Keller Pendulum Sight

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By: Dragnet
Posted: 09-Jan-09

If any of you have used the Keller Pendulum sight how did you sight it in? I have one I have never used and I have lost the instructions. What distance on the ground should it be sighted in for. Will this sight work on up or down hill shots from a tree stand or only on level terrain.

Thanks, Dragnet

By: Waterfowler
Posted: 09-Jan-09

Its been quite some time but as I remember you lock the sight in the upright position with the thumb screw on the lowest noch. Then sight the top pin in at 20 yards and your set to go.

By: Meat Grinder
Posted: 10-Jan-09

Keller's website has the setup instructions. See the link.

By: Dragnet
Posted: 12-Jan-09

Thanks, Waterflower and Mear Grinder. Dragnet

By: thesquid
Posted: 13-Jan-09

Waterfowler is very close. Do as he said, and then take a shot from your normal hight {17 to 20 feet up} three yards out and another shot thirty yards out. Fine tune from there and you'll be right on the money (opps! on the buck). Keep going back and forth close far close far until you find the spot you are looking for. Always keep your 3 yard dead center. They are good fool proff sights once set. Your bow might shoot different than mine or your buddies so it has to be fine tuned to your bow. Mine shoots out to 33 yards dead on and a friend has a newer much faster bow and only gets 28 yards dead on. His is dead on from the ground out to 38 yards, my bow is dead on only out to 20 yards. Arrow weight and speed give him advantage off the ground and I get the advantage from a 17 foot ladder stand. Good luck with it - they are nice sights. I shoot fingers and my buddie shoots release, I shoot more weight and heaver arrows. It's hard to say what your bow will do. If you keep moving your shot farther out shot at a time you might find dead on at 3 yards and dead on at 40 yards will be good for your bow - then you might find it on at 3 and on at 20 to be your final find. Start as waterfowler said - that'll get you very close up front.

By: Jwillman6
Posted: 13-Jan-09

I used a Keller pendulum sight a long time ago, I'm not sure how much they have changed. I have no desire to ever use a pendulum sight again.

By: don shimano
Posted: 15-Jan-09

my son has used one for 6-7 years. he is deadly with it and takes 4-5 deer every year. he always hunts from a treestand about 18' high. i've never heard him complain about his sight.

By: Shawnyd25
Posted: 15-Jan-09

I have it on my bow now. It is extremly accurate and when sited in correctly works everytime aslong as you are atleast 15 feet in the air. It looks pretty stupid on your bow but its nice not having to guess yardage just put the pin on your target and release.

Posted: 19-Jan-09

STAN's embedded Photo

This sight is a great sight and I know there are some die hard pin guys but either way it is easy to use and is nice if you aren't good with a rangefinder. Keller's web site gives exact instructons and make sure you follow the complete instructions. Most people only do step one from the ground. You must fine tune from the air at an exact yardage. Then the bow based on its speed will be accurate from 3 yards to roughly 25 to 35 yards give or take one inch plus or minus. I have used for twelve years and have killed some great animals with it. See pic of 2008 kansas hunt... look close at bow and you can see pendulum!

Posted: 19-Jan-09

WITH todays bow's--dosen't 1 pin do the same thing? i use to have a keller in 1985 on my oneida eagle(230 fps)woohoo

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