Finger shooters rest?

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By: fisherick
Posted: 17-Jan-10

What is the best hunting arrow rest for finger shooting a compound bow?

By: thesquid
Posted: 17-Jan-10

I use a wisker bisuit and love it.

By: ed
Posted: 17-Jan-10

What about instinctive shooting a compound with fingers? Seen Tim Wells do it in his videos, he's an awesome shot.

By: Russ Koon
Posted: 17-Jan-10

I have shot fingers for fifty plus years and have tried nearly all the rests over that period.

I like the Whisker Biscuit best for hunting, and find no disadvantage to using it for targets as well.

It's quiet, simple, durable, inexpensive, and reliable.

I thought at one point that the only drawback would be that I (assumedly) wouldn't be able to shoot flu-flu's through the WB for bird hunting or aerial targets. Finally tried it with some old flu-flu's that I had lying around, and found them to fly just fine through the WB as well!

They can be a pain in the neck to tune at times. I was used to tuning all my setups to perfection by shooting bare shafts and fletched ones, and bringing the two types together at one point of impact at thirty yards. Something about the full containment feature of the WB prevents this from happening, at least on some setups that can be tuned quite well with other rests. However, the tuning can be achieved by an alternate method of using all fletched arrows and bringing fixed blade BH's and field points together as closely as possible using the normal tools of rest movement, nock point movement, and tiller adjustment.

Before I settled in with the WB, my favorite was the NAP Flipper Rest, which shared many of the qualities of the WB: quiet, durable, inexpensive, simple, etc., but lacked the full containment that is very handy when hunting.

Lots of others work well, but I couldn't find any that worked better.

The fall-away types seem to provide some advantage to release shooters, but it's questionable whether they are suited to finger shooting. Some "experts" say they are not, but my very limited shooting with one of them was very promising. A friend who also likes to experiment and is another stubborn finger shooter converted a prong rest to dropaway and shot it with fingers throughout our winter indoor league a few years ago, but found that combination to be too tricky unless he also used a side pressure button in the bow.

To sum it up, if you're just looking for a sure-fire, "can't go wrong with this one" rest, the WB is as good as it gets.....just don't worry about bareshaft tuning with one, thune using fixed blade BHs/FPs.

Among the various models of WB, I'd recommend the drop-in ones over the old originals without the loading notch, and my next one will be one with the marks that allow you to record and regain your settings when playing with other tuning positions, and the clamp that holds the biscuit perpendicular. Mine is the standard cheapie now, without those features, but I'm convinced they would have been worth the extra cost.

By: elmer@laptop
Posted: 17-Jan-10

I just use a simple flipper rest.

By: High Country 46
Posted: 17-Jan-10

Flipper rest for me also.I gave a honest effort to try a dropawy-Trophy Ridge Dropzone Freestyle with mixed success,not enough side pressure i suppose. went back to a flipper and all is well.

By: Tracy
Posted: 17-Jan-10

I shoot right off the shelf.

By: TomL
Posted: 17-Jan-10

Here it is:

A fingers shooter, particularly one shooting compound bare bow doesn't want to be trying to fool with a wisker biscuit!


By: jerry1cam
Posted: 18-Jan-10

I shoot a NAP 750, it's simple and cheap. I do not like the whisker biscuit for finger shooting. I also shoot a Cavieler Elite on my target bow. I have shot the NAP fipper and like that too. Jerry

By: Charlie - SA
Posted: 18-Jan-10

As far as shooting bare bow with the Whisker Biscuit I found the biscuit blocks the "sight picture" which probably means I'm shooting an instinctive gap. For me the New Archery Products 360 Capture rest works better.

By: vinemaple savage
Posted: 18-Jan-10

NAP flipper I used it when shooting in bow shoots and hunting with compounds.


By: arctichill
Posted: 18-Jan-10

arctichill's embedded Photo

As a die hard fingers shooter, I feel like I have tried it all. My favorite is a whisker biscuit in combination with a plunger button. It sounds (and looks) crazy, but for me it offers the best of all worlds. The plunger provides a good cushion for the arrow shaft as it flexes towards the riser upon release, shortening the arrow's required correction time. My paper tests, bare shaft tests, broadhead tests and overall consistent acuracy are all far superior with this setup compared to any other I have tried. If I had any money, I would clean up the looks of this thing a bit and patent it.

By: X-Master
Posted: 18-Jan-10

Having shot compounds with fingers for over 35 years, I have to say that the NAP Plunger Flipper is by far the most accurate rest I have found for fingers. Having said that, they no longer make that rest and although I have a few in possesion, I would appreciate anyone with any of the small tip flippers RH for carbon arrows contact me if they have any extras they would be willing to part with. I would be willing to purchase any extra ones at a fair price. For hunting though, I have found that the Whisker Bisquit is pretty much the way to go. It is not quite as accurate in the target / 3D archery application but for hunting it can't be beat.

By: kj
Posted: 18-Jan-10

I used to shoot a Cavalier Free Flight with a berger button. It is like a drop away, except it folds into the sight window. Haven't shot fingers for many years now, but that is the rest I would go back to.

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