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By: snellpastor
Posted: 03-Apr-10

I'm looking to buy a new electric meat grinder for processing elk and deer. I want one that will last several years. It looks like the LEM products are rated high, and perhaps the Waring Pro. Any thoughts out there as to what meat grinders are the best...and what H.P. one should go for? Any other features to look for?

By: BowKill1
Posted: 03-Apr-10

I bought the 1 3/4HP from Cabelas, it should last a lifetime. Very high quality.

By: mikeTN
Posted: 03-Apr-10

I got the 1/2 hp from Cabelas two years ago. I have been pleased thus far. Mike

By: huntmaster
Posted: 03-Apr-10

I have the Cabela's 1/2 HP Commercial and it should last a long time. Grinds a whitetail in just a few minutes. If you were doing several deer and elk at the same time, I would get the 3/4, but if your just doing one at a time, the 1/2 is plenty.

By: Muzzy
Posted: 03-Apr-10

Hello... I think you need to define how much grinding you are going to do. 1 elk a year and 1 deer a year ? or 1 elk of yours and 2 of your buddies, and all their deer. I'm not an expert but if you are going to be doing more than a couple I would buy the most horse power you can get.

I use a kitchenaide with the grinder attachment. It works fine for me (i do about 3 deer a year) but if I was going to do 3 deer and an elk i would get something more powerful. I can tell even after doing 10-20 lbs my motor is feeling pretty warm.

Even if you don't buy from LEM I would call and talk to a sales rep. Tell them how much you plan on grinding and they will help you out regarding horse power.

Two more things, find one that you can put a sausage stuffer attachment on. And one with a large platter on top (not sure if that is what it's called but the plate that is near the opening of the grinder.

Good luck

Posted: 04-Apr-10

I have the cabelas 1.5 horse grinder and it works great for elk. I love it!

By: snellpastor
Posted: 05-Apr-10

I was looking at cabelas. They are rated high as well. Thanks for the input guys.

Posted: 05-Apr-10


I bought a 1 hp grinder from Cabela's this fall. I processed 3 elk and 4 deer for myself and other folks this year and the 1 hp grinder was plenty.

I have ground burger meat mixed with beef fat, summer sausage mixed with pork fat, and lean venison for ground jerky.

I chose the 1hp grinder because it had reverse and it was $100 off at the time. I combined that with another couple of deals and got $50 more off and free shipping. If you are going to be doing large batches of burger, do yourself a favor and get a mixer attachment of hand-crank mixer.

By: HuntinHabit
Posted: 05-Apr-10

I'll add something...

I have one of the cheap $75 Cabelas grinders. I do a couple deer a year and it works pretty good, I had no reason to need a bigger/better one. Until last night. I finally got 25 pounds of meat mixed up and bought casings to make Italian cheddar sausages. That thing was worthless trying to stuff sausage casings. I was getting more air than meat into the casing.

So today I went out and bought an LEM 5 pound stuffer from Bass Pro. Wow, now that's how you make sausage!! That thing is awesome. I had to refrigerate the meat mixed overnight, which I guess is a no-no because it sets and gets too stiff. Not with this press. I've done 15 of the 25 pounds tonight and have yet to split a casing or have a problem.

A+ on the LEM products! Maybe someday a nice 3/4 horse LEM grinder will find it's way to my house also.

By: Curtis
Posted: 05-Apr-10

I bought a hand operated grinder from Cabela's a couple of years ago. I think it was the large one. I took off the handle and put a pulley on it. I then put a pulley on a motor and hooked up the 2 together. I think my motor is a 3/4 hp that I salvaged somewhere. It was a fun winter time project for my Dad and I, and now I have a motorized grinder for around a hundred bucks. I'm not saying it is better or worse than one you can buy, but it was fun making and a great conversation piece.

By: PassItOn
Posted: 06-Apr-10

I second the cabelas 1 3/4 horse.. Just dont plan to do an sausage stuffing with it..

By: >>>---WW---->
Posted: 06-Apr-10

Here vis the one I bought. I'll be hooking and electric motor up to it soon. It is supposed to do 600# per hr.

By: dr. bob
Posted: 06-Apr-10

Used one of those for years, the only problem is the pulley pulls from the same side all the time and eventually you will oblong the hole that your auger fits in. I have a LEM now.

By: steve
Posted: 07-Apr-10

If your only doing 1 a year I would try the one in northern .com between 99 and 119 we do about 10 to 15 deer a year and it is about 8 years old, order a extra blade a the same time .A lot of my frinds have the same one .

By: Inspector
Posted: 07-Apr-10

If you do a few a year, my son and I average around 10. Go on line and get a used commercial hobart. Pays for itself in a year or so.

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