How often do you replace safety harness?

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By: Steve Grogg
Posted: 13-Sep-09

My SOP harness is about 10 years old. It seems to still be in good condition but I would rather be safe than sorry. I'd replace it if necessary but, don't want to spend money I don't need to. Anybody know the manufacturer's recommendations? Also wondering what most industrial outfits' policies are regarding this issue.

By: flyingbrass
Posted: 13-Sep-09

Yes, they recommend 2 years from the date of manufacture. I saw it on their website, video and packaging. I just got a SOP and it was one year old when I got it. FWIW, I just replaced my old harness which I had since 1995 so I was due. Just use common sense I would say but no way am I replacing a SOP next year no matter when it is made.

By: passthru
Posted: 13-Sep-09

You should at least change it each time you fall.

By: kellyharris
Posted: 14-Sep-09

pasthru is correct everytime you fall you should replace it...

i bought a new one last year but i felt my old one was just fine. i bought a sewn in vest

By: Preacherman
Posted: 14-Sep-09

In general industry fall protection harnesses typically have a retirement term of 7-10 years. However that is with a fairly extensive annual inspection program and rigorous manufacturing standards. I don't know if recreational fall protection has the same standards so I would go by the manufacturers recommendations.


By: Preacherman
Posted: 14-Sep-09

I forgot to mention. the 7-10 year retirement is provided the harness has not been subjected to a fall.


By: milnrick
Posted: 14-Sep-09

I just checked some notes from a Treestand Safety Instructor's Course I took earlier this year and verified it with the TMA.

Each Harness should contain a warning label sewn into the inside of one of the panels, or the rip-away tether. The label will tell you the service life of your harness.

The TMA's stated Service Life for a harness is 5 years. Individual manufacturers, however, can specify a shorter period, 2, 3, 4, etc, but should not exceed the 5 year service life.

As several others have already pointed out, the harness/vest should be replaced if it becomes involved in a fall.

Hope this helps.


Posted: 16-Sep-09

Depends on the harness and type of stitching used. I made over 800 freefall jumps in the Army and have had as many as 200 jumps on a rig. Had a couple of reserve openings and that is 120mph plus in freefall and come a almost sudden stop and still jump the same rig over and over again. Always inspect the stitching on your harness often.

USPA D7897

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