bounce a little without it walking down the tree.

By: Man of Stihl
Posted: 06-Oct-08

I'm not trying to be smart but why not drop 20 or 30 lbs?

By: Genesis
Posted: 06-Oct-08

A 300# stand should be plenty.

I'd be more concerned with shift getting in/out of stand,than material failure

An extra rachet strap around tree/stand will give you security.

Save the money you would spend rebuilding stands and buy a really good safety harness/vest system.A safety line with prussic knot will also put you at ease and be safer.

Don't leave your stands out in the off season as straps can be chewed

My body wouldn't bounce very well either.....

By: Big J
Posted: 06-Oct-08

Do not modify the stand. Spend the money!!!!! I am 300 lbs and wont hunt from a stand that is not rated to that or greater!

By: Scum Frog
Posted: 06-Oct-08

Gorllia King Kong is rated for 300lbs

By: bill brown
Posted: 06-Oct-08

Let's just suppose you get up in your tree and the stand collapses and you have a serious injury. You have no case against the manufacturer if you have altered the stand from its original construction. It's like if the bad guy comes up to you and says "your money or your life?" Spend the dough.

By: Matt
Posted: 06-Oct-08

Since you do not weigh more than 300#, the premise of this is seeking a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

As stated a 300# stand is probably safe to 2x that weight. As litigious as our society is, a 300# rated stand that failed at 310# would bankrupt the manufacturer. As a result, they are probably built to hold 450#-600#.

I personally would identify a 300# rated stand that I liked and then raise the concern with the manu. They will probably tell you not to worry.

If that is the answer you get and you still worry after that, buy the 300# tree stand and spend the few bucks you saved on counseling. ;-)

By: steeler
Posted: 06-Oct-08

Hang it low on a tree, pile on some known wieghts,about 400lbs. and see what happens.

By: steeler
Posted: 06-Oct-08


By: Shuteye
Posted: 06-Oct-08

A good ground blind is safe too.

By: bohuntr
Posted: 06-Oct-08

I am at 270+ and have had used a bunch of those type stands for years with no problems whatsoever.

By: Huffskies
Posted: 06-Oct-08

First of all, I think you'll be fine in a 300lb stand. I would assume that the manufacturer takes into account the extra weight that comes from stepping on and moving around in the stand. You should call them and confirm that.

Secondly, no offense but which sounds safer? parts installed by a company with a multi million R&D budget or something put on by joe six pack based on what he heard on bowsite and a found on a trip to lowes. Don't modify a stand. Either spend the money or hunt from the ground.

By: Africanbowhunter
Posted: 06-Oct-08

With yoru weight you need a good ladder stand and a HSS harness

Few big men survice bad falls from stands a EMT told me

By: C2onmylaptop
Posted: 07-Oct-08

Treestands can actually hold more weight than they are rated for. The weight capacity listed is for product/company liability protection. I had a Baby Grand treestand for years. It was rated for 300# and I weighed between 260 and 290 for the years I owned it with not one shake or shimmy or problem of any kind. BUT I must say do not modify any stand. You'll void the warrantee and liabilty will be solely on you.

By: TheBowDoc
Posted: 07-Oct-08

ldsgeek is exactly right. They under rate just about everything in order to account for safty. at 270 you'll be more than fine.

By: howler
Posted: 07-Oct-08

do a search for Screaming eagle treestands I think they are rated over 1200 lbs, yes 1200,

By: jep
Posted: 16-Oct-08

Use safety line and a good harness so your connected from ground up.I was worried about 275# rating on 3 foot climbing sticks so we put it on a tree about 2ft off the ground.My buddy about 315# and me 280# each stood on a step and bounced up and down.We sure seated it to the tree lol,but never had a bit of trouble with 1 inch strap.We both use Gorilla King Kong loungers rated for 300# with no trouble.Never hunt without a good full body harness we use summit and thier 30ft safety rope.Sure makes you feel better knowing your tied in going up and down.

By: Jeff270
Posted: 16-Oct-08

Who in there right mind is going to risk their life on advice they get here? Nothing against anyone on this site, but........ you don't know who is giving advice, what there qualifications are, or if they even have a clue. Spend the extra $$$$.

By: nh bowhunter
Posted: 16-Oct-08

As a resistered professional engineer, I would warn everyone not to overload a treestand. Treestands are designed and tested for a given load. The safety factor is built into the design to take into account unknowns in how the thing is installed, it's age, corrosion effects, manufacturing variability, etc. Your weight is not an unknown.

By: JimG
Posted: 19-Oct-08

For Gods sake do not modify your stand! Buy a Lone Wolf or other stand rated for 350#. You at 270# are very close to the limit. Factor in your harness, bow, grunt tubes/cans, heavy fall clothing, binocs, drink, etc, etc, etc, you will be right at that 300# limit. The fellow who said "big guys don't survive falls" is correct. Be safe, it's not just your life, think about your family and this is from a guy who has no family.

By: jeepster
Posted: 19-Oct-08

honestly. i'd be more concerned with the equipment you're using to get up the tree, screw in steps i'd be VERY leary of, i'm 240, and i've had screw- ins snap . whatever you do , don't over-estimate you're climbing ability, either, better to be humble and alive, than hard headed and dead. .. unless you're using a climber, then i'd buy the highest rated you can find... be safe my friend, and best of luck.

By: 12yards
Posted: 19-Oct-08

Ditto on the Screaming Eagle stands. I remember their ads with VW's and three elk hanging from them. I hunted out of a couple of my friends. They are rock solid.

By: zipper
Posted: 19-Oct-08

Any large bowhunter would be wise to check out the Screaming Eagle Treestands. They have NO HUMAN weight limit! They have been tested to 4,000 lbs. They are made in America with American steel.Is your life worth a cheap Chinese steel made stand? How would your family be affected if you, God forbid were disabled for life? Good Hunting and be safe.

By: The Rooster
Posted: 21-Oct-08

I used to weigh 340lbs in high school and hunted from 300lb rated stands regularly. I'm sure they're WAY under rated.

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